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Tawar Quetta, 2 July, p 3
Pakistan: Writer Urges Baluchis To Highlight Pak-Iran Oppression Over Baluchis
Article by Hafiz Hassanabadi: "Look At Little Norway"-- All Words Within Double Quotation
Marks, As Published.
The UN celebrates 26 June as an expression of sympathy and solidarity with the victims of
violence and torture. This day was celebrated with much fanfare in occupied Baluchistan,
Karachi and away from Baluch homeland in Goteborg in Sweden and Oslo the capital city of
Norway. A large number of Baluch migrated from their Baluch homeland to Stockholm in
Sweden. However, the activities of honorable Baluchis in Goteborg and Oslo rather than this city
demonstrate that it is not a matter of number, but of passion and responsibilities. Countless
Baluch brethren living in London, Toronto, Washington, Gulf States, Australia, Seoul, and
Geneva can make hundreds of excuses over not utilizing such opportunities to speak out against
the national destruction, slavery, occupation and oppression. However, one thing is sure that
wherever we are and what opportunity we have, we should make maximum efforts to inform the
world about our national helplessness.
Although no protest rally was arranged in London, the appeal was made to the UN Secretary
General Ban Ki Mon to take notice of torture perpetrated against the Baluchis that is an
appreciable move in all respects.
I appreciate the active movement of the Baluchi community in Oslo in Norway a few days back
in my article. However, offering my services I myself decided to participate in the second
A formal program kicked off at 1630 hours in front of the Norwegian Parliament on 26 June
[2010] in which several Baluchis ensured their presence including women and children who
were carrying photographs of the martyrs and affectees with mournful eyes. The reason is that a
majority of those children were born in the country of Norway having a great record about
human rights where there is no idea of torture. There is no concept of torturing the person, for if
a small kid is slapped by his parents, the police can send them to jail for six months. The
Baluchis were only talking about the disappearance and torture of thousands of Baluchis. Some
photographs of affectees were displayed with sings of inhuman torture. There are pictures of
several children who were killed in the indiscriminate state bombing. The Norwegian and other
nationals remained stupefied after looking at such photographs of mutilated dead bodies, dozens
of hanging people and swinging dead bodies. Several of them lost consciousness after looking at
those photographs and then inquired the details. The Baluchis women and children also told in
detail of ongoing barbarism of Iran and Pakistan, national slavery and genocide in a logical way.

