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India, US

Nawa-e Waqt, 4 December, p 1, 9

Pakistan: Former Army Chief Term Incumbent Leaders Inept To Avert Crisis

Unattributed report: "Incumbent Leadership Is The Greatest Threat To The Country: Aslam Baig"
-- All Words Within Single, Double Quotation Marks, As Published.

Islamabad -- Gen [ret] Aslam Baig, former army chief has said that it is the incumbent leadership
that is the greatest threat to the country. Pakistan is not facing any external threat [right now].
During his interview to the foreign affairs program of a private television channel "Waqt News"
he said that it is impossible that the army will take over again. However, the incumbent
government is not taking correct decisions. Rejecting allegations of Indian leadership, he said
that Indian internal elements are behind the terror incidents in Mumbai. It is leveling allegations
of its internal problems on Pakistan. Responding to a question, Mirza Aslam Baig said that
strategic partnership exists between India and the United States. The United States intends assign
India a role to play in Afghanistan. However, India will come to grip the reality, when the US
and NATO forces withdraw from Afghanistan. Former army chief said that as Hezbollah struck a
heavy blow to Israeli arrogance, mujahidin will tear down the US pride. It is because God has
himself taken up the responsibility of safeguarding Islam. Though mujahidin are in minority, yet
they will succeed in the last.