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JANUARY 26, 2018

Supplement to The Jewish Standard • February 2018

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Page 3
Israeli moon mission still on
● The contest may be over, but the Is- moon and beyond.”
raeli team isn’t quitting the race. And SpaceIL, the nonprofit Israeli
This week, Google announced that organization that launched with its eye
its X Prize contest for flying a space- on X Prize, will continue its pursuit.
ship to the moon and sending back In a press release this week, SpaceIL
selfies has ended. confirmed that it still is moving for-
There were no winners. ward with plans to land on the moon
The contest was announced in 2007. this year. In an interview last year,
The deadline was 2014. Then it was Eran Privman, the chief executive of
extended to March 31, 2018. But with SpaceIL, told Space News that even Nathan Goshen
none of the five remaining teams of if didn’t win the $20 million prize, the
rocket scientists booked for a launch, mission would continue.
Google announced this week that “At the end of the day, our main
there would no more extensions, and target is not only the competition, but
therefore no winner. putting a spacecraft on the moon,”
“If every X Prize competition we he said. “If we feel we are not ma-
launch has a winner, we are not being ture enough to meet the deadline, we
audacious enough, and we will con- would be in favor of doing a proper
tinue to launch competitions that are mission rather than stick to the date of
literal or figurative moonshots, pushing the competition.”
the boundaries of what’s possible,” the Three other teams still competing
leaders of Google’s X Prize Foundation for the prize were from India, Japan,
said in a statement. and the United States; the fourth was a
“Though the prize is coming to an global consortium.
end, we continue to hold a deep ad- To date, only three countries have
miration for all Google Lunar X Prize landed vehicles on the moon: the for-
teams, and we will be rooting for them mer Soviet Union, the United States,
as they continue their pursuit of the and China. LARRY YUDELSON

Israeli firm seeks to boost aging satellites Candlelighting:

Friday, Jan. 26, 4:48 p.m.
● Your communications satellite is Keeping satellites already in orbit Shabbat ends:
old. It’s running out of fuel. Its orbit happy and humming is turning into a Saturday, Jan. 27, 5:50 p.m.
will decay and it soon will crash to competitive space, so to speak. Space
earth, burning up hundreds of mil- Logistics, a subsidiary of Orbital
lions of dollars of otherwise sound ATK in the United States, expects to
hardware. launch its first life-extension space- CONTENTS
Who are you going to call? craft this year. Space Drone would be
NOSHES ...............................................................4
Effective Space, a new Israeli start- smaller and cheaper than the Space BRIEFLY LOCAL ..............................................14
up, hopes you’ll call it. Headquar- Logistics model. ROCKLAND ...................................................... 18
tered in London, with its research As the space around the earth be- COVER STORY ................................................ 22
and design center in Tel Aviv, Effective altitude-control capabilities. comes more and more cluttered with JEWISH WORLD ............................................ 27
Space just signed a $100 million con- Space Drone will use its own elec- satellites, including very small nano- OPINION ........................................................... 38
tract with a major satellite operator tric propulsion to maneuver into posi- satellites, making better use of exist- THE FRAZZLED HOUSEWIFE ................... 47
to launch two of its so-called Space tion with the target satellite, then take ing assets may help minimize the very CROSSWORD PUZZLE ................................ 47
Drones by 2020. over maneuvering the satellite itself — real potential for collisions with an ARTS & CULTURE ..........................................48
The 400-kilogram Space Drone is either for the long term or for shorter estimated 170 million pieces of space CALENDAR ......................................................50
designed to dock with an existing sat- activities (such as moving an aging debris floating in the earth’s upper OBITUARIES .................................................... 53
ellite and provide station-keeping and satellite into a “graveyard orbit”). atmosphere. BRIAN BLUM/ISRAEL21C.ORG CLASSIFIEDS ..................................................54
REAL ESTATE.................................................. 57

ON THE COVER: From left,

Diet slimming down Sherman the overweight Israeli hedgehog Abraham Sutzkever, Israel Zeligman,
and Gershon Abramovitsh stand
by a wagon of materials and
● Sherman the overweight cat food that warmhearted Israe- objects they recovered after Vilna’s
hedgehog, who was put on a lis leave on the streets for strays, liberation from the Germans in
diet at a zoo in Israel, has lost that they had problems curling July 1944. YIVO INSTITUTE
about one-tenth of his body themselves into balls to defend
weight. themselves against predators.
Sherman weighed 3.5 pounds, All the hedgehogs were put on
PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT: (USPS 275-700 ISN 0021-6747) is pub-
double the average weight of food and exercise regimens. The lished weekly on Fridays with an additional edition every October,
a normal hedgehog, when he plan is to get them trim enough by the New Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road,
Teaneck, NJ 07666. Periodicals postage paid at Hackensack, NJ and
was taken in by the Ramat Gan to be released by the summer. additional offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to New
Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666.
Safari outside of Tel Aviv in No- The hedgehogs were fed cat Subscription price is $30.00 per year. Out-of-state subscriptions are
vember. The Safari announced food, but in smaller portions, and $45.00, Foreign countries subscriptions are $75.00.
The appearance of an advertisement in The Jewish Standard does
this week that Sherman has lost it was supplemented with fruits not constitute a kashrut endorsement. The publishing of a paid
0.33 pounds. and vegetables, the Jerusalem political advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of any
candidate political party or political position by the newspaper or
Sherman is one of 10 hedge- Post reported. And the food any employees.
hogs that were found waddling was placed far from the animals, The Jewish Standard assumes no responsibility to return unsolic-
ited editorial or graphic materials. All rights in letters and unsolic-
through the streets in Israel. forcing them to have to walk for ited editorial, and graphic material will be treated as uncondition-
ally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and subject
They had eaten so much, mostly their dinners. JTA WIRE SERVICE
to JEWISH STANDARD’s unrestricted right to edit and to comment
editorially. Nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without
written permission from the publisher. © 2017


“For the duration of that performance,
adult life didn’t just seem possible;
it seemed like it might actually be fun.”
– Rachel Shukert, in Tablet, writing about how Neil Diamond showed up
unexpectedly in 2002 at her NYU graduation, which had been a grim
affair, overshadowed by the still-raw 9/11 attacks, until he brought them
surprising joy. Mr. Diamond, who has Parkinson’s, has just announced
that he no longer will tour.
The Hasty Pudding
is slow to change
Harvard’s Hasty characters in club shows. anne” ended in 1997
Pudding Theatri- Harvard admitted have flopped. She has
cals club was set women in 1977, when it swung erratically from
to honor PAUL RUDD, merged with Radcliffe, one very vocal political
48, and MILA KUNIS, 34, but men still are play- viewpoint to another
as its respective man ing all the women’s parts (like running as the
and woman of the year in club shows. Pressure presidential candidate
on January 25. The is building fast to let of the leftwing Peace
country’s oldest theater women play women. A and Freedom party
organization — it was star role in a Hasty pro- in 2012 and voting for
founded in 1844 — gives duction can open profes- Trump in 2016).
the award annually to sional doors. Activists Barr recently said the
“performers who have are trying to get Kunis, Roseanne character will
made lasting and among others, to speak Paul Rudd Mila Kunis David Draiman be a Trump supporter
impressive contributions out about this. in the new series. Many
to the world of enter- As I wrote my have said it’s absurd that
tainment.” The honorees Grammys article a feminist character like
are treated to a fun- in this issue (page Roseanne — a supporter
filled parade before they 48), I watched a number of gay rights — would
are presented with the of YouTube perfor- be a Trump supporter.
“Pudding Pot” in Farkas mance videos. Here’s I don’t think the show’s
Hall, the Hastys’ historic four you really should target audience will like
home in Harvard Square. see, and that are easy to this depiction, which
The woman of the find by googling. A Barr is responsible for. I
year award began in video of the band suspect another Barr TV
1951 and the man of the “Disturbed” singing “The failure is looming.
year award began in Sound of Silence” was Most of you know that
1967. Kunis and Rudd released late in 2016. It’s Gilbert has not faded
are the second Jew- sung by “Disturbed” Roseanne Barr Michael Fishman Sara Gilbert into the character actor
ish duo to win in the front man DAVID Twilight Zone. She had
same year. In 1978, the DRAIMAN, 44. The performance in the ally hear “Somewhere” WEISS (1921-2010). a juicy recurring role on
late opera singer BEV- song, written by PAUL official video. Both anew, almost like you’re An eight-episode “The Big Bang Theory”
ERLY SILLS and actor SIMON in 1963-64, has interpretations have hearing it for the first revival of the hit as Professor Leslie Win-
RICHARD DREYFUSS, found a new audience their strong points. time. I found it appropri- show “Roseanne” kle, the sometime lover
now 70, won. As of via the “Disturbed” Israel “IZ” ate a guy named “Israel” will premiere on ABC on of main character Leon-
2018, 13 Jewish men and video and the video has Kamakawiwo‘ole was a is singing a song penned March 27. The entire ard Hofstader (played
10 Jewish women have racked up an astonish- native Hawaiian singer by two Jews. E.Y. “Yip” original main cast will by Johnny Galecki, who
won the award. ing 325 million views to who died in 1997 at 38. HARBURG (1896-1981) return: ROSEANNE played her boyfriend on
The Hasty Pudding date. A video of A video of him singing wrote the lyrics and BARR, 65; John Good- the original “Roseanne”).
club, which is private, Draiman singing “Si- “Somewhere over the HAROLD ARLEN (1905- man, Laurie Metcalf, Even better: Gilbert is the
does admit women. lence” on Conan Rainbow” was released 86) wrote the music. MICHAEL FISHMAN, 36 creator and main pro-
However, to date, no O’Brien’s show has got in 2010 and gradually It’s also easy to find a (as Roseanne’s son), and ducer of “The Talk,” a hit
woman has been cast in another 75 million views became known. To date, medley that seamlessly SARA GILBERT, 42 (as ABC daytime talk show.
a Hasty Pudding show. (also on YouTube). 350 million people have weaves “Somewhere” Roseanne’s young- She also co-hosts “The
Harvard was an all-male Draiman really has a seen the video. Israel’s with Israel K’s version er daughter). Talk.” So you will not be
college when the club great, dramatic voice, sweet high voice and so- of “What a Wonder- Every series and other shocked when I tell you
began, so — understand- and this take on the prano ukulele somehow ful World” on YouTube. project (including reality that Gilbert is a main
ably — men dressed as song on O’Brien is a lot are perfectly matched “World” was co-written and talk shows) Ms. Barr producer of the “Rose-
women played female more laid-back than his with this song. You re- by GEORGE DAVID has done since “Rose- anne” revival. –N.B.

California-based Nate Bloom can be reached at

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Last year, the #WeRemember campaign
reached 250+ million people around the world.
It was the largest Holocaust remembrance event in history.
Yet, we still have more to do.

In 2017, anti-Semitism grew to record levels…

Holocaust denial is relentless,
and unfortunately, the Survivors among
us are dwindling.

Join JFCS of Northern New Jersey in honoring

International Holocaust Remembrance Day
January 27, 2018.

Post your own photo on social media with the

hashtag #WeRemember.

For our ancestors, and all

subsequent generations –
let us never forget.

Teaneck • Wayne • Fair Lawn

201-837-9090 •


‘We were strangers ourselves’
Two Teaneck shuls find different approaches to help welcome refugees

ver the last several years,
members of Temple Emeth in
Teaneck have grown increas-
ingly concerned about the plight
of refugees.
“I think the issue of refugees came to the
world’s attention around 2013, as we became
aware of the refugee crisis that was generated
by the Syrian civil war,” Steven Sirbu, the con-
gregation’s rabbi, said. “Some children were
losing their lives in perilous Mediterranean
crossings, and countless more were losing
their childhoods in refugee camps. It was the
largest displacement of people since World
War II, and there was something about this
crisis that resonated with me and with others
in my congregation.”
Community events focused on immigra-
tion stirred the synagogue community as
well. And they noticed that the name HIAS
appeared over and over again.
“The 2015-16 selection for JFNNJ’s One
Book, One Community program was ‘A Back-
pack, A Bear, and Eight Crates of Vodka: A
Memoir,’ by Lev Golinkin,” Rabbi Sirbu said.
“The author tells his experience leaving the
Soviet Union as a young boy with his family From left, Karen Misler, Joy Sapin, Lee Paskind, Lainie Rosen, Paul Resnick, and Bernie Rous are among the members of
in 1989. HIAS plays a crucial role in their jour- Beth Sholom’s Tzedek Tirdof committee.
ney to the United States.”
“When Temple Emeth held its event about And then last February, members of a neighboring synagogue, Con-
the book, Mark Hetfield, the president and Temple Emeth members gregation Beth Sholom. “While Reform and
CEO of HIAS, was our guest speaker. He Laura and Daniel Kirsch Conservative Jews have disagreements on
began by asking for a show of hands as to arranged for a bus to bring prayer and the role of Jewish law, on the issue
how many people’s families were assisted congregants to lower Man- of refugees, we found common cause,” Rabbi
by HIAS. About half the room raised their hattan for an immigration Sirbu said.
hands.” rally. Both congregations have found ways to
One reason HIAS’s work resonates with so “Temple Emeth has long address the issue of immigration. While
many Jews, “even though we disagree about been in the forefront of the Temple Emeth has joined the HIAS Welcome
so much, is that the refugee experience is so social justice movement, Campaign — on January 26, the congrega-
fundamental to Jewish identity,” Rabbi Sirbu dating back to the civil rights tion will host Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer,
said. “Abraham and Sarah are wanderers. movement of the 1960s,” HIAS’ director of education, who will speak
Jacob has to leave his home under the threat Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer Rabbi Stephen Sirbu Mr. Kirsch said. “Many of on Welcoming Refugees: Learning from the
of violence. The Israelites need to escape our members have personal Past, Rising to the Moment — Beth Sholom
Egypt in such haste that their bread does not community to help the vulnerable and to ties to HIAS through their own histories, or has taken another approach and is helping a
have time to rise. And of course the Holo- share our blessings of freedom.” those of family members, and many more specific refugee family.
caust shapes this perception too. Whether Current events have focused the congre- know that they would not be here today if Describing HIAS, founded as the Hebrew
it was the preventable tragedy of the [steam- gation on the immigration issue even more the United States had not admitted refugees Immigrant Aid Society, as a global Jewish
ship] St. Louis or the slanders against Jewish directly. in the past.” organization for refugee resettlement and
refugees who were accused of being danger- “The 2016 election cycle featured the Temple Emeth has signed up as a HIAS wel- advocacy, Rabbi Meyer said the group is
ous anarchists, it is instinctive to the Jewish unabashed scapegoating of refugees,” Rabbi coming congregation. It joins more than 380 “growing a huge constituency of American
Sirbu said. “I could tell that many of our synagogues around the country that have Jews taking action for refugees.” Her talk at
Who: Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer members were distressed that the United pledged to take at least one action to support Temple Emeth is the synagogue’s first such
What: Will talk about “Welcoming States might shut its doors — doors through refugees. “It’s a way to stand together with action since signing on to become a welcom-
Refugees: Learning from the Past, which our ancestors passed in the last cen- other Jewish institutions against the hateful ing congregation.
Rising to the Moment” tury — to refugees, abandoning one of its rhetoric and attacks against immigrants gen- Is this our grandparents’ HIAS? Yes, Rabbi
When: On January 26 at 8 p.m. central humanitarian programs. I responded erally and refugees in particular, and makes Meyer said. “The work we do today grew out
by choosing HIAS to be the beneficiary of an affirmative statement in support of wel- of the 137-year work we have done bringing
Where: At Temple Emeth, 1666
our Yom Kippur appeal in 2016. One of our coming refugees to the United States,” Mr. Jewish refugees to this country and helping
Windsor Road, Teaneck
members, a Holocaust survivor named Peter Kirsch said. them here. In many ways, the services we
For more information: Go to www.
Adler, spoke about his experience with HIAS To illustrate the importance of unity, are now providing are same ones provided
as his family arrived here.” the synagogue opened up the rally bus to SEE REFUGEES PAGE 8


“Always fresh picked,
from our family to yours.”
Yosef, Seasons Baltimore

Not just convenience, quality.
Easy online shopping and quick home delivery
so you can spend more time with family



Refugees are people escaping violence; peo-

Refugees ple who are persecuted simply for being who

Strange new world

they are. And “we have to put some myths
to our grandparents: job assistance, housing, to bed,” Rabbi Meyer said “This is a safe pro-
to form their mouths into new shapes
vocational training, ESL. Maybe the immi- gram.” No one HIAS has resettled has been LOIS GOLDRICH and say words that may sound terribly
grants are from different faiths and places, part of any terrorist act. strange to them. “My dress is purple.”
but it’s very much the same work.” Even In order to help, people can become vol- Rabbi Lee Paskind, speaking about his “It is not snowing outside.” But when
more important, she added, “It’s rooted in unteers either with HIAS or with one of the synagogue’s commitment to help refu- they go out of their apartment and hear
gees, notes that watching young chil- “real” idiomatic English, spoken quickly,
the same values.” other resettlement programs, such as the
dren adapt so easily to a new culture will they understand? Eventually, they
Most of those immigrants coming today International Rescue Committee. Immigrants is both heartening and enjoyable. As a will. But not now. Not yet.
are not Jewish, simply because there is only a may feel unwelcome in this country. Helping member of the CBS Refugee Support As head of his family, the father must
small number of Jews around the world who them integrate would be a big help. Committee, I enthusiastically agree. adjust to many things as well: not being
are trying to come as refugees. “For the first “One note of comfort has been the robust But my joy is tempered somewhat the family breadwinner, having to rely
time in history, Rabbi Meyer said, “the Jews constituency of American Jews raising their when I see the older members of the on others for help, not being allowed to
family struggling to adjust to their new drive until he passes a test in another
aren’t predominantly refugees.” HIAS’ work voices,” Rabbi Meyer said. Jews may not have
reality: different climate (What is snow, language — all the while feeling respon-
is international. “We help refugees in the first been involved in this issue until now, with the and what do we wear on our feet when sible for the well-being of his family and
country they flee to,” she said. “We do local possible exception of speaking out for Soviet it is snowing?), strange language, new knowing that he has so much to offer
integration work so they can live in safety and Jewry, she added. “They’re stepping forward customs, new everything. And yet, that his new country.
dignity. in amazing ways.” That includes participa- is precisely what our grandparents and As frequent visitors to their home,
“It is a devastating moment now for refu- tion in interfaith coalitions, organizing letter- great-grandparents experienced when we CBS members are doing our best
they came here from eastern Europe, to help “our” family meet these chal-
gees,” she continued; at the end of the last writing campaigns targeted to members of
knowing they would not — could not — lenges and, I hope, doing it well. But
fiscal year, the number of refugees allowed Congress, attending rallies, and working with return to their homes. I can’t help thinking that something
into the county was lowered to a figure not local resettlement agencies to adopt families I remember a book, “Call it Sleep,” is missing. When we read about our
seen since 1980. And, she added, “Because and provide support. detailing the plight of families where grandparents, we read about crowded
of the temporary ban on refugees from 11 “Unlike the other commandments, we parents spoke only Yiddish and young tenements, teeming with people in the
countries, they may not even reach that cap. are given a reason to love and protect the women worked in sweatshops, subject same situation. For reasons of comfort
to the abuse of the owners. For the first and sanitation, that was not necessarily
The nations included in the 11-country ban stranger,” Rabbi Meyer said. “That is because
time, picturing the wonderful young good. But it did create community. And
account for more than half of the refugees we were strangers ourselves. We don’t under- women I now visit weekly, I can start even if the existing western European
resettled last year in the U.S. That’s part of stand the exact situation but we understand to understand the plight of my own — Jewish community did not necessarily
why we’re so far behind where we should the vulnerability. We have a special responsi- your own — family, coming here with embrace their eastern European broth-
be. It’s a real betrayal of American values. We bility to stand in solidarity with others who only a dream and hopes for a better fu- ers and sisters as equals, they neverthe-
were founded by immigrants and refugees. are vulnerable.” ture. They may sorely miss the families less provided some resources.
they left behind, even worry for their Now? With fewer refugees being
And it’s a betrayal of Jewish values.” Temple Beth Sholom, also in Teaneck,
safety, but they have done what they permitted into the country, and new
Even more devastating, she said, “There’s has taken a different approach to the issue had to do. immigrants often feeling more iso-
never been as much need, factually speak- of refugees, Rabbi Lee Paskind said. He and And once they were here, our lated than our own grandparents did,
ing, with the worse refugee crisis in recorded Rabbi Julia Andelman are co-chairs of the families also did what they had to do, that peer support is harder to find.
history. To see us dial back is tragic and sets shul’s Tzedek Tirdof committee. Members whether sharpening knives, selling dry Some fellow volunteers witnessed a
a bad example. The U.S. has always been a of the committee are working with the Inter- goods from a pushcart, or doing piece- joyful scene in a clinic when members
work in a dimly lit kitchen for pennies. of “our” family stumbled upon a family
global leader in resettlement. We need to be national Rescue Committee to help provide
They did it for their families — and to- from their own country. Joy, fellow-
a global leader.” assistance to a refugee family now living in day, many of those families are thriving. ship, laughter — something we had
The first thing the Jewish community can central New Jersey. Now teaching a mother and her el- not yet seen.
do to address this issue is “advocacy, advo- Like members of Temple Emeth, “I think dest daughter to speak English, when I hope that we will once again be-
cacy, advocacy,” Rabbi Meyer said. “We’re initially many of us were deeply moved by the they were not even literate in their come a welcoming nation and that this
really in an unprecedented moment. The pictures several years ago showing refugees native language — the girls were not family, and others, will get the support,
permitted to go to school, for safety fellowship, and warm embrace that will
policies we set now will have repercussions from the Syrian civil war washing up on the
reasons — I delight in their willingness so enhance their lives.
for decades. We must continue to raise our beaches of Lesvos in Greece and other loca-
voices” to ensure that the government admits tions,” Rabbi Paskind said. Like Rabbi Sirbu
at least the 45,000 refugees it has agreed to and Mr. Kirsch, he said that “for many of us,
take in. Whether the action is taken individu- the identification runs very deep. So many of surprising in their work with the refugee different than ours — and without a great
ally or collectively, “it’s so important to be us were refugees, or our parents or grandpar- family — which includes providing material deal of common language — is quite a chal-
vocal about refugee resettlement.” In addi- ents were. assistance, transportation, and help navigat- lenge. And yet at the same time, some of
tion, synagogues should “make themselves “Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, formerly vice ing the administrative and medical hurdles the universal facts of life — the curiosity of
visible as a congregation who does this, per- president of HIAS, put it like this: ‘A cen- faced by all new families, as well as teach- the children, their ability to play, to adapt
haps hanging a ‘refugees welcome’ banner. tury ago, we — HIAS — saved them because ing English to family members who may not to very different life circumstances — these
We were refugees too.” they were Jews. Today, we save them have been able to write in their native lan- give me hope for them.
There is also a great need for education so because we are Jews.” guage — Rabbi Paskind said, “What hasn’t “And they are a pleasure for all of us to
members of the community can be informed When he was asked if the commit- been surprising? Meeting a family from get to know.”
about what’s going on, she continued. tee members had encountered anything another culture, with expectations very SEE REFUGEES PAGE 56

Are drugs or alcohol causing a problem in your life? In your relationships?

