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Azadi, 25 February, p 4
Pakistan: Writer Says Mullah Bradar's Arrest No Much Significant For Taliban
Article by Rauf Amir: "Arrest Of Mullah Bradar And Future Of The Taliban" -- All Words
Within Double Quotation Marks, As Published.
Celebrations in the United States are underway over the arrest of Mullah Bradar, deputy of
Mullah Umar and operational in charge of Afghan Taliban, form Karachi. The NATO's
spokesman has termed the arrest of Mullah Bradar an important development for the success of
Afghan war and Helmand operation from military point of view. His arrest is given so much
importance that military analysts have voiced their opinions about Helmand operation that the
Taliban's morale is going to decline and soon the coalition forces would apprehend Mullah Umar.
Several questions regarding arrest of Mullah Bradar arise in mind. Will the Afghan Taliban have
reservations regarding Pakistan? Will India, sitting on our borders, not exploit the situation? Can
Pakistan afford the enmity of Afghan Taliban besides local Taliban? Will the Untied States stop
suspecting us? Will the United States help us in trouble? The arrest of Mullah Bradar was kept in
secret for several days so that the front on Helmand could witness military operation, and the
United States could be helped by leaking out the report of Mullah Bradar's arrest. Pakistan is
supporting the United States with full concentration, and arrest of Mullah Bradar is its clear
example. Therefore, the slogan that Pakistan Army is fighting its own war does not suit the
rulers. We should rather admit that this war is safeguarding the US interests. Our obsequiousness
to the United States is not in any way a sign of our independence and security. As far as the idea
of attributing the arrest of Mullah Bradar to the Taliban route is concerned, it is just a stupidity.
Several rumors of talks with the Taliban were spread by the west during London Conference.
However, the ink on the declaration of the London Conference was not dried up, when a bloody
operation was launched in Helmand. This makes the fact clear that the United States' policy is to
keep Afghanistan under its occupation for long instead of withdrawing from Kabul soon.
Therefore, the joint conspiracies to create fissures among Taliban ranks, divide them, weaken
then and hit them hard later are underway according to this policy. Helmand operation is a part of
this conspiracy. Started with the name of Operation Moshtarak, it is an excuse to wreak
bloodshed in Helmand. However, it has no capacity to eliminate the Taliban, although the
ruthless occupational forces are engaged in making the land red with the blood of the innocent
civilians. Helmand is considered hub of the Taliban forces, and around 15,000 to 20,000
coalition troops are taking part in this action. Around 30,000 more troops are landing in
Afghanistan, who will take part in these satanic battles. The coalition partners have decided to
push their half of the troops deployed in Afghanistan in this joint operation. The US and Afghan
troops are equipped with latest weapons. A brigade of British engineers engaged in this
expedition for defusing mines laid down by the Taliban is also with the troops. However, until
these lines are published, the British engineers have failed in finding any mine in urban areas
despite their best efforts.
Gen Bismillah Khan, Afghan Chief of Army Staff, has admitted that the hand grenades used by
the Taliban as compared to the bombs manufactures in US factories are equally deadly. The
Taliban have two weapons in this world that have no match. The first is suicide attack and
second is Afghan civilian men and women. The deceptions of democracy, peace, progress and
development and human rights touted by the coalition forces to the Afghan public have ended in
smoke. The Afghan nation has armed itself to the teeth against this US savagery, and they have
jumped into this war of independence taking up their arms. The US spoilers have started
providing dollars to the local elders to cope with this war with claims that the fighters are going
to run soon and they should make hay when the sun shines. However, the inclusion of common
people in the war is a moment of concern for the coalition partners. Afghan Commander Gen
Ghauri describes this concern among the coalition forces that the fighters use women and
children as shield in this wear. The officers of Afghan national army looked it from rooftops that
the Taliban were firing upon them from behind the women's lines. It means it is an excellent
fighting in which the women know that the white men have not come there to use crackers,
rather they are butchers from across the seven seas came to use blunt knives of their greed.
However, they are ready to support the Taliban with perseverance and steadfastness. The history
of guerilla warfare stands witness to this fact that wherever men, women and children confront
the occupational forces, no superpower can subdue those people. The Taliban have also devised a
new strategy to counter coalition troops. They are increasing their clout in the west and north
along with south. Now they have expanded the war theater against the US troops. The arrest of
Mullah Bradar is a shock for the Taliban. However, to associate the arrest of an individual with
the victory is merely a daydream. The reason is that individuals are not considered important in
guerilla warfare that it could change the 100 percent victory into a defeat. The draculas of Obama
and Pentagon should leave Kabul taking cue from Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet president,
that he has given in his article "Loot At Us, We Are Lesson For You"; otherwise, the end is
clearly a la former Soviet Union. Gorbachev writes further, "The results were contrary to what
we wanted. We were forced to fight such a war in which on one hand, millions of people were
killed and on the other hand, our policy became a noose around our own neck. This policy
disintegrated our Soviet Union".