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Domestic/International political, terrorism


Azadi, 29 December, p 4

Pakistan: Editorial Says Obama Expanding Drone Operations Instead of Curtailing

Editorial: "War and Fighting Policies: Obama Excels His Predecessor"

Implementing war and fighting policies, US President George W Bush, who opened several war
fronts in the world, destroyed peace imposing his military policies over several countries. The
US media has disclosed that operational centers and dozens of secret bases have been set up in
the two continents and six countries in order to expand drone operations. No US President has
ever assigned the national security targets as much to the people involved in the furtive massacre
of people as the incumbent US President Barak Obama has done. The acceleration in the drone
program is a result of the long-standing relationship between the CIA and the US military. The
White House is utilizing this deadly force; an outcome of the coordination of the manpower and
sophisticated equipment.

The US military and the CIA brief different Congress committees separately. It means nobody
can have complete monitoring over their activities. The Obama administration can say that it has
killed Usama bin Laden, almost defeated the Al-Qaida network and has forced its allies to go
underground which is a result of the target killing through drone planes. Done is considered to be
an important weapon in the White House which has the potential to bring a revolution, and it
would be expanded to the entire world.

The US media reports that when Obama assumed office in 2009, the drone technology was being
used only in Pakistan where around 400 people were killed in 44 drone attacks in four years.
However, now the number has reached to 240 only in Pakistan and the number of victims
exceeded thousands. The CIA has decreased the number of attacks due to tension with Pakistan.
However, the US officials state that the wanted targets have decreased to almost non-existent in

The US officials say that the pilotless planes were used during the rule of the former US
Presidents Bush and Bill Clinton. However, Barak Obama has expanded it on a vast scale. There
are 775 drone planes in the US fleet and hundreds are being manufacturing.

The documents have record of the drones used the CIA as 30, but there is a secret section within
this intelligence organization, which does not have any record. It comprises of a fleet of stealth

The former and the incumbent US officials say that Obama's national security team enjoys
unlimited powers of using these drones. Specifically Hillary Clinton, Foreign Secretary of State,
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Anti-Terrorism Advisor, John Brenan are always ready to
expand this program.

Barak Obama himself is very enthusiastic regarding use of the drone policy. He himself takes
interest in the arrangement of attacks. The expansion of the deadly stealth plane program testifies
that Obama is in favor of war policy even more than that of his predecessor Bush. The
impression about him that he would end war and fighting and promote peace in the world has
proved outrightly wrong.