Join us on the road to recovery. Come for support, strength and hope.
Anonymity is respected.
JACS Support Group meets the first Wednesday of every month 7:30pm - 8:30pm
1485 Teaneck Road, Teaneck
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Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018 9

A Lion of Judah goes to England

Dana Post Adler of Tenafly helps inaugurate women’s philanthropy in London
ABIGAIL KLEIN LEICHMAN friends with several Jewish women in Eng-

land — including Ms. Burkeman — through
ana Post Adler of Tenafly was her involvement in Young Presidents Orga-
sitting on a train to Washington, nization, a global network of young chief
D.C., when she got a call from executives.
Lesley Burkeman, an old friend “These women became like my sisters,”
in London. “Dana, have you heard of the Ms. Adler said. “They had a huge impact
Lions of Judah?” Ms. Burkeman asked. on me as a young woman and as a Jew liv-
Ms. Adler smiled as she touched the Lions ing in Britain. They really embraced my hus-
of Judah pin on her chest. band and me and our son and included us in
Indeed, not only had she heard about the their Jewish lifecycle events. In my view, they
global Jewish philanthropic organization, never took their Judaism for granted; they
but she already was one of the 17,500 women always insisted on Friday night dinners with
around the world who are proud Lions of family even if they were not religious.”
Judah. They earn that status by donating at In 2002 the family returned to New Jersey,
least $5,000 to their local Jewish federation and Ms. Adler was invited to become a Lion
every year, funds that go toward charitable of Judah. At the dinner in London, she talked
projects at home, in Israel, and in Jewish about her experiences over the past 16 years,
communities abroad. including the opportunity to accompany 71
So when Ms. Burkeman told Ms. Adler Ethiopian Jews on their journey to a new life
that she was involved in the United Jewish Caroline, Dana, and Eliana Adler celebrate the birth of the Lions of Judah UK at in Israel.
Israel Appeal’s revival of the Lions of Judah its inaugural dinner in London. MARC MORRIS PHOTOGRAPHY “Being a Lion of Judah has taken me on
UK chapter, which had been dormant for both a physical and philanthropic journey
a decade, Ms. Adler decided to fly to Lon- really taking the future into our own hands,” Ms. Adler, her husband, Jim, and their son, that has enriched my life in so many ways,”
don with her two teenage daughters for the Ms. Adler said. “Lions of Judah is about Harrison, went to live in London in 1998. she said. “I have been to the exotic reaches
group’s inaugural dinner, which was held women empowering themselves by making They stayed there for 4 1/2 years, during of eastern Africa, met with the Jewish com-
over the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. a gift in their own name to strengthen Jew- which time their daughter Caroline was born; munities of Berlin, Argentina, and Chile,
“I wanted to set an example for my girls ish continuity and inspiring others to do the Eliana was born once the family came back and have made personal relationships in
about spreading the strength of women and same.” to the United States. Ms. Adler became close Israel and at home. I consider myself so

Joe Taub would have loved it

The Kaplen JCC honors his memory with its Sports Night of Champions
JOANNE PALMER in a neighborhood that was very ethnically scholarship and sports,” Mr. Tesser said.

mixed,” said Scott Tesser of Englewood. Mr. “If you had a certain level of scholarship
hat does a glittering eve- Tesser is married to Joseph and Arlene Taub’s — your grades had to be up to a certain
ning with leaders of the daughter Michelle; Scott and Michelle Tesser level — and you were involved in sports,
Kaplen JCC on the Pali- are sponsoring the evening. he’d help. He funded programs that got
sades in Tenafly, the Sports “There was a Jewish community and kids off the streets. And as they moved
Night of Champions — which will feature as there was a black community; my father-in- up through the ranks, those who excelled
its speakers the football legend Phil Simms law grew up next to Larry Doby,” Mr. Tesser ended up with scholarships to private
and his son Chris — have to do with inner- said. Mr. Dobie was the first African-Amer- high schools or colleges. As they contin-
city Paterson? ican to play in the American League — he ued to excel, he wanted to get them out
Phil Simms, of course, retired from his played for the Cleveland Indians — and the of the community.
15-year career playing for the New York two men stayed close throughout their lives.
Giants to become a football analyst on CBS Together, they started the Taub-Doby Bas- What: The Kaplen JCC on the
and a contributor — talking about football, ketball League, among many other philan- Palisades’ first annual Sports Night
natch — to Showtime. Chris Simms was an thropic endeavors. of Champions
NFL quarterback for 8 years, playing for “I know it’s a cliché, but my father-in-law When: On Tuesday, February 13,
three teams, and now is a co-host on NBC, never forgot his roots,” Mr. Tesser said. “He at 6 p.m.
where he talks about — what else? — football. always remembered when he had nothing, Where: At the Kaplen JCC on the
On Tuesday, February 13, the two Joseph Taub and he just wanted to help people in Pat- Palisades, 411 East Clinton Ave. in
Simmses will be part of a full evening that erson. Obviously, the community changed Tenafly
includes a strolling dinner, an auction, hon- co-owner of the New Jersey Nets, grew up dramatically over the years, but he never How much: Until January 31, it costs
ors, and scholarship awards. very poor in Paterson. Although ADP made really left it.” In fact, he added, Mr. Taub $180 per person; after that, it’s $250
So where does Paterson come in? him very rich, he managed not only not to often would go back to visit, a dramatically each. Students pay $50.
Here. The evening will include a tribute to forget where he came from but to devote a visible figure, a tall man with a great shock For more information: Call Michal
Joseph Taub, who lived in Tenafly and died great deal of money, time, energy, and imagi- of bright white hair. Kleiman at (210) 408-1412 or go to
on October 27. Mr. Taub, a co-founder of nation to offering children in Paterson oppor- “He obviously had the means to help,
Automatic Data Processing and a one-time tunity and hope. “My father-in-law grew up and he did it through a combination of


Free! Open to the Public!

s a t t e r
y h
lucky to have traveled to see my dollars in action.”
As a board member of the Jewish Federation of North-
ern New Jersey and co-president of its Women’s Philan-

n d a ch e c
S u S
thropy Board, Ms. Adler takes an active role in how Lions
of Judah contributions are allocated. (She also sits on the
National Women’s Philanthropy Board of Jewish Federa-
tions of North America.)
The 44 guests at the dinner in London also heard from
Israeli Lions of Judah Ruth Oren and Sigal Bar-On. The
event raised £111,000, and 37 British women pledged to
form a cabinet of founder members.
UJIA trustee and Lions of Judah UK Chairwoman Karen
Goodkind announced that in its first year, Lions of Judah
UK will fund a UJIA-supported mentoring program in
Israel called Youth Futures, for at-risk children ranging
from 8 to 18 years old. Founding members also will allo-
cate financial support to another project of their choice.
Ms. Adler told them how philanthropic activities far
from home can have a very personal impact. Two years
ago, when her son, Harrison, joined the Israel Defense
Forces as a lone soldier, she was unable to attend his
induction ceremony. So she asked women from the JFN-
NJ’s partner city of Nahariya to go in her place.
“Five incredible women drove to Harrison’s base with
candy, chocolates, smiles, and love,” she said. “They were

a d
able to send photographs and videos in real time, and

although I could not be there myself, they made me feel

as if I was there. Suddenly I was not just a donor, I was
not just a Lion of Judah, I was a recipient of the incredible

A M sts
strength and power and love of women’s philanthropy.”
Some of the Lions of Judah UK leaders may go to the
Scie e)
International Lions of Judah conference in Miami next
ou ng
January, Ms. Adler said. “We’re hoping we can meet and

l or Y G
mentor each other. Who knows what kinds of great things f th
ties h5
F ivi g
can happen if we work together?”
t ou
s- on Ac re-K thr
d or P
Han a t f
“He didn’t talk about it much. The family all knew (Gre
about it, but he didn’t talk about it. He didn’t want any
credit for it. He just wanted to do it.” Sunday
There weren’t very many athletic stars to come
out of this program, Mr. Tesser said. There was Vic- January 28 | 10-11:30 AM
tor Cruz, a receiver for the New York Giants, “and a Stretch your child’s imagination
few basketball players, but that was not a failure of
with these hands-on design
the program. He never expected any of these kids to
survive through athletics. thinking activities:
“He wanted to give them a chance to get to the mid-
dle class through scholarships. The sports was just a • Make a density rainbow
way to draw them in.” • Create a glacier with slime Solomon Schechter
The evening also will honor Gordon A. Uehling III
of CourtSense, who will be given the JCC Emerging • Build a popsicle-stick bridge, Day School of
Leader Award, and two students — Tobias Zypman of and more...
Cresskill High School and Alexandra George of North- Bergen County
ern Valley Regional High School — each will get a Director of Academic Affairs
$3,600 scholarship. 275 McKinley Avenue,
Some of the funds raised during the evening will go to
Andrew Katz will lead our family-
friendly Sundays@ Schechter
New Milford, NJ 07646
families who could not afford the JCC’s programs without
the help, and whose children benefit from it. program.
A mother in Ridgefield — she’s the Russian-born sin-
gle mother of two sons — went through an acrimoni-
ous divorce “and not only do I get no support, I have
to acquire a lot of debt to defend myself,” she said. (She
requested anonymity; she does not want her ex-husband Find out about our inquiry-based approach
to read about her online.) and warm, inclusive community. Age three
“My kids are 6 and 7 now,” she said. “They go to school, through Grade 8. For more information or
but when summer came there was a need to put them in to schedule a tour, email us at
camp. I work in the city full-time. I had friends whose kids
went to the JCC, and I looked at it — but it was very expen-
sive, and I couldn’t afford it.



Was a thank-you note a breach of etiquette?

Frisch students asked to email Trump for Jerusalem decision;
not all parents approve, some privately vent their displeasure
LARRY YUDELSON student who believes that the president’s

decision was correct to contact the White
local pro-Israel organization House with words of support. It will take
Dear Students,
sent out a call for action — a approximately 2 minutes of your time.”
request to thank President The email included a sample letter thank- The organization NORPAC has launched a campaign that directs individu
Donald J. Trump for recogniz- ing the president “for the courageous lead- to personally thank President Trump for his decision to declare Jerusalem
ing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. ership you demonstrated by formally pro- the capital of Israel and to begin the process of moving the embassy there.
A local yeshiva high school passed it on claiming Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and This move was heavily criticized and it is therefore important that each
to its students. initiating steps to move the US Embassy. person who believes that the president made the right decision have their
Nobody involved expected that would This action fulfills the commitment made voice heard. We are therefore encouraging every student who believes that
be deemed newsworthy by the Jewish by Congress in the Jerusalem Embassy Act the president’s decision was correct to contact the White House with words
Standard. Let alone the Jewish wire ser- of 1995. President Trump, you have dis- of support. It will take approximately 2 minutes of your time.
vice JTA. Let alone Haaretz. Let alone played leadership and strength among the
Newsweek. nations by formally recognizing Jerusalem Step 1: Follow the link
They forgot one thing: In the era of as the eternal capital of the State of Israel.”
Trump, everything is different. Even, or The model letter continued, “We appre-
perhaps especially, support for Israel. ciate your commitment to follow the wishes Step 2: Fill out the information on the form. Feel free to use your Frisch
Israel advocacy often involves flatter- of the American people and your faithful email address and the Frisch street address of
ing politicians. But given America’s sharp service as our nation’s leader. We are grate- 120 West Century Road
political polarization, is it still unquestion- ful for your unwavering support of Israel, Paramus, NJ 07652
ably bipartisan to send an email thank- America’s greatest ally.”
ing the president for his “faithful service For Norpac’s president, Dr. Ben Chouake, Step 3: Write a message. If you’d like, please feel free to copy the message
as our nation’s leader”? Can pro-Israel the letter-writing campaign simply was below. Just remember to sign your name on the bottom.
engagement with a partisan politician be a thank you to a politician who had sup- Dear Mr. President,
nonpartisan in this environment? ported Israel and a policy that the Jewish
So how did a request to send a prewrit- community and Congress had advocated Thank you for the courageous leadership you demonstrated by formally
ten emailing thanking Mr. Trump for his for more than 20 years. Norpac is nonparti- proclaiming Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and initiating steps to move the
announcement recognizing Jerusalem san; Dr. Chouake noted that Norpac leaders US Embassy. This action fulfills the commitment made by Congress in the
make headlines around the world? serve as finance chairs for both Democratic Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. President Trump, you have displayed lead-
The answer tells much about the ten- and Republican politicians. ership and strength among the nations by formally recognizing Jerusalem
sions roiling beneath the surface of the “I’m not worked up,” said one Frisch as the eternal capital of the State of Israel. We appreciate your commitment
area’s modern Orthodox community — and parent who is opposed to Trump but did to follow the wishes of the American people and your faithful service as
perhaps the particular perils of being the not want his name used. “In all honesty, our nation’s leader. We are grateful for your unwavering support of Israel,
Frisch School in this particular moment. schools do this stuff all the time. I remem- America’s greatest ally.
The Paramus high school, after all, is ber being asked to write letters when I was
Respectfully yours,
famous now in the world beyond Bergen in high school.”
County as the high school of Jared Kush- Frisch’s principal, Rabbi Eli Ciner,
ner, the president’s son-in-law, who has emphasized in a statement to JTA that such
been tasked with solving problems as var- advocacy on behalf of a policy affecting
ied as Middle East peace and the Ameri- Israel was standard operating procedure at
can opioid epidemic. The other Orthodox the school. (Rabbi Ciner did not reply to the
Jew close to the White House, Jason Green- Standard’s efforts to contact him. Frisch Students at the Frisch School received this email from Rabbi David Sher,
blatt of Teaneck, who heads Trump’s team was closed this week for winter vacation. ) the school’s director of Israel education, promoting a NORPAC campaign to
negotiating for Israeli-Palestinian peace, “As a religious Zionist school, we congratulate President Trump on his Jerusalem decision.
was a board member at Frisch until he encourage our students as civic-minded
took this post. American citizens to write to the admin- voluntary and should be done only if you proclaiming: “Critics
But there is a minority of parents who istration when they agree or disagree with agree with President Trump.” say Jared Kushner’s Paramus alma mater
are, often privately, not on Team Trump. the government’s policies regarding the That might have been the end of the story ‘unfairly targeted’”
And to many of them, Frisch crossed the State of Israel,” Rabbi Ciner said in the had the anger been shared in emails and The paper quoted Jason Shames, CEO of
line from pro-Israel to pro-Trump last week statement. “In this particular case, many private conversations. But Judy Maltz, who the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jer-
when Rabbi David Sher, Frisch’s director of our students strongly supported the is a reporter for Haaretz and also was one sey, as saying Frisch “was unfairly targeted.
of Israel education and advocacy, emailed president’s decision recognizing Jerusalem of the nearly 2,000 members of the secret The reports in the media were political.”
students about a campaign launched by as Israel’s capital.” Facebook group, published a story about But one parent who opposed the origi-
NORPAC, the Englewood-based pro-Israel But for some Frisch parents, this the local controversy, headlined, “Kids at nal email insisted that there was no effort
political action committee, asking them crossed the line into pro-Trump behavior. Kushner’s Old High School Were Urged to to target the school.
“to personally thank President Trump for One of them posted her upset on a secret Write Letters Sucking Up to Trump — and “Nobody wanted to hurt the school,” she
his decision to declare Jerusalem the cap- Facebook for Orthodox Trump oppo- Parents Are Fuming.” said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
ital of Israel and to begin the process of nents. Other parents joined in. Some made From there, the story jumped to News- “That is why we were having the discussion
moving the embassy there. their displeasure known to the Frisch’s week, which beneath the headline “Jared in the secret group. People in the group
“This move was heavily criticized and it is administration. Kushner’s High School Is Making Chil- were having a principled discussion about
therefore important that each person who Ninety minutes after the email from dren Write Letters Of Support To Don- what to do. That is why we were so upset
believes that the president made the right Rabbi Sher, a second one went out, this ald Trump” referred to the coed, modern the journalist didn’t tell us she was basically
decision have their voice heard,” he contin- one from Rabbi Ciner, emphasizing that Orthodox high school as “ultra-Orthodox.” lurking in the discussion, taking our com-
ued. “We are therefore encouraging every writing to the White House was “entirely The next day came the backlash, with ments without asking us.”


Experience Shabbat as

Jason Greenblatt,
right, at the Nahal
Oz military base
near the Gaza
border on August
30, 2017.

This parent said the outrage at the Obama years was people speaking out
something to stir your soul.
letter-writing-request, which she said about the Iran deal, criticizing Obama.
extended beyond the people who directly “And these are unusual circumstances.
contacted the school, reflected dismay at This is not just any president. This is the Join us to celebrate Kabbalat Shabbat and
two other recent incidents. president who a week ago made these
The first was a talk Mr. Greenblatt gave horrific comments” about immigrants
rejuvenate your spirit as we welcome
at Frisch last month, after the Jerusalem from other countries. guest Rabbi Adina Lewittes and
declaration. “It was supposed to be apo- “Schools can’t say we’re apolitical so
litical, but it’s hard for that not to look like we’re not going to address the presi- members of Sha’ar Communities,
Trump support,” she said. dent’s bullying and lying and racism, with live music, and a warm, inviting,
She was particularly offended by Mr. and at the same time ask the kids in your
Greenblatt telling the Frisch students school to write emails of gratitude for innovative approach to Jewish worship.
that “they couldn’t believe everything faithful service to the country. Some-
they read in the media.” She said that he thing’s wrong with that. The message ~~~~~~~~~~
repeated the mantra of “fake news” with to the kids is that all those things don’t
which the president has brushed aside really matter because all we care about is Enjoy time with friends at our
allegations and investigation. that Jerusalem is the capital. If that’s all
“That really bothered me,” she said. Judaism is supposed to be about for our wine bar & small bites buffet.
“He’s just feeding the distrust of the kids, we’re really making a mistake. It
media that’s part of the president’s pro-
paganda thing.”
has the potential to turn off a lot of kids
from Judaism totally. And a lot of adults,” FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9 AT 7 PM TH

And it came, she said, in the “disturb- she said.

ing” context of “the president needing his
ego stroked.”
That context had been set by Rabbi
Rabbi Ozer Glickman of Teaneck agrees
that the original Frisch email was a mis-
take, and he told Rabbi Ciner so. Rabbi
Yosef Adler of Congregation Rinat Yisrael
in Teaneck. “I did ask my congregants
Glickman, a former vice president of the
Frisch board of trustees, is the father of
to thank the president for his Jerusalem five Frisch graduates and the grandfather
announcement,” Rabbi Adler wrote in an of a Frisch student. He is a rosh yeshiva, For more information: 201.947.1735 visit us at
email. “I believe that despite someone’s teaching Talmud at Yeshiva University.
shortcomings, if that individual did some- “Many Jews argue that it is simply a
thing beneficial for you personally (such matter of hakarat hatov, acknowledg-
as Rubashkin) or Am Yisrael he deserves ing when someone has done something
a thank you. good,” Rabbi Glickman said. “I concur
“I heard (though I can’t verify it) that that the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem
Jason Greenblatt reported that while Jew- as Israel’s declared capital is long over-
ish communal organizations were forth- due. I believe, however, that the timing
coming with letters of appreciation, the of the letter-writing campaign was unfor-
president was surprised that individuals tunate. It coincided with commemo-
weren’t as forthcoming . ration of Martin Luther King Jr. during
A version of what Rabbi Adler told his an episode in which the president was
congregation on the subject, posted by reported to have used racist speech.
a Trump supporter, said that Mr. Green- Soliciting students to write letters on
blatt indicated that it is “important to behalf of Israel when many American
this president in particular” that people citizens are troubled by apparent rac-
in the community show gratitude for his ism betrays a certain tone-deafness that
actions. sometimes afflicts the Orthodox com-
“It was disturbing, the president need- munity. It says that we don’t care what
ing his ego stroked,” the Frisch parent someone says or does as long as they
said. “What do we have to do, kiss the look out for our interests. That’s a ter-
czar’s ring?” rible message.
Rabbi Adina Lewittes is a leading teacher, speaker, writer, and
But why is it such a big deal to thank “In conversation, Rabbi Ciner under- creative voice in the reimagination and revitalization of Jewish
the president for doing something right? stood this point. It wasn’t the school’s life, and founder of Sha’ar Communities.
“My question really is, was there a let- intention. I believe him and remain
ter-writing campaign to thank President a supporter of the school. I do think,
Obama for the Iron Dome?” the Frisch though, that the school needs to exercise
mother said. “All I remember from the better judgment in the future.”


Briefly Local

MLK Day of Service emphasizes diverse togetherness

On January 15, “We the People,” a non-
profit organization started by Bergen
County Freeholder Tracy Silna Zur,
hosted a multicultural interfaith day of
service at the VFW in Saddle Brook. The
chance to help others brought together
more than 200 students representing
many of Bergen County’s diverse reli-
gious and cultural groups to work on
community service projects and cel-
ebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther
King by giving back to their communities.
Donations for the day of service came
from Inserra Supermarkets, the Jew-
ish Federation of Northern New Jersey,
Learning Express of Ridgewood, Wal- Ezra Shafron, Akmal Pasha, Abdul-
Mart, Costco, Target, and Market Basket. lah Hasan, Ahmar Sagheer, Daniella
“For students and our young people, Atiya and Linda Chiappetta work
this shouldn’t be just another day off,” Middle school students followed volunteer Myah Wolfer’s lead and made on a mosaic project the Glen Rock
Ms. Zur said. “This is a day to reflect hundreds of cat toys for the Bergen County Animal Shelter. Arboretum.
upon the lessons and the legacy of Dr.
children that our diversity is our strength,
King by performing community service projects. We
and that we should be moving past tolerance
wanted to send a message to our young people that
towards understanding each other,” she said.
helping others is something that all faiths and all com-
“That is what I hope these young people were
munities should be doing, and that we are stronger
able to take away from this day — that despite
when we do these things together. “
our different beliefs and traditions, that we
The students worked on a number of projects; they
are all Americans and it’s up to all of us to not
created hygiene kits for the homeless, activity bags for
only build bridges with each other, but to reach
patients at the Hackensack Meridian Health Joseph M.
out a helping hand to help improve the lives
Sanzari Children’s Hospital, cat toys for the Bergen
of others, together, as a community. Dr. King
County Animal Shelter, wrote letters to active duty sol-
said that ‘love is the only force capable of trans-
diers, and packed blankets for seniors at the nursing
forming an enemy into a friend’ and that ‘we
home at New Bridge Medical Center. They also created
may have all come on different ships, but we’re
glass murals to adorn benches to be donated to Spring
in the same boat now,’ and I hope that’s the
House for Women and the Glen Rock Arboretum. The Ahmar Sagheer, Sammy Atyyat, Avi Schneck, Ezra Win-
message that these students were able to walk
students also participated in a “conversation station,” slow and Lilly Harris of Lodi, Teaneck, and Fair Lawn,
away with today.”
where they exchanged stories about their heritage, holi- assembled packets for cancer patients at Hackensack
Ms. Zur said that her favorite part of the
days, and hobbies, and learned about differing tradi- Meridian Health Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital.
day was when the students, some of whom at
tions and shared values. Photos By AMy souKAs
first were reluctant to join groups with strang-
Ms. Zur organized the first day of service last year, as a
ers, exchanged contact information with
response to increasingly divisive rhetoric in the nation.
their newfound friends by the end of the day. “That’s understanding and building friendships, we can only
“This is a time when we should be teaching our
what this day is all about,” she said. “By fostering strengthen our community.”

