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Central Bank Of India Dept of Information Technology, CBD Belapur Navi Mumbai Request For Proposal
Central Bank Of India
Dept of Information Technology, CBD Belapur
Navi Mumbai
Request For Proposal (Bid) Document
Reference Number: CO:DIT:PUR:10-11:86
Web site design, hosting, maintenance & Web casting for BANCON
conference 2010

Tender No Date Of Opening Date of Pre-Bid Meeting Last date of submitting tender Cost of tender document Earnest Money Deposit

: CO:DIT:PUR:10-11:86 : 29-06-2010 : 08-07-2010 at 15:30 hrs : 27-07-2010

: Rs. 2,000/- (Rs. Two Thousands Only) : Rs. 40,000/-(Rs. Forty Thousands Only)




2. Basic Features for the Website for BANCON & WEB CASTING of BANCON-2010










Manufacturer’s Authorization Form (MAF)







1. Invitation For Tender Offers

Central Bank of India, a body corporate constituted under the Banking Companies (Requisition and Transfer of Undertaking) Act 1970 having its Head Office at ChanderMukhi Nariman Point , Mumbai- 400021 hereinafter called "Bank" will host the Banking Conference (BANCON) for year 2010.

For this purpose, we invite tender offers from eligible vendors for Web Site Design, Development, Hosting, Maintenance & Web Casting of BANCON-2010 events.

A complete set of tender documents may be purchased by eligible bidder upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Rs.2,000/-(Rupees Two thousands only) by demand draft/ banker’s cheque in favour of “Central Bank Of India Tender No –86“ and payable at Mumbai.

Bid Collection & Submission –

Tender Reference Number


Price of Tender Copy

Rs.2,000/- (Rs. Two thousands only)

Earnest Money Deposit

Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. Forty Thousands Only)



Opening the tender


Queries, if any, to be mailed by

07-07-2010 latest by 13:00 hrs

Pre-Bid meeting with Bidders

08-07-2010 at 15:30 hr

Last Date and Time for receipts of tender offers

27-07-2010 latest by 15:00 hrs

Time & Date of Opening of technical bids

27-07-2010 at 15:30 hrs

No. Of Envelopes (Non window, sealed) to be submitted

Two (2) Envelopes Envelope 1 containing:

Technical Bid + EMD DD

Envelope 2 containing:



Address for Communication

Asstt General Manager-IT(CISO)

Central Bank Of India

Department Of IT ( DIT)

4 th

Floor, Plot no-26, Sector-11

CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai-400614


Place of Submission / Opening tender offers

Central Bank Of India

1 st Floor, DIT, Plot No-26, Sector-11

CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai- 400614

Contact Telephone Numbers

022- 67123571,67123665

Earnest Money Deposit must accompany with tender offers as specified in this tender document. EMD amount should not be mixed with Commercial Bid; it should be in separate cover to be handed over to the department along with technical bid.

Tender offers will be opened in the presence of the bidder representatives who choose to attend the opening of tender on the above-specified date, time and place.

Technical specifications, Terms and conditions, various formats and Performa for submitting the tender offer are described in the tender document.

It is essential that all clarifications / queries be submitted to Central Bank of India at least one day before the date of the Pre-bid meeting. Queries received after above given due date & time will not be entertained.

Asstt General Manager-IT (CISO) Central Bank Of India DIT, CBD Belapur Navi Mumbai-400614




Central Banking Of India is hosting the Banking Conference (BANCON) 2010 and for this Bank invites, from Service Providers/ Companies, sealed Bids for Web site Design, Development Hosting, Maintenance and web casting of BANCON events . The bidder should provide following services/ equipments:

- Web site design , hosting & maintenance for 7 months

- Web casting ( internet based) of BANCON conference

- Video Hosting along with Power Point Presentation Synchronization for 5 months .

The Bidder should have following eligibility criteria:

(NOTE: Submit all necessary proof of audited certified copy of financial statement and other documents.)

The Solution Provider should be a profit-making firm for the last three years. The Solution Provider should have an annual turnover of Rs. 1 crore for the accounting period 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10. The Solution Provider should have past experience in Website hosting, designing, development, maintenance and customization. The Solution Provider should have developed at least two websites for organizations in India The Solution Provider should have knowledge of guidelines of the regulatory institutions, like – CERT-In, RBI, & Ministry of IT etc. whose recommendations Bank has to comply with time and again. The solution provider should have conducted the live web casting of minimum 2 events The solution provider should have experience in live web casting for minimum of 3 years The solution provider should provide at least 2 references for Web Casting being conducted (the reference is to check expertise of solution provider in the webcast field) Experience in doing Webcast for BANCON conference in the past would be preferred

Important Points

A two-envelop bidding procedure (Technical Bid and Commercial Bid) will be followed. Further, Service Provider should submit along with the Technical Bid, a detailed list of all components that are required for the successful functioning of the Website to be hosted & Web Casting , without mentioning the price of the components (Masked Price Bid). The Commercial (Price) Bid should be submitted separately as part II in a separate envelope. Bid Security of Rs. 40,000/- (Rupees Forty Thousand Only) must accompany all Bids as specified in the Bid document. A nonrefundable bid amount of Rs. 2,000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only) to be paid by means of a demand draft / pay order favoring “Central Bank of India, Tender No- 86 payable in Mumbai. The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject, in part or full, any or all the Bids, without assigning any reasons therefore.

2. Basic Features for the Website for BANCON & WEB CASTING of BANCON-


The proposed Website for BANCON should have the following dynamic modules.






1. News Banner

Displays the current News/ Press Release/ Events about BANCON-2010 etc. Clicking on the News/ Press Release/ Events caption in the News Banner opens up the associated file. The web admin has the option to upload/ edit/ delete these News/ Press Release/ Events from administrator module


2. Feedback Form

To submit feedback on overall quality of website & BANCON-2010. Once submitted, the details entered are e-mailed to a specific e-mail id.


3. Press Release

Displays the current Press Releases of Bank. The web admin has the option to upload/ edit/ delete a Press Release from administrator module.


4. Visitor Counter

Displays the number of visitors on the website.


5. Common Utility

Every webpage has options for following:

- Print this Page

- Email this Page

1.1.3 This website has a link for Bank’s official website (

1.1.4 Bank wishes to design this website & do the Web Casting of BANCON-2010 with latest technologies and security features.


3.1 General

3.1.1 The Bank seeks bids from eligible vendors to Design , Host, Maintain the Web Site

and Web Casting of BANCON-2010 events . A service provider may not have the required infrastructure and expertise for hosting; therefore, it can use a third party organization to host the Website. In selecting a third party hosting organization, the service provider must ensure the following:

Hosting server should be located in India. Hosting organization should have a security policy and should implement the best practices for the websites/ webservers as per CERT-In/ RBI Guidelines/ Govt guidelines. The CERT-In has guidelines that cover following, among other, aspects for Website and Webserver Security:

- Network security

- Host Security

- Web and Application Security

- Secure Coding Practices

- Database Security

- Logging and Backup Policies

- Physical Security

- Disaster Recovery Site

- Security Audit and Penetration Testing

- Incident Handling and Recovery

Complete details on guidelines for Webserver security can be obtained from CERT-In website.

Hosting organization should have its infrastructure and Web servers audited by auditors empanelled by CERT-In. Hosting organization should also have their web servers tested by Attack & Penetration testing experts periodically and should take immediate steps to plug the security weakness unearthed. Bank, as and when required, may ask the service provider to provide documents/ certificates/ reports pertaining to security audit of hosting organization’s infrastructure and Web servers. The Solution Provider should have full-fledged development and support center in Mumbai.

3.2 Broad Scope of Work

Web Site

3.2.1 The Bidder should Design, develop , Host , maintain the website for 7 months .

3.2.2 A Bidder should design the website to having good look and feel with an uptime

of 99.90%. The service provider, along with website, will manage and maintain

hardware, software, and networking equipments used to host the website.

