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Domestic political

Express, 4 December, p 3, 4

Pakistan: Talks On Sharia Legal System For Malakand Proved Inconclusive

Report by Shahid Hamid: "Talks Prove Inconclusive, Imposition Of Sharia In Malakand And
Kohistan Is Impossible"

Peshawar -- Talks on proposed Sharia [Islamic law] based judicial regulations system 2008
between the federal government and the provincial government have remained inconclusive due
to which the imposition of new Sharia based judicial regulations system in Malakand division
and Kohistan is impossible in the month of December, according to North West Frontier
Province [NWFP] government's statement. The NWFP government has sent Sharia based
judicial regulations system 2008 to the federal government for approval. A meeting presided over
by Faruq Hussain Naik, federal law minister held in Islamabad yesterday in this connection that
was attended by the NWFP ministers as well. The federal law minister raised some legal
objections over the provincial government's proposal that is why no decision could be taken
regarding this law. Rahim Dad Khan, senior provincial minister said when contacted in this
regard that it was the first meeting in this regard. We are deliberating upon the bill and more
meetings in this regard will be held.