Family caregivers group to convene ‘Am Yisrael Why?’ Demographer

for initial meeting at Temple Beth Or will explore changing Jewish world
In his Rosh Hashanah sermon, Temple Beth Or’s rabbi, The community is invited to the concluding program of
Noah Fabricant, spoke about the challenges and blessings this weekend’s Shabbaton at Congregation Beth Sholom
of caring for an aging or ill parent, spouse, or other family in Teaneck, set for Saturday, January 27, at 5 p.m. Profes-
member, and he announced the creation of a new fam- sor Steven M. Cohen will explore “Am Yisrael Why? How
ily caregivers group. The first meeting, which will bring Mitzvot Became Meaningful, and Jews Became Optional.”
together caregivers in the community to share experi- Professor Cohen is a demographer, a professor of Jew-
ences and support each other, will be on Thursday, Febru- ish social policy at HUC-JIR, and the director of the Ber-
ary 1, at 7 p.m., at the shul, 56 Ridgewood Road in Wash- man Jewish Policy Archive at Stanford University. For
ington Township. more information, call (201) 833-2620 or go to www.
Rabbi Fabricant will lead the new group along with
guest professionals, including physicians, social workers,
tax attorneys, and insurance and other specialists. Rabbi Noah Fabricant Steven M. Cohen
For more information, call Rabbi Fabricant at (201) 664-
7422 or email him at

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Dr. Arnold Gold


He made the world D


a better place.
We will miss him. A
With love and sadness t

from the staff of the c

Jewish Standard w



Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018 15

Briefly Local

Super Sunday: All the details

Jewish Federation of Northern New Jer- Super Sunday is co-chaired by Judy
sey holds its annual Super Sunday fund- Taub Gold and Dr. Bram Alster. For more
raising day on Sunday, January 28. You information, call Laurie Siegel, (201) 820-
can make a donation online or by phone, 3956, email her at, or
and sign up to make calls. go to

Photo courtesy Ahavath Torah

Fair Lawn Hadassah installing officers
Gail Black, president of Hadassah of co-programming vice presidents Varda
Northern New Jersey, will install new Grinspan and Liz Gelstein, education
officers of the Fair Lawn chapter of coordinator Tova Miller, book review
Hadassah at the Fair Lawn Jewish coordinator Karen Sapherstein, study
Center/CBI on Monday, January 29, at group coordinator Gladys Kaplan,
1 p.m. recording secretary Gerry Stein, social
Officers include co-presidents Leslie secretary Jean Cooper, and correspond-
Englewood shul sponsors shelter dinner R. Felner and Esther Rubinstein, trea-
surer Harriet Premselaar, membership
ing secretary Sima Zilberg.
Light refreshments will be served. For
Congregation Ahavath Torah in Engle- shul kitchen. Volunteers Emma, Saman- coordinator Joan Rimberg-Goldfarb, information, go to
wood sponsored its first annual walk- tha, Leslie and Harry Kanner; Gila and
in-dinner for Family Promise of Bergen Jon Comet, Shelli and Annabel Kermeir,
County on January 7. The Kanner family Debra and Jerry Lewkowitz, Aimee Gard-
organized the dinner. ner, and Rabbi Daniel Goldberg delivered,
Two shifts of volunteers helped make set up, and served the food to more than
the dinner happen. Debbie Billig, Sheri
and Nikki Friedman, Yvonne and Reuben
130 people at the Bergen County homeless
shelter in Hackensack. Butterflake Bakery
Service organizations to convene
Kuzniecky, Ezra Mahpour, Nancy Rose, and Kosher by the Case were among the The Network of Jewish Human Service “To best serve our communities in
Daniella Moadab, and Emma, Samantha, vendors who donated to the meal. Agencies, the leading voice for Jew- these tumultuous times, human ser-
Leslie, and Harry Kanner cooked in the ish human service organizations in the vice agencies must innovate, collabo-
United States, Canada, and Israel, has rate, and advocate to provide the high-
opened registration for a conference, est level of service,” the network’s CEO,
called NJHSA 2018: Unifying the Human Reuben Rotman, said. “We are proud
Service Voice. More than 400 leaders that during our first conference our
Solo art exhibit examines racism of the Jewish human service sector are
expected to attend this, the network’s
speakers and hands-on sessions will
focus on these important skills.” To reg-
Artist Linda Friedman Schmidt first conference, from April 29 to May 1, ister, go to
displays her work in “Identity, at the Sheraton Grand in Chicago.
Textured,” a solo exhibition at
the Pascal Gallery in the Berrie
Center Art Galleries at Ramapo
College of New Jersey in Mah-
wah. A reception is planned
Wednesday, January 31, from 5
Sharsheret Pink Day is global
to 7 p.m., and the exhibit runs Sharsheret’s worldwide Pink Day, set for organization, is encouraged to wear pink
through March 2. Wednesday, February 7, is a day to make as a way to generate conversation, and to
Ms. Schmidt was born in a DP a difference by raising awareness about mark the day with a range of educational
camp in Germany; her parents breast and ovarian cancer and cancer and fundraising events.
were traumatized Holocaust genetics. It is also an opportunity to Feel free to contact Sharsheret for
survivors. Discarded clothing, honor, recognize, or celebrate a special information on how you can pro-
her medium, conjures thoughts person in your life. vide support or go to
of discarded humanity in the Everyone, both individually and as a sharsheret-pink-day.
viewer, and her process of cut- member of a school, company, or other
ting or tearing it evokes mourn-
ing, the Jewish funeral custom
called k’riah.
“Becoming White” will
be featured at the Berrie
Center exhibit. The rise of
white nationalists question-
Keep us informed
ing whether Jews are white “Becoming White,” 2018, uses discarded cloth- We welcome photos of commu-
prompted the creation of ing and remnants.  Courtesy of the artist nity events. Photos must be high
Schmidt’s most recent piece, a resolution jpg files. Please include
a detailed caption and a daytime NJ Jewish Media Group
work about race created from the “second into white, the greenness exchanged for 1086 Teaneck Road
telephone. Mailed photos will only
skin.” She remembers her refugee parents whiteness. The baby in the artwork is the be returned with a self-addressed Teaneck, NJ 07666
and their friends being called “griner,” or artist, once a greener too. stamped envelope. Not every photo (201) 837-8818 x 110
“greeners.” After years of peeling off their For more information about the exhibit, will be published.
foreignness they finally were transformed call (201) 684-7147.

5 16 Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018

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opportunities the JCC offers.


Free and open to the Community

un c e
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades taub CampuS | 411 e Clinton ave, tenaFly, nJ 07670 | 201.567.8963
Fourth-generation rabbi
Joshua Finkelstein comes to the Montebello Jewish Center with history and hope

here is a stained-glass window at the top of the
wall behind the bima at the Montebello Jewish
Center in Suffern.
It’s round and set deeply into the white of
the wall; there is a foot or so of white surrounding it,
providing it with depth and space, and room for the light
from outside to play.
It’s new, but doesn’t look particularly modern, or par-
ticularly dated, for that matter. Its colors are delicate but
not muted.
It’s lovely.
When you look at it from the back of sanctuary, you see
the whole thing; when you get closer, the view changes.
Joshua Finkelstein, the synagogue’s new rabbi, says that
he understands that people prefer to sit toward the back of
the sanctuary so they can see it in full, but he prefers the
view from up close, and hopes that the congregation will
come closer to it as well. It is in the interplay of the light and
the space, the colors and the light, the permanence of the
window and the shifting of the light, that he can most easily
find God, he says.
That’s another striking thing about Rabbi Finkelstein.
Unlike many rabbis, he talks about
God. He’s comfortable with his faith,
and he wants to inspire others to
explore their own, and in the context Three generations of Finkelstein — Rabbi Louis, not-yet-rabbi Joshua, and Rabbi Ezra —
of the Conservative movement, into sit together.
which he was born, in which he has
generations-deep roots, with whose At first, Rabbi Louis Finkelstein It isn’t as if Joshua Finkelstein didn’t have Jewish connec-
principles he resonates. “served at a congregation in the Bronx, tions. At Columbia, he studied with the talmudist Rabbi
So who is he? off the Grand Concourse,” Rabbi Fin- David Weiss Halivni. And he had his grandfather, who
Joshua Finkelstein is a fourth-gen- kelstein said. “Kehillat Israel. It no lon- had retired by then but still lived in the neighborhood. “I
eration rabbi; he has major yichus ger exists, but it’s sort of funny; coinci- spent every Shabbes at my grandfather’s table for 10 years,
in the Conservative movement and dentally, my wife’s grandfather used to through college and rabbinical school,” except for the year
a 16-year history in northern Bergen daven there.” he spent in Israel, Rabbi Finkelstein said.
County, right over the state line from Joshua Finkelstein’s grandfather was He has many stories from that time of his life. Asked to find
Montebello. not just any Louis Finkelstein, though; just one, he talked about how, on Shmini Atzeret, he would
To begin with his background, “my he was the Rabbi Louis Finkelstein have the talmudist Rabbi Saul Lieberman “come over to cel-
great-grandfather, Simon Finkelstein, Rabbi Joshua Finkelstein who became first an academic and ebrate his coming to America. Every Friday night my grandfa-
came to this country in 1885, from then, for more than 30 years, JTS’s ther would ask me to lead the Birkat haMazon,” the grace after
Kovno, in Lithuania,” he said. “He studied at the Slabodka chancellor. “When he was leaving the pulpit to work full meals, “but he always had Elie Wiesel also on Shmini Atzeret,
Yeshiva,” a prominent and important institution, “and he time at the seminary, his father said to him, ‘What is a rabbi and he would ask Elie Wiesel to lead it that day.
got his smicha from Yitzhak Elchanan Spektor,” the major without a pulpit?’” Rabbi Finkelstein reported. “Elie Wiesel had a beautiful, soulful voice, and when he got
figure who is the namesake of Yeshiva University’s rabbini- Louis Finkelstein’s son, Ezra, perhaps unsurprisingly, to the part of harachaman about Shabbat, he would sing a
cal school, the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, also became a Conservative rabbi. His son, Joshua, was wonderful niggun from Sighet,” the Hungarian town he came
perhaps better known as RIETS. “He didn’t get smicha from born in Brooklyn, grew up in Whitestone, Queens, from. “It was a very soulful melody, and it would go on and
the place, he got it from the person,” Rabbi Finkelstein said. where his father was the rabbi of the Whitestone Hebrew on. He would sing it for a long time.” Rabbi Finkelstein sang it;
“He served congregations in Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Syr- Center, and then, when Joshua was going into his junior it’s beautiful and haunting.
acuse, and then, for the last 30 years of his life, in Brownsville.” year in high school, moved to Syosset, on Long Island, “So my grandfather said, ‘You know, I asked Elie Wiesel to
Simon Finkelstein’s son, Louis, who grew up in Brooklyn, to become the rabbi of the Midway Jewish Center. Joshua sing it for you, because it is from Sighet, and I don’t want it to
earned his undergraduate degree at CCNY and a doctorate had graduated from middle school at the Schechter in be forgotten. I know you will be a rabbi, and you will teach it.’
at Columbia University. Those were fairly easy choices, but Queens and was in high school at Bronx Science — a “And I felt the awesome weight of the Holocaust on my
he had to decide where to get smicha — RIETS or the Jew- challenging subway ride from Queens, although he did shoulders. I knew that I would be a rabbi, not a chazzan, but
ish Theological Seminary. “My great-grandfather said to go not make the commute alone, he reported — when he I would go on to teach it, but I always felt that I was failing.”
to JTS,” Rabbi Finkelstein reported -- “because JTS required transferred to Syosset High School. And then Rabbi Finkelstein heard someone else — a
a bachelor’s degree, and at the time YU did not. My great Joshua Finkelstein went to Columbia for his under- song leader in the Reform movement — sing that melody.
grandfather, the Orthodox rabbi, thought it was more aca- graduate degree. He decided not to go to the joint pro- He learned that it’s a standard among Reform Jews. Later,
demically rigorous. He respected that.” gram between Columbia and JTS; “my father said that I after Mr. Wiesel died, a CD of his talking and singing at the
Although the borders were more porous then, JTS was then should be sure what I wanted, because with our back- 92nd Street Y included the melody. It was no longer just
as it is today the flagship institution of the Conservative move- ground, it would be too easy to fall into the rabbinate.” Rabbi Finkelstein’s responsibility to pass it on, and that
ment, as YU is of American modern Orthodoxy. It should be a conscious choice, Ezra Finkelstein said. was a huge relief to him, but it remains his responsibility



to continue to teach it, he said. In fact, he’s already Emanuel of North Jersey during that time; in fact, he was at As for the Conservative movement, “I know that people are
talked about it at Montebello, at Selichot services. Emanuel when it moved from Paterson to Franklin Lakes. wringing their hands about the future of Judaism, and about
It all goes back to the first time he heard it, at his Their three children, Sarah, now a doctoral student in biol- the movement, but I also see how other movements are emu-
grandfather’s Shabbat table. ogy at Columbia, Elie, a rabbinical student at Chovevei lating what we do,” he said. “Federations have Havdalah pro-
While his father’s family taught him about Jewish Torah, and Rebecca, a freshman at Wellesley, grew up there. grams, and Chabad is opening Jewish centers.

L ’ Shana
life, his mother taught him about how to teach and The family moved to central Jersey for some time, but now “People are looking for Jewish connections, for meaningful

L ’ Shana
treat and love children, and how to notice and encour- Joshua and Elana are in Rockland, and it feels like home. Judaism, for a sense of the greater good, and for a sense of God
age their individuality. “My mother, Elaine Samuels The Conservative movement also feels like home for in the world. If we can create a mindful, meaningful Judaism,
Finkelstein, was a teacher in the New York City pub- Rabbi Finkelstein, both for its history and for its promise, where people are reflective about their lives, where they can

lic school system for many years. She taught special he said. It’s not only family history but personal history as create meaning in their lives, and if we can help shape that

education in PS 48 in Hunts Point, in the Bronx, in a well; he practically grew up at Camp Ramah in the Berk- meaning, then this is a vehicle to help them transform their
special state-funded preschool. She used to make sure shires, where his parents worked for many summers. His lives — and transform the world.
that she’d bring us to visit the classroom at least once wife also was a lifelong Ramahnik — but she grew up in “And that brings me back to the Montebello Jewish Center,”
a year. She was very much into early intervention. She Princeton, so she went to Ramah in the Poconos. Her par- he said. “I have come to a place where people are committed
said that we could always make a difference, and that ents were deeply committed to their shul, and thinking and loving. It is a wonderful place.
carried through to all of us and to our children.” about them led Rabbi Finkelstein to talk about how impor- “I believe the focus of the rabbinate is to work with the com-
Rabbi Finkelstein’s father’s father’s family was the
one most people know about, but his father’s moth-
Wishing you a sweetyou
newa sweet
tant lay leadership is. “I have a great appreciation for what
they can do to make this world a better place,” he said.
year. new year.
munity, to build the community, and to bring people closer to
God,” he said.
er’s family is notable as well. They were the Bent- Jamie and Steven Dranow • Larry A. Model • Harvey Schwartz
Gregg Brunwasser Jamie and Steven
• Michael Dranow •General
L. Rosenthal, Larry A.Manager
Model • Harvey Schwartz
wiches; Herbert Bentwich, his great grandfather,
Gregg Brunwasser • Michael L. Rosenthal, General Manager
was a very successful British barrister and a fervent As your local Dignity Memorial® providers, we wish you the best this Rosh Hashanah.
Zionist who made aliyah to Palestine in 1929. “I am Candlelighting
As your
We reaffirm our local Dignity
commitment Memorial
of service
to the we wish you the best this Rosh Hashanah.
Jewish community.
We reaffirm our commitment of service to the Jewish community.
told that Herzl went to his house,” Rabbi Finkelstein
January 26 ...........................................
Hellman-Garlick Memorial 4:47 Chapel
said. He was the progenitor of a large, mainly Israeli Hellman MemorialHellmanChapels Memorial Chapels Hellman-Garlick Memorial Chapel
family; as Ari Shavit told us in “My Promised Land,” February 2NY............................................
1300 Pleasantville Rd. • Briarcliff 4:56
Manor, NY
15 State Street • Spring Valley, 10977
15 State Street • Spring Valley, NY 10977 1300 Pleasantville Rd. •10510
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
he also was the journalist’s great-grandfather. (That, February 845-356-8600 914-762-5501 5:05
845-356-8600 9 ............................................ 914-762-5501
for the non-genealogists among us, makes Rabbi Fin- February 16 .......................................... 5:13
Our affiliate Jewish Memorials of Rockland a complete full service monument and inscription provider.
Our affiliate Jewish Memorials of Rockland a complete full service monument and inscription provider.
kelstein and Mr. Shavit fourth cousins.) Large display on premises. 845-425-2256
Large display on premises. 845-425-2256
Rabbi Finkelstein and his wife, Elana Gershen, lived
in Bergen County for 16 years; he was the rabbi of Hellman Memorial Chapels
Congregation B’nai Israel in Fair Lawn and Temple 15 State Street • Spring Valley, NY 10977 845-356-8600

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1/17/2018 2018 PM19

Shul Israel trip open to community

The Nanuet Hebrew Center is going to Jerusalem and the Hilton Hotel on the
Israel from October 17 to 24. The 2018 beach in Tel Aviv. For information, call
Israel Journey includes stays at five- Gary Siepser at (845) 362-4200, ext. 133.
star hotels, including the Inbal Hotel in

Even Gisele would be Ben and Susan Gutmann at Lotem’s ecological gardens.

proud to throw a Chocolate Shabbat will mark awareness

Chocolate Chip Football Challah! of Jewish disabilities efforts
Have the Challah Fairy make
The Orangetown Jewish Center will
you something special for mark Jewish Disabilities Awareness
your Superbowl Party! Shabbat, working with the Jewish
Dairy heroes! Potato knishes! National Fund, on Saturday, February
Oversized Paninis! 3, with services that begin at 9 a.m. The
morning features guest speaker Avnet
Tray of Babka French Toast!
Kleiner, JNF’s U.S. director of develop-
So much more..... ment for ALEH Negev, a rehabilitation
170 N. Main St., New City, New York village that provides medical and thera-
(845) 323-4582 · peutic care for people with severe dis- is JNF’s major gifts chair and was JNF
Open Sun 9-2:30 · Mon-Thurs 7-5 · Fri 7-3 abilities. On their yearly mitzvah mis- 2017 national conference co-chair.
Under the supervision of Rabbi Aron Lankry · Cholov Yisroel sions, OCJ members have worked on Lotem — Making Nature Accessible is
JNF projects in Israel. the leading organization in Israel that
One of JNF’s newest projects was the offers accessible hikes and educational
WELCOME CENTER NOW OPEN biblical gardens at Lotem’s ecological nature activities around the country to
farm in Emek HaShalom, dedicated in children and adults with special needs.
December 2017 as a gift by Susan and The OJC is at 8 Independence Ave.
Ben Gutmann of Norwood in mem- For more information, call (845) 359-
ory of their parents. Ben Gutmann 5920, or go to

CPR course on Sunday in New City

The Most Exciting
New Retirement Community The Nanuet Hebrew Center offers an Amer-
ican Heart Association’s Family and Friends
The shul is at 411 South Little Tor Road
(just off exit 10 of the Palisades Parkway)
Is Coming to Rockland County. CPR course, coordinated by the NHC Men’s in New City. For more information, call
Club, on Sunday, January 28, from 10 a.m. the shul office at (845) 708-9181 or email
to 1 p.m., for anyone 10 and older.

Brightview is bringing
Call Cindy to
carefree, resort-style living
schedule your visit.
Adult Jewish learning scheduled
– with no large entrance fee –
to Rockland County. 845.203.2338 Registration is open for spring courses,
beginning on February 7, sponsored
Hackell will teach “Science vs. Religion:
Do We Have to Choose?” Other enrich-
Brightview Lake Tappan by the Jewish Federation & Founda- ing classes will be offered, including an
tion of Rockland County. “The United evening class on Jewish art led by Rabbi
offers access to tri-state
States and the Holocaust,” led by Sha- David Berkman, beginning on March 8.
shopping, culture, and ron Halper, will explore America’s role For information, call Rebecca at (845)
entertainment, and endless in World War II through interesting 362-4200, ext. 121, or Roberta at ext. 130,
on-site opportunities for a primary-source materials. Rabbi Jill or go to
rewarding retirement.

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Reducing stress and anxiety
Join Rockland Jewish Family Service the Meditative practices have been deeply
now to enjoy exceptional 31 Hunt Road • Orangeburg, NY 10962 first Wednesday of the month for mind- rooted in Judaism for thousands of years.
savings. fulness and meditation, as well as other The next class is February 7 at 11 a.m. RJFS
techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. is at 450 West Nyack Road in West Nyack.
Experience deep relaxation and peace with All proceeds support RJFS’ mission. Call
music, mindfulness, and other simple tools (845) 354-2121, ext.142.
Independent Living • Assisted Living • Dementia Care you can use in daily life. All levels welcome.


22 Cover Story

Cover Story
‘I might be its last reader’
In Hoboken, a talk about how Vilna Ghetto intellectuals risked lives, saved books
Joanne Palmer

he Nazis seemed to revel in acts
of immense cruelty, even sav-
agery. They did not only want
to exterminate the Jews, along
with other peoples and groups they con-
sidered inferior; it seems that they also
wanted to extract every last drop of extra
physical and emotional pain they could
out of those murders.
Much as they loved their dispassionate
lists of the dead, it seems that they loved
the act of killing them even more.
Some of what they did, though, was a
little more subtle, though not less cruel.
Sometimes, instead of inflicting physical
pain — or before inflicting physical pain —
they demanded soul-wrenching work.
But sometimes the Jews were able to
fight back, and sometimes in the end they
Take, for example, what happened to
a small group of intellectuals who were
herded into the Vilna Ghetto.
Dr. David Fishman, who teaches history
at the Jewish Theological Seminary, special-
izes in eastern European Jewish history.
His latest book, “The Book Smugglers: Par-
tisans, Poets, and the Race to Save Jewish Slave laborers sort through Jewish books for the Nazis. YIVO Institute

Treasures from the Nazis,” published last

year, tells the genuinely thrilling story of
those intellectuals, who were tasked with works of Jewish culture, but also some in — had to work through these vast piles of
sorting through pillaged Jewish textual and Polish and Russian — to YIVO, the Yidisher precious material. They had to trash most
artistic treasures, consigning most of them Visnshaftlekher Institut, which was dedi- of it, and send some of it to the Nazis’
to destruction, and saving some of them for cated to the study of Jewish life in Europe. never-created museum. But they saved
the Nazis’ museum, where it would show In one of many twisted ironies, that build- some of it by secreting it in their cloth-
relics of the peoples they had destroyed. ing was home to the attempted ruin of Jew- ing, walking off with it wrapped around
“This is a real story,” Dr. Fishman said. ish culture — and also to its preservation. their bodies, going past the guards who
(It also is a story that he will tell in Hobo- The Nazis used slave labor; it was cheap would have had them executed had they
ken next week; there’s more information — no, it was free — and most of the time it known what was going on literally in front
in the box.) “It’s not a novel, though it very was entirely replaceable. But the intellec- of them. They brought their rescued rem-
well could be. tuals — a group of 40, mostly men but also nants back to the ghetto and buried them.
“It’s the story of how ghetto inmates in some women, including poets Shmerke They did that every workday for 18
Vilna rescued Jewish cultural treasures Kaczerginski and Abraham Sutzkever, and months.
from the Nazis, and then again, after the Rachele Krinsky Melezin — were a more The emotional strain of that work
war, from the Soviets.” select group, with the skills the Nazis must have been overwhelming. “They
That’s the story in his book, which needed. “The Nazis realized that these were forced to destroy their own culture,
traces how the precious reclaimed objects Jewish slave laborers were very smart and and they resisted and hid whatever they
eventually found their way to two places, Dr. David Fishman capable,” Dr. Fishman said. could, because of their belief in the Jew-
YIVO in Manhattan and in Israel. After the “The Nazis believed that they were the ish future,” Dr. Fishman said. “There are
book came out — just last fall! — another The Nazis amassed a huge amount of master race, and that everything should descriptions of the workers in tears. You
trove was unearthed, this one in some Judaica. It included material that dated belong to them, and that’s why they looted can imagine the bulldozers coming in and
Lithuanian church basement that had dis- back to the 1700s and contained manu- it. But they realized that they needed destroying much of this rare and special
gorged a smaller one 25 years ago. scripts by famous rabbis, the original ver- people with the right knowledge to sort material. They felt a lot of guilt. They felt a
The story starts in Vilna, which then was sions of their insights into Jewish tradition. through it.” lot of emotions.”
in Poland, in 1942. They brought their booty — mainly So the slave laborers — the Paper Brigade Still, the workers continued with their

22 Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018

23 Cover Story

tasks. Of course, to be realistic, they had from the Soviet Union to Poland, and then
little choice but to show up to the destruc- eventually it reached the United States
tion, but they continued with the very and Israel, so this really is a story about
dangerous work of saving whatever they two rescues.
could. They did it, Dr. Fishman said, “The materials that survived are signifi-
because “they believed that there would cant in two ways,” Dr. Fishman said. “They
continue to be a Jewish people, and that are important in their own right. And then
they would need these Jewish treasures. the fact that these materials exist at all is
testimony to the amazing heroism of the
ghetto inmates who risked their lives so
that it would reach future generations.”

They believed They didn’t get to future generations

particularly quickly, though.
that there would Once it was retrieved, the material was

continue to be a divided fairly randomly and sent on to

Israel or New York, in a way that echoed to
Jewish people, some extent the prewar division between

and that they Hebraicists and Yiddishists. “One of the

people involved in retrieving the mate-
would need rial was Abba Kovner, another poet, who The literary group Young Vilna; the poets Shmerke Kaczerginski and Abraham

these Jewish was one of the leaders of the resistance,”

Dr. Fishman said. “When he came back
Sutzkever, members of the Paper Brigade, are in the middle. YIVO INSTITUTE

treasures. after the Holocaust, he was very active in

retrieving material. should end up in Israel, so he took what- new state with some of this Jewish cultural
“As a Zionist, he felt that all the material ever he could there, as part of building the treasure.”
“They were doing it for the future. For
the idea that someday someone would
find it.”
In the end, although far more Jewish
work was destroyed than saved, quite a bit
did survive. “If 20 people smuggle, and if,
say, each of them brings out three items on
their bodies, that is 60 items smuggled out
a day,” Dr. Fishman said. “And they did it
for a year and a half, say that’s 400 work-
days. That’s 60 times 400, which is 2,400.”
It took foresight, steadiness, and pure
courage. And it paid off.
The ghetto was liquidated in 1943, and
most of the people who had been caged
inside it were murdered. Most of the intel-
lectual slave laborers were killed, just like
their families and friends and the rest of
the community.
But some survived, and after the war
they came back and dug up the work they
had saved.
It should have been safe then — but his-
tory continued.
“Vilna — Vilnius as it became — was
under the Soviet Union, and these cultural
treasures were endangered for a second
time,” Dr. Fishman said. “For a second
time, nobody would be allowed to read
them or even to see them. The Soviets did
Po sledamlitovskogo ierusalima

not have a much better view of Jewish cul-

ture and Jewish life than the Nazis did.
“So there was an operation to smuggle
as much of it as they could over the border

Jews, Lithuanians and

Germans guarded the
entance to the Vilna Ghetto.

Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018 23

24 Cover Story

Sandi M. Malkin, LL C Cover Story

Interior Designer
(former interior designer of model
rooms for NY’s #1 Dept. Store)

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your furniture or starting anew.
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This moralistic discourse by the head of the Telz yeshiva is from 1915.

