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Directions: Read the statement carefully. Choose the letter of the correct
answer from the box below.

A. Femur B. Stomach C. Skeleton D. Skull E. Smooth F.Cardiac

G. Kidney H. Diarrhea I. UTI J. Asthma K. Heart

1. It is the framework of the body.

2. Longest bone found in the legs.
3. A bean-shaped organ in the digestive system.
4. A bone that protects the brain.
5. It is the muscle of the heart.
6. Muscle of the stomach is an example of _____ muscle.
7. It filters the waste materials from our blood.
8. It is the organ that pump blood.
9. A watery feces.
10. A difficulty in breathing.


Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer.
11. What bone protects the heart and the lungs?
A. Rib cage B. Skull C. Pelvic bone D. backbones
12. What _____ is an example of a ball and socket joint?
A. bones of the arms B. elbow C. knee cap D. shoulder bone
13. It is the point where two bones meet and connect.
A. cartilage B. joints C. tendons D. marrow
14. It is an involuntary muscle.
A. muscle of the arms C. muscle of the heart
B. muscle of the legs D. muscle of the face
15. How do muscles work?
A. They work alone. C. They work as group.
B. They work in pair. D. They work separate.
16.Where does exchange of gases take place?
A. Kidneys B. Heart C. Brain D. Lungs
17. Which organ controls the bodily actions?
A. Kidneys B. Heart C. Brain D. Lungs
18. Ana stays home because she is sick. She suffers from difficulty in
breathing. What ailment of the lungs is it?
A. Asthma B. Colds C. Pneumonia D. Tuberculosis
19. Mrs. Santos is a dedicated teacher. She loves to teach her pupils. One
morning, she gets mad and suffers a sudden rise of blood pressure. What
ailments of the heart is it? A. Anemia B. Heart attack C.
Hypertension D. Leukemia
20.It is about the size of your fist and located in the middle of the chest
A. heart B. kidneys C. liver D. lungs
21. Digestion starts in the _______.
A. esophagus B. large intestine C. mouth D. stomach
22.It is the system that gives shape to the body and it allows it to move.
A. Digestive B. Circulatory C. Muscular D. Urinary
23. It allows the food to be broken down into nutrients.
A. esophagus B. large intestine C. mouth D. stomach
24. It pumps blood, allowing the distribution of nutrients in all parts of the
A. kidneys B. heart C. liver D. lungs
25. It removes the body waste like urea and urine.
A. kidneys B. heart C. liver D. lungs
26. Which does not help your bones and muscles grow, develop and work
A. eating the right kinds of food C. eating junk foods
B. regular exercise D. having enough rest
27. Which of the following is not a function of the kidneys?
A. Regulates blood pressure C. It gives balance to the body
B. Excretes waste in the blood D. It serves as the framework of the
28. What does our body need when we are tired?
A. water B. exercise C. air D. rest
29. The joint that allows you to move your elbow.
A. ball and socket B. Hinge C. Gliding D. Pivot
30. Which of the following are you going to do when your classmate
experience muscle cramps?
A. Tell her to jump two times. C. Apply cold compress
B. Apply hot compress D. Massage the affected area
How are you going to take care of your internal organs? What are the
proper ways in caring for our body. Write a five sentence essay.
The criteria are 5- the content of the essay is relevant to theme, 4-the
content is relevant but not arranged,3-the content is arranged but not so
relevant, 2-there is an idea but the content is disarranged, 1- the content
has no idea and disarranged and 0-no content.


Choose from among the major body organs and label the parts. ( 5

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