The entire atmosphere went into mourning within no time as if the photographs of the martyrs
and affectees conveyed a lot through their silence about the troubles they went through in this
national war for independence to the sympathetic people and criminally silent world. This feeling
was nagging the very heart of Baluchis that their mourning has been underway for last five years,
and several corteges of youth dead sons were raised and sanctity of the privacy and house have
been violated. The entire Baluchistan has been changed into a torture cell (on both sides of the
border) [as published]. We have played an important role in conveying its sad plight to arouse
their sympathy. What have we not done and what could more be done?
Several English people also saw the swinging dead bodies and unidentifiable faces due to torture
and photographs of disappeared youths, and then bending down their heads with shame, left. We
were also unaware of what was happening around us.
In such a lugubrious atmosphere, a leader of Baluchi community in Norway Ehsan Arjmandi's
elder brother Muhammad Arjmandi read his research paper. He said Iranian and Pakistani states
use the terror weapon against unarmed and innocent people, kidnap and murder them and fire at
the peaceful rallies in order to crush this struggle of Baluchi national independence. He said
Baluch national movement should be considered an integral part of the national independence in
the entire world. Iran and Pakistan are fully aware of this fact. Therefore, both these states will
show the national struggle of Baluchis a separatist movement and will make futile attempts to
declare their reaction terrorism. It is a fact and the world will have to recognize that the Baluchis
are fighting for their independence. It has full support of the UN charter. The UN General
Assembly said it clearly in 1978 issuing a warning that "a national movement for independence
from colonial, racial, oppressive rulers and states and such activities should not be declared
terrorism, for such nations fight for their survival." The oppression and occupational states show
the fighting people as terrorists and extremists in order to make them ineffective and to sabotage
them so that the global support could not be rallied for them. Therefore, it has been said in the
UN declaration that the countries where this vicious drama is being staged to prove the
oppressed terrorists, it should be resisted. In nutshell, what Iran and Pakistan are doing against
the Baluchis is terrorism according to the international laws. We appeal to the world in
connection with this day to perform its international responsibility of extending full support
thinking it the national movement of the Baluchis' independence.
When I was asked to say something in the program, I appreciated the activities of Baluch
community in Norway and stressed upon unity. I said we should propagate that today Baluch
nation is undergoing torture. The Baluchis living away from their dear homeland should
necessarily say it to their other likeminded friends and oppression communities, "Why Baluchis
are being massacred?" The major reason of all these troubles is that the Baluch nation demands
to live independently like all other nations in its own land. All talks of these wretched people are
meaningless until the demand of Baluchis is not recognized.
From the last five years since this demanded has intensified, Pakistan and Iran got infuriated. The
photographs that you are looking here are perhaps hundreds, but the real people undergoing this
torture and different troubles in Baluchistan are in thousands. More than 300,000 Baluchis have
been rendered homeless. More than 8,000 persons have gone missing. Thousands of social
workers are either involved in false cases and thrown in jails or visiting courts daily. When the
Baluchis living abroad will succeed in showing the reality and stating the reasons, they will not
face any difficulty in making the world understand that they are fighting in their defense against
Pakistan and Iran. It is the duty of the world to support them.
Therefore, the Baluchis living in foreign lands should present their agenda of "independence"
through their martyrs, missing persons and affectees. They should become ambassadors of their
nation so that pro-federations in Islamabad and Tehran could not muster up courage to use the
world attention that the Baluchis have attracted by shedding their blood and going through
troubles toward their much-touted provincial autonomy and call empty slogan of the right of self
determination. The reason is that it is decided that the martyrs and the oppressed people have
only a single demand and that is "independence". This is the highest goal aspired by every

At the end, Bank Neena Baluch read a declaration from the Baluchi community living in Norway
in which the importance of Baluch land, its mineral treasures and its strategic importance was
highlighted. It also shed light on the subjugated life of Baluchis owner of rich land. It described
features of the Baluch national movement, violations of human rights, humiliation of Baluchis by
Pakistani and Iranian rulers, their language, culture, history and also exposed the vicious
intentions of the occupational forces about ending their relation with their homeland. The
Norwegian Baluchi community approved four resolutions in its light.

 Norwegian Government should use its clout over the UN to press upon these states to
refrain from Baluchi genocide.

 Norwegian Government ,being an important member of Human Rights Commission,

should arrange to dispatch an international team for the investigations of the human rights
violations and war crimes in Baluchistan.

 Norway should play its role through the UN to stop death sentence and extra judicial
murders in Baluchistan that the Norwegian Baluch community strongly condemns.

 It should play its global role in the recovery of all missing Baluchis so that these innocent
people in Pakistan and Iran should be brought in public and given an opportunity to
clarify their positions.
Fierce slogans were chanted during the rally against hanging, murder and extra judicial kidnap
incidents in Balochistan. The slogan that echoed forcefully during this chanting was the slogan of
independent Balochistan. The protesters were responding to this slogan with renewed passion. I
recalled those historic words of US president Roosevelt intensely in Norway when the Norway
surprised the Nazi leadership of Germany during Second Word War and observed extraordinary
perseverance. Then the US president appreciated and said in an exciting way to the Congress,
"Look At Little Norway" [as published]. We can say about Baluchis residing in great cities of the
free world to look at this little Baluchi community in this little country. Become active like this
community as Baluchis in Norway have become active. They have set an enviable precedent.