Bright Life Assisted Living: Highly trained

associates provide the care you need. Others felt that because the material
originally had come from YIVO, it should

a National Jewish Book Award, in the

new Holocaust category, took six years

Shine Wellspring Village®:

go back there. YIVO had relocated to
Manhattan, so that’s where the saved
of researching and writing. “Some of
my heroes kept diaries in the ghetto,
at Bergen County’s Premier Compassionate professionals work belonged, they believed. and though they perished, their diaries
deliver our highly specialized Abraham Sutzkever, although he made were discovered,” he said; the memoir-
Senior Living Community dementia care program aliyah after the war and lived the rest of ists saved their own work alongside the
in a state-of-the-art his life in Israel, “was of two minds,” Dr. other buried treasures. “They knew that
Fishman said. “He sent some of it to New this was an enormous historical event,”
York, and brought some of it to Israel.” Dr. Fishman said.
Once the work was divided, it pretty His book tells the story of some of
much was forgotten, even though it these Paper Brigade members.
Call Mary or Marianne to offered much to scholars; some of it, left “One of my heroes — a central one —
schedule your personal visit. behind in the Soviet Union, was redis- is Rachele Krinsky Melezin, who lived
201.479.9437 covered when that behemoth fell in the in Teaneck from 1970 to the late 1990s.”
396 Forest Avenue • Paramus, NJ 07652 1980s, and YIVO rediscovered its own In fact, Ms. Melezin was the grand- cache during that same decade. mother of Alix Wall, who was a manag-
“This is one of the great stories of Jew- ing editor of the Jewish Standard in the
ish spiritual resistance in the Holocaust, 1990s, and whose own work about the
and it is largely unknown,” Dr. Fishman Holocaust Larry Yudelson wrote about
said. “There was armed resistance, and in our June 1 issue, in a story called

SHUL page 11

JANUARY 19, 2018

VOL. LXXXVII NO. 18 $1.00 86 7
Sign up for the there was spiritual resistance.” We know
more about the armed resistance — the
“The Song Plays On.”
“She was a very refined woman, who
Vilna Ghetto uprising, for example — had a master’s in history,” Dr. Fishman
Jewish Standard

than we do about the spiritual kind, said. “She was 32 when she was forced
Po sledamlitovskogo ierusalima

because closer to the war’s end there into the ghetto. She was a great lover of
daily newsletter! was a greater need to concentrate on
those stories. Now, though, he sug-
poetry; when the Germans would leave
the worksite for lunch, she would read.
gested, we can be more sophisticated She’d mainly read poetry.”
Visit in our understanding of what resistance There is a poignant passage in her
and looks like, and we can understand that memoir, Dr. Fishman said, where she
click on
SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY it can encompass a wide range of activi- says that the one thing that still gave her
A ‘Fiddler’
Sholem Aleichem
could understand ties, some visibly soul-stirring, others satisfaction was reading. “She says, ‘This


more quietly so. might be the last book that I read in my

Folksbiene to present Yiddish translation
of Broadway classic this summer page 20

Teaneck, NJ 07666
1086 Teaneck Road
Jewish Standard

Dr. Fishman’s book, which just won life, so I want to savor it.

3 24 Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018

25 Cover Story

Cover Story TU B’SHEVAT





WALNUTS LIGHT H/P 488 Cedar Lane Teaneck, NJ 07666

phone: (201) 928-4100 • fax: (201) 530-5385
Prices and availability subject to change.

This manuscript page, newly discovered in Lithuania, is from a 1751
work on astronomy from northern France. DAVID FISHMAN

“‘But on the other hand, for
this book, I might be its last
NOW Thousands of Combinations
reader.’ Unique and Healthy Toppings * Homemade Dressings
“‘These books are in danger.
They might be destroyed.’” Choose a Delicious
Fresh Salad from our Menu
“Rachele was the only one of
my heroes who survived Ger-
man concentration camps,” Dr.
Fishman said. “The others either
fled with the partisans, like my
poets, or they went to the camps
or Create Your Own
and were killed there.
“She survived the camps and
the death march. But she was
deeply, deeply depressed. She
didn’t even bother to write to
her brother in New York when
she was liberated. She said that
it didn’t matter.
“What is amazing is how she
gradually pulled her life together
again. She remarried” — she had Fresh and Healthy Garden Salads,
been a widow; her first husband
was a Holocaust victim — “and
Grain Bowls, Soups, and Sandwiches
that was something she thought
she could never do again. Rahkele Melezin, a Paper Brigade member
“She said she could never lis- who lived in Tenafly for years, at right, is
ten to people talking about love — with her husband, Abraham, their daughter,
she said, ‘I don’t know what they Sarah, and their granddaughter, Alix Wall.
are talking about, I could never COURTESY ALIX WALL
182 West Englewood Avenue, Teaneck, NJ 07666
feel that again’ — but by the end
of her life, she is writing to Sutz- “That’s amazing. That is an amazing
kever, and she says, ‘We are the fortunate story of fortitude and rebuilding.” E mail:
ones. We have had such a long and rich The material Dr. Fishman examined ORDER ONLINE
and happy life.’ for his book “was very voluminous,” he under supervision of RCBC

Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018 25

26Jewish World

Cover Story

said. Despite all the years he devoted to the project, there in front of your eyes, period after period, region after they can have services. The yeshiva will give them
was not enough time to read them in depth. “There were region, theme after theme, every topic, every aspect is in rent-free room to pray, and in return the water carri-
things that were emotionally powerful, like poems by Sutz- this material. ers will donate a set of the Talmud to the yeshiva.
kever,” he said. “And there is political material, Zionist material. And “That gives you insight into daily life in the 19th cen-
And then that big new trove came to light, too late for the there are hundreds and hundreds of photographs, in good tury. There are shared values and bonds between the
book, but certainly not too late for Dr. Fishman. He went to shape, in good condition. yeshiva — the top elite — and the water carriers, who
Lithuania to look at it — as if anyone or anything could have “And there are autobiographies, especially by young are the poorest of the poor.
kept him away — and “I saw so many things,” he said. people, teenagers and children. YIVO had asked them to “It is very poignant, and very beautiful,” Dr. Fish-
“We found a couple of letters by Sholem Aleichem, one write them. When you ask a child to write an autobiog- man said.
handwritten, one typed but signed by hand. We found raphy, it’s going to be mainly about their parents, their Much of what the Paper Brigade saved is emotional,
rabbinic manuscripts. One is from an offshoot of Chabad teachers, their school, their family. So they give a lot of and their story is very evocative. It is also emotional
Lubavitch” — that is, from one of the three rival sons of the insight into daily life.” and evocative for Dr. Fishman. “I became part of the
reigning Chabad rabbi at the time — “and other Chabad- One of his happiest discoveries was “a contract from 1853 story, in a sense,” he said. “I became part of the chain
related manuscripts. We found a manuscript by the rosh of between the main yeshiva in Vilna and the Association of of the people who hid it, the people who found it. I
the Telz Yeshiva in Lithuania. Jewish Water Carriers there,” he said. “There was no run- can be part of it by making it known.
“We found a script from the Yiddish theater. We found tes- ning water, so you had to have professional water carriers. “This story is a metaphor of Jewish life,” Dr. Fish-
timonies from survivors of the 1919 pogroms. The list goes on. “The water carriers were too poor to have their own syna- man said. “We have to preserve our heritage. We have
“You see all of eastern European Jewish history come gogue, so in the contract, they ask for some place where to retrieve it. We have to dig into it, we have to get it up
from under ground, and we have to pass it on.
“That’s what they did.
“So it’s not only a great story, it also symbolizes
something about Judaism — preserve, retrieve, and
then transmit. That’s why it talks to us. It is a great
story, and anyone who is committed to Judaism imme-
diately identifies with it.
“It is a story of Jewish spiritual resistance — and we
all should know about it.”

This Yiddish theater script of “The Brothers

Karamazov,” written about 1922, was rediscov-
ered in Lithuania last year. DAVID FISHMAN

Who: Dr. David Fishman

What: Will talk about his book, “The Book Smug-
glers: Partisans, Poets, and the Race to Save Jew-
ish Treasures from the Nazis,” and the new discov-
ery that followed its publication, at a book brunch
Where: At the United Synagogue of Hoboken, 115
Park Ave.
When: On Sunday, February 4, from 10:30 a.m. to
12:30 p.m.
How much: Members pay $18; nonmembers pay
For more information or reservations: Email of- or call (201) 659-

5 26 Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018

Jewish World

#PenceFence Your One-Stop Super Bowl Shop for

Great Food, Great Service, Great Prices

Female reporters are segregated

during VP’s Western Wall visit
ANDREW SILOW-CARROLL daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared
Kushner, who both are observant Jews, Glatt Kosher Caterers
Vice President Mike Pence’s private visit there was no reason to think that Pence
to the Western Wall on Tuesday was at or his wife Karen required separate- SUPER BOWL COUPON
the center of a very public fracas when
women reporters complained that they
were segregated from their male coun-
sex accommodations.
In another tweet, Schneider asked,
“[N]o worshipers are here today so
$10 OFF
the purchase of any
terparts and were unable to cover the what’s the point in shoving us behind DELI PLATTER
event adequately. the fence?” SLOPPY PLATTER
Angry at being sent behind a mechitza, Nevertheless, the Western Wall Heri- DELI HERO PLATTER
or fence, while Pence prayed at the holy tage Foundation defended its actions, DELI WRAP PLATTER
site, the women reporters created a telling Israeli’s Channel 10 that it had FISH PLATTER · SMOKEY JOES
With this coupon, good through February 4, 2018
hashtag — #PenceFence — and took to made an effort to grant “maximum Not to be combined with any other offers.
social media to lambaste whoever was accessibility” to journalists of both
responsible for separating the sexes. sexes and said it “rejected any attempt
Tal Schneider, the diplomatic and to divert the discussion away from the
political correspondent for the Israeli important and emotional visit of the $9.99 lb. WINE · BEER
financial news site Globes, tweeted that U.S. vice president and his wife to the With homemade chipotle mayo LIQUOR
“women [are] stuck in isolation and can Western Wall.”
not photograph, work. Women journal- The dispute was magnified by a set-up
ists are second-class citizens.” that allowed male reporters and a tem- 446 Cedar Lane · Teaneck, NJ · 201-692-0192 · Fax 201-692-3656
The Western Wall and the plaza that porary canopy to block the women’s
abuts it have been the center of a years- view of Pence at the Wall. Tarnopolsky for complete menu
long controversy pitting religious femi- tweeted, “Our male colleagues are not
nists and non-Orthodox denominations saying a word. They are happy to stand
against the charedi Orthodox authority in front of us blocking our view.” Only
in charge of the site. The Western Wall after the #PenceFence tweets started Brightview.
Heritage Foundation essentially runs
the best-known section of the wall as an
Orthodox synagogue and uses fencing
making the rounds did someone think to
get the women chairs to stand on, and to
remove the canopy.
Bright Life!
to maintain the separation of men and “The incident was a last-minute pub-
women that is standard during Ortho- lic relations black eye that was utterly
dox worship. avoidable,” Kaplan Sommers wrote. “It
Several journalists asserted that there seemed that the American embassy in
was no reason to enforce the separation Israel, which set up the press arrange-
during a visit by an evangelical Christian ments in cooperation with the rabbini-
like Pence. cal authorities at the Wall, had paid little
“Factually incorrect to say that ‘keep- attention to the grumbling of female jour-
ing with Jewish tradition at the holy site, nalists back in May, when U.S. President
female journalists were placed behind a Donald Trump and his family visited the
barrier,’” wrote journalist Noga Tarnop- wall. During that visit, too, women and Discover exceptional senior living
olsky, quoting the Jerusalem Post. “I have men, including journalists, were com-
covered many visits; this was an aber- pletely separated.” for Mom and Dad
rant first.” Some activists compared the report-
Allison Kaplan Sommer wrote in ers’ plight to their own battles with the • Respectful, customized care
Haaretz, “The justification for keep- Wall’s charedi authorities.
ing the genders separate during the “Today, senior women journalists • Cultural and social events
Pence visit was a weak one.” She noted from Israel and abroad were discrimi- Inspiring • Experienced associates
that the site had been cleared of non-
VIP visitors, and unlike during a previ-
ous visit by President Donald Trump’s
nated against,” Anat Hoffman, chairper-
son of Women of the Wall, wrote in a
statement. Women of the Wall has fought
Bright Lives • Luxury amenities
a long legal battle to allow
women to pray at the wall as
for All Our • Gourmet meals
they wish.
“Today, they’ve experi-
Residents • Specialized dementia
enced first-hand what hap- care neighborhood
pens to a woman who chal-
lenges the ultra-Orthodox
monopoly of the Western Call Richard and Lindsay to
Wall,” Hoffman added. “Now schedule your personal visit.
they too know, that a woman
who strives for gender equal-
ity in Israel has to bravely face
55 Hudson Avenue • Tenafly, NJ 07670
the heart of discrimination at
Female reporters cover Mike Pence’s visit to the center of gravity.”


Jewish World

This year you can send Mishloach Manot

to the Jewish American Soldiers
For just $18 a Jewish soldier can receive a beautiful box
filled with Hamentashen, Groggers and more...
Go to our website
to sponsor a Mishloach Manot
You can also send your friends
and family a Purim Card
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$36 for 22 cards

Stephen Miller, the White House senior adviser for policy, at the White House on December 15, 2017.
 Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

A Jewish journalist confronts

Trump immigration advisers
with their own histories
Ben Sales Mendelsohn has performed similar searches for the
immigrant forbears of a handful of President Donald
During a combative news conference in early August, Trump’s advisers and supporters, seeking hard data to
White House adviser Stephen Miller told reporters that support the idea that America is a nation of immigrants.
the United States should give priority to immigrants who She’s found out about Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s
speak English. great-great-grandfather, conservative pundit Tomi
“Does the applicant speak English?” Miller asked, Lahren’s great-great-grandfather, and U.S. Representa-
describing a bill to reduce the overall number of immi- tive Steve King’s grandmother, who arrived in the United
grants and reform immigration States from Germany when she
requirements. “Can they sup- was 4. (“We can’t restore our
port themselves and their fami- civilization with somebody else’s
lies financially? Do they have babies,” the Iowa Republican
a skill that will add to the U.S. tweeted in March.)
economy?” On January 9, Dan Scavino,
Courtesy Jennifer Mendelsohn

But if English proficiency had the White House director of

been an immigration requirement social media, called for an end to
a century ago, Miller’s own great- “chain migration,” which refers
grandmother may not have been to immigrants bringing their rel-
allowed into the country. atives to live in the United States.
That’s what journalist Jenni- But Mendelsohn discovered that
fer Mendelsohn discovered that the practice had brought Scavi-
same day while working on a new no’s great-grandfather, Gildo, to
project she calls Resistance Gene- the country.
alogy. Using public records and Jennifer Mendelsohn is a writer; she’s “So Dan. Let’s say Victor Sca-
genealogical websites like Ances- also an amateur genealogist who has vino arrives from Canelli, Italy,, Mendelsohn wants to been researching President Trump’s in 1904, then brother Hector in
show immigration hard-liners advisers and supporters. 1905, brother Gildo in 1912, sis-
their own immigrant family trees. ter Esther in 1913, & sister Clo-
“When you do genealogy, you’re constantly con- tilde and their father Giuseppe in 1916, and they live
fronted with the reality of our immigrant past,” Men- together in NY,” Mendelsohn tweeted, listing his fam-
delsohn said. “It appears from some of the attitudes ily members. “Do you think that would count as chain
and stances that people are taking publicly that they’re migration?”
forgetting that.” In recent days, with Congress and the White House
In Miller’s case, Mendelsohn tracked down his great- locked in a bitter battle over a federal funding bill
grandmother’s line item in the 1910 census. The entry and the children of undocumented immigrants, Men-
noted that four years after arriving in the United States, delsohn published her research in Politico, was inter-
she spoke only Yiddish, not English. viewed on MSNBC, and was cited in Breitbart News.

28 Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018

February Is Dental Health Month!
Miller did not respond to a request for comment. But
he says the reforms he’s advocating would preserve
she said. “We came here seeking more opportunity
Your pet’s dental
and we were allowed to have that opportunity. I feel
Only $389
$100 savings off reg. price Dental
blue-collar jobs for American workers while making it’s my obligation to remind health is just as
other people that that’s Cleaning
sure the people who arrive on America’s shores will what happens when you let the important
kind of toimmigrants
Includes Evaluation & Cleaning
Must present coupon. Exp 3/31/18
contribute to the country.
“We want to have an immigration system that takes
people are looking down on his now orinto
To trace the family trees, health
as yourfirst finds
$100 Savings
care of the people who are coming here and the peo- the names of public figures’ immediate families, then
dental health
ple who are already living here by having standards,
by having a real clear requirement that you should be
takes those names to search databases for obituaries
is to your
of grandparents, great-grandparents, and other rela-
Your Other Family Doctor Off Reg. Price
Must Present Coupon.
Exp. 2/28/14.
able to support yourself financially, by making sure general
tives. She then uses paid services health.
to track
down birth,
that employers can pay a living wage,” he said at the death, and marriage certificates, and also searches
August news conference. public census data from 1940 and earlier. Censuses
Mendelsohn, a freelance journalist from Baltimore, before that year contain personal data on nearly every
has been an amateur genealogist for years, mostly person in the country.
focusing on her own family, friends and adoptees seek- “If you know your grandparents were Ida and
ing their biological parents. She calls her own family’s Hyman Cohen and they lived in Milwaukee, it will pop
genealogy a “classic Eastern European Jewish immi- up and it will show you their addresses, their ages,
grant story,” and disputes the idea that people must their places of birth,” she said.
have skills in order to be welcomed into the United Mendelsohn hasn’t heard back from any of the
Only one of her grandparents was born in Amer- INITIAL EXAM
officials she’s researched, and she doesn’t expect to.
But she’s still tracing their lineages. On Sunday, she

ONLY $ 25
ica, and the others came as unskilled immigrants. posted a revelation from one of the genealogical sites
(Her brother, the classicist Daniel Mendelsohn, wrote she uses.
about their extended family in his 2006 memoir, “The “Stephen Miller is your fourth cousin thrice
Exp. 2/28/14. Must Present Coupon.
Lost: The Search for Six of Six Million.”) Now, she says, removed’s husband’s great nephew’s wife’s second
Dr. Jennifer Suss
two of those immigrants’ great-grandchildren have
cousin twice removed,” it read.
Dr. Jennifer
“Oh sh•t,” she tweeted. “Does this mean I have to Suss “Your Other Family Doctor”
“I grew up exquisitely aware that we were proud and invite him for Passover?” • 1680 Teaneck Rd., Teaneck
1680 Teaneck Rd. · Teaneck ·
patriotic Americans, but we came from other places,”  JTA Wire Service

“May all our dreams and prayers come true”

“‫”שימלאו משאלות לבנו‬

Sunday Evening, February 25, 2018

Marriott Glenpointe Hotel, Teaneck, NJ

Ruthie & Chazan Shim Amy & Dr. Joshua Dr. Perla & Dr. Gerardo Lawrence R. Inserra, Jr., CEO
Craimer Fogelman Yablonovich and Inserra Family

Inserra Supermarkets, Inc.
Community Partnership Award EXCELLENCE IN
disabilities and
painful loss,
he rose to
It is only through
Yaakov Guttman Shimmy Stein Special tribute in memory of create his your compassion and generosity
SINAI alumnus & star of this
year's feature documentary
Shomer She'erit Yisrael our beloved Associate Director
Jacob Weinstein, A"H
own destiny that our vital work
can continue. • 201-833-1134 x105 We accept gifts of appreciated securities

Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018 29

Jewish Standard S-3



com |i


NE AT 201-212-6454

396 Ryders Ln,Mi

lltown,NJ 08850

69 W esl
ey St,South Hackensack,NJ 07606

Jewish Standard S-3

The cantor’s daughter..................................... 4

A mother beams from beyond the bima

Legacy gifts..................................................... 6
Meaningful presents for the b’nei mitzvah

The joy of the process..................................... 8

How I loved planning my daughter’s bat mitzvah

Space goes to your space............................... 9

Event company launches an off-site division

Why I cried a
 t your bar mitzvah................... 10
A mother’s revelations as her boy becomes a man

Fash bash for the big mitzvah....................... 11

Mitzvah on Masada....................................... 12
Tour group offers memorable Israel trip and ceremony
Places and spaces.......................................... 13         
Area venues give parties pizzazz
Cover photo by Joanne DiStasi of Stolen Moments, Inc.


Your one-stop resource to plan the perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah!

Sunday, March 11
12 NOON - 4 PM

We’re more than horses. Come out to our Mitzvah Showcase 2018 to see what makes us a
state-of-the-art venue! Explore all of our unique spaces including the impressive Victory
Sports Bar & Club, with its massive customizable screens and premier lighting effects.
Network with our preferred vendors and sample delicious selections from our gourmet chefs.
FREE TO ATTEND for guests who register at
The family gathers for Jordana Fergang’s bat mitzvah

The cantor’s daughter

at Temple Beth Rishon in Wyckoff. From left: her
mother, Cantor Barbra Lieberstein, brother Joshua
Fergang, maternal grandmother Gloria Lieberstein,
Jordana, sister Sara Fergang, and father, Scott Fergang.
Joanne DiStasi of Stolen Moments, Inc.