3.2.3 The Website should be developed with latest technologies and should be free from

all known vulnerabilities and Bugs.

3.2.4 Hosting organization should have a security policy and should implement the

best practices for the websites/ web servers as per CERT-In guidelines.

3.2.5 The detailed scope of work and technical & functional specifications are given in

sections 5 & 6 of this document.

3.2.6 The bidder should provide the source code, data base & related

website in Soft Copy and Hard Copy as well.

documents of the

3.2.7 The bidder should carried out the Live web cast of BANCON-2010 events on internet . 3.2.8 The bidder should also archived the web cast for 5 months on designed website for BANCON-2010 events.

3.3 Consortium

3.3.1 The service provider may form the consortium for rendering the entire set of

services required by the Bank i.e a) web site design & development , maintenance b) Web Site Hosting c) Web Casting . The Service Provider has to ensure that the website has an uptime for 99.90%. While hosting the website with a third party data center, the service provider should ensure the points enumerated in sections 3.1, 3.2, 5, & 6 of this document. The Bidder i.e Principal Vendor should complied with eligibility criteria conditions.

3.3.2 The service provider will be the single-point-of-contact to provide all the services

for the Website designing, Web site Hosting and Web casting services .

3.3.3 The Data center must have at least three websites hosted.

3.3.4 The Bank also reserves the right to physically inspect such installation/s while

evaluating the Technical Bid. The vendor should obtain permissions and bear all the expenses in this regard.

3.5 Cost of Bidding

3.5.1 The Bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its

Bid, and the Bank will in no case be responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the Bidding process.

B. The Bidding Documents

3.6. Content of Bidding Document/s

3.6.1 The products required, Bidding procedures, and contract terms are prescribed in the

Bidding Documents. The Bidding Documents include:

PART 1 Invitation To Bid (ITB) PART 2 Bank’s Web site to be designed for BANCON-2010 PART 3 Instructions For Bidders (IFB) PART 4 Terms and Conditions of Contract (TCC) PART 5 Technical & Functional Specifications (TFS) PART 6 Bid Forms, Price Schedules and other forms (BF) PART 7 Schedules of Dates, Amounts, etc. (SDA)

3.6.2 The Bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms and specifications

in the Bidding Document. Failure to furnish all information required by the Bidding Document or to submit a Bid not substantially responsive to the Bidding Document in every respect will be at the Bidder’s risk and may result in the rejection of the Bid.

3.7 Clarification of Bidding Document/s

3.7.1 A Bidder requiring any clarification of the Bidding Document may notify the Bank

in writing or by Fax/ e-mail at the address/ fax number/ e-mail id indicated in Invitation to Bid. All clarifications needed shall be addressed to the Asstt General Manager-IT ,

Dept of IT. Relaxation in any of the terms contained in the Bid, in general, will not be permitted, but if granted, the same will be communicated to all the Bidders.

3.8 Amendment of Bidding Document/s

3.8.1 At any time prior to the deadline for submission of Bids, the Bank, for any reason,

whether, at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective Bidder, may modify the Bidding Document/s, by an amendment.

3.8.2 All prospective Bidders will be notified of the amendment, if any, by the Bank &

hosting the same on the Bank’s website which will be final and binding on all the bidders. It will be the responsibility of the bidders to regularly visit the Bank’s website for any amendments from time to time and respond accordingly.




Language of Bid

3.9.1 The Bid prepared by the Bidder, as well as all correspondence and documents relating to the Bid exchanged by the Bidder and the Bank and supporting documents and printed literature shall be written in English.

3.10 Documents Comprising the Bid

3.10.1 Documents comprising the Technical Bid Envelope should be:

a) Bid Form/ Technical Specification as per section 6 completed in accordance

with the clauses in the Bid and duly signed by the authorized signatory (ies).

b) Documentary evidence establishing that the Bidder is eligible to Bid (as per

eligibility criteria) and is qualified to perform the contract as per Clause 3.14 of

the Bidding Document if its Bid is accepted.

c) Documentary evidence establishing that the products, systems and ancillary

services to be supplied by the Bidder are eligible products and services and conform to Part Technical & Functional Specifications of the Bidding Document.

d) Bid security for Rs. 40,000/- furnished as specified in Clause 7.1.

e) Details of Projects Handled/ Referral Letters.

f) Manufacturers’/Producers’









g) Additionally, a Masked price bid should be kept with the Technical bid listing

all the components as listed in the Price Schedule without indicating the price in another separate closed/ sealed cover. Please note that no price should be mentioned in this format.

h) A detailed Bill of Material listing all the components with part nos, quantity,

make, model version, etc.

i) Confirmation as per clause 3.15.3 (c)

While submitting the Technical Bid, literature on the software/hardware if any, should be segregated and kept together in one section/lot. The other papers like Bid Security, Forms as mentioned above, etc. should form the main section and should be submitted in one lot, separated from the section containing literature and annual accounts.

3.10.2 Documents comprising Price Bid Envelope should be:

a) A Full Price Schedule of the website design, development, hosting ,

maintenance & web casting comprising of the solution, hardware and services in

one separate closed sealed cover.

b) The Bid as per Format B as furnished in the Bidding Documents duly signed

by the Bidder and completed.

c) Price bids containing any deviations or similar clauses will be summarily


3.11. Bid Form

3.11.1 The Bidder shall complete both the two Envelopes of the Bid Form furnished in

the Bidding Document separately, indicating the products to be supplied, a brief description of the products, their country of origin, quantity and prices and submit them simultaneously to the Bank. Bids are liable to be rejected if only one (i.e. Technical Bid or Price Bid) is received.

3.12. Bid Prices

3.12.1 The prices indicated in the Price Schedule shall be entered in the following


a) The total price quoted must be of the cost of providing the complete solution

and services for installation, testing and commissioning and warranty. Price quoted should be inclusive of all taxes except Service Tax and Octroi, which will be reimbursed extra as per the actuals.

3.12.2 Prices quoted by the Bidder shall be fixed during the Bidder’s performance of the

Contract and shall not be subject to variation on any account, including exchange rate fluctuations, changes in taxes, duties, levies, charges etc. A Bid submitted with an adjustable price quotation will be treated as non-responsive and will be rejected.

3.13. Bid Currencies

3.13.1 Bids are to be quoted in Indian Rupees only.

3.14 Documents Establishing Bidder’s Eligibility and Qualifications

3.14.1 The Bidder shall furnish, as part of its Bid, documents establishing the Bidder’s

eligibility to Bid and its qualifications to perform the Contract, if its Bid is accepted.

3.14.2 The documentary evidence of the Bidder’s qualifications to perform the Contract

if its Bid is accepted shall establish to the Bank’s satisfaction:

a) That, in the case of a Bidder offering to supply products, services and/or

Systems under the Contract which the Bidder did not produce or own, the Bidder has been duly authorized by the products’ Producer to supply the products and/or

Systems and/or service provider to agree to render the services in India;

b) In the above case, the bidder must also have a back to back agreement with the

hosting company which should include, among other, the readiness of the hosting company to provide required uptime, agreement to provide the necessary support for at least 1 years, etc.

c) That the Bidder has the technical and production capability necessary to

perform the Contract as per Format G (Organization Profile);

d) That adequate, specialized software expertise are already available to ensure

that the support services are responsive and the Bidder will assume total responsibility for the fault free operation and maintenance of the Website during the contract period and provide necessary maintenance services .

3.15. Documents Establishing Eligibility of Products and Conformity to Bidding Documents

3.15.1 The Bidder shall furnish, as part of its Bid, documents establishing the eligibility

and conformity to the Bidding Documents of all products and/or System and/or services which the Bidder proposes to supply under the Contract.

3.15.2 The documentary evidence of the eligibility of the products and/or System and/or

services shall consist of a statement (attached to the Price Schedule) of the country of origin of the products and/or System and/or services offered, which shall be confirmed by a certificate of origin issued at the time of shipment.

