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Domestic/International political, terrorism

US, Afghanistan

Aaj Kal, 29 December, p 3

Pakistan: JUI-F Leader Accuses PTI of US Sponsored Party

Unattributed report: "US Hindering Islamic Movement in Pakistan: Ghafoor Haidri"

Karachi -- Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri, central secretary general of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam
Fazlur Rahman [JUI-F], has said that the Islami movements are gaining momentum throughout
the world, and they have succeeded in some countries as well. However, the United States is
introducing its new agents in Pakistan instead of the old ones, and trying to raise obstacles in the
way of Islamic movements. He was talking to Muhammad Aslam Ghauri, secretary information
of JUI-F Sindh chapter, on telephone from Islamabad.

He further said that the United States is looking for some Hamid Karzai for Pakistan following
its rout in Afghanistan. It is sponsoring new agents for this objective, he said adding which
revolution are the lovers of the western culture surrounded by the feudal lords, chieftains, clan
heads and lords talking about. On the one hand, they are talking of the poor man, and on the
other hand, they are hugging the capitalists and the agents of establishment by pushing away the
poor workers, he alleged.

He asked what message is being conveyed to the West by beginning [rallies] with the music
instead of the recitation from the Holy Koran and ending against with again instead of prayers.
Revolutions take place with practical measures and not through slogans only. Which revolution
are they talking about by arranging mixed gender gatherings and making the new generation
dance to the music, he asked adding the JUI-F would show its strength arranging a large public
gathering in Karachi on 27 January. It would convey this message to the west that Pakistan is
lovers of Islam, and not of the lovers of the western culture, he added.