A mother beams from beyond the bima

Heidi MaE Bratt cantor colleagues to the bat mitzvah. “She For her part, Jordana, who dances with family struck a more Conservative note

practically did the whole service. This a company when she’s not in school, hav- in their Jewish practice, they joined Beth
oised, pretty and bedecked in a was my last opportunity, my last child, ing her mother as tutor was great. Tefillah during the 1970s, and Ms. Lieber-
beautiful black and pink dress, and my baby. And, this is our last simcha “I think it was a lot easier being taught stein described it as a very “heimish and
Jordana Fergang performed for a while. I wanted her to be spectacu- by my mother than by someone else,” Jor- warm” place that welcomed her family:
with aplomb. Standing before lar. And she was.” dana said. “It wasn’t as nerve-wracking. her father the late Melvin Lieberstein, her
family and friends at Temple The day was a proud one for the whole My mother helped with highlighting and mother, Gloria, and her sister Rochelle,
Beth Rishon in Wykoff, the sev- family, father Scott Fergang, who runs color-coding everything. It just made it who is five years older.
enth grader at Eric Smith Middle School the Paramus wealth management broker- easier. Her bat mitzvah took place when she
presided over the Shabbat services. She age firm for Royal Bank of Canada, and “It was also laid-back and chill. I could was 12 years old. It was Sunday, Labor
led the prayer services, chanted from the 13-year-old Jordana’s siblings, twins Sara be on my bed in my room and we could Day weekend, she recalled. She chanted
Torah, and read the whole haftorah. and Joshua, nearly 16. study. She’s my mom and I wasn’t nervous the “Ve’yahavta” prayer, one of the great
It was a moment of great pride for her The service was presided over by Con- around her. And if I would forget some- basic principles of the Torah “to love your
tutor, Cantor Barbra Lieberstein. gregation Beth Rishon’s interim Rabbi Ste- thing, she was right there to ask for help. fellow as yourself,” spoke about the signifi-
It was a moment of great pride for her phen Wylen and Cantor Ilan Mamber. A lot of kids don’t have that advantage. She cance of a bat mitzvah and, following the
mother, Cantor Barbra Lieberstein. Tutoring your own daughter is not would be there and that made it easier.” service, joined the 75 people at her party,
“She did phenomenal,” said Ms. Lieber- exactly like tutoring other students, said Jordana acknowledged that it sometimes which took place at The Women’s Club
stein, a popular bar and bat mitzvah tutor, Ms. Lieberstein. wasn’t that easy. of Paramus for a luncheon with musical
best known as “Cantor Barbra,” who had “It’s obviously different tutoring your “It is a challenge,” she said. “You need entertainment.
the opportunity to teach her own daughter own child,” she said. “I think there are to practice. It’s not easy to make a 12- or “It was really a no-frills affair,” Ms.
and prepare her for her recent bat mitzvah more expectations for her. I definitely 13-year-old practice so much, but I did.” Lieberstein said.
where she recited the Torah portion Lech think I was a little harder on her than my Ms. Lieberstein remembered her own Musical from a young age, Ms. Lieber-
Lecha. other students because I am a cantor and bat mitzvah, which was held at her fam- stein played the piano, clarinet and flute,
“People were so impressed,” said Ms. I knew I would have colleagues coming to ily’s synagogue, the Orthodox Congrega- and she sang. In fact, her name Barbra
Lieberstein, who had invited many of her the service.” tion Beth Tefillah in Paramus. While the – note the missing “a” – was for Barbra
Jewish Standard S-5

“Yes, my mother named me for her,”
said Ms. Lieberstein “I enjoyed perform-
ing,” and at her bat mitzvah, Ms. Lieber-
stein played the piano and sang Barry
Manilow songs to entertain her guests.
The bat mitzvah was a Jewish girl’s rite
of passage, but at that time she had no
idea about what in fact would become her
life’s work. “I didn’t know how women
could become cantors. I grew up in an
Orthodox synagogue where women were
speaking, sometimes just chatting, behind
the mechitza.”
After graduating Paramus High School,
Ms. Lieberstein attended William Pater-
son College, where she studied music

Joanne D iStasi of Stole n M ome nts, Inc.

management. She thought that she might
work in arts administration. It wasn’t
until she attended a Passover Seder dur-
ing her college years and someone at the
table suggested that she consider becom-
ing a cantor that the thought took hold. A
trip to Israel with her parents soon there-
after deepened her connection to Juda-
ism and her journey began. She joined
the choral society at Temple Emanuel,
which was in Paterson at the time, now Barbra Lieberstein, left, and Scott, Sara, and Joshua Fergang watch as Jordana blows out the bat mitzvah candles.
Temple Emanuel of North Jersey in
Franklin Lakes.
Singing on Friday nights in the beautiful
sanctuary with is high ceilings and beau-
tiful stained glass deepened her desire to
pursue liturgical music and she sought out
her training in earnest. She studied with
the late Rabbi Joseph Rudavsky, who was
the rabbi emeritus of Temple Avodot Sho-
lom in River Edge. Cantor Barbra received
her ordination in 1998 from The Academy
for Jewish Religion, a pluralistic seminary
for rabbis and cantors in New York City.
She is also certified through the American
Conference of Cantors (Reform) and the
Cantors Assembly. (Conservative). She is
a member of the Women’s Cantors Net-
work and had sung with the NJ Cantors
Concert Ensemble.
The work came. She served as a canto-
rial intern and became the cantor in sev-
eral synagogues including Beth Haverim
Shir Shalom, a Reform Congregation in
Mahwah, where she served from 2002 to
Barbra Lieberstein is flanked by her parents, Gloria and the late Melvin, at Barbra Lieberstein with her older sister,
2006. At that time she already had twins,
her bat mitzvah. Rochelle Stern.
Sara, and Joshua, nearly 16, and Jordana
was just a toddler. started advertising on craigslist and got a just right for their big day. As for her own bar mitzvah, Jordana
She left the pulpit “because I wanted to few students. She launched her website in “I am a perfectionist,” she said. said that while she was “so nervous about
watch them grow up.” 2009 and business picked up. She tutors students in their homes in the service and nervous about the party”
From there, Ms. Lieberstein worked Today, Ms. Lieberstein is so busy that Bergen and Rockland counties, and has she felt very good about what she accom-
as preschool music teacher in a few reli- she has a staff of 10 tutors who help her conducted lessons by Skype or Facetime. plished in the synagogue that day.
gious schools. During that time she got a prepare b’nei mitzvah students. But she Typically, she uses the Reform liturgy for “I don’t think that there was anything
call from a former congregant who needed still is very hands on. She meets with the Shabbat morning or Havdalah services, better that I could have done,” Jordana
help in preparing her daughter for her family and the student and comes in dur- but she has also performed in a Recon- said about her bat mitzvah at Beth Ris-
bat mitzvah. So Ms. Lieberstein began to ing the last six weeks before the bar or bat structionist synagogue setting and has also hon. “And I think that definitely it was all
tutor her. She enjoyed it so much that she mitzvah to make sure that everything is done Conservative Havdalah services. because of my mom.”
S-6 Jewish Standard WINTER 2018 BAR/BAT MITZVAH

Legacy gifts
adds meaning to the experience and expands the relation- she asked about or played with during visits? That could
ship between the recipient and the giver in a healthy way. be the perfect gift. Is there something that symbolizes a
turning point in your own life that carries an important
Creating legacy gifts story and that you can give over as a sacred trust? This
Many items in life can become legacy gifts. Even if giving might become the cornerstone of a mentoring moment
a check has to happen because it’s customary or sorely that will long resound within the student’s memory. You
Meaningful presents needed, also consider creating a
special moment to give something
might also find a novel or nonfiction work that relates to
your point. You can then inscribe it, and give it to the bar
for the b’nei mitzvah personal and uniquely memorable.
Start by looking into the contents
or bat mitzvah student as a personal resource to hold on
to until it is fully needed. Jason’s paternal grandfather
of your life. Are there pictures of died before Jason could remember him. His Aunt Wendy
Rabbi Goldie Milgram
great grandparents or other ances- brought him one of his grandfather’s leather books of

aniel went home and tors that you can frame with a dedi- poems by Walt Whitman; complete with notes Jason’s
unwrapped his bar mitzvah cation plaque giving their names grandfather had handwritten in the margins when he was
presents. His mom found and dates in honor of the bar or bat young. The inside cover contained a dedication showing
him sitting dolefully amid the mitzvah? Do you have stories about that Jason’s grandfather had received the book as a bar
crumpled wrapping paper and open them to share in a one-to-one meet- mitzvah present from his father. To Jason, this book is
envelopes. He was surrounded by ing with the bar or bar mitzvah stu- the greatest treasure he’s ever received. Allison’s grand-
many high quality watches, several dent? Also write down the stories mother noticed a beaded drawstring bag in the back of
personal music and game players, in your gift note or mount them on her closet. She had the bag repaired and added the words
assorted games, 12 gift certificates, the back of the picture. Allison’s tallit bag in beadwork. She presented Allison with
Brilliantly colorful Ethiopian embroi-
and 36 checks. She wondered at his Consider the picture together the tallit bag at the party, with stories about some of the
dered bags depicting scenes from the
mood and asked: “What’s wrong, with the student. Gifts become events that the bag had been through with her. Jenny’s
Torah make a meaningful gift for the
son?” Daniel’s answer: “I don’t know more meaningful to the recipient cousin obtained Hadassah and Life magazines from the
bar or bat mitzvah.
mom, but somehow this is disappoint- by the manner in which we convey day Jenny was born, thirteen years before that, and thir-
ing. This stuff just doesn’t mean anything to me.” Daniel is them. Together, notice details of teen years before that. As the cousins pored over the mag-
absolutely right. There are many ways to give bar/bat mitz- dress, similarities perhaps between the students and the azines together, they were amazed at the kinds of adver-
vah gifts that can touch a person’s spirit, not just by way ancestor(s); if you can, explain the period in which the tising events, and social changes they read about. Alice’s
of a charitable organization. There is nothing wrong and photo was taken. Is there something around your home mom helped her encase these magazines in sturdy plastic
everything right with receiving a physical gift so long as it that has always fascinated the student? Something he or covers to preserve this unique gift for future generations.

on dean

Our new
are Here!

Engle on Dean Take your Bar or Bat Mitzvah to the next level by celebrating
for all your in Israel. Emunah will plan every step with you and make sure your
Spring/Summer family has the most memorable experience, at the best price.


= Opportunities to share your simcha with a child at risk in an Emunah Home
= Air reservations
= Best hotel at lowest prices
= Large groups or small families
32 North Dean Street = Customized touring with our renowned guides
Englewood, NJ
201-568-1331 Ronnie Faber 201.370.6597 l
Jewish Standard S-7

Adam’s neighbor discovered that Adam loves science fic- dates, correspond, and one day even to meet. The legacy on the special occasions of a person’s life cycle that take
tion. On-line at he found a series of Jew- of friendship is a very powerful gift indeed. (For informa- place at the Torah. Traditionally, these would be started in
ish science-fiction books and gave Adam three as his gift, tion, contact the North American Conference on Ethio- honor of a birth, and the fabric would be derived from the
with the suggestion that they both read and discuss the pian Jewry at baby’s swaddling cloth. The belt is made up of multiple
works. One story discussed whether a nonhuman alien panels and is perhaps six inches wide. As each major life-
could convert to Judaism. This problem captured Adam’s Special activities as gifts cycle event arrives, each panel of the belt gets decorated
curiosity and led them into a whole new level of explora- Consider some activities that you can do together to pri- in fabric paint or embroidery with the birth date, name of
tion. Kerri’s tutor had a big surprise for her. She picked up vately honor this special time. Ben’s uncle gook him to the child, symbols, and a verse from that week’s Torah por-
a plain beige kippah at the Judaica store and with fabric steam room at the Jewish community center and proudly tion or blessing. Antique and contemporary examples are
paint made a scene of Jerusalem on one half and an image introduced him to the men who gather there after the on view at many Jewish museums. Another collaborative
of an open Torah scroll on the other half. Then, with a men’s weekly bagels-and-lox brunch. They joyfully wel- craft project is creating a Judaic blessing quilt. One per-
permanent marker, she wrote a verse from Kerri’s Torah comed him and shared stories of their own b’nei mitz- son sends squares of fabric to friends with instructions
portion on the open scroll and Kerri’s name in the very vah. Sarah’s mom took her to the Judaica shop to select a to return the decorated square in honor of the person’s
center of the kippah. On the inside she wrote, “Love to my set of candlesticks of her own to light every Friday night. simcha. Nadine, the yoga partner of Talia’s mom, decided
fantastic student forever — your tutor, Dona. She told Sara a secret, that whenever she lights candles, her gift would be to coordinate such a project. Not being
Many Ethiopian Jews participated in an embroidery she senses the presence of her own mother of blessed a quilter herself, she took the squares she had received
project to raise money for food, health care, and educa- memory. Also, when she blesses Sara, she senses her own from participants to a professional for assembly. Squares
tion, before their immigration to Israel. Their high qual- mother’s hands upon her head. Kate, his mother’s best can be decorated with just about any-thing: fabric mark-
ity, brilliantly colored tallitot and tallit and pillow covers friend, brought Max to a ceramics studio so that they could ers, buttons, necklace charms, and shells. Messages from
interpret many Torah portions; their mezuzot also make make a challah plate together in honor of his bar mitzvah. Torah, qualities about the student’s life, or blessings can
stunning legacy presents and support their education On the back of the plate, Kate wrote a special signed mes- be added, too. Some even sew in tiny music chips so
and training in Israel. Ari’s classmates and their parents sage for her heart that was sealed there for every Shab- that a melody will emerge when the curious push on the
got together to acquire the series of Ethiopian pillow cov- bat to come. Blaine’s grandmother is an excellent needle squares.
ers as a present for him. This proved to be so special that worker. When she learned about a German Jewish nee-
many classmates are hoping the same gift will be coming dlework tradition called whimple, she and Blaine agreed From “Reclaiming Bar/Bat Mitzvah as a Spiritual Rite of
their way, too. It is also possible to twin with an Ethiopian that making one together would be very memorable. The Passage” by Rabbi Goldie Milgram (Reclaiming Judaism Press).
Jewish immigrant to Israel, to share bar or bat mitzvah whimple involves creating a Torah belt, to be used only Reprinted with permission.
S-8 Jewish Standard WINTER 2018 BAR/BAT MITZVAH

The joy of the process

interfere with their special day. Therefore, The candle-lighting ceremony is a tradi-
I tried to get everything out of the plan- tion at many bar and bat mitzvah celebra-
ning process so that if the unexpected hap- tions where the family chooses 13 differ-
pened, I could still say that my daughter’s ent people or families to honor by calling
bat mitzvah was wonderful. them up to the cake to light a candle. Many
How I loved planning my daughter’s bat mitzvah 2. Create a meaningful theme
families write poems as a way to call up the
people who are honored.
We decided to have a “girl power” theme During the car ride, we all worked
Amy Alpert certainly am nothing close to a party plan-
for the party. We found this theme to be together as a team to come up with clever,
ner), I was nervous that I would not love

inspiring and satisfying. We created the funny, loving poems for the special people
ne of the happiest times in my life planning the celebration that followed the
logo “Go For It!” with the idea that you in our lives. We laughed about funny sto-
was planning my daughter Gabri- service. But I have to admit, I loved the
should try new things. We wanted the mes- ries we recollected and felt connected to
elle’s bat mitzvah. Many people process.
sage to be that it’s not about being success- our larger community. When it came time
find this shocking. I was a little Here are five ways you might love it, too.
ful or perfect; rather, it’s about being brave for Gabrielle to write her poem introduc-
bit shocked, myself. Planning a bar or bat
1. Set an intention to love it and putting yourself out there. Gabrielle’s ing my husband Gideon and me, she called
mitzvah is stressful on many levels. It is
logo was a picture of a girl with a cape and my sister and worked on the poem with
expensive and it is time consuming with The first thing I did was to buy a bracelet
a ponytail, and we incorporated girl power her over the phone — thus another oppor-
numerous deadlines. But most of all, it is from my sisterhood gift shop — a bracelet
into the event any way we could. tunity to connect.
challenging because all of these things are that said “Joy” on one side and “Simcha”
Creating a theme with a message you
happening while managing a hormonal on the other side (the Hebrew word for
believe in is so satisfying and brings a 4. Connect with your friends
adolescent. joy). This was my reminder that this is a
I knew from the start that I would love joyous occasion and to let go of anything
deeper meaning to the party. Our hope and extended family before
was that the girl power message created a the big day
helping my daughter prepare for the ser- that steals the joy.
positive and inspiring environment to cel- I knew that conversations would be quick
vice. I loved hearing Gabrielle hum her In addition, I knew I could not be miser-
ebrate in together. during the actual day of the event. There
haftarah portion as she walked around the able during the process with the expecta-
house, and I was inspired when we worked tion the wonderful day would make it all would be over 200 people there, so there
3. Involve the whole family was no way I would be able to have the
on her d’var Torah together. In addition, I worth it; as we all know, life is unpredict-
Over our holiday break before the bat deep meaningful conversations I prefer
loved preparing to read a Torah portion able. My older brother was sick for his bar
mitzvah we took a three-hour car ride with each of my friends and loved ones.
myself during her service. But as someone mitzvah, my cousin had girl drama at hers,
together as a family. During the ride we So I made an effort to connect with people
who does not really love big parties (and I and plenty of people have had weather
wrote the candle-lighting poems together.

an affair?
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Jewish Standard S-9

throughout the process. We asked our guests to RSVP 5. Get help my priorities (that the event be wonderful and meaningful
via email (rather than mail in a response card), and this I was blessed with an amazing community of support- while having fun in the process) was essential. Stay away
inspired conversations. Someone I hadn’t spoken to in ers who helped us prepare. My friend and party planner from competitive or negative people during this time.
a while would RSVP over email and then I would reply Dayna seemed as excited about the special day as I was. There is too much to be grateful for.
back, starting a conversation that wouldn’t have hap- She would text me pictures of ideas and, as the event got In the end, the day was amazing, but it was no more
pened otherwise. closer, the excitement grew. We had fabulous Hebrew special to me than the planning process. Feeling grateful,
A year before the bat mitzvah, Gideon emailed some tutors for my daughter and our synagogue in general acknowledging a milestone, connecting with my family
long-time friends so they were sure to put it in the calen- shared the excitement with me. Even though they have and larger community, and learning and sharing positive
dar. The side benefit to that was that the email chain con- dozens of b’nei mitzvah students each year, they made us messages are all meaningful Jewish values, and our bat
tinued throughout the year. Many stories and inside-jokes feel special. Everyone’s enthusiasm was contagious, and mitzvah year reflected that.
were shared and recollected, allowing us all to laugh and it made the planning all the more special. Reprinted with permission of
share together through cyberspace. Surrounding myself with positive people who shared, the Jewish parenting website.

Space goes to your space

Event company launches
an off-site division
Heidi Mae Bratt
First there was Space Odys-
sey, the 26,000-square-
foot destination for kids’
birthday parties. Then (and
now) there is Space Events,
a grown-up version of party
creation with sophistica-
tion. And now, Elvira Grau, Elvira and Jim Grau
owner of Space, and her son, Alec Sikar, are launch-
ing a division of what they already do at their home
base in Englewood, an off-premise party a al Space
Space Events Off Premise will take Space into your
The new venture, said Ms. Grau whose own rags-to-
riches story reads like a Russian novel — she was a Rus-
sian immigrant who moved from Ukraine to Brook-
lyn at 9 and remembers how exciting it was when her
family received food for Shabbos — was born out of
Space Events, said Ms. Grau who is married to Jim
Grau, her business partner, is booked until 2020.
Clients wanted in. There was no space at Space, so
she is giving them what they want. She came up with
the idea to bring everything that Space provides to
any suitable off-premise location.
“There are more Jewish people than available
dates,” she quipped. “And that’s a good thing.”
With the new Space Events Off Premise, “we can
take everything, soup to nuts on the road,” said Ms.
Grau. That includes all event design, production,
planning and entertainment. “We own everything
and have everything from the DJs to the dancers to
the graphics to the LED furniture. We have it all. We
can build and produce everything. We are the source.
It’s like a law firm. If you need a lawyer, we’ll get you
a lawyer.”
Ms. Grau, who appeared on Bravo’s reality show,
“The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” said that it’s a
privilege to create and help people with their simchas.
“They are trusting me with their milestones,” said
Grau, a mother of four. “It’s an honor and a merit for
me to do that.”
S-10 Jewish Standard WINTER 2018 BAR/BAT MITZVAH

Why I cried a t your bar mitzvah

A mother’s revelations as her boy becomes a man
Rachel Levy Lesser thought back to our family vacation nearly a year ago when
I listened from the slightly ajar door in the adjoining hotel

n the Sunday evening after our son’s bar mitzvah, room as you struggled to put together the words to the
the bar mitzvah boy turned to me over brunch left- Hebrew prayers you were studying. I stayed up late that
overs served as dinner and very honestly and curi- night wondering if you would be able to pull it all together
ously asked me, “Mom, how come you cried at my and become a bar mitzvah. How wrong I was back then,
bar mitzvah?” and how good it felt to see that before my very own eyes.
I tried as best as I could on the spot to explain to my I cried at your bar mitzvah for all the people we love
boy-turned-man what I was feeling at services the previ- who gathered together that morning for a truly happy
ous morning. I gave him a rather canned answer — some- occasion. When Dad and I stood next to you on the bima
thing about loving him and being proud of him and miss- looking out to the seats below, my mind was flooded with
ing my own mother. He nodded and later that night went countless memories of the people who filled them — peo-
back to the business of being a 13-year-old boy checking ple who have been a part of your life, of my life, of dad’s
fantasy football scores, Snapchat messages, and finishing life for so many years. I thought of the birthday parties,
up his homework. the soccer games, the funny stories, and all the laughs we
As the days and weeks have passed since his bar mitzvah, shared together. I also recalled the sleepless nights, the
I’ve had more time to process that question. Here’s my real long talks, and the tears that we shared with those very — your namesake who you never knew. I imagined how
answer for him, or at least as best as I can figure it out: same people. I felt a bit like I was floating outside of my much he would have loved to know you and what joy you
I cried at your bar mitzvah for the pride that made my own body, seeing so many people I love in one place — all would have brought to his life. I comforted myself know-
heart swell. As I sat below you in our synagogue seats, for you and for our family. ing that he lived a long and full life, still realizing that no
watching you lead the service with such ease and confi- I cried at your bar mitzvah for the people we love who matter how long we have the people we love, it’s never
dence, I felt prouder of you than I had ever felt before. I are no longer with us. I thought of your great-grandfather See why i cried page 14

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Jewish Standard S-11 New launch from the creators of
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Fash bash for the big mitzvah Space Events Off Premise
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S-12 Jewish Standard WINTER 2018 BAR/BAT MITZVAH

Mitzvah on Masada
Tour group offers memorable Israel trip and ceremony
Heidi Mae Bratt

asada and its dramatic natural beauty overlook-
ing the Dead Sea is a rugged natural fortress on
which the Judean King Herod the Great con-
structed a sumptuous palace complex in clas-
sical Roman style. After Judea became a province of the
Roman Empire, it was the refuge of the last survivors of
the Jewish revolt, who chose death rather than slavery
when the Roman besiegers broke through their defenses.
As such, it has an emblematic value for the Jewish people,
and Masada has become a must-see stop for tourists and
visitors to Israel.
Several times a year this quiet and symbolic site of Jew-
ish fortitude, resolve, and sacrifice becomes the grounds
on which many teens and their families gather to celebrate
the young men and women’s b’nei mitzvahs, courtesy of
Margaret Morse Tours.
The Masada-top b’nei mitzvah ceremony, a highlight
of the two-week heritage-rich tour, is presided over by a
rabbi, and the youngsters have been prepped for their
big event in Israel. The b’nei mitzvah, held on Mondays
or Thursdays to coincide with the Torah reading, comes a
good week into the tour so the young men and women and
their families, and others who have joined the tour, are all
comfortable and familiar with each other.
“It is a serene and magnificent setting,” said Robyn
Morse, owner of the Hallandale, Florida-based tour com-
pany. Following the b’nei mitzvah ceremony, the group Members of the Margaret Morse Tours enjoy themselves during a visit to the Western Wall.
visits the Dead Sea, and then continue the celebration at a
gala party at a five-star hotel in Jerusalem, said Ms. Morse. The tour operation was founded by her late grand- grandmother, Margaret, the idea to launch the bar and
“There’s nothing more wonderful or meaningful than mother, Margaret, who was 67 and retired, and enjoying bat mitzvah tours.
experiencing Israel like this,” said Ms. Morse, who co-owns life with her third husband, when she took a trip to Israel The two-week tours span the country north to south,
the company with her brother Michael. in 1980. with stops in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Upper Galilee, Jerusalem, and
“She just fell in love,” said Ms. Morse of her grand- if desired, an add-on option for Eilat.
mother’s attraction to Israel, the land, and its people. “Margaret Morse is strictly an Israel tour operator,” Ms.
Margaret came out of retirement and created the tour Morse said. “Israel is too complex a country that having a
Cantor company, which has been shepherding groups to Israel professional and knowledgeable guide will help to give you

Barbra for three generations. In fact, it was Michael Morse’s bar

mitzvah in Israel when he was 13 in 1985 that gave his
a full and great experience.”
Ms. Morse said that there is still availability for summer
0002441714-01.qxd Lieberstein
10/15/08 5:09 PM Page 1 tour departures on June 9, July 21, July 31 and August 14.

Certified Cantor with

12+ years
MITZVAH 0002441714-01
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___ Art Direction
Cell: 201-788-6653
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_X__ E-Proof Lisa Prawer A sweet treat in the form of a cake to celebrate the
Certified Cantor with 12+ years Convenient Bergen County Location · 201-321-4995 bar and bat mitzvahs of those who are touring with
of pulpit experience · Margaret Morse Tours.

