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Once upon a time there was a

beatiful place called Neverland where
Peterpan and Tinkerbell lived. Not so far
from this place, is the city of London
where John, Wendy and Michael Darling
lived. They really loved the story of Peter.

One night, dear Wendy and two

brothers, John and Michael, was
awakened by strange noises. They ran to
the window and saw the arrival of
Peterpan and Tinkerbell are visiting from
the Foreign Affairs. Peterpan tells all
about the Foreign Affairs and tales
Children Missing, Indians, and Pirates.
Peter offered to take the kids to the
Foreign Affairs.
"However", he said,
"you have to learn to fly first."
With these words, he sprinkled Tinkerbell's pixie dust to them and they
started to float in the room. Exit from the room, children, and Peterpan fly to
the sky toward the Foreign Affairs. Captain Hook's eyes look evil. Hook was
studying to be a pirate. He became the enemy of Children Missing, and
especially Peterpan. For months, the pirates seek Missing Child safe house.

Wendy's sisters and brother lived

with Children Missing and Indians for a
few weeks and they tell their hometown.
However, the children became homesick
and Peterpan asked sadly to Tinkerbell to
take them home.
When the kids were crawling out from their hiding place, the pirates took
them and brought them to the ship. Then, tinkerbell fly away to meet Peter to
tell him what happened. Quickly, Peter exposes pirate ship in the direction to
prevent Captain Hook, who forced the children to walk to the sled. Hook's hand
and the alarm clock has been swallowed by a crocodile. So when Peter
approached the pirate ship, he made the tick of the clock sounds noise.
Suddenly the crocodile coming, Captain Hook so scared into hiding.
Peterpan jumped into the ship and fight all the pirates. One by one they
jumped into the sea and the children managed to be released. Shortly
thereafter, He encouraged Hook to dive into the sea and into the crocodile's
mouth. He returned to Wendy, John and Michael and drive him home. Once
safely in the treatment room with the dog Nana, Wendy asks Peterpan live with
him. But Peter has missed the Foreign Affairs.

"That's where I grew up," he smiled.

Therefore, the children saw once again from
the window when Peterpan came home and
promised to visit again.