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School: Grade Level: III

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: File created by Sir LIONELL G. DE SAGUN Learning Area: MTB
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: DECEMBER 18 – 22, 2017 (WEEK 8) Quarter: 3RD QUARTER


I.LAYUNIN (Objectives)
A.Pamantayang Pangnilalaman ( Content

B.Pamantayan sa Pagganap (Performance Oral Language Composing Vocabulary and Concept

Standards) Development

C. Mga Kasanayan sa Pagkatuto (Learning Recognizes appropriate ways of Write reactions and personal Identifies and uses words with FIELD DEMONSTRATION CHRISTMAS BREAK
Competencies) speaking that vary according to opinions to news reports and issues. multiple meanings in sentences.
purposes, audience, and subject MT3C – IIIa –I – 2.6 MT3VCD – IIIi –j-3.6
MT3OL – IIIh – i-13.1
II.NILALAMAN (Content) Communications Writing reactions and personal Identifying and Using words with
opinions to news reports and issues. multiple meanings in sentences.


A.Sanggunian (References)
1.Mga pahina sa Gabay ng Guro (Teacher’s 323 -324 325 - 326 327 -328
Guide Pages)
2.Mga Pahina sa Kagamitang Pang-Mag-
aaral (Learner’s Materials Pages)
3. Karagdagang Kagamitan mula sa portal
ng Learning Resource (Additional Materials
from Learning Resources (LR) Portal)
4. Internet Info Site
B.Iba pang Kagamitang Panturo (Other
Learning Resources)
IV.PAMAMARAAN (Procedures)
A.Balik-Aral sa nakaraang aralin at/o Unlocking of Difficulties
pagsisimula ng aralin (Review Previous - excited
Lessons) - feasted
B. Paghahabi sa layunin ng aralin How do you let other people know Do you have telephone at home? Where does your family usually
(Establishing purpose for the Lesson) what you want , what you need ,or In what ways will telephones be of spend your weekend?
what you want to tell them? help to us? - How often do you do that?

C. Pag-uugnay ng mga halimbawa sa Show the following objects: Read the essay while the pupils Let the pupils read the following
bagong aralin (Presenting examples -telephone listen. story:
/instances of the new lessons) - web chat “ Communicating with Others” “ Best Saturday “
- newspaper
- fax machine
- letter
- sign language
Sa D. Pagtatalakay ng bagong konsepto at C. Listen and Read How did people communicate in the - What was Paulo planning to do
paglalahad ng bagong kasanayan #1 ( Read the dialogue to the class ). old times? that Saturday ?
(Discussing new concepts and practicing - How do people communicate these - What did his family do instead?
new skills #1. days?
E. Pagtatalakay ng bagong konsepto at - What are the two chidren talking Presentation:
paglalahad ng bagong kasanayan #2 about? Compare the underlined words in
(Discussing new concepts & practicing new - What are some of the modern the sentences.
slills #2) mens of communication? 1. Paulo planned to spend the day
- Why do people send letter these watching videos.
days? - Pamela will spend her money for a
new dress.
F. Paglinang sa Kabihasaan (Tungo sa Original File Submitted and
Formative Assesment 3) Formatted by DepEd Club Member -
Developing Mastery (Leads to Formative visit for more
Assesment 3)
G. Paglalapat ng aralin sa pang araw-araw Have the class read and act out the Group the class into 4. Have each Do Activity LM 1.
na buhay (Finding Practical Applications of dialogue by pairs ,emphasizing the group read the article assigned to
concepts and skills in daily living) proper way of speaking clearly and them and let them write a reaction
appropriately. about it.
1 – Cellphones are helpful means of
communication,enabling people to
send and receive information in a
fast way.
H. Paglalahat ng Aralin (Making Why it is important to read with How do write reactions? Do the words mean the same? Can
Generalizations & Abstractions about the proper intonation and epression? a word have multiple meanings?
I.Pagtataya ng Aralin (Evaluating Learning) What mode of communication do Pupils are evaluated according to Answer LM , Activity 2.
you like most?Why? how they showed teamwork, the
way reactions are expressed and the
appropriate use of the different
forms of verbs in the written
J. Karagdagang gawain para satakdang- List other forms of communication Teacher’s discretion how they given Find the multiple meanings of these
aralin at remediation (Additional activities that may or may not still be used home assignment. words. Write them in your
for application or remediation) today. notebook.
a. bank b .mass
V.MGA TALA (Remarks)
VI. PAGNINILAY (Reflection)
A.Bilangng mag-aaralnanakakuhang 80%
sapagtataya (No.of learners who earned
80% in the evaluation)
B. Blgng mag-aaralnanangangailanganngiba
pang gawain para sa remediation (No.of
learners who requires additional acts.for
remediation who scored below 80%)
C. Nakatulongbaang remedial? Bilangng
mag-aaralnanakaunawasaaralin? (Did the
remedial lessons work? No.of learners who
caught up with the lessons)
D. Bilangngmga mag-aaralnamagpatuloysa
remediation? (No.of learners who continue
to require remediation)
nglubos? Paanoitonakatulong? (Which of my
teaching strategies worked well? Why did
this work?)
nansatulongngakingpunongguro at
superbisor? (What difficulties did I
encounter which my principal/supervisor
can help me solve?)
(What innovations or localized materials did
I used/discover which I wish to share with
other teachers?)