___ OK AS IS

Jewish Standard S-13

Places and spaces SUITS

Area venues give parties pizzazz

Heidi Mae Bratt
The Edgewood Country Club in River Vale has a storied
past. Once member-owned and exclusive, it is now plan- FIRST PLACE
ning for an exciting and expansive future. MEN’S SHOP
Under new private ownership since 2015, Edgewood
has undergone an extensive renovation that has taken the
facility to a level of “a New York hotel at a resort,” said The finest selection of
Candice Timmerman, event coordinator and sales direc- Italian designer men’s &
tor for the country club.
The main building boasts a ballroom, cocktail area, pri- boy’s suits, sport jackets,
vate wine room, state-of-the-art fitness center, kids enter-
tainment section and more. The spacious ballroom can
coats, car coats, pants,
be expanded through a retractable wall and can host up sweaters, shirts, ties,
to 450 guests, the perfect venue for many types of events,
including weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other shoes & accessories.
galas. Built in are all the state-of-the-art entertainment
must-haves, including all uplighting, audio and video
equipment, and projectors needed to enhance a simcha,
said Ms. Timmerman. Visit the
Opened with its first event on May 13, 2017, Edgewood SHOES
already has been the site for b’nei mitzvahs. Boy’s Store
“The space is designed with a lot of flexibility so there
are different options,” said Ms. Timmerman. “It is abso- at Emporio
lutely gorgeous, modern and young. It has a great vibe.
Everything is here, so there is not much to do with the
décor because it’s already here.
“We want to be the spot to host any type of personal or
social event.”
At Powerhouse Studios in Paramus there is no need to
plan a bar or bat mitzvah a la carte by hiring a DJ, photo
booth, decorator and the sort, said owner Sam Pellegrino. Scarpa
“This is a one-stop shop,” Mr. Pellegrino said. “Every-
thing you need is here. The venue has the entertainment
themes, such as arcades, casinos, and photo booths.
There is the music; the emcees, and the dancers are all
included,” he said.
For catering, there are also kosher options, or outside
caterers could come in.
“Our atmosphere creates excitement for the overall
event,” Mr. Pellegino said. Powerhouse Studios is hosting
an open house and party showcase on Sunday, January
28, from 1 to 3 p.m. It is located at 49 E. Midland Ave. in BORO PARK: FLATBUSH: LONG ISLAND: LAKEWOOD: TEANECK:
Paramus. 5020 13th Avenue 1505 Coney Island Ave. 467 Central Avenue 1700 Madison Ave. 215 W. Englewood Ave.
For an active and exciting party, Urban Air Trampoline
718.972.4665 718.676.7706 516.295.5006 732.987.9480 201.530.7300
and Adventure Park in South Hackensack is the perfect Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6 Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6 Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6 Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6 Mon-Thurs 10-9
place for family fun, birthday parties, and group or cor- Mon-Wed 10-7
Thurs 10-8, Fri 10-2
Mon-Wed 10-7
Thurs 10-9, Fri 10-2
Mon, Tues & Thurs 10-7
Wed 10-9, Fri 10-2
Mon-Thurs 10-7
Fri 10-1:30
Fri 10-2
Closed Sunday
porate events. The wall-to-wall trampolines offer several
activity areas, including trampoline basketball, trampo-
line dodgeball, foam pit, fitness classes, and more. Urban
Air Indoor Trampoline Parks are suitable for all ages and
fitness levels.
For more physical fun with a party, Lucky Strike in
Events & Celebrations
West Nyack provides an exciting time for groups of all
February 23rd
ages, with kid and teen friendly amenities including 12 Corporate Events · Team Building
premium lanes, six competition ready billiards tables,
and an intimate game room complete with air hockey
Fundraising · New Baby · Sweet Sixteens
and roller ball. Additionally, Lucky Strike features huge Birthdays · Proms · Graduations
projectors and plasma TVs, streaming MLB, NBA, NFL
and others around the clock. Deadline February 15 · 201-837-8818 x 121

Jewish Standard S-14

Why I cried we were to be able to be there right

from page 10 then. As I watched you read from the
long enough. I cried for your grand- Torah — the very same one that I read
mother, my late mother, who did not from when I was 13, as did my father
have the long life I wish she had. I felt and many other family members — I
cheated for me, for you, and for her. felt a connection to the sacred scroll.
I thought of something that a loved I cried at your bar mitzvah for the
one told me that weekend — how my passage of time. When the service
mother, more than anything, did not was nearly complete and I listened to
want to leave us — how she would have the rabbi bless you, I saw a tall young
given anything to be able to see you man before me and wondered who


that day, tall and poised and in charge. that was. I flashed back to images of
I have felt the bitterness of her loss on toddler you on that same bima cele-
School & Camp Apparel so many occasions, but on this one brating your nursery school Shabbat

so much more than I could have ever holding a stuffed toy Torah, dancing


I cried at your bar mitzvah for the
around with your friends. I wished
for a moment that we could go back in
An Online Store
PRICES ATHLETIC WEAR Jewish people of generations past
and for the traditions of our religion.
time to the days of the dancing toddler.
I came back to reality and realized that


Although I grew up a rather secular I will soon see you, the tall young man,
Jew, attending services on the High grow even taller, that your time living

IS US Holy Days and the occasional Shab-

bat, I felt so lucky that we could be in
in our house is not forever.
I thought about how I want to pro-

CORPORATE GIFTS CUSTOM TEES our synagogue that morning practicing tect you from everything but also how
a long-held tradition of our people. I I can’t — how I will need to let you go
AND ALL APPAREL thought of Jews of generations past more and more.
who fought for their religious freedom, And so I will, and so I cried.
836 Palisade Avenue Teaneck, NJ 07666 201-530-5046 those who perished because of their Reprinted with permission by Kveller. religion, and I recognized how lucky com, the Jewish parenting website.

Book Centerpieces
with a heart

For your special


Bar/Bat Mitzvah


Sweet 16
Corporate event
Retirement Party

Centerpiece proceeds fund Bergen Reads,

providing reading buddies to local public
school children who need reading assistance.

Jewish Federation

For information on rental pricing

and customizing, please contact
Beth | | 201-820-3947
4Sixty6 Caterers is a unique, non-traditional, all-inclusive event venue. With a
4Sixty6 Caterers is a unique, non-traditional, all-inclusive event venue. With a
15,000SF club-style atmosphere and a state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and
15,000SF club-style atmosphere and a state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and
video system, 4Sixty6 Caterers is the perfect place to host your next event.
video system, 4Sixty6 Caterers is the perfect place to host your next event.
From Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet 16's to Birthday Parties and Corporate
From Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet 16's to Birthday Parties and Corporate
Events...the possibilities are endless!
Events...the possibilities are endless!


Make your day extraordinary.
AT EDGEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB, we’ll turn your special occasion
into an unforgettable day. Our newly redesigned clubhouse is flexible
for an event of any size, and our talented staff is dedicated to bringing
your vision to life.


Useful Information
the Next Generation
of Jewish Families

We Will Go
Summer Choices

Homemade Purim
Taming Tummy
Supplement to The Jewish Standard • February 2018
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We’re Taking Pediatric ER and Hospital Care to the Next Level

Atlantic Health System has introduced an innovative approach to pediatric care at Chilton Medical Center, the
only one of its kind in the northern NJ region. The Children’s Center offers an exceptional level of care to our
most precious patients, combining pediatric emergency services and hospital care within a brand-new, family-
friendly environment.

With sleeping accommodations for parents, a kids playroom and a family lounge, our team of experienced
and compassionate pediatric physicians and nurses will put your family’s needs first. And, because we are part
of Atlantic Health System, there is ready access to more than 100 pediatric specialists who provide advanced
expertise at Goryeb Children’s Hospital at Morristown Medical Center.

Where You Go For Pediatric Care Matters

Chilton Medical Center · 97 West Parkway, Pompton Plains, NJ ·

CMC-7208-17 ChildrensCtr_JewishStd.indd 1 10/23/17 12:54 PM

! OurChildren
! About
Newer, Better, More Spectacular!

Thrilling New Rides!

All new

February 2018
• Giant Slides • Giant Spider
• Obstacle Course Mountain

5 Dress Up for Purim 11 Terribles Twos • Air Cannon Alley and Slide
• Sports Arena • And More!
Ideas for homemade costumes How to deal with the age
and stage
Birthday Parties!
6 Camp Veritans • Giant indoor inflatables
Legacy meets modernity 12 Camp Listings • Private bounce and party rooms Spider Mountain

A plethora of options • Hassle-free, easy to plan!

• Dedicated party pros
7 Camping We Will Go • Clean, safe and secure
Choices abound locally 16 Gallery of Photos • We clean up!
Images of our children FIRST
Beyond Birthdays! PLACE
8 Angry Child
FOR A Air Cannon Al

How to deal with the mood 17 Top Choices • Open Bounce KID’S FUN
• Create & Bounce Art Camps PLACE
Obstacle Course

Great picks for February

• Field Trips
9 Tummy Woes • Class and Team Parties
Doctors address 18 Calendar • Fundraisers and more! Available

stomach problems Things to do this month Paramus

Paramus· (201)
• 843-5880
(201) 843-5880 Nanuet · (845) 623-5400
us /BounceUofParamus
70 Eisenhower Dr. · Paramus, NJ 07652 424 Market St. · Nanuet, NY 10954
70 Eisenhower Drive • Paramus, NJ 07652
10 Power of Unity 19 Simchas

Temple Beth El
Annual Shiriyah event at Frisch Marking the milestones

Of Northern Valley

Cover photo: Zip lining at Camp Veritans in Haledon by Lors Photography

• Full-Day (7:30am-6pm)
Programs With Before & After Care Options
MissionStatement • Programs For Mommy & Me (Toddler Time)
About Our Children is designed to help Jewish families in our area live healthy, positive lives that make the most of the
resources available to them. By providing useful, current, accurate information, this publication aims to guide parents to • Fully-Equipped Classrooms,
essential information on faith, education, the arts, events, and child-raising — in short, everything that today’s Jewish fam- Indoor Play Space & Outdoor Playground
ily, babies to grandparents, needs to live life to the fullest in North Jersey and Rockland County.
• Curriculum Developed by Early Child Educators
• Excellent Teacher-To-Child Ratios
AdvisoryBoard • Day & Evening Tours Available
Dr. Annette Berger, Psy.D. Jane Calem Rosen • No Membership Required
Psychologist, Teaneck Marketing and Communications Specialist
Michelle Brauntuch, MS,CCLS Barry Weissman, MD Contact Director of Education:
Child Life Specialist, Englewood Hospital, Englewood Pediatrician, Hackensack and Wyckoff Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer
Hope Eliasof Cheryl Wylen E-mail:
Marriage and Family Therapist, Midland Park Director of Adult Programs and Cultural Arts ACCREDITED FOR
Howard Prager, DC, DACBSP YM-YWHA of North Jersey, Wayne


Holistic Chiropractor, Oakland

Innovative Jewish Learning & Living
James L. Janoff Natalie Jay Slovie Jungreis-Wolff MEETS ONCE A WEEK!
Publisher Advertising Director Adina Soclof • Personalized learning model for grades 3-6
Heidi Mae Bratt Contributing Writers
Peggy Elias
Janice Rosen
• Choose from individual, family and community activities
Deborah Herman Brenda Sutcliffe • Individualized teacher mentoring to guide your learning
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About Our Children is published 11 times a year by the New Jersey/Rockland Jewish Media Group, • 221 Schraalenburgh Rd., Closter, NJ 07624
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Musings from the Editor
ate Middleton sent royal greet- Homemade signs became our stan- “Tuesday.” “Look for a sign in the crowd. It’s a
ings to me, her birthday buddy, dard for feting the birthday celebrant. “Yeah and….” belated birthday present.”
and extended an invitation for Any extra hoopla for the day was nice, “Ohhhh. Right. Happy birthday, That night, Jeff and I were going to the
tea. Hedge fund giant Bobby Axelrod very nice in fact, but at the very least, the Heidi!” kids’ school to watch the grand finale of
and his nemesis, U.S. attorney Chuck homemade signs were a requisite. Over “Thanks, Dad. Thanks.” the annual Shiriyah event, which caps a
Rhoades — the intense characters from the years, and with computer sophistica- So when this last birthday came weeklong of intense and creative activity
the Showtime series “Billions” — wished tion, these signs have morphed into clever, around, it really was sweeter than sweet. at Frisch. It is one of the year’s highlights,
me a happy day. The young and talented graphically interesting, personal reflec- The funny and warm birthday signs and this year I was feeling a bit emotion-
cast of the popular Netflix series “Stranger tions for the recipient. decorated the walls. Shaina baked a ally because it is Yehuda’s last one at
Things” joked about the “upside” when Growing up, I remember my birth- “healthy” carrot cake. Jeff bought a beau- the school.
they gave my birthday shout out. day often played out very low key. Sure, tiful bouquet. And the day began. There Sitting in the bleachers facing the se-
Name dropping, am I? there was a surprise party thrown by my were birthday texts, emails, calls, songs. niors in the crowded gym with thousands
Nah. Just sharing a bit of the humor friends when I turned 13. And a big ca- Tina left a singing voice email at midnight, gathered for the event, I suddenly see a
and creativity — and disclosing some of tering hall bash for my Sweet 16. But for telling me she knew I probably was asleep, sign pop up. Not Kate Middleton. Not tele-
the shows that I’ve been binge watch- many other birthdays, it was not-such-a- but wanting to be the first to wish happy vision stars. Not some funny pun. It was
ing — as these “greetings” from people big-deal. No pity party here (hah, that’s birthday. Later that day, Tina and I (who a large poster that said, “I (heart) YOU
real and fictional appeared on signs post- a way to celebrate!), but I do remember have shared more birthdays that I wish to MOM.” It was Yehuda’s present. It was
ed around my home on the morning of my one birthday that was marked by quite say!) took to our old haunts in Greenwich his sign.
recent birthday. a makeshift cake. A thick white Shabbos Village, ate lunch and walked through the A sign indeed. A sign that maybe,
Its’ all part of the birthday sign tradi- candle was pushed into a Yodel, smashing old nabe. I never know whether to feel even with all my mama bumbling and
tion in our home that started with home- the little chocolate covered roll and nearly old or young when I return to the Village. fumbling, and my not always knowing
made ones, very simply hand-drawn in breaking it in half. Yes, that was the cake. Later that day, we had the cake and din- what I’m doing, and my making my mis-
black Sharpie, scotch taped to the doors And that was the candle. The birthday ner, in that order. takes along the way, maybe, just maybe,
and walls. The birthday boy or girl saw song was sung and I was able to blow out The birthday celebration continued a I’m doing something right.
them first thing waking up. candle and make a wish. few more days. At a luncheon with col- Wishing all a happy and healthy
“Happy birthday Yehuda! 8 is great! On another occasion, my dear father, leagues, I was surprised by a sparkling birthday this year.
Love, Mom, Dad, and Shaina” who meant the world to me, completely candle gracing the dessert, and wished the Cheers,
“Wow, double digits! Today you’re 10! forgot about my birthday: best once more. There were more flowers
Happy Birthday, Shaina!” “Hey, Dad, how are you?” and gifts, and oh, I was feeling the love.
“ W h o’s t h e b e s t d a d ? Ha p - “Fine.” Later that day, I got a cryptic text
py birthday!” “Do you know what today is?” from Yehuda.

YOUR CHILD needs special education.

You want her to have a Jewish education. CHILDREN’S
You want him to be included.



Bronxville Englewood
Woodcliff Lake Wyckoff


Serving Children with a Broad range of SpeCial needS

Special education uniquely integrated within Jewish Day Schools

• Individualization • Educational excellence Piñatas * Crafts * Entertainment * Sombreros * Birthday Cake
• Meeting each child’s academic, social, and emotional needs (packages range from $13.95 - $21.95 per child)
Elementary Schools n High Schools n Adult Services
for party info • 201-833-1134
201.848.4088 *

DIY Costumes for Purim

Creative, Easy, and Fun
Heidi Mae Bratt Your child can wear the two cookie halves ing these costumes together may end up
like a backpack or “sandwich board.” Ad- being just as much fun as the Purim party.

urim is around the corner — yes, just the ribbon to fit accordingly. You can Don’t forget to take pictures.
right after Chanukah, Purim items make different types of cookies by chang-
are already lining the variety ing the color of poster board you use and Tzedakah Box
store shelves — and the an- how you decorate your cookie. Cut a hole in the box for the child’s arms
nual question comes up. and head. Wrap the entire box with sil-
Your children ask, “What M&Ms ver wrapping paper. Write “Tzedakah” on
should I be this year?” Cut poster board in red, orange, yellow, the front with the Sharpie marker. Make
Why spend money green or brown, into two large circles. “coins” out of gold paper, and glue on the
on an overpriced, leftover One is for the front and the other one for front for extra emphasis.
Halloween costume when you the back. Paint a large white lower-case
can make memories and make ‘m’ on the front — or cut it out of paper Doctor or Dentist
Purim costumes at home. Here and glue it onto the poster board. Put a large white shirt on your child as
are a few easy Purim costumes a doctor’s white coat. Have him wear a
that you can make with items you Ladybug pager on the shirt pocket and hang a toy
probably already have at home. Check Have your child wear the turtleneck and stethoscope from a toy doctor’s kit around
out these ideas. leggings. Cut wing shapes out of red post- his neck. Put the rest of the doctor tools
er board. Draw or paint some large black in a black bag.
Cat circles on them. Add two holes to each
Dress your child in a hoodie, leggings, wing and thread the cord through it. Have Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About Our
and gloves. Cut four triangles out of your child wear the wings like a backpack. Children.
dark colored felt or fake fur. Glue two To make the antennae, take two pipe
each together. Cut two smaller triangles cleaners and wrap one end around the
out of lighter color felt. Glue one on headband. Glue a pompom on the other
each of the larger triangles. Glue or tape end of each of the pipe cleaners and you
the ears to the hood. Make paw pads have antennae.
out of lighter color felt. Glue them to
the gloves. Make a tail out of fake fur. Smiley Face
Tape to the leggings. Use face paint to Cut circles from yel-
draw a black nose on your cat. Use eye- low poster board
liner to draw whiskers. large enough to cover your
child’s chest and belly. Draw a
Cookie smiley face onto the yellow poster board
Cut two large circles out of brown with a black marker or cut construction
poster board. The circles should cover paper and glue it on. Punch two holes
your child’s entire abdomen. To make at the top of the poster board to con-
the chocolate chips, cut circles out of nect them with yarn. This will create a
black felt or poster board. Cut two sandwich-board style costume that will
equal pieces of brown ribbon. Glue slip over your child’s head and rest on his
or staple them to each of the cookie shoulders.
circles. Make sure the circles are both Invite your child to help with making
facing outward with the painted side. his or her costume. Spending time creat-

How About a Green Purim?

Save the green(backs) and keep the en- hand towel, apron, cloth table napkins, Purim swap shop Recycle
vironment green with these few tips this oven mitts or other useful fabric item. Your son doesn’t want to wear last year’s Making a costume from cardboard box-
Purim. Chag sameach! cowboy outfit? Many costumes are pe- es, kitchen roll tubes, etc. need not be
Cloth bags rennial favorites. Create a neighborhood old-fashioned. Your child could become
A tisket, a basket Follow the trend and give gifts in eco- swap shop with everyone’s unwanted, an iPhone, Alexa, or the latest, great-
What can you do with so many straw friendly cloth bags that your friends can worn-once Purim costumes. est gadget.
baskets and gift bags? Package your reuse for shopping.
mishloah manot in useful, reusable Raid mom or dad’s closet Share the goodies
items like storage containers, glasses, Sweet, naturally Introduce your children to the old Purim When Purim is over and you find your-
mugs, and pasta drainers. Replace candy and chocolates with tradition of creating their own costumes self overloaded with unwanted food
fresh and dried fruit or fruit leathers, from your (old) clothing, hats, shoes gifts, bring unopened food items to a lo-
It’s a wrap unsweetened fruit juices, and other and jewelry. cal charitable organization to distribute
Wrap up your food items in a pretty healthy products. to needy families.



Boys at Camp Veritans in Haledon get ready for some boxing fun. PHOTOS BY LORS PHOTOGRAPHY

Vibrant Camp Veritans:

Where Legacy Meets Modernity
Heidi Mae Bratt the outdoors, being free from school who lives in Wayne, is a third generation get it. But we welcome everyone new
and its responsibilities — that the sum- Veritans veteran. She started attend- with open arms.”

hen it comes to summer fun mer camp vacation becomes something ing the camp when she was 5 years old They call it the Disneyworld of Hale-
there was no question in the to look forward to. When a camp clicks, and while she spent a few summers at a don. A magical place, a name that goes be-
mind of Michelle Chessin of and a tradition of attending that camp sleep-away camp, she returned in junior yond the six degrees of Jewish separation.
Wayne where her four children, Sidney, 13, starts for child at a young age, and then high school. She became a counselor-in- Carla Rudow, camp director for more
Madeleine, 11, and 8-year-old twins, Con- they return year after year because last training, counselor, and now works as a than a decade, said that when she travels
ner and Colin, would go. summer was so great, so fun, and they unit head in the camp. as far as Florida and dons her Camp Veri-
“I didn’t grow up in New Jersey. I grew made so many friends, it really clicks. “Since 2006, I have not missed a sum- tans attire, she is stopped by people who
up in Rhode Island,” said Ms. Chessin. “I Children campers become tween camp- mer. I came up through the rankings,” fondly remember the camp. They must
didn’t even go to summer camp. But when ers, then they become teens that become said Ms. Blake, whose grandmother, Judy talk to her about their generational con-
it came to my children, my husband and counselors in training. And then, when Blake, was a nurse at the camp and whose nection to Camp Veritans, she said.
my mother-in-law had only one in mind. they are a little older, they become staff. father, Jim Blake, went from camper to The camp has an illustrative history.
Camp Veritans. Then they become parents, whose chil- counselor and now serves on the Veritans It is the outgrowth of Club Veritans, a
“I figured if that’s what they do here, dren go to “their” camp. And over again, Club board. Her aunt, Dara Gelerter, was philanthropic organization established
okay. It really was the best decision and the cycle of camp affection and atten- a dance instructor at the camp. in Paterson in 1926. This organization
the best thing I ever did. My kids are all dance repeats. That kind of real-family connection developed the concept of providing and
smiles, all summer long.” This is quite a common arc for camp- helps create a very warm atmosphere at maintaining the first day camp in the
Camp is an experience that is unique ers who attend Camp Veritans. the camp, one that translates into having area. Dedicated to the needs of the com-
to so many children, teenagers, and fami- Generations of Veritans veterans camp friends become lifelong friends, said munity, the club formed Camp Veritans
lies. Some are lucky enough to love sum- make the camp in Haledon a veritable people who attended the camp. in 1950 for the youngsters who needed a
mertime sports, arts and crafts, color legacy camp “It’s hard to explain,” said Ms. Blake. place to play and escape the city during
war, community, and more — being in Grace Blake, a 28-year-old teacher “But once you spend a summer there, you the hot summers.



A Variety of Camping We Will Go

Heidi Mae Bratt

From frolicking with the horsey set to swinging on silks and lyra
doing aerial acrobatics to performing play-by-play sports broad-
casting, the myriad options for summer fun are only as limited as
your imagination.
At the Bergen County Equestrian Center, a multi-service horse
facility at Overpeck County Park in Leonia, a stone’s throw from
the George Washington Bridge, a children’s camp is a summer op-
tion, in addition to its corporate team building, after-school classes,
and equestrian therapy programs. There are more than 75 horses
on its 22 acres of landscaped land. Amenities include three outdoor
riding rings, and two indoor riding rings. Established in 1974, the
multi-service horse facility at the Bergen County Equestrian Center
is a bucolic respite from suburban life and a way to gain skills and
confidence through learning to ride horses.
If skills and performance are what you want your child to gain,
Cresskill Performing Arts in Cresskill has a program replete with
choices that are creative and fun. Cresskill Performing Arts is offer-
ing a springtime camp from April 2 to 6 with dancing, acting, sing-
Lasting friendships are formed by campers at Camp Veritans. ing, arts and crafts, gymnastics and more. During the summer, it is
offering three programs for students as young as 3 years old and into
To this day, the club members push forward, the staff. There is tremendous warmth,” she said. “I their teens: Preschool Performers, Creative Children, and Preteen/
determined to provide a place where all children don’t think these things have changed.” Teen Exploring Artists.
can have a true summer experience in a coun- But in summer 2018, there will be changes, Future play-by-play sports broadcasters may want to check out
try setting. said Ms. Rudow. what’s going on at Big Time Sports Broadcasting Camp, which meets
While its history spans the decades, the This year, the sixth and seventh graders will be for a week from July 9 through 13 on the campus of Montclair State
camp, with more than three hundred 4-year-olds taking weekly trips. The campers can look forward College in Montclair. There, youngsters 10 through 18 years old, get
to 10th graders each summer on its bucolic and to a heated pool. And the multi-purpose room a chance to learn from the pros, meet sports celebrities, and make
sprawling 60-acres, is very forward thinking and where many indoor activities take place, is now play-by-play, sports anchor and reporting tapes. Who knows what
progressive for its 21st century campers. air-conditioned. could come from this experience? Campers have gone on to careers
“We are a traditional camp with family val- For Ms. Chassin, her four children are look- in sports broadcasting.
ues,” said Ms. Rudow, the director. “Our goal is ing forward to their return to Camp Veritans At bergenPAC Performing Arts School Summer Programs in En-
to keep that traditional feel, while still being in this summer. glewood, camps are offered in musical theater, as well as childhood
the 21st century. We are a mature camp, but we The camp gives her children a place to ex- music programs for toddlers and preschools. Of course, the session
have worked very hard to keep up with the mod- plore different parts of themselves. For example, is capped with a performance by the campers.
ern era.” said Ms. Chessin, her girls are involved in soccer Tried and true traditional day camps in the area are also offer-
Another thing that is a constant at Camp Veri- during the school year. Her boys play basketball, ing summer fun. In Rockland Country, the JCC Rockland Camps in
tans is that it is a “whole family” camp. soccer and fly football. But at camp, she said, West Nyack, New York, provides seven different camp programs
“When your child comes to the camp we take her daughters’ inner actors and dancers came with something for everyone. The JCC Rockland Camps welcomes
care of your child, but we see to it that the whole out as they seized the chance to get on stage campers from all backgrounds and faiths.
family is taken care of. We want the whole family and perform. At the Neal Klaskin Day Camp at the JCC on the Palisades in
to enjoy the summer,” said Ms. Rudow. “One way “In the summertime they starred in the play,” Tenafly, the offerings range from the more traditional day camp and
is family fun night, we have an open door visitor said Ms. Chessin. “Another side of them came out. mini-day camp to a broad range of specialty programs, including
policy. Parents can come and visit any time. They It was amazing to see them up on stage because comedy workshops, science intensives, and everything in between.
just have to give a heads up. We want to keep that they hadn’t done that before. They are normally The JCC on the Palisades program also offers several summer op-
extended family connected generationally.” shy, but in camp, they feel so comfortable that they tions for special needs campers, including its Camp Tikvah, Camp
And they have. do everything. They feel like it’s home.” Haverim, On Our Own, a special summer camp for young adults,
Lee Ann Beck, 71, who attended the camp Family is a word that comes up again and Therapeutic Nursery, and a Toddler Socialization Class.
when she was a girl and worked as a junior coun- again when speaking to Veritans veterans. Camp Little Feet at Temple Beth Rishon in Wykoff offers young-
selor there and later as a nurse for 31 years, can In fact, said Ms. Chassin, when her twins er campers, 2 to 5 years old, a chance to dip their toe into the camp-
write a history of the camp herself. Her father, turned 8 in December, they received a birthday ing experience. Swimming and tennis are on the agenda, in addition
Nathan Friedman of Paterson, was part of the card from their camp counselor. to many more activities for those who attend.
Veritans Club. She sent her two children, Jeffrey The children are third generation Veritans Would your child prefer going to a sleep-away camp? Camp
and Susan, to the camp. campers. Their father David Chassin was a camp- Ramah in the Berkshires celebrates 55 years of camping fun. The
In fact, on June 14, 2015, her son, Jeffrey, a er there. Their grandfather, Neil Chassin, also is a Ramah experience is rich and varied, combining creative and stimu-
Veritans veteran who came up through the ranks Veritans alum. lating programs in the arts, athletics, music, outdoor adventure, and
and worked until he was a unit head, got mar- What is it that makes the place so special Jewish education. It’s a place of life-long friendships.
ried on the campgrounds. They set up the chup- that its campers, parents and others speak in such Shoring up academic skills during vacation? There is a summer
pah on the soccer field, and the mess hall was glowing terms? school that won’t take away your summer fun. Fusion Academy in
transformed into a wedding banquet hall. There “I think a lot of it is in the community of the Englewood offers one-to-one classes, that is one student and one
was kosher barbecue on the menu and a cupcake counselors and the people who work there,” said teacher per classroom. This allows for a personalized curriculum and
truck for sweet endings to the meal. What fun. Ms. Chassin. “The community is so welcoming. schedule that can work around other summer plans.
Just like camp. They bring out the best in my children. I don’t
“There are things that are still the same,” said know how they do it, but they do it.” Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About Our Children.
Ms. Beck. “The quality of activities, the hot kosher
lunch, the Shabbat service, the camaraderie among Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About Our Children.



