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Name ______________________________________ Grade IV - _______________________

Teacher ____________________________________ Date ___________________________

I. Direction: Complete the following sentences.

1. The caterpillar transforms into an adult called ____________________.
2. The first stage of complete metamorphosis is called __________________.
3. ______________ is the third stage of a fly’s life cycle.
4. Animal with 4 life cycle stages has ___________________metamorphosis.
5. The second stage of metamorphosis is _________________.
6. The middle stage in the life cycle of a cockroach is called __________________.
7. The second stage in a complete metamorphosis is ______________________.
8. _______________ is the final stage of a louse’s life cycle.
9. Animals with 3 stages in their life cycle have _________________ metamorphosis.
10. _______________ is the way that insects develop, grow and change form.

II. Tell if the following animals are egg-laying or not. Write yes or no.
_________1. Snake
_________2. Monkey
_________3. Crocodile
_________4. Eagle
_________5. Duck

III. Write the word TRUE if the statement is true. Write the correct answer if the statement is false.
1. ___________ Plant life begins in a seed.
2. ___________ Monocot seeds have one cotyledon.
3. ___________ Color and shape affect seed germination.
4. ___________ Mongo, atis and avocado are dicot.
5. ___________ Seeds with thin coats germinate faster.

IV. Encircle the letter of the best answer.

1. Which of the following is not needed by plants?
a. soil b. water. c. sunlight d. plastic
2. What is the young plant fount inside the seed?
a. cotyledon b. seed coat c. embryo d. none
3. How many cotyledon does a monocot seed have?
a. two b. one c. there d. none
4. The third stage in complete metamorphosis is called ____________.
a. pupa b. egg c. adult d. none
5. How many stages of development are present in an incomplete metamorphosis?
a. two b. one c. three d. none

V. Put a ( / ) if the following insects undergo a complete metamorphosis and ( X ) if does not.

________ 1. fly
_________2. louse
_________3. mosquito
_________4. grasshopper
_________5. cockroach