3.15.3 The documentary evidence of conformity of the products and/or System and/or

services to the Bidding Documents may be in the form of literature, drawings, and data, and shall consist of:

a) A detailed description of the essential technical and performance characteristics

of the products and/or Systems as mentioned in Format D (Price Schedule);

b) An item by item commentary on the Technical & Functional Specifications

given in the Bid, demonstrating substantial responsiveness of the products and/or

System and/or services to those specifications, or a statement of deviations and exceptions to the provisions of the Technical & Functional Specifications; and

c) A confirmation that, if the Bidder offers systems and/or other software

produced by another company, such software operates efficiently on the system proposed by the Bidder; and the Bidder is willing to accept responsibility for its successful operation.

3.16 Bid Security


The Bidder shall furnish, as part of its Bid, a Bid security as specified Clause 7.1.

3.16.2 The Bid Security is to be paid in the form of a DD in favour of “Central Bank of

India, Tender No. -86”

3.16.3 The Bid Security of all the other bidders except L1 will be refunded immediately

after declaration of L1.

3.16.4 As regard to L1, the Bank will refund Bid Security only after the completion and

acceptance of the Solution.

3.16.5 No interest will be paid on Bid Security amount.

3.16.6 The Bid security may be forfeited:

a) If a Bidder withdraws its Bid during the period of Bid validity specified by the

Bidder on the Bid Form; or

b) If a Bidder makes any statement or encloses any form which turns out to be

false/incorrect at any time prior to signing of Contract; or

c) In the case of a successful Bidder, if the Bidder fails;

(i) To sign the Contract;


(ii) To furnish Performance Security as mentioned herein.

3.17 Period of Validity of Bids

3.17.1 Bids shall remain valid for a period mentioned in Clause 7.2, from the date of

opening of the Bid.

3.17.2 In exceptional circumstances, the Bank may solicit the Bidders’ consent to an extension of the period of validity. The request and the responses thereto shall be made in writing. The Bid security provided shall also be suitably extended.

3.18. Format and Signing of Bid

3.18.1 Each Bid should be in two parts –

Part I covering the Technical and Qualification aspects hereinafter referred to as "Technical Bid".

Any price information in the Technical Bid shall be liable for the rejection of the Bid.

Part II covering only the price schedules hereinafter referred to as the "Price Bid".

The two parts should be in two separate covers each super-scribed with the name of the Project mentioned in the Invitation to Bid, Bid No., as well as “Technical Bid” and “Price Bid” as the case may be, as detailed below. The superscription should also cover details regarding the project etc., as required vide clause 3.19.

3.18.2 The Bid shall be typed or written in indelible ink and shall be signed by the Bidder

or a person or persons duly authorized to bind the Bidder to the Contract. The person or persons signing the Bids shall initial all pages of the Bids, except for unamended printed literature.

3.18.3 Any interlineations, erasures or overwriting shall be valid only if the person

signing the Bids initials them. The bank reserves the right to reject bids not confirming to



3.19 Sealing and Marking of Bids

3.19.1 The Bidders shall seal the envelopes containing “Technical Bid” and “Price Bid”

separately and the two envelopes shall be enclosed and sealed in an outer envelope.

3.19.2 The inner and outer envelopes shall:


Be addressed to the Bank at the address given; and


All envelopes should indicate on the cover the name and address of the Bidder,

contact numbers & e-mail ids of persons signing the Bid.

3.19.3 If the outer envelope is not sealed and marked, the Bank will assume no

responsibility for the Bid’s misplacement or premature opening.

3.20 Deadline for Submission of Bids

3.20.1 Bids must be received by the Bank at the address specified, not later than the date

& time specified in the Invitation to Bid.

3.20.2 The Bank may, at its discretion, extend this deadline for the submission of Bids by

amending the Bid Documents, in which case, all rights and obligations of the Bank and Bidders previously subject to the deadline will thereafter be subject to the deadline as extended.

3.21 Late Bids


Any Bid received by the Bank after the deadline for submission of Bids

prescribed, will be rejected and returned unopened to the Bidder.

3.22 Modification and Withdrawal of Bids

3.22.1 The Bidder may modify or withdraw its Bid after the Bid’s submission, provided

that written notice of the modification, including substitution or withdrawal of the Bids,

is received by the Bank, prior to the deadline prescribed for submission of Bids.

3.22.2 The Bidder’s modification or withdrawal notice shall be prepared, sealed, marked

and dispatched. A withdrawal notice may also be sent by Fax, but followed by a signed

confirmation copy, postmarked not later than the deadline for submission of Bids. However, bids can only be sent in sealed envelop.

3.22.3 No Bid may be modified after the deadline for submission of Bids.

3.22.4 No Bid may be withdrawn in the interval between the deadline for submission of

Bids and the expiration of the period of Bid validity specified by the Bidder on the Bid Form. Withdrawal of a Bid during this interval may result in the Bidder’s forfeiture of its

Bid security.


3.23 Opening of Bids by the Bank

3.23.1 The Bidders’ names, Bid modifications or withdrawals and the presence or

absence of requisite Bid Security and such other details, as the Bank, at its discretion, may consider appropriate, will be announced at the Bid opening. No bid shall be rejected at bid opening, except for late bids, which shall be returned unopened to the Bidder.

3.23.2 Bids (and modifications sent) that are not opened at Bid Opening shall not be

considered further for evaluation, irrespective of the circumstances. Withdrawn bids will be returned unopened to the Bidders.

3.24 Clarification of Bids

3.24.1 During evaluation of the Bids, the Bank, at its discretion, may ask the Bidder for

clarification of its Bid. The request for clarification and the response shall be in writing, and no change in the prices or substance of the Bid shall be sought, offered, or permitted.

3.25 Preliminary Examination

3.25.1 The Bank will examine the Bids to determine whether they are complete, required

formats have been furnished, the documents have been properly signed, and the Bids are

generally in order.

3.25.2 The Bank may, at its discretion, waive any minor infirmity, nonconformity, or

irregularity in a Bid, which does not constitute a material deviation.

3.25.3 Prior to the detailed evaluation, the Bank will determine the substantial

responsiveness of each Bid to the Bidding Document. For purposes of these Clauses, a substantially responsive Bid is one, which confirms to all the terms and conditions of the Bidding Document without material deviations. Deviations from, or objections or reservations to critical provisions, such as those concerning Bid Security, Applicable Law, Performance Security, Qualification Criteria, Insurance, Warranty, AMC and Force Majeure will be deemed to be a material deviation. The Bank’s determination of a Bid’s responsiveness is to be based on the contents of the Bid itself, without recourse to extrinsic evidence. The Bank reserves the right to evaluate the bids on technical & functional parameters including possible visit to inspect live site/s (which also includes data centre where website will be hosted) of the Vendor and witness demos of the system and verify functionalities, response times, etc.

3.25.4 If a Bid is not substantially responsive, it will be rejected by the Bank and may not

subsequently be made responsive by the Bidder by correction of the nonconformity. The technical evaluation will take into account the capability of the bidder to implement the proposed solution.

3.25.5 Only those bidders whose Technical bids have been found substantially responsive

would be intimated by the Bank about their responsiveness and about the revised/updated Technical & Functional Specification (if any) arising out of normalization (if any). In case of normalization and/or revision, they would also be advised to submit fresh “Price Bid” which should either be equal to or less than the Prices quoted in the Original Price Bid.

3.26 Evaluation and Comparison of Price Bids

3.26.1 Technical Bid will be first evaluated and the

vendors shall be opened by Tender Opening Committee.

eligible commercial bid of the

3.26.2 The Bank may use the services of external consultants for bid evaluation, if


3.26.3 Arithmetical errors will be rectified on the following basis. If there is a discrepancy between the unit price and the total price that is obtained by multiplying the unit price and quantity, the unit price shall prevail, and the total price shall be corrected. If the Successful Bidder does not accept the correction of the errors, its Bid will be rejected, and its Bid security may be forfeited. If there is a discrepancy between words and figures, the amount in words will prevail.