When Tummy Aches

Become Stomach Troubles
Heidi Mae Bratt nal pain associated with bloody we are seeing more fatty liver
or green vomiting, persistent disease. Also any child with con-

ear ing “my t ummy vomiting, and abdominal pain stipation, which is not improv-
hurts” from a young- with bloody diarrhea can be ing would benefit from seeing
ster can strike fear in signs of a surgical condition, a pediatric gastroenterologist.
the heart of a parent. Stomach pancreatitis, or inflammatory We have more time than the pe-
aches, though, are a common bowel disease. Of course, any diatrician to address medication,
complaint among children, and swallowed foreign body should behavior modification, and diet
most are completely normal. be evaluated in the emergen- when treating constipation.
They usually suggest that a child cy department. AOC: Gluten-free diets have
ate too much or needs to go to AOC: When should a par- become popular. What is celiac
the bathroom. But how do you ent go beyond the pediatrician disease and how common is it
know when tummy troubles sig- and seek the care of a pediat- in children?
nal something more serious? ric gastroenterologist. Dr. Volpert: Celiac disease is
About Our Children consult- Dr. Orellana: For any chronic an immune-mediated condition,
ed with pediatric gastroenterol- symptoms such as diarrhea for which is incited by ingestion of
ogists Drs. Katherine A. Orellana more than three weeks or poor gluten-containing foods. Suscep-
and Diana Volpert of the Valley weight gain, which can be a sign tibility to celiac disease is largely
Medical Group for some guid- of inflammatory bowel disease determined by genetic factors,
ance on the matter. or celiac disease. Heartburn or and tends to run in families.
About Our Children: What reflux, which does not improve Within the general population
are the most common stomach with acid suppression medica- the prevalence of celiac disease
issues for children? tion, can be a sign of an allergic is 1 in 133 individuals, whereas in
Dr. Orellana: Constipation, condition such as eosinophilic first-degree relatives it can be as
GERD (gastroesophageal reflux esophagitis. Persistent vomit- high as 1 in 18.
disease), abdominal pain, feed- ing or recurrent vomiting can be Celiac disease may be as-
ing issues (poor weight gain, a sign of an anatomic problem, sociated with other condi-
picky eater), lactose intolerance, cyclic vomiting syndrome, or tions, most commonly various
irritable bowel syndrome, and celiac disease. Rectal bleeding autoimmune disorders. These
rectal bleeding. can be due to a fissure from con- include, but are not limited to
AOC: When does a garden- stipation, polyp or inflamma- thyroid disease and diabetes
variety tummy ache become tory bowel disease. Persistent mellitus. In younger children,
something of greater concern, elevation of liver tests would celiac disease may present with
and when should a parent seek warrant evaluation by a pediat- chronic diarrhea, abdominal for celiac patients, provided that pain can be affected by emotions
emergency treatment? ric gastroenterologist. With the pain, or irritability. In older chil- contamination with gluten does or life experiences, and thereby
Dr. Orellana: Any child with increasing number of children dren and adults, it may manifest not occur. result in irritable bowel syn-
severe abdominal pain, abdomi- who are overweight and obese, with constipation, abdominal Adhering to a gluten-free drome (IBS). IBS is characterized
pain, or short stature. diet is often challenging, espe- by abdominal cramping, bloat-
Diagnosis of celiac disease cially since there are many hid- ing, and alternating bouts of di-
begins with a simple blood test den sources of gluten in many arrhea and constipation. Studies
looking for celiac markers. This food products. Therefore, con- have also shown an association
helps doctors screen individu- firmation of the diagnosis is between anxiety, depression and
als who are suspected of having essential prior to committing a abdominal pain.
the condition, and to determine child to this regimen. However, The psychosocial conse-
who needs further work up. failure to properly treat an in- quences for older children who
Definitive confirmation of the dividual with celiac disease car- get into a cycle of emotionally
diagnosis is made by biopsy of ries potential adverse long-term driven abdominal symptoms
the small intestine, which is ob- health consequences. can be quite demoralizing. Par-
tained via an upper endoscopy. AOC: How does stress af- ents can help by being compas-
Once the diagnosis of celiac fect stomach problems and can sionate and understanding of
disease is made, the only treat- you recommend ways to reduce their child’s pain. In addition,
ment is a lifelong, strict gluten- stress in youngsters? parents should also be mind-
free diet. Foods that are harmful Dr. Volpert: There are many ful of sticking to a regular daily
to patients with celiac disease different areas of the brain in- routine for their children. This
contain wheat, rye and or bar- volved in the sensation of ab- includes making sure that chil-
ley. Products made of rice and dominal pain. At least one of dren eat a well-balanced diet,
maize are generally safe to eat, these areas relates to the in- keep active, and get a full night
and are usually used as sub- tensity of the pain, while other rest every day.
stitutes for wheat-containing areas relate to memories and
items. Oat-based products are emotions. Because of this in- Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of
Drs. Katherine A. Orellana, left, and Diana Volpert also normally considered safe terconnection the perception of About Our Children.



How to Deal with an Angry Child

Slovie Jungreis-Wolff listen.” Younger children can be told that We can only appreciate the thrill of ing back and forth. Laugh, smile, and don’t
they can sit in a ‘calm down space’ until success if we sweat, climb and sometimes take everything so seriously. Your child will

here are times that we must deal the tantrum is over. There is no problem fall. Everyone must deal with loss some- enjoy your time together; your connection
with an angry child. The harder we in saying to older children that they obvi- time. We cannot shield our children forever. will grow and strengthen. Don’t wait for a
try to inspire and guide, the more ously need a breather and you are here gap to form and then wonder how you can
this child seems to pull away. As the gap when they are ready to speak. Our goal 9. Communicate love. bridge the divide.
between us grows, we find ourselves at a is to teach children to find a way to calm Children who feel cared for feel secure
loss. We confront heavy silences, sudden themselves in angry moments. and safe. Even if they are upset, they know 10. Role model.
outbursts, feeling estranged and a deep deep inside that they are loved. No mat- The first nine tips are meaningless if our
pain as harsh words are flung at us. Often 5. Discover the trigger. ter what happens in life this is one belief children watch us lose control when we are
we want to explode. It is a good idea to ask yourself, “What that will never be altered. Show your child confronted with frustration or disappoint-
Here are 10 practical tips on how to triggered this outburst in my child?” that you love him by expressing interest in ment. How we deal with our challenges is
deal with an angry child. Children often explode because they are his ideas and interests. Try to join him at the greatest teaching moment of all.
feeling embarrassed, left out, anxious, dinner time whenever possible. Put down
1. Don’t react to anger with anger. frustrated or hurt. They respond in anger your iPad and phone and really listen. Slovie Jungreis-Wolff is a parenting educa-
We accomplish nothing by losing our because they feel helpless. Anger is an Share your thoughts with him and talk tor, a couples counselor and the author of
temper, yelling, or giving emotional ulti- emotion; what is the source? about your day. Be involved in his activities “Raising A Child With Soul,” St. Martin’s Press.
matums. When we are out of control, we instead of just dropping off and carpool-
say things we don’t mean. Often we are 6. Create alternative solutions.
left with regret. We certainly don’t solve Instead of simply criticizing or disciplin-
the problem and, in fact, we may cause ing the angry outburst, explore better
greater damage. Parents who yell encour- responses together. In a calm moment —
age children to yell back louder or retreat certainly not in the eye of the storm — ask
into a shell. your child for other options besides rage.

Why choose
Explain that he can be part of the solution
2. Don’t slap or get physical. and not the problem. But we need to pro-
Many times I receive questions from par- vide the tools. You can role-play or discuss

Fusion for
ents about hitting. Usually it goes some- together how this can be handled better
thing like this: next time.
“My parents/in-laws/husband/wife/
says that what this kid needs is a good
slap. That was the only thing that worked
7. Focus on your own physical
reaction. summer
when we were growing up and it is the When we start to pay attention, we rec-
only thing that will set this child straight.” ognize that our bodies give us warning
Sorry, today this will just not fly. You signals before we reach the explosive ter-
will only be teaching your child to hit ritory of no return. If we take a step back
when he is frustrated or angered, you will we realize that our hearts are racing, we
also begin to notice that your children clench our jaws or fists. We breathe dif-
are using their hands against each other. ferently, narrow our eyes, and become
Nothing was accomplished. Ask yourself enraged. As we grow more attuned to
how this child will handle his frustrations our body’s ‘red flags’ we can learn to step
as a husband or father one day. back at that crucial moment. This can be

1 2
life transforming as we rid ourselves of
3. Don’t give in to nagging. angry, out of control reactions. Customized Summer Scheduling One-To-One Classrooms
When a child sees that constant nagging Sleep in, go on vacation, start anytime, That’s right, just one student and
forces you to retreat from your position, 8. Allow children to experience fail- and finish early - we work around one teacher per classroom - always.
summer activities. Personalized learning happens here!
he learns exactly which button to push. ure and frustration.
He comes to understand that whining or Too many kids today do not know how to
refusing to take your ‘no’ as a final answer
will yield results. Whenever he does not
handle failure and disappointment. They
crumble as they taste defeat. Thinking 3 Get Ahead For Fall
For credit or tutoring, Fusion offers
4 Cool Electives For Fun
Or For Credit
get his way he will go into tantrum mode that they are helping, parents intervene three learning levels, essential, Fusion invests in art and music. Our
until you surrender. It makes no difference from the earliest days so that their chil- college prep, and honors. variety of electives easily surpasses
if you are dealing with a toddler or a teen, dren can grow up happy and stress free. any other summer school option.
as a parent you cannot be afraid to say ‘no’. “Won’t that be too difficult for him to
Be consistent and stick to your decision. deal with?”
“Won’t she be sad if that happens?” 250+ Classes for Credit | Tutoring/Mentoring | Arts & Wellness
4. Wait for calm to talk it out. But this is not real life. Instead of Summer Programming | Full-Time Academy
Our sages teach us that we should not ap- helping our children, we are hindering
proach a person in their moment of an- them. When children don’t know how to
ger. Trying to reason with your child in the deal with a poor grade, loss of a game, Fusion Academy Englewood
midst of his outburst will not cede the re- school deadlines, or difficulties with 323.258.2012
sults you are seeking. Use minimal words friends, they grow frustrated and angry.
10 Sterling Blvd Suite 201
and say, “When you are ready to speak These kids give up easily or wait for their
Englewood, NJ 07631
calmly and respectfully, I am happy to parents to fix the situation.



Power of Unity
Matriarchs, Patriarchs, Tribes and Students
Heidi Mae Bratt

hat was the weeklong fever Then it was all about the competition be-
at The Frisch School in which tween the grades, which this year included
students worked with excite- two new contests into mix: the Rube Gold-
ment and intensity into the night? berg Machine Competition and the Scav-
It was Shiriyah, a mega, multi-dis- enger Hunt.
ciplinary event that not only celebrates Every year, each grade is assigned
school spirit and Torah knowledge, but a Torah or Jewish theme that must be
engaged the more than 700 high school weaved into every presentation they
students in grade and school unity by produce, which includes a colorful mural
using art, song, dance, and drama to un- decorating one of the walls of the build-
derscore the school’s values of academic ing, thematic installations of the school’s
excellence, religious growth, kindness, and corridors, videos, a stomp (dance with ac-
compassion. companying drum beat), and a slow and
Capped by the finale that took place a fast song.
on January 11, and which drew thousands This year’s themes celebrated the ma-
to the Paramus campus — in addition to Frisch freshman rehearsing for the big night of the Shiriyah performance. triarchs, patriarchs and the 12 tribes, with
scores of alumni who watched the live freshman assigned Avraham and Sarah;
stream from universities across the coun- sophomore Ami Ramras in the school you can,” he wrote. sophomores, Yitzchak and Rivka; juniors,
try and from Israel — Shiriyah 5778 was newspaper, “Frisch Bits.” After a humorous video announcing Yaakov, Rachel and Leah, and the seniors,
another triumph, declared students, par- “If you guessed Shiriyah, you were the breakout of the weeklong event, a par- the 12 tribes.
ents, administrators, and other fans. right. Why wouldn’t they? Shiriyah fea- ody of the popular Netflix series “Stranger Avraham and Sarah were the para-
“What do all people that work or tures a full week of working together with Things,” and the announcement of the cap-
study at Frisch look forward to?” wrote your grade, using your talents in any way tains and generals, the fever was unleashed. Power of Unity continued on page 19



A Reason to Smile
How To Deal Successfully
With Too Much Twos
Adina Soclof es allows them to assert their autonomy, but safely, be-
cause you, the parent, are still in charge. Choices foster a

hen those terrible twos hit, many parents are sense of self as children come to learn that their prefer-
unprepared for the challenge. It seems as if ences can be communicated and respected.
children are a whirlwind of activity inter- Some simple choices are:
spersed with meltdowns and even defiance. “Do you want to take your book or a snack to the doc-
As always, parents can better manage their toddlers
if they understand that there are very valid reasons for
tor?” “Do you want me to buckle you or do you want to
buckle yourself? “Do you want the blue or green cup?” “Do
their (bad) behavior. Toddlers act in this way because you want to put your pants on first or your shirt on first?”
they have become more mobile. They have moved past These questions seem as if they can take a lot of time, We put the Care
the crawling, cruising stage to the running, climbing but can save you hours in avoiding those toddler power
stage. Parents now need to set even more limits: “No, get struggles.
into Dental Care!
down from the counter!” “Move away from the oven!” Richard S. Gertler, DMD, FAGD
This angers children; they can’t take all the “Nos.” De- 3. Humor: Ari Frohlich, DMD
velopmentally, they haven’t learned how to handle frus- A sense of humor is a must when dealing with toddlers; Sami Solaimanzadeh, DMD
tration in productive ways, so they cry and whine and they respond so well to playfulness. When moving children
eventually melt down. from activity to activity, parents can make it fun, “Let’s pre-
1008 Teaneck Road • Teaneck
At the same time, children are learning that they are tend that the bath is the ocean and we are dolphins! We
separate from their parents. They are now starting to un- need water to live! Let’s get to the bath fast!” “Let’s pretend 201.837.3000
derstand that they have their own body, thoughts and feel- we are vacuum cleaners and pick up all the puzzle pieces!”
ings. They start to assert their independence. Now they Singing is also a great way to help get kids transition, Visit us on Facebook
need to feel in charge of themselves. This is when they start “We are going to eat dinner, to eat dinner, to eat dinner….”,
to say “Me do it!” They get really angry when they are un- “It is time to leave the park, the park, the park…” Most Convenient Morning, Evening & Sunday Hours
able to buckle themselves into their car seats, or they are parents, when it is time to clean up, have definitely used
not allowed to walk by themselves in the parking lot. the clean-up song to get everyone going.
So now that their behavior makes a little bit more
sense, here are five simple ways that parents can handle 4. Kids are never too young for empathy:
these toddler years. Enforcing limits time and again can be frustrating for
both parties. However, limits given along with empathy Gymnastics • Silks & Hammocks & Lyra
1. Prevention is worth an ounce of cure: can soften the blow. It sounds like this:
Dance • Acting • Musical Theater • Voice • Choreography

Fencing • Princess Dance • and more • age 2-1/2 to adults

The most relaxed parents are the ones who set them- “You are so sad because your video is over. You want
selves up for success. They know that they shouldn’t take
their children on an errand at the end of the day or will
to watch another video so badly. The rule is one video.”
“It is so frustrating, you wanted to stay longer at the Performing Arts
skip the visit to the highly stimulating amusement park. park. It is time for us to leave.” 300 Knickerbocker Rd · Cresskill
Most children (and adults) do not work well when they “You sound so mad! You wanted another candy. The
are hungry, tired, and overwhelmed with sights and sen- rule is one candy.” Imagine your child
sations, (loud noises and bright lights). This doesn’t mean that your child will stop resisting. having fun in the arts!
The simplest way to ensure good behavior (or at You might have to use these phrases over and over again.
least some sort of reasonableness) from your toddler is However, it gives parents something to say that is kind
to make sure that they are getting a good night’s sleep, and helpful while enforcing the rules. It often keeps par-
appropriate naps, and are well fed. Although it is not al- ents calm and can be soothing for children.
ways possible, it’s best if you take them to a venue that
is age appropriate for them, like parks, mini-amusement 5. Patience is physical:
parks, and the baby pool. I was complaining to one of my very smart and kind
Another trigger for bad behavior is rushing. Most friends about how tired I was and how I seem to be los-
toddlers cannot transition from activity to activity eas- ing it with more and more with my toddler. “I feel like my
ily. They need a lot of wiggle room. It is helpful to give patience is shot!”
children a lot of advance warnings before you need to She said, “You need a break, you can’t raise a family
leave home, get them into their pajamas or before putting if you are not filling up your own gas tank. Patience is
them to sleep. physical, my dear!”
Join us!
Similarly, if you know your child spends a lot of time She is right. Patience is physical. I have a lot more
Born to Perform April Break Camp
in the bath and hates getting out, make that a part of patience with my kids if I have eaten a healthy dinner, April 2–6
your schedule. Parents often know when a temper tan- had my multivitamin and gotten a good night’s sleep. As Summer Performing Arts Camp
trum is coming. Don’t act surprised. Try to schedule in parents we can’t always do that, but we should strive for Weekly, Monthly, All Summer
that inevitable meltdown. So if Eli usually cries when he it. It should be our number one priority. June 25–August 24
has to put on his pajamas and it takes him about 15 min-
utes, until he calms down, schedule in that extra time Adina Soclof is a parent educator, professional development
during your bedtime routine. instructor, and speech pathologist working with children in a Camps are filling fast!
school setting. She is the founder of and 201 390-7513 • 201 266-8830
2. Choices: delivers parenting classes as well as professional development
Since toddlers are experimenting with independence, workshops. For more information,
they like to feel like they’re in control. Giving them choic- or


is back for our 13th year
to Summer Camps
7 9-13, 2018
4 DAY CAMPS it easy on parents as well. Campers also have
access to transportation and extended care
Camp Little Feet
Boys & Girls 10-18 Nation’s at Temple Beth Rishon
services. JCC membership is required.
The NKDC Experience
Day/Overnight #1 Sports 585 Russell Avenue
Wyckoff, NJ 07481 Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
options available Broadcasting Phone: 201-891-6074 Taub Campus
411 East Clinton Avenue
Camp! Fax: 201-891-0508 Tenafly, NJ 07670
•• Learn
Pros Ages: 2 – 5 201-567-8963
•• Meet sports celebrities
Meet sports celebrities Session: June 26 – August 18 (Can do any or
all weeks) Sessions: Monday through Friday, June
• Make play-by-play & Cost: $2,700 for 5 days a week, 8 weeks 25 – August 17, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (one week
• reporting
Make play-by-play
& reporting tapes Counselor to camper ratio: 5 to 1 sessions)
Deadline: None, but first come, first served Grades: 3rd to 5th grade
•• Make
tapes from a
from Swimming at Goldfish Swim School (2x per An incredible variety of specialty camps is of-
and much more!
much more! week), Tennis by Teddy Tennis, professional fered for a full day of fun, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
teachers, outdoor water playground, new and are all-inclusive, providing lunch, snacks,
For more
call 800.319.0884 or air-conditioned facility. Please see our ad on daily swim and towel service. Campers also
have access to transportation and extended
800.319.0884 or visit
page 13.
visit Camp Veritans
care services. Disciplines include science, tech- 225 Pompton Road
nology, fine arts, dance, drama, sports, and Haledon, NJ 07508
more. Mix-N-Match your camps for a full sum- mer experience or just choose the weeks that
work for you. For camp dates, details, and to
register, visit JCC member-
ship is required for campers in third grade
Pre-K – 10th grade
June 27-August 17 through age 10. Not a member? Ask about
Counselor to camper ratio: 1:8, but lower in our $750 camp families summer membership
most cases ($250 for families who are new to the JCC). Are
you simply a camp person? Do specialty camps
Camp Veritans is a summer day camp for chil-
speak to you some of the time, but sometimes
dren entering Pre-K through 10th grade. We
you just want to go to back to the camp you

Your Child’s
offer a variety of fantastic activities on our
grew up in? Enjoy so many of the activities you
beautiful 64 acre campus, including Red Cross
loved in NKDC, and build on that love with the
swim instruction, amazing sports, creative

Summer Memories
NKDC Experience! Get all the fun of NKDC,
arts, ropes/challenge course, in addition to dai-
with the added bonus of weekly field trips,
ly catered lunches, transportation and so much
special workshops, and more.

Start at Camp Veritans

more. Specialized trip and travel program for
eighth and ninth graders and a comprehensive
CIT program for our 10th graders. Please see SLEEP-AWAY CAMP

Day Camp! our ad on page 12.

