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Shahadat, 17 July, p net

Pakistan: Hizb Reportedly Kills 18 US Troops in Farah Province

Report by Waliullah: "Hand-To-Hand Clash of US And Government Forces With Hizb

Mujahidin Leaves 18 Dead In Farah Province"

Farah -- The reports of serious clashes between the US and government forces on one side and
mujahidin [holy warriors] of Hizb-e Islami on the other side have received from Farah province
in which 18 troops have been killed. According to reports coming out from the area, the
mujahidin Hizb-e Islam armed with light and heavy weapons attacked the US and government
troops present in the cantonment area located in a village of district Shivan at 1300 hours
yesterday. This attack turned into hand-to-hand fight and continued until 1900 hours in the
evening leaving 18 US and government soldiers were killed, while two mujahidin of Hizb-e
Islam also embraced martyrdom.