3.26.4 L1 will be decided on the basis of sum total of the price as quoted in the Price


3.26.5 The Bank’s evaluation of a Price Bid will take into account, in addition to the Bid

price quoted, one or more of the following factors:

a) Deviations in payment schedule from that specified;

b) Delivery schedule offered in the bid;

c) The annual maintenance costs;

d) Other specific criteria indicated in the Bid and/or in the Technical & Functional


3.26.6 For factors retained in the Bid, one or more of the following quantification methods will be applied:

(a) Quotation of Prices for all Items.

The Bidder should quote for complete consignment of items proposed/listed in this Bid. In case, prices are not quoted by any Bidder for any specific item/ Product/ service, for the purpose of evaluation, the highest of the prices quoted by other Bidders participating in the bidding process will be reckoned as the notional price for that product /service, for that Bidder. However, if selected, at the time of award of Contract, the lowest of the price(s) quoted by other Bidders (whose Price Bids are also opened) for that product/ service will be reckoned. This shall be binding on all the Bidders. However, the bank reserves the right to reject all such incomplete bids.

3.27 Contacting the Bank

3.27.1 No Bidder shall contact the Bank on any matter relating to its Bid, from the time

of opening of Bid to the time the Contract is awarded.

3.27.2 Any effort by a Bidder to influence the Bank in its decisions on Bid evaluation,

Bid comparison or contract award may result in the rejection of the Bidder’s Bid.


3.28 Post Qualification

3.28.1 All Price bids after their evaluation on the parameters mentioned above would be

arranged in ascending order and the contract would be awarded to the bidder whose bid has been evaluated to be the lowest.


Award Criteria & Negotiation

3.29.1 The Bank will award the Contract to the successful Bidder who has been

determined to qualify to perform the Contract satisfactorily, and whose Bid has been

determined to be substantially responsive, and is the lowest commercial Bid.

3.29.2 Successful bidder i.e L1 bidder will be called for price negotiation

3.30 Bank’s Right To Accept Any Bid And To Reject Any Or All Bids.

3.30.1 The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid in part or in full, and to

annul the Bidding process and reject all Bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Bidder or Bidders or any obligation to inform the affected Bidder or Bidders of the grounds for the Bank’s action.

3.31 Notification of Award

3.31.1 Prior to expiration of the period of Bid validity, the Bank will notify the successful

Bidder in writing or by fax, that its Bid has been accepted.

3.31.2 The notification of award will constitute the formation of the Contract.

3.31.3 Upon the successful Bidder’s furnishing of Performance Security, the Bank will

promptly notify each unsuccessful Bidder and will discharge its Bid security.

3.32 Signing of Contract

3.32.1 At the same time as the Bank notifies the successful Bidder that its Bid has been

accepted, If Required, Both the parties i.e The Bank & The Successful Vendor will sign an contract as per Bank’s format incorporating all agreements between the parties .

3.33 Performance Security

3.33.1 Performance Security in the required Bank's format to be submitted by the

successful bidder.

Note: Not withstanding anything said above, the Bank reserves the rights to reject/ award the contract to any vendor or cancel the entire process without assigning any reasons thereto. 4. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT (TCC)

4.1 Definitions

In this Contract, the following terms shall be interpreted as described below:


”Solution” means Web site Designing, Development , Hosting , Maintenance of

Website & Web Casting of BANCON-2010 events . All software, database, third party utilities, middleware, etc. all hardware as proposed by the Supplier/ Solution Provider, all

seamlessly integrate to work together to meet the Technical and Functional Requirements of the Bank indicated in Section 3, 5, & 6 of this document.

4.1.2 “Supplier”, “ Vendor “ , “Solution Provider” is the successful Bidder who has been

determined to qualify to perform the Contract satisfactorily, and whose Bid has been determined to be substantially responsive, and is the lowest commercial Bid.

4.1.3 “The Product” means all of the software or softwares (Website , Web Casting ), all

hardware, database, middleware, operating systems and/or other materials that the

Supplier is required to supply to the Bank under the Contract;

4.1.4 “The Services” means those services ancillary to Web site designing, development,

Hosting, Maintenance of web site & Web Casting of BANCON-2010 events consisting of the Website, such as transportation and insurance, installation, commissioning, customization, monitoring, network administration, provision of technical assistance, training, Maintenance and other such obligations of the Supplier covered under the Contract;

4.1.5 “The Project Site” means the Development center of the service provider and/or

Data Center where the server and other hardware required for the project is installed and hosted and /or Site where BANCON-2010 conference will be held.

4.1.6 Any module/ feature explained with terms Website should be made available in


4.1.7 "Hosting" or "Host" means a making the website operationlized for general public.

NOTE: In case of a difference of opinion on the part of the Bidder in comprehending and/or interpreting any Clause/ Provision of the Bid Document after submission of the Bid, the interpretation by the Bank shall be binding and final on the Bidder.

4.2 Standards

4.2.1 The Products and/or System supplied under this Contract shall confirm to the

Industry standards and those mentioned in the TFS, and, when no applicable standard is mentioned, to the authoritative standards appropriate to the country of origin of products. Such standards shall be the latest issued by the institution concerned.

4.3 Use of Contract Documents and Information

4.3.1 The Supplier shall not, without the Bank’s prior written consent, disclose the

Contract, or any provision thereof, or any specification, plan, sample or information furnished by or on behalf of the Bank in connection therewith, to any person other than a person employed by the Supplier in the performance of the Contract. Disclosure to any such employed person shall be made in confidence and shall extend only so far as may be necessary for purposes of such performance.

4.3.2 The Supplier shall not, without the Bank’s prior written consent, make use of any

document or information enumerated in this Bidding Document except for purposes of performing the Contract.

4.3.3 Any document, other than the Contract itself, enumerated in this Bidding Document

shall remain the property of the Bank and shall be returned (in all copies) to the Bank on

completion of the Supplier’s performance under the Contract, if so required by the Bank.

4.3.4 The Bidder shall sign a Non-disclosure Agreement as per Format C, if required.

4.4 Patent Rights/Intellectual Property rights

4.4.1 The Supplier shall indemnify the Bank against all third party claims of infringement

of patent, trademark, intellectual property, copyrights or industrial design rights arising from use of the Products or any part thereof.

4.4.2 As the solution provider has to provide the Bank source code, database, & related

design documents, the same become the property of Bank.

4.5 Performance Security

4.5.1 Within the period prescribed under Section 7 from date of receipt of the notification

of Contract award, the Supplier shall furnish to the Bank, the Performance Security for an amount as per Clause 7.5 valid up to the period specified in clause 7.8.

4.5.2 The proceeds of the performance security shall be payable to the Bank as compensation for any loss resulting from the Supplier’s failure to complete its obligations under the Contract.

4.5.3 The Performance Security shall be denominated in Indian Rupees and shall be by

way of a bank guarantee (Bank's Format) issued by a nationalized/ public sector bank in India (other than Bank), acceptable to the Bank.

4.5.4 The performance security will be discharged by the Bank and returned to the

Supplier, following the date of completion of the Supplier’s performance obligations under the Contract, including warranty & Maintenance.

4.6 Inspection and Quality Control Tests


The Bank reserves the right to carry out inspection by a team of Bank Officials, of

any of the existing live installations (Data Centre hosting website) of the Supplier referred to in the Technical Bid or demand a demonstration of the solution proposed on a

representative model in the bidder’s office.

4.6.2 The Bank reserves the right to inspect, test and, where necessary, reject the Solution

after the Solution development.

4.6.3 Nothing stated hereinabove shall in any way release the Supplier from any warranty

or other obligations under this Contract.

4.6.4 Source Code and Manuals The solution Provider needs to provide the complete Source Code, Database, & design documents in the form of Hardcopy and Softcopy (CD). As the website will undergo continuous changes, the solution provider have to provide these documents as and when required by the Bank; and also during AMC and warranty period. The Supplier shall provide one set of Design Manual, System Manual, User Manual and Security Manual for the Application Software. The Supplier shall also provide one Soft copy of each of the Manuals. Soft and Hard copy User manuals shall be provided, commensurate with number of installations of Products in the Bank.

4.7 For the System & Other Software, the following will apply:

The Supplier shall provide complete and legal documentation of all subsystems, operating systems, system software, utility software and other software. The Supplier shall also provide licensed software for all software products, whether developed by it or acquired from others. The Supplier shall also indemnify the Bank against any levies/penalties on account of any default in this regard.

In case the primary vendor is coming with software which is not his propriety software, then the primary vendor must submit evidence in the form of agreement he has entered into with the software vendor which includes support from the software vendor for the proposed software for the full period required by the Bank.

4.8 Acceptance Tests/ Audit


The Bank will test the solution on test server of the vendor.


Any vulnerabilities, loopholes observed in the system during


have to be

rectified by the vendor.

4.9 Incidental Services

4.9.1 The incidental services to be provided are as under:

(b) Maintenance and software updates of the supplied Products, technical support thereof for a period as specified in the Section 7, that this service shall not relieve the Supplier of any Warranty obligations under this Contract.

4.10 Warranty

4.10.1 The Supplier warrants that the website will be designed with latest technologies

and all the system software - Operating System, Webserver, Database, Antivirus, Firewall etc. are updated with latest security patches regularly. The Supplier further warrants that all Products supplied under this Contract shall have no defect, arising from design or from any act or omission of the Supplier, which may develop under normal use of the developed Products.

4.10.2 The Website have to be hosted for a total period of 7 months from the date of

launching. The Supplier shall, in addition, comply with the performance guarantees specified under the Contract. If, for reasons attributable to the Supplier, these guarantees

are not attained, in whole or in part, the Supplier shall, make such changes, modifications, and/or additions to the Products or any part thereof as may be necessary in order to attain the contractual guarantees specified in the Contract, at its own cost and expense, and to carry out further performance tests.

4.10.3 The Bank shall promptly notify the Supplier in writing of any errors/ deficiencies/

mal-functions in the new website under this project period.

4.10.4 Upon receipt of such notice, the Supplier shall, within reasonable time, rectify the

errors/ deficiencies/ mal-functions in the Website, without cost to the Bank.

4.10.5 Warranty/Uptime

- During Project Period, Solution Provider guarantees an Uptime of 99.90% for

complete solution on quarterly basis. Accordingly it is expected that necessary redundancy is built into the proposed solution for all critical components whether software or hardware. Recovery from a disaster should also be ensured. Disaster recovery site should be in a different seismic zone.

- Warranty for Hardware/System Software/off-the-shelf Software if provided by

the service provider will be provided to the Bank as per the general conditions of sale of such software.

- Any bugs in the website shall be rectified free of cost.

- Any security vulnerability observed in the application software (Website),

operating system, database, & any other software shall be rectified/ corrected free

of cost.

- Any changes/modifications in modules/ features of

carried out by the identified vendor free of cost to the satisfaction of the Bank.

Website will have to be

- Supplier/his representative shall solve the software (new website) problem

within maximum 6 (six) hours of reporting of the problem by the Bank to the

Supplier's nearest office by phone, fax, e-mail or letter.

- Any rectification required in the Application Software due to inherent bugs in the System Software / off-the-shelf software shall also be rectified by the Supplier or his associates, free of cost, within a reasonable period.

4.11 Maintenance Service:

4.11.1 The Supplier will provide maintenance service of the, same for a total period of 7

months from the date of launching . Professionally qualified personnel in respective

fields will provide the maintenance services.

4.11.2 During maintenance period also, the Solution Provider guarantees on quarterly

basis an uptime of 99.90% of the entire solution proposed. Accordingly it is expected that

necessary redundancy is built into the proposed solution for all critical components whether software or hardware.

4.11.3 If required , the maintenance & hosting period of website will be extended at the

end of the term , if required at a mutually agreed price.

4.11.5 The Bank reserves the right to terminate the maintenance (AMC) agreement by

giving two months’ prior notice. On termination/ expiry of AMC, the vendor should transfer its hosting agreement with hosting company in the name of Bank and handover the complete control of web server & details to the Bank. In case, the bidder itself is the hosting company, the bidder should continue to provide hosting services as per the price quoted in this RFP

4.11.6 The vendor shall rectify/ fix the vulnerabilities found

services , if any.

in the Website and hosting

4.11.7 Providing documents & source code as mentioned in clause 4.6.4.

4.11.8 As the Bank website and web server functions under the regulations/ recommendations of regulatory authorities such as – CERT-In, & RBI, etc. the service provider will address all issues/ threats/ vulnerabilities notified to the Bank by these institutions (and also by security auditors of the Bank) and fix/ resolve them to the satisfaction of these institutions/ Bank.

4.11.9 Updates & Service Hours – for new website

The provision, by the vendor, of maintenance service will be confined to the Bank’s normal working hours on all working days of the Bank. However, in special circumstances the Contractor may be called upon to provide maintenance services beyond normal working hours without extra cost. The vendor will upload/ update information/ data etc., provided by Bank within 2 hrs. The vendor will design and effect critical changes within 12 hrs. The vendor will design and effect non-critical changes within 2 days. Update of textual information in the webpages of the Website. Update of images, diagrams, & charts in the webpages of the Website. Addition of textual information in the webpages of the Website. Addition of images, diagrams, & charts in the webpages of the Website. Providing a link for a file/ document/ new webpage in the existing pages of the Website. Addition of new pages for information of any events / press release decided by the Bank under existing sections of the Website. Any other service to ensure 99.90% uptime and updation of websites.

4.11.15 Quarterly Preventive Maintenance Services

The solution provider should carryout quarterly preventive maintenance service of the complete solution (i.e. Webserver, Website, & any other networking equipment). Following activities should be performed as Preventive Maintenance and the report of the same should be submitted to Bank on quarterly basis:

Webserver CPU, memory, hard disk, & bandwidth utilization report.

4.12 Training

The supplier will provide all manuals of working of the admin module or other features of the Website.

4.13. Payment


Payment shall be made in Indian Rupees, as per Clause 7.12 for the project.


Penalty clause

If the solution is delayed beyond the implementation schedule (section 7.14), a penalty of 0.5% of contract value will be levied for every week of delay, to a maximum of 5%. If the penalty exceeds 5%, Bank reserves the right to cancel the entire order and may initiate additional appropriate steps. If quarterly uptime of 99.90% is not maintained in any quarter, a penalty of 0.5% of total AMC and/ or annual maintenance value will be levied.

Delay in updating the website will incur following penalties:

- For delay beyond 3 hour

- For delay beyond 5 hour

- For delay beyond 7 hour

However, the vendor is required to do any critical updates within ½ hour.

: Rs. 100/- per hour.

: Rs. 300/- per hour.

: Rs. 500/- per hour.

4.13.4 Payment against Bank Guarantees:

i. For all the payments to be made against bank guarantees, the bank guarantees shall be issued by a nationalized/ public sector bank in India (other than Bank), acceptable to the Bank as per Format provided by Bank.

4.14 Prices

4.14.1 Prices payable to the Supplier as stated in the Contract shall be firm and not subject to adjustment during performance of the Contract, irrespective of reasons whatsoever, including exchange rate fluctuations, changes in taxes, duties, levies, charges, etc.

4.15 Contract Amendments

4.18.1 No variation in or modification of the terms of the Contract shall be made, except

by written amendment, signed by the parties.

4.15 Assignment

4.15.1 The Supplier shall not assign, in whole or in part, its obligations to perform under

the Contract, except with the Bank’s prior written consent.

4.16 Delays in the Supplier’s Performance

4.16.1 If at any time during performance of the Contract, the Supplier or its subcontractor(s) should encounter conditions impeding timely delivery of the Products and performance of Services, the Supplier shall promptly notify the Bank in writing of the fact of the delay, its likely duration and its cause(s). As soon as practicable after receipt of the Supplier’s notice, the Bank shall evaluate the situation and may, at its discretion, extend the Suppliers’ time for performance, with or without liquidated damages, in which case, the extension shall be ratified by the parties by amendment of the Contract.