JCC Rockland Camps
Camp Ramah in the Berkshires
P.O. Box 515
Wingdale, NY 12594
450 West Nyack Road
West Nyack, NY 10994 845-832-6622
Four, Five, Six, Seven or Eight Week Sessions Available Phone: 845-362-4400
Fax: 845-362-5107 Camp Ramah in the Berkshires, located in Duchess County N.Y., provides transformative
Session dates: June 25 – August 17 summer experiences for Jewish youth grades
Cost: $375/$400 per week four through 11. Its 200-acre site boasts a
Counselor to camper ratio: 1:8 beautiful lake and first-class sports facilities.
Deadline for registration: Ongoing The Ramah experience is rich and varied, com-
JCC Rockland Camps provides seven camp bining creative as stimulating programming in
programs offering something for everyone. JCC arts, athletics, music, outdoor adventure and
Rockland welcomes all ages, faiths, and back- informal Jewish education. Children are able
grounds. Please see our ad on page 14. to grow and learn in a nurturing Jewish envi-
ronment surrounded by lifelong friends and
Neil Klatskin Day Camp spirited role models. Camp Ramah in the Berk-
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades shires is infused with traditions and values of
Tuition Includes: Wide Variety of Programs: Taub Campus Conservative Judaism and celebrating its 55th
411 E. Clinton Avenue year. Please see our ad on page 15.
• Daily Catered Hot Kosher Lunches • Serving Pre-K • Arts & Crafts • Soccer Tenafly, NJ 07670
• Daily Transportation to 10th Grade • Archery • Football Phone: 201-567-8963
• Nature • Mad Science
• Low Camper to Counselor Ratio • …and so
• Go Karts • Basketball much more! Age 3 – Grade 2 Bergen County Equestrian Center
• Red Cross Instructional Swim • Ropes Course • Cooking Mon – Fri, June 25 – August 17 (at Overpeck Park)
• Extended Day Option Available 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (shorter days available for 40 Fort Lee Road
preschoolers) Leonia, NJ, 07605
4-Year-Old Heated 201-336-3370
NKDC offers campers a summer of adventure
Program pool and and nonstop fun with many exciting options,
Available air conditioned including Hebrew immersion for native He- The Bergen County Equestrian Center estab-
multipurpose brew speakers. Our camps features a beautiful lished in 1974 is a multi-service horse facility
building 21-plus acre campus with three pools, a sprin- on 22 acres of landscaped land providing a
Call or Email for a kler park, sports facilities, a low ropes course home for over 75 horses at Overpeck County
Personalized Tour! with zip line, indoor rainy-day facilities and
more. Your camper will enjoy the outdoors,
Park in Leonia, New Jersey, (minutes away from
the GWB). Amenities include three outdoor learn new skills, make new friends and ex- riding rings, two indoor riding rings air con-
plore their personal interests. With dynamic, ditioned tack rooms, and heated lounge with
(973) 956-1220 age-appropriate programming that includes a panoramic view of the main indoor arena for
sports, swimming, art, drama, music, Judaic optimum horse show training. Programs in-
programming, special events and more, your clude children’s camp, after-school classes, cor- camper will experience an incredible summer porate team building and A Stable Life, which
WeLoveCampVeritans to remember. Camper ages 3 to kindergarten is an equestrian therapy program for families,
(973) 956-1220 are led by head counselors who are certified small groups, and individuals looking to heal
educators. Our day camps are all-inclusive, pro- their souls with the presence and interaction
225 Pompton Road, Haledon, NJ 07508 viding lunch, snacks, and towel service, making of the grace of a horse. Dedicated and fully



trained instructors and therapists work to en- SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CAMPS instructors from Israel and the U.S. Curriculum Bounce U
sure riders receive a positive riding experience developed by Big Idea, the leaders of tech edu- 70 Eisenhower Drive
and a unique physical and bond with a horse. Kaplen JCC on the Palisades cation in Israel. All-inclusive, providing lunch, Paramus, NJ 07652
The equestrian is also the home to Columbia Science Camp (NKDC Specialty Camp) snacks, daily swim, and towel service. Camp- 201-843-5880
University’s Man of War Program. Please see Taub Campus ers have access to transportation and extended
our ad on page 15. 411 East Clinton Avenue care services. JCC membership required for
Tenafly, NJ 07670 campers in grade three through age 10. 424 Market Street
Big Time Sports Broadcasting Camp 201-567-8963 Nanuet, NY 10954
1420 Walnut Street, Suite 605 845-623-5400
Philadelphia, PA Grades 3rd through 6th grade ARTS, PERFORMANCE
Phone: 800-319-0884 Mon. through Friday, July 9 – August 9, AND MUSIC CAMPS 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (one week sessions) Art of Excellent Studio Create and Bounce Art Camp
Boys & Girls Ages 10 – 18 Explore the world of STEAM — science, tech- Artist, Rina Goldhagen
Dates: July 9 – 13 A little bit of exercise goes a long way toward
nology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Dates: Summer 2018 inspiring your artists’ minds. BounceU’s Cre-
Day/Overnight options available Each week experienced science teachers will Ages 7 – Adult ate and Bounce program gives kids a chance
The Sports Broadcasting Camp, located on the facilitate a challenging and innovative program 201-248-4779 to enjoy physical activity and creative time
campus of Montclair State College in Mont- using hands on experiments, projects, and lots in equal doses, offering an experience that’s
clair this summer, is celebrating its 12th year. of fun. All-inclusive, providing lunch, snacks, Themed Arts and Craft camps available this healthy, mentally engaging and seriously fun.
Learn from the pros. Meet sports celebrities; daily swim and towel service. Campers have summer. You can email inquiries to artofexcel- Complete with lunch, snacks, and games, it’s
make play-by-play, sports anchor, and report- access to transportation and extended care Ongoing lessons and a one-of-a-kind camp experience they’ll never
ing tapes. Participate in mock sports talk radio services. JCC membership required for camp- portfolio classes available. Unlock your creative forget. Please see our ad on page 3.
and PTI-style shows, and much more. Please ers in grade 3 through age 10. with classes in drawing and watercolor. Please
see our ad on page 12. see our ad on page 19. Cresskill Performing Arts
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades 300 Knickerbocker Road, Suite 1100
Fusion Academy Big Idea Hi-Tech Camp (NKDC Specialty bergenPAC Performing Arts School Cresskill, NJ 07626
10 Sterling Boulevard, Suite 201 Camp) Summer Programs Phone: 201-390-7513
Englewood, NJ 07631 Taub Campus and 201-266-8830
1 Depot Square
201-431-9554 411 East Clinton Avenue
Englewood, NJ 07631 Tenafly, NJ 07670 Ages: Toddlers – adults (studio)
Finally, there’s a summer school that won’t take Grades: 3rd to 8th grade Ages: 3 – teens (camp program)
away your summer fun. At Fusion, all classes Ages: 3 months to 18 years old Born to Perform April Break Camp is April
are one-to-one: one student and one teacher Sessions: Monday-Friday, June 25 – August Session Dates: Multiple sessions in July and 2 – 6. Half day and full-day camp available.
per classroom. This allows us to personalize 17, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (two-week sessions August Dancing, acting, singing, arts & crafts, gymnas-
curriculum and schedule around your family’s available) Cost: $800 with early bird discounts tics, silks & hammocks & Iyra, creative Legos,
summer plans. Sleep in or go on vacation with- Design your future at our innovative tech camp. Counselor to camper ratio: 3:15 and more. Be productive, busy, happy and
out worrying about when classes fit in. Get Big Idea is a perfect mix of cutting-edge tech Deadline for registration: Rolling admissions challenged during the school break. Born to
ahead for fall with credits or tutoring. Fusion workshops and outdoor summer fun. Children through start dates Perform Summer Camp: 3 programs, 9 weeks,
offers three learning levels: essential, college get to focus on special projects, including ro- Camps offered in musical theater with final ages 3 – teens. Preschool Performers. Creative
prep, and honors. In addition, there are lots of botics, digital photography, coding, 3D model- performances, as well as an early childhood Children, Preteen/Teen Exploring Artists come
fun electives as well as an array of classes in art ing, DJ, film production and even fashion, all music program for toddlers and pre-school for one or two weeks or all summer. June 25
and music. Please see our ad on page 9. taught in hands-on workshops by professional kids. Please see our ad on page 13. – August 24. Early drop-off/late pick-up helps

Registration Is Open for Summer 2018
Ages 2 – 6 • 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Enroll for the summer or single weeks
• Special themes and events every week
• We bus children twice a week for Goldfish swim lessons
and lunch
• Teddy Tennis once a week
• Bright, enclosed playground with outdoor garden
• Seasoned, kind, and engaging teachers
Pricing Online at:
Questions: Hillary Posner,
Director Early Childhood Education

Temple Beth Rishon

585 Russell Avenue Wyckoff, NJ

working parents, too. Early registration gift; Sessions: Monday through Friday, July
call 201-390-7513 for details. Please see our ad 30 – August 17, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (one-week

on page 11. sessions)
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Week 1: Comedy Playmaking and Perform-
Dance Intensive (NKDC Specialty Camp) ing — Students create their own comedy
Taub Campus scripts and put them together for a 5-star per-
411 East Clinton Avenue formance. Week 2: Comedy Theater — Learn
Tenafly, NJ 07670 cool comic skills for sticky situations. Includes
201-567-8963 performances for family and other JCC camps. Week 3: Comedy in Movies — Find out what
Set on the pristine Grades 3 through 11 makes a movie funny and how to spot and
Sessions: Monday through Friday, July build on the surprising comic sides of life. Stu-
Henry Kaufmann 30 – August 10, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (two-week dents will create and take home the film they
Campgrounds session) star in with a green screen to make a special
background. All-inclusive, providing lunch,
Enjoy two weeks of dance technique that
explores all the latest crazes and new dance snacks, daily swim and towel service. Camp-
forms. Students take sessions in ballet, jazz, ers have access to transportation and extended
Jewish culture, jewish music, and hip-hop each day, while working toward an care services. JCC membership required for
campers in grade 3 through age 10.
Shabbat Programming end-of-camp dance performance on stage and
in costume. Improve skill level, build strength, Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
and gain more flexibility while having a great Fine Arts Camp (NKDC Specialty Camp)
time. All-inclusive, providing lunch, snacks, Taub Campus
Camp Yomi strikes a daily swim and towel service. Campers have 411 East Clinton Avenue
harmonious balance between access to transportation and extended care
services. JCC membership required for camp-
Tenafly, NJ 07670
nature and innovation—and ers in grade 3 through age 10.
Grades: 3rd though 6th
gives campers access to the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Sessions: Monday through Friday, June
Center-Stage (NKDC Specialty Camp)
latest resources Taub Campus
25 – August 17, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (one week
411 East Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, NJ 07670 Get creative and have a blast at Fine Arts
Camp. Each week campers focus on a differ-
Three large pools of varying 201-567-8963 ent, exciting project that will incorporate new
depths and an awesome Grades 4 though 9 art skills, methodology and mediums including
jewelry making, painting, textiles, sculpting,
Sessions: Monday through Friday, June
water slide 25 – July 13, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (three-week and more. Each session features a visiting artist
session) who will teach a hands-on workshop in their
This exciting performing experience for be- craft. All-inclusive, providing lunch, snacks,
daily swim and towel service. Campers have
Film making, Art, Theater, ginner/intermediate and advanced actors
access to transportation and extended care
combines everyone’s favorite, “Alice in Won-
jewelry making, ceramics derland,” and its comic sequel, “Through the services. JCC membership required for camp-
Looking Glass,” to create an incredible high-lev- ers in grade 3 through age 10.
el Broadway-style musical with set, costumes,
Virtual reality climbing tower challenging dialogue, big musical numbers SPORTS PROGRAMS/CAMPS
and solos. Includes daily workshops in acting, Ice Vault
with zip line movement, singing and improvisation. Each 10 Nevins Road
student develops immeasurable skills, great Wayne, NJ 07470
confidence and has the chance to realize their 973-628-1500
Archery range dreams as a performer. All-inclusive, provid-
ing lunch, snacks, daily swim and towel service.
Summer ice hockey camps include: Erik Nates
Campers have access to transportation and ex- Euro Hockey from August 20 through August
tended care services. JCC membership required
Baseball fields, soccer fields, for campers in grade 3 through age 10.
24; FUNdamental Camp (Atoms to 10 years
old) from July 2 to July 6; Laura Stamm Power
basketball courts, tennis Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Skating for 7 to 11 year olds, and 11 to adult,
Broadway Showtime (NKDC Specialty July 9 through July 12; ProAmbitions from July
courts, floor hockey court, Camp) 23 through July 27. Please check the website for
summer applications and updates. Please see
sand volleyball and 5 gaga pits Taub Campus
our ad on page 19.
411 East Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, NJ 07670 Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
201-567-8963 Multi-Sport Camp (NKDC Specialty
STEM programming in
Grades 5th through 11th Camp)
collaboration with New York Sessions: Monday through Friday, July Taub Campus
411 East Clinton Avenue
Academy of Science 16 – 27, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (two-week session)
Tenafly, NJ 07670
A new high-level musical theater experience 201-567-8963
for intermediate/advanced students to increase
and refine their skills in singing, dance and
Electives building great characters in a classic and very
Grades: 3rd through 8th
Sessions: Monday through Friday, June 25 –
funny production of “Fiddler on the Roof and August 17, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (one week
Friends.” Daily workshops increase skill levels sessions)
Weekly special events and jump-start confidence and joy in perform- Perfect for campers who like variety. This camp
ing. Each student will have challenging roles, focuses on building fundamentals across a va-
and can shine in big musical numbers and solos riety of sports, for all skill levels, in a relaxed
And more... in the spotlight. All-inclusive, providing lunch,
snacks, daily swim and towel service. Camp-
and fun environment. Campers will love mak-
ing use of all the courts and fields the JCC has
ers have access to transportation and extended to offer, while learning and improving their
care services. JCC membership required for skills. Includes performance training to build
campers in grade three through age 10. strength, endurance and flexibility, which in-
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades creases productivity. All-inclusive, providing
Comedic Acting Camp (NKDC Specialty lunch, snacks, daily swim and towel service.
Camp) Campers have access to transportation and ex-
Taub Campus tended care services. JCC membership required
411 East Clinton Avenue for campers in grade three through age 10.
Tenafly, NJ 07670
Grades: 3rd through 6th



Kaplen JCC on the Palisades ioral and learning differences participate in a

Basketball Camp (NKDC Specialty Camp) diverse full-day camp program, including social
Taub Campus skills, sports, arts and crafts, ceramics, music,
411 East Clinton Avenue adaptive physical education, both instruction-
Tenafly, NJ 07670 al and recreational swim, waterpark, petting
201-567-8963 zoo, theme days, playground time, carnivals, 40 Fort Lee Road Shabbat, and more. Small camper to staff Leonia, NJ 07605
Grades: 3rd through 8th ratio to meet individual camper needs with
Sessions: Monday through Friday, June highly qualified staff. Half-day afternoon (1-4 201.336.3370
25 – August 17, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (one week p.m.) option available for campers who attend
sessions) 11-months of schooling (Proof of extended
If you love basketball — this camp is for you. school year is required). An intake interview is
Our JCC basketball professionals bring their required for all new campers. Juniors ages 5-9 Bergen County Equestrian Center
(must be 5 by July 1). A traditional camp pro-
at Overpeck Park! Summer Day Camp
love of the game and incomparable coaching
skills to teach and enhance your camper’s skills gram. Group sizes are no more than six camp-
at every level. Includes performance training to ers. Teens ages 10-14: A special life skills camp
build strength, endurance and flexibility, which that helps teens gain the skills and confidence
and Girls
7 –713– years
13 years
old old

increases productivity. All-inclusive, providing they need to become self-sufficient in activities Campers Learn about horses, Boys Girls
lunch, snacks, daily swim and towel service. of daily living, while enjoying a full camp expe-
rience. Special attention is given to life skills as
grooming, equipment and how No horse riding experience
Campers have access to transportation and ex-
well as academic enrichment. Group sizes are to prepare for riding. No horse riding experience
is necessary
tended care services. JCC membership required

at O
for campers in grade 3 through age 10. no more than 8 campers. is necessary
Weekly Sessions:

Kaplen JCC on the Palisades On Our Own One-hour riding lesson specially
Young Adult Summer Camp June 26
Weekly - August 25
The Michelle Weiss Children’s Tennis tailored to their ability and
Camp (NKDC Specialty Camp) Kaplen JCC on the Palisades June 25–August 20, 2018
Taub Campus
Taub Campus

at Ove
411 East Clinton Avenue 411 E. Clinton Avenue
Tenafly, NJ 07670 Tenafly, NJ 07607 Barn scavenger hunts, Horse
201-567-8963 201-408-1489
centric Arts & Crafts
Grades: 3rd through 8th
Sessions: Monday through Friday, July 23 –
Transitions: ages 15 – 21, Monday through
Friday, June 25 – August 17
Campers Lea
August 17, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (one week
Whether your camper has his/her sights on
Adults (ages 21+), June 25 – August 10
9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. grooming, eq
Camp Programs, Corporate Team Building and A Stable Life -
the US Open or is just looking for some time
on the courts with friends — this camp will
provide a swinging good time. Campers will
On Our Own is a life skills program for teens
and young adults with intellectual and devel-
opmental delays, including autism, who have
Campers Learn
Equestrian Therapy Programs for Families, Small Groups and
to prepare fo
Individuals Looking to Heal Their Souls with The Grace of a Horse.
enhance their understanding of the game and
build skills and confidence through interac-
tive games and drills, while also increasing
sufficient communication and self-help skills
to independently participate with a 1:4 staff-
ing ratio. Participants gain the skills needed
grooming, equip
strength, endurance, and flexibility through
performance training. All-inclusive, providing
lunch, snacks, daily swim and towel service.
to become self-sufficient in important activi-
ties of daily living. Activities include a wide
range of socialization opportunities, commu-
to prepare for
One-hour ri
Campers have access to transportation and ex- nity inclusion/instruction and trips, academic
tended care services. JCC membership required
for campers in grade three through age 10.
enrichment, sports, swimming, music therapy,
yoga, specialized art program, dance, cooking, tailored to th
BE A RAMAHNIK One-hour FOR A DAY! riding
computers and more. Trips may include visits
SPECIAL NEEDS SUMMER PROGRAMS to museums, aquariums, shopping, bowling,
movies, zoos, etc. For the transitions group, On experience
For prospective camperstailored to their
Camp Haverim Our Own may be considered as an alternate
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades placement for extended school-year programs. and families
Taub Campus JCC membership is not required. New partici-

411 E. Clinton Ave. pants must have an intake interview.
Tenafly, NJ 07607
Therapeutic Nursery
at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Taub Campus
CAMPER 2019 Barn DAYscaveng
Ages: 3 – 21 411 E. Clinton Avenue SUNDAY, JULY centric
8, 2018 Arts &
Sessions: Monday through Friday, August Tenafly, NJ 07607
13 – 24, 9 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
Where differences are celebrated. A unique
Barn scavenger
11:00 am – Welcome | 11:30 am – Tours | 12:30 pm – Lunch
two-week camp for children and teens with
autism and other intellectual, cognitive and
developmental delays, with sufficient com-
Summer-only option, space permitting, July
9 through August 17. Monday through Friday,
morning 9-11:30 a.m., afternoon 12:30-3 p.m.
centric Arts & C
munication and self-help skills, and attend 11
months of special schooling. Campers partici- The Therapeutic Nursery is a developmen-
pate in a diverse full-day program, including tal language-based parent/child program for
social skills, swimming and water park activi- children ages 3-6 with a variety of develop-
ties, sports and adaptive physical education, mental difficulties, including language disor-
yoga, academic enrichment, music therapy, ders, ADHD, high-functioning autism, social

Camp Pr
arts, and therapy dogs. Small camper to staff and emotional challenges, as well as selective
ratio to meet camper needs with highly quali- mutism. Camp Tours & Information Sessions for Parents | Enjoy a BBQ Lunch

fied staff. An intake interview is required for Toddler Socialization Class Meet Our Staff Mini Camp Day for Prospective Campers
all new campers. State funding and scholarship at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
assistance is available. JCC membership is not Taub Campus

Camp Progr
required. 411 E. Clinton Avenue
Neil Klatskin Day Camp: Tikvah Tenafly, NJ 07607

Kaplen JCC on the Palisades 201-408-1489
Taub Campus
411 E. Clinton Avenue programs

Individuals Loo
Tenafly, NJ 07607 Sessions: July 10 through August 9, Tuesdays
201-408-1489 and Thursdays, 9:30 – 11 a.m. For children ages 2 to 3 years who are experi-
programs encing delays in language acquisition or social-
ization skills. Contact Lois Mendelson, Ph.D., Register online at |
Sessions: Monday through Friday, June
25 – August 17, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. director at 201-408-1497 email Call 845-832-6622
Campers with communication, social, behav- or visit




Best Kind of Friendship

Teens gathered at Aeon Fitness and Gymnastics
Festival Fun in Fair Lawn in Hillsdale to participate in Valley Chabad’s
More than 50 adults and children celebrated at Bris Avrohom Friendship Circle Sunday Circle 2018 Kickoff
Knit One, Purl Two in Fair Lawn at the recent Chanukah Family Fun Festival with a
The Sisterhood of the Jewish Center of Teaneck had its event. Teens pair up with a buddy with special
hot buffet dinner, latkes, Chanukah booths, crafts, face painting, needs to enjoy an afternoon of exciting activities.
monthly Sunday Knitting Night recently. It gave teenagers from
music, menorah lighting, and Chanukah gelt.
Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School in Teaneck the opportunity to
get together and learn the basis of knitting from skilled knitter
Susan Beth Gorden.

As Graceful as a Swan
Ballet students at the Tenafly-based JCC on the Palisades School of
Dance flitted and floated across the stage in their recent performance
of “Swan Lake.” Test Time at TABC
Students at Torah Academy of Bergen
County in Teaneck wait for the proctor
as they take midterms. Kicking Off Season With a Win
Big smiles from members of the Teaneck Junior Soccer Leagues G15
Flames, the girls team for youngsters 6 to 18 years old. Their team
and the B13 Cyclones, the boys team, won their tournaments at the
Soccer Coliseum in Teaneck to kickoff their winter season.

Ethics of the Students Powerful Virtual Meeting with Survivors

Wayne’s Shomrei Torah third graders learn and then enact- The pre-bar and bat mitzvah students at Valley Chabad
ed various verses from the Ethics of our Fathers/Pirke Avot. Send My Regards to Broadway
Hebrew school class recently took a trip to the Museum of Students at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies
Here they are discussing “Rabbi Shimon said: There are Jewish Heritage in Manhattan for a private tour. The class
three crowns: the crown of Torah, crown of priesthood, and took a trip to Broadway to see “School of Rock.” The musical
took part in a new exhibit where the teens were able to ask was a big hit with the students, as they rocked out to the show’s
crown of kingship. And the crown of a good name is superior any questions to “virtual” Holocaust survivors.
to them all because it leads to them all.’’ upbeat songs and enjoyed its heart-warming story.



TopChoices FEBRUARY 2018

Compiled by Heidi Mae Bratt

Mr. Poppers Penguins

Pop into bergenPAC
Painter and decorator by day, Mr. made into a film starring Jim Carrey) is
Popper spends his time dreaming of the perfect family treat. Performances
Antarctic adventures. He is astounded are February 18 at 1 and 4 p.m. The
when one day a packing crate arrives show is recommended for youngsters
on his doorstep and a penguin waddles ages 4 and older.
out. With original songs and perform- bergenPAC
ing penguin puppets, this delightful, 30 North Van Brunt Street, Englewood
action packed adaptation of Richard and 201-227-1030
Florence Atwater’s popular book (also

A Journey into Space at Liberty Science Center

Learn about life on a space station in They can work on the ship and keep it in not required. All you have to do is travel
the newest, “We Explore” adventure for good repair. They can make scientific dis- to Jersey City for the adventure.
young learners, “Space Station Liberty!” coveries in the space station lab. Or they Liberty Science Center, Liberty State Park
Youngsters will be transported to a space can dress up like an astronaut, control the 222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City
station miles above Earth where they can space station, travel in space, and collect 201-200-1000
become astronauts and space scientists. and study space materials. Rocket ships

Hello From Japan at Children’s Museum

Children will have fun learning about other, very cute. Kawaii Central is a adorable mascots for their families.
life in present-day Japan in “Hello streetscape inspired by Tokyo’s bus- The exhibit highlights how old and
From Japan,” a returning immersive tling Harajuku district, bursting with new traditions coexist in Japan, giving
exhibition opening February 2 at The color, trendy shops and cuter than visitors a family-friendly window into
Children’s Museum in Manhattan. cute kawaii styles, (pronounced like Japanese culture.
It will transport families to two dis- Hawai’i). Kids sing karaoke, smile for Children’s Museum
tinct areas of Tokyo that exist side by the photo booth camera, serve up a 212 West 83 Street, New York City
side: one serene and exquisite, the seasonal Japanese meal, and design

The Pop Ups

Play The Jewish Museum
Catch the high energy of the Grammy- Appetite for Construction, Radio
nominated band The Pop Ups as Jungle, and more. The performance,
they light up the stage at The Jewish recommended for youngsters 3 to
Museum in a special unplugged 8 years old, will take place Sunday,
acoustic concert with their musician February, 25 at 11:30 a.m.
friends. Experience live drawing with The Jewish Museum
sound, hilarious puppets, and an epic 1109 Fifth Avenue, New York City
costume party just in time for Purim! 212-423-3200
Hear favorites from their hit albums


The Good Life With Kids
To Add Your Event
to Our Calendar

Send it to:
Calendar Editor
About Our Children
New Jersey/Rockland Jewish Media Group
1086 Teaneck Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666
or fax it to: 201-833-4959
Deadline for March issue:
This calendar is a day-by-day schedule of events. Although all information is as timely as we can make it, it’s a good idea to call to verify details before you go.
published February 23, Tuesday, February 13

Sunday, January 28 Public Library, 31 Engle St., Englewood. 201-568-

at Gerrard Berman Day School. Tizmoret draws
singers from colleges throughout the New York
Tu b’Shvat at Temple Beth Or: Celebrate the City area and has taken Jewish collegiate a cap-
birthday of the trees with crafts, music and more. My First Book Club: Catering to children in kin-
dergarten or first grade who read on their own, pella to the next level, performing classic Jewish
Everyone welcomed. 10:15 a.m. 56 Ridgewood melodies, American pop music, and contemporