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Domestic Political, Terrorism

Islam, 29 December, p 2

Pakistan: JUI Rawalpindi Chapter Blasts Seminary Attack in Karachi

Unattributed report: "Accused Involved in Attack on Jamia Faruqia Should be Arrested: Maulana
Taj Muhammad"

Rawalpindi -- The accused involved in terror incident of Jamia Faruqia in Karachi should be
arrested and awarded exemplary punishment. The government should stop campaign of the
vilification of the religious seminaries. Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam [JUI] district Rawalpindi is ready
to render every sacrifice to protect the seminaries. Tahafuz Diniya Conference [Protection of
Religious Seminaries Conference] fully supports this move. These views have been expressed by
Maulana Taj Muhammad Khan, the JUI district chief, Maulana Abdul Ghaffar Tauhid, district
senior deputy chief, district administrator finance Maulana Maqsud Usmani, Maulana Gul Azim
Shah and other JUI workers.

They said that the government has failed in every field and is resorting to false anti-seminary
propaganda to divert its attention. The JUI condemns this move, they added.

According to the JUI chief tehsil Pothohar Town, Maulana Qazi Abdur Rashid and Maulana Taj
Muhammad Khan have summoned meetings of the JUI general council and of the members and
religious scholars of the constituencies of NA-52, NA-53 and NA-54 [Rawalpindi] in Darul
Alum Faruqia, Dhamiyal Camp in Rawalpindi on 8 January at 1000 hours on Sunday Morning.