4.16.2 Except as provided in the above clause, a delay by the Supplier in the performance

of its delivery obligations shall render the Supplier liable to the imposition of liquidated damages, unless an extension of time is agreed upon without the application of liquidated damages.


Liquidated Damages

4.17.1 If the Service provider fails to deliver any or all of the Products or perform the Services within the time period(s) specified in the Contract, the Bank shall, without prejudice to its other remedies under the Contract, deduct from the Contract Price, as liquidated damages, a sum equivalent to 0.5 percent per week or part thereof of contract price subject to maximum deduction of 5% of the delivered price of the delayed Products or unperformed services for each week or part thereof of delay, until actual delivery or performance. Once the maximum deduction is reached, the Bank may consider termination of the Contract.

4.18 Force Majeure

4.18.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of Terms & Condition of Contract, the Supplier

shall not be liable for forfeiture of its performance security, liquidated damages, or termination for default if and to the extent that its delay in performance or other failure to perform its obligations under the Contract is the result of an event of Force Majeure.

4.18.2 For purposes of this clause, “Force Majeure” means an event beyond the control of

the Supplier and not involving the Supplier’s fault or negligence and not foreseeable. Such events may include, but are not restricted to, acts of the Bank in its sovereign capacity, wars or revolutions, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, and freight embargoes.

4.18.3 If a Force Majeure situation arises, the Supplier shall promptly notify the Bank in

writing of such condition and the cause thereof. Unless otherwise directed by the Bank in writing, the Supplier shall continue to perform its obligations under the Contract as far as

is reasonably practical, and shall seek all reasonable alternative means for performance not prevented by the Force Majeure event.

4.19 Resolution of Disputes

4.19.1 The Bank and the Supplier shall make every effort to resolve amicably by direct

informal negotiation, any disagreement or dispute arising between them under or in connection with the Contract.

4.19.2 If, the Bank and the Supplier have been unable to resolve amicably a Contract

dispute even after a reasonably long period, either party may require that the dispute be

referred for resolution to the formal mechanisms specified herein below. These mechanisms may include, but are not restricted to, conciliation mediated by a third party and/or adjudication in an agreed national forum.

4.19.3 The dispute resolution mechanism to be applied shall be as follows:

(a) In case of Dispute or difference arising between the Bank and the Supplier relating to any matter arising out of or connected with this agreement, such

disputes or difference shall be settled in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Where the value of the Contract is above Rs.1.00 Crore, the arbitral tribunal shall consist of 3 arbitrators, one each to be appointed by the Purchaser and the Supplier. The third Arbitrator shall be chosen by mutual discussion between the Purchaser and the Supplier.

(b) Arbitration proceedings shall be held at Mumbai, and the language of the

arbitration proceedings and that of all documents and communications between the parties shall be English;

(c) The decision of the majority of arbitrators shall be final and binding upon both parties. The cost and expenses of Arbitration proceedings will be paid as determined by the arbitral tribunal. However, the expenses incurred by each party in connection with the preparation, presentation, etc., of its proceedings as also the fees and expenses paid to the arbitrator appointed by such party or on its behalf shall be borne by each party itself; and

(d) Where the value of the contract is Rs.1.00 Crore and below, the disputes or

differences arising shall be referred to the Sole Arbitrator. The Sole Arbitrator

should be appointed by agreement between the parties.

4.20 Governing Language

4.20.1 The governing language shall be English.

4.21 Applicable Law

4.21.1 The Contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Union of India

and the Bidder shall agree to submit to the courts under whose exclusive jurisdiction the Central Office of the Bank falls.

4.22 Addresses for Notices

4.22.1 The following shall be the address of the Bank and Supplier.

Bank’s address for notice purposes:

Central Bank of India, Dept of Information Technology 1st Floor, Plot No. 26, Sector - 11 CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai - 400 614

Supplier’s address for notice purposes (To be filled in by the Supplier)

4.22.2 A notice shall be effective when delivered or on effective date of the notice

whichever is later.

4.23 Taxes and Duties

4.23.1 The Supplier will be entirely responsible for all applicable taxes, duties, levies

(such as - sales tax/ Vat), charges, license fees, road permits, etc. in connection with carrying out the contract including incidental services and commissioning. However, payment of Service Tax, Octroi, entry tax, etc., if applicable, will be made at actuals, on production of suitable evidence of payment by the Supplier.

4.24 Supplier’s Integrity

The Supplier is responsible for and obliged to conduct all contracted activities in accordance with the contract using state-of-the-art methods and economic principles and exercising all means available to achieve the performance specified in the Contract.

4.25 Supplier’s/Service provider’s obligations

The Supplier/Service provider is obliged to work closely with the Bank’s staff, act within its own authority and abide by directives issued by the Bank and implementation activities.

The Supplier/Service provider is responsible for managing the activities of its personnel or sub-contracted personnel and will hold itself responsible for any misdemeanors.

The Supplier/Service provider will treat as confidential all data and information about the Bank, obtained in the execution of his responsibilities, in strict confidence and will not reveal such information to any other party without the prior written approval of the Bank.

4.26 Patent Rights/Intellectual Property Rights

In the event of any claim asserted by a third party of infringement of trademark, trade names, copyright, patent, intellectual property rights or industrial design rights arising from the use of the Products or any part thereof in India, the Supplier shall act expeditiously to extinguish such claim. If the Supplier fails to comply and the Bank is required to pay compensation to a third party resulting from such infringement, the Supplier shall be responsible for the compensation including all expenses, court costs and lawyer fees. The Bank will give notice to the Supplier of such claim, if it is made, without delay.

5. TECHNICAL & FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS (TFS) (To be included in the Technical Bids duly completed and with comments)

The Bank is looking for a cost effective solution for Design, Development, hosting, maintenance of Web Site & Web Casting of BANCON-2010 Conference .

NOTE: After the technical evaluation of the bids, short listed service provider may be called to give presentation of their capabilities at their cost, which will be taken into account for the final short-listing of the vendors.

1. Scope of work

a) Web Site Design, Development , Hosting & Maintenance for a total period of 7 months

i) Design, Development & Maintenance of Website for a total period of 7 months from

the date of launching for BANCON-2010 conference .

ii) The website to be designed & developed for BANCON-2010 events must have the

following modules / features :

Query form (viewers can put their queries and can be responded by Bank). These queries will be routed to one mail id. Social Media Networking for Two Sites i.e twitter & facebook Photo gallery Section ( for uploading of photo / images) General Information about Bank & BANCON


About Bank


About BANCON ( History & Other details)




Speaker’s list & profile

Agenda News Banner / press release Feedback form ( will be routed to one particular mail id) Visitor counter Common utility - Print this page / email this page

The Website should also contain link for Central Bank Official website and Web casting

The server may be either owned by the Supplier/Service provider or of a third party with necessary business relationship for at least one year and having a back-to-back arrangement for maintenance and monitoring.

Hosting organization should have a security policy and should implement the best practices for the websites/ webservers as per CERT-In/ RBI/ Govt Guidelines.

The webserver hosting company should have proper backup policy & Disaster Recovery Centre to ensure 99.90% uptime for the Website. Some of the features of back-up policy may include:

- A proper backup policy should be enforced and ensure regular backup of files.

- Maintain a latest copy of Web site content on a secure host or on media.

- Maintain integrity check of all-important files in the system. This can be done by either generating MD5 hashes of important files or by using software integrity checkers like tripwire.

- The Disaster Recovery Site should be in a state of readiness to take over the website in case of disaster

iii) The Supplier/Service provider should provide all the necessary equipments, system

software and other software for successfully hosting of a secured website.

iv) The Supplier/Service provider should be able to troubleshoot any unforeseen problems with the website at a short notice.

v) The Supplier/Service provider will provide the Bank source code, database, and design documents of the designed website, as softcopy and hardcopy.

