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Timeline of numbered documents and exhibits

1.September 28, 2011

MILESTONES for 1000852-0063430722-9. “TRANSFER BENEFICIAL RIGHTS”-Option 1
Old Investor: First Horizon Home Loans, a div. of FTB (First Tennessee Bank) New Investor:
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac).

2. February 13, 2012

Letter from Joe Cruz, Senior Mortgage Examiner, Financial Institutions Division.
Contains letter from 2nd Plaintiff, Nationstar Mortgage, where they state that FHHL “transferred
the beneficial rights to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (“FHLMC” or the “Investor”).
Also states “…Metlife Home Loans (“Metlife”) to service Mr. Coble’s loan of behalf of First
INCLUDED IN THIS LETTER was a “copy” of the Note showing Note had been indorsed by
Belinda DeArman, Senior Vice President, First Horizon Home Loans, a division of First
Tennessee Bank N.A.

3. May 5, 2012
Foreclosure Complaint by FHHL. Note in complaint has indorsement removed. Forgery, by
definition, signature removed in an attempt to show that FHHL never sold and transferred
beneficial rights to Freddie Mac.

4. April 7, 2014
Letter from Nationstar Mortgage (2nd Plaintiff) to Defendant. At ¶4 P2 Nationstar Mortgage
states: “Furthermore, our records indicate Fannie Mae is the current owner Note.”

5. July 9, 2014
Letter from Nationstar Mortgage (2nd Plaintiff) to Defendant. At ¶P 2 P2 Nationstar Mortgage
states: “Our records indicate Freddie Mac is the current owner of the Note.”

6. September 5, 2014
Loan Look-Up Tool. “Yes. Our records show that Freddie Mac owns your mortgage and your
note date (the date you closed your loan)-is March 26, 2008.

7. January 6, 2014
Plaintiff’s (FHHL) Motion for Summary Judgment. FHHL is original lender and mortgagee. Yet
Plaintiff states: ¶1 P3 “The Note and Mortgage were subsequently assigned to First Horizon.”

8. January 6, 2014
Affidavit, dated December 17, 2013, by Jerrell Menyweather attached to above Complaint.
Affiant states at ¶1 P1 “I am Assistant Secretary of Nationstar Mortgage LLC, hereinafter
referred to as Mortgagee.” At ¶3 affiant states “Mortgagee is the current holder of the Note
and Mortgage.” This was in support of MSJ for FHHL.
9. June 10, 2017
LinkedIn Page on Belinda DeArman. Her employment dates with First Horizon Home loans,
June 1998-August 2008, Metlife Home Loans, September 2008-April 2011, Nationstar
NOTE PRIOR TO HER LEAVING FHHL IN AUGUST OF 2008 in order to facilitate the “transfer of
beneficial rights” to FHHL. Foreclosure was initiated May 11, 2012 when Belinda DeArman was
allegedly employed by Nationstar Mortgage.