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Domestic / International political, Terrorism

India, US, France, NATO, UN

Express, 4 December, p 1, 5

Pakistan: Leadership Come All Out Against Indian Designs

Report by Navid Akbar: "The Entire World Is Worried At Growing Tension In South Asia, The
Unites States Also Jumped In The Foray" -- All Words Within Single, Double Quotation Marks,
As Published.

Islamabad -- Tension in South Asia subsequent to the Mumbai incidents have put the entire world
on tenterhooks and the United States has once again jumped in the foray to cool down the
situation. The United States that term Pakistan its non-NATO ally has pressed upon Pakistan
under Indian clout that accepting Indian demands it should take action against some groups.
Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary Of State for Foreign Affairs enjoying last days in power, is now
present in New Delhi and coming on a short visit to Pakistan today, on Thursday. On the other
hand, Admiral Michael Mullen, US Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff has hold meetings with
Pakistani military top brass and political leadership in his Wednesday visit. However, a sentence
in the press release issued by the US Embassy following the meetings is quite allusive that says
that "complete investigations should be conducted in any or all probable links of Pakistani based
groups in Mumbai incidents". The US Secretary Of State on Foreign Affairs, going to hold
meeting with Pakistani political leadership has already issued statement prior to her arrival to
Pakistan that Pakistan should extend full, transparent and prompt cooperation to India regarding
this issue. When Pakistan is not complicit in these incidents in any way, what sort of practical
measures, the United States is expecting from Pakistan in this regard? This is a question to be
pondered over. Pakistani diplomatic sources has told daily Express that Pakistani leadership is
unanimous over the point that without any tangible evidence no action will be taken against
anybody and charges will not be leveled against anybody without any substantial evidences. This
Indian design to malign Pakistan will not be allowed to succeed at any cost. Pakistani leadership
is constantly contacting international leaders and President Asif Ali Zardari has taken Ban Ki-
moon, UN Secretary General on board and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi, his French
counterpart about this new development in the region and both have cleared Pakistani position to