As the Website will undergo changes during its operations, the Supplier/Service provider will provide updated documents (along with source code) to the Bank, as and when required by the Bank.

vi) The Supplier/Service provider will rectify/ correct the Vulnerabilities/ shortcomings

found during the operation of the Web Site .

b) Web Casting of BANCON-2010 conference

The service provider is required to conduct the Web casting of BANCON-2010 conference which covers the following responsibilities:

Encode the video in Windows Media Format at single speed for streaming on

Internet PowerPoint Presentation synchronization with Live and Archived Webcast in

HTML format Streaming server for Live Webcast on Internet viewers for streaming in

windows media format Hosting on bidder’s server for 5 month for on demand viewing of the

webcast i.e Archival of Web Casted events & Power Point Presentation Synchronization with archived webcast for a period of 5 months Webcast page designing and development as required

Text based chat module integration with live webcast

For Video Encoding the following Web cast set up is required during BANCON-2010 conference at Conference site :

2 encoders machine with key board, mouse & monitor dual CPU 2 GB RAM Windows XP OS/Windows 7 / Vista/ WIN 2K3 ( Capture card Osprey 230 or above)


6.1 Details to be furnished by bidder

Whether the webserver is hosted with third party, provide details?

If third party then how long is the association with them? (Minimum period: 1 Year)

Hosting organization should have a security policy and must implement the best security practices for the websites/ web servers as per CERT-In guidelines. Provide details:

The web server hosting company should have proper backup policy & Disaster Recovery Centre to ensure 99.90% uptime for the Website. Some of the features of back-up policy that should include:

- A proper backup policy should be enforced and ensure regular backup of files.

- Maintain a latest copy of Web site content on a secure host or on media.

- Maintain integrity check of all-important files in the system.

- The Disaster Recovery Site should be in a state of readiness to take over the website in case of disaster.

6.3 Website


Features (For New Website)

Complied (Y/N)




Web site should be designed/ revamped with latest secured, & efficient



web technologies and design concepts/ features so that web pages load as fast as possible. Please provide details.


The layout of the Home Page should be flexible enough so that links/ icons/ images on the same can be placed in future.


The new website should have all the



sections/ static & dynamic modules as given above in section 5 .


The website should be compatible with all the major web browsers like- IE, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, & Google Chrome.


The website should be designed for all



screen resolutions, like – 800 x 600, 1024


768, 1280 x 1024, and higher.


Good use of graphic elements (such as - photos, images, flash etc) to break up large areas of text.



If required , Service provider will provide some of the images to be used in the website. Bank can also give some images to the vendor.



Navigation buttons and bars should be


easy to understand and use. And Navigation should be consistent & clear throughout web site.


The hierarchy of information should be





few clicks as



A Link/ Icon on every page for visitors to:


- Change the Font Size of the contents

of a webpage. (Not through View Text Size option of IE)

- Print this page.


- E-mail this page.


Edit functions, like- Cut, Copy, Paste,


Paste From Word, Paste as Plain Text, Bold, and Italic etc. Spelling Check Print, Text Color, Background Color Find, & Replace. Numbered List/ Bullets Insert/ Edit/ Remove URL Insert/ Edit/ Remove anchors Insert/ Edit Image, Flash, Line, & Special Symbols.


Vendor will have to undertake updating


of certain contents as and when required by the bank.




The new website should be guarded against all vulnerabilities, some like-

- SQL/ PATH Injection Attack


- Cross-site scripting


- SQL Query in Parameter value


- Database Error Pattern Found

- Unencrypted login requests

- Broken links



- Password type with auto-complete


Web Infrastructure should not have any vulnerabilities, some like-

- TRACE and TRACK HTTP methods

- Insecure HTTP methods/ WebDAV


- PROPFIND method


- Hidden directory detected


Web Casting








BANCON-2010 conference



BID FORM (TECHNICAL BID) (To be included in Technical Bid Envelope)


Tender Reference No.:


Having examined the tender documents including all annexure the receipt of which is hereby duly acknowledged, we, the undersigned, offer to Design, Develop, Hosting , Maintain the Website & conducting the Web Casting of BANCON-2010 Conference in conformity with the said tender documents in accordance with the Schedule of Prices attached in the commercial offer and made part of this tender.

If our tender offer is accepted, we undertake to commence delivery within specified number of days and to complete delivery, installation and commissioning of all the equipment/ software as specified in the Contract within time schedule specified in the RFP document.

If our tender offer is accepted, we will obtain the guarantee of a bank for a sum of 10% of the Contract Price for the due performance of the Contract.

We agree to abide by this tender offer till 180 days from the last date of bid submission and our offer shall remain binding upon us and may be accepted by the Bank any time before the expiration of that period.

Until a formal contract is prepared and executed, this tender offer, together with the Bank’s written acceptance thereof and the Bank’s notification of award, shall constitute a binding contract between us.

We understand that the Bank is not bound to accept the lowest or any offer the Bank may receive.

Dated this

day of



(In the Capacity of:)

Duly authorized to sign the tender offer for and on behalf of


PROPOSAL FORM (PRICE PROPOSAL) (To be included in Price Proposal Envelope)


Your RFP Ref: ……………………………………… dated ……………2010

Having examined the Bidding Documents, the receipt of which is hereby duly acknowledged, we, the undersigned, offer to Design, Develop, Host , Maintain the Website & conduct the Web Casting of BANCON-2010 conference in conformity with

the said Bidding documents for the sum of

words and figures) or such other sums as may be ascertained in accordance with the

Schedule of Prices attached herewith and made part of this Proposal.

(Total Proposal amount in

We undertake, if our Proposal is accepted, to deliver, install and commission the system, in accordance with the implementation schedule specified in the Schedule of Requirements.

We agree to abide by the Proposal and the rates quoted therein for the orders awarded by the Bank.

Until a formal contract is prepared and executed, this Proposal, together with your written acceptance thereof and your notification of award, shall constitute a binding Contract between us.

We undertake that, in competing for (and, if the award is made to us, in executing) the above contract, we will strictly observe the laws against fraud and corruption in force in India namely “Prevention of Corruption Act 1988”.

We understand that Bank is not bound to accept the lowest or any Proposal you may receive.

Dated this


day of



(In the capacity of)













Price Schedule

Since the hardware/software may differ from vendor to vendor, which may be application specific, all the items required for the successful implementation of the project should be mentioned by the vendor and the price are to be quoted. AN ILLUSTRATIVE LIST IS GIVEN BELOW:


Commercials against each item (INR)





* Cost



per unit

in INR


Design, Development, Hosting & maintenance of web site for a total period of 7 months





Live Webcast on internet in windows media format at single speed (including streaming server support, webcast page designing) AND Archival of video for 5 months




PowerPoint Presentation Synchronization with Live and archived webcast




** Providing 3 camera at BANCON site for Web Casting



Text based chat interactivity during live webcast




Total cost (1+2+3+4+5)


* Cost per unit means Cost Per Day ** Please note that Cost of camera included in Price will be removed later from the cost component, if cameras are provided by the Event Management Company

Cost quoted should be inclusive of all taxes except Service Tax , Octroi which will be reimbursed extra as per the actuals.



Signature of Bidder Address

FORMAT D Manufacturer’s Authorization Form (MAF)



Dear Sir,

Tender Reference No

We reputable manufactures of


(Name and address of Agent/Dealer) to offer their quotation, negotiate and conclude the contract with you against the above invitation for tender offer.

are established and

having factories do hereby authorize M/s



We hereby extend our full guarantee and warranty as per terms and conditions of the tender and the contract for the equipment and services offered against this invitation for tender offer by the above firm.

For and on behalf of M/s

Yours faithfully,


(Name of manufactures)


be signed by a competent person of the manufacturer.

This letter of authority should be on the letterhead of the manufacturer and should



Details to be provided by bidder for suitable solution for successful delivery of the website & Web Casting of BANCON-2010 conference as mentioned in the scope of work:


Technical specifications for Live Webcast








(add more rows if required)



Details on Manpower utilized for the project




Roles &


Min. Exp.





in field











(add more rows if required)




Details of the bidding company






Name of The Organisation / Firm/ Companies (Mention complete address)



Name of The Contact Person along with mail & contact numbers



Type of Constitution – Ltd./ Pvt. Ltd/ Partnership etc



Date Of Incorporation & year when bidder started the business of Web Site designing, development, Hosting & Web Casting



Turn Over for the Last two years ( In Lacs) :




(please submit audited balance sheet for two years)


Profit for the last two years ( In Lacs) :





Mention the number of Web Sites designed & developed along with their name


Name & address of organisation where Web Site will be hosted


Mention the Events which were Web Casted by the bidder, Also Mention BANCON events, if web casted


Average number of webcasts conducted in a year (provide list of clients and webcast conducted)


Core activity/services provided by bidding company (please provide company profile detailing all services provided)


Total number of personnel dedicated for Webcast services, Web Site development & maintenance


Premier clients using webcast services (for reference with contact details)


Name of Websites developed



Signature of Bidder:


Business address:




-----------------, -----------------, -----------------. In consideration of M/s Central Bank of India having Registered Office at Chandermukhi Building, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 (hereinafter referred to as “Purchaser”) having agreed to purchase Web Site & Web Casting Solution (hereinafter referred to as “Goods”) from M/s ----------------------------- (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”) on the terms and conditions contained in their agreement/purchase order No------- dt. --------- --- (hereinafter referred to as the “Contract”) subject to the contractor furnishing a Bank Guarantee to the purchaser as to the due performance of the Web Site & Live Web Casting , as per the terms and conditions of the said contract, to be supplied by the contractor and also guaranteeing the maintenance, by the contractor, of the Web Site & Web Casting and systems as per the terms and conditions of the said contract;

1) We, --------------------------- (Bank) (hereinafter called “the Bank”), in consideration of the premises and at the request of the contractor, do hereby guarantee and undertake to pay to the purchaser, forthwith on mere demand and without any demur, at any time upto --------------------- any money or moneys not exceeding a total sum of Rs---------(Rupees-- ---------only) as may be claimed by the purchaser to be due from the contractor by way of loss or damage caused to or would be caused to or suffered by the purchaser by reason of failure of computer hardware to perform as per the said contract, and also failure of the contractor to maintain the computer hardware and systems as per the terms and conditions of the said contract.

2) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the decision of the purchaser as to whether Web Site has failed to perform as per the said contract, and also as to whether the contractor has failed to maintain the Web Site & conduct the Live Web Cast of BANCON conference as per the terms and conditions of the said contract will be final and binding on the Bank and the Bank shall not be entitled to ask the purchaser to establish its claim or claims under this Guarantee but shall pay the same to the purchaser forthwith on mere demand without any demur, reservation, recourse, contest or protest and/or without any reference to the contractor. Any such demand made by the purchaser on the Bank shall be conclusive and binding notwithstanding any difference between the purchaser and the contractor or any dispute pending before any Court, Tribunal, Arbitrator or any other authority.

3) This Guarantee shall expire on -----------------; without prejudice to the purchaser’s claim or claims demanded from or otherwise notified to the Bank in writing on or before the said date i.e. --------- (this date should be date of expiry of Guarantee).

4) The Bank further undertakes not to revoke this Guarantee during its currency except with the previous consent of the purchaser in writing and this Guarantee shall continue to

be enforceable till the aforesaid date of expiry or the last date of the extended period of expiry of Guarantee agreed upon by all the parties to this Guarantee, as the case may be, unless during the currency of this Guarantee all the dues of the purchaser under or by virtue of the said contract have been duly paid and its claims satisfied or discharged or the purchaser certifies that the terms and conditions of the said contract have been fully carried out by the contractor and accordingly discharges the Guarantee.

5) In order to give full effect to the Guarantee herein contained you shall be entitled to act as if we are your principal debtors in respect of all your claims against the contractor hereby Guaranteed by us as aforesaid and we hereby expressly waive all our rights of suretyship and other rights if any which are in any way inconsistent with the above or any other provisions of this Guarantee.

6) The Bank agrees with the purchaser that the purchaser shall have the fullest liberty without affecting in any manner the Bank’s obligations under this Guarantee to extend the time of performance by the contractor from time to time or to postpone for any time or from time to time any of the rights or powers exercisable by the purchaser against the contractor and either to enforce or forbear to enforce any of the terms and conditions of the said contract, and the Bank shall not be released from its liability for the reasons of any such extensions being granted to the contractor for any forbearance, act or omission on the part of the purchaser or any other indulgence shown by the purchaser or by any other matter or thing whatsoever which under the law relating to sureties would, but for this provision have the effect of so relieving the Bank.

7) The Guarantee shall not be affected by any change in the constitution of the contractor or the Bank nor shall it be affected by any change in the constitution of the purchaser by any amalgamation or absorption or with the contractor, Bank or the purchaser, but will ensure for and be available to and enforceable by the absorbing or amalgamated company or concern.

8) This guarantee and the powers and provisions herein contained are in addition to and not by way of limitation or in substitution of any other guarantee or guarantees heretofore issued by us (whether singly or jointly with other banks) on behalf of the contractor heretofore mentioned for the same contract referred to heretofore and also for the same purpose for which this guarantee is issued, and now existing uncancelled and we further mention that this guarantee is not intended to and shall not revoke or limit such guarantee or guarantees heretofore issued by us on behalf of the contractor heretofore mentioned for the same contract referred to heretofore and for the same purpose for which this guarantee is issued.

9) Any notice by way of demand or otherwise under this guarantee may be sent by special courier, telex, fax or registered post to our local address as mentioned in this guarantee.

10) Notwithstanding anything contained herein:-


Our liability under this Bank Guarantee shall not exceed Rs--------(Rupees------- --only);

ii) This Bank Guarantee shall be valid upto ----------------------; and

iii) We are liable to pay the Guaranteed amount or any part thereof under this Bank Guarantee only and only if you serve upon us a written claim or demand on or before -----------------(date of expiry of Guarantee).

11) The Bank has power to issue this Guarantee under the statute/constitution and the undersigned has full power to sign this Guarantee on behalf of the Bank.

Date this -------------------- day of ------------------ 2010 at ----------

For and on behalf of -------------------------- Bank.





Bid Security Amount:

Rs. 40,000/-



Bid Validity Up to:

180 days from the last date stipulated for receipt of responses to the Bid.



Period within which Performance Security or Amendment thereto is to be submitted by the Successful Bidder upon notification of Award of Contract. (In Bank’s Format)





Period within which the Successful Bidder should Sign the Contract (SLA) after receipt of the Form of Contract.





Performance Security Amount:

10% of Amount of contract



Minimum Warranty / maintenance period


For New Website: 7 months from acceptance of new website after its launching.



Period within which Supplier to remedy defects After having been notified of the same

7 days



Required period of validity of the Performance Security

12 months (starting from the date of Commissioning of website.



Period within which Bank will return the Performance Security







subject to terms mentioned in clause




Payment for Format – C (Price Schedule) will be made as follows:







Design, Development & Maintenance for 7 Months


40% of Web Site amount – After preparation/ finalization of design/ Layout/ Modules of new website & testing of new website on vendor’s test server.

50% of

Web Site amount as per

contract – After Successful

launching of new



acceptance of the same by the Bank.


10% of Web Site Amount – After completion of 7 months from the date


of successful launching of Website.

b) Payment



Live Web






Web Casting Payments :

100% at the conclusion of BANCON conference


Acceptance Tests

Bank will test the new website for its functionalities/ features/ module and vendor has to make necessary modification (in design & coding) in the modules before launching.


Delivery Schedule


& Development of

Website : - Within 1 months after

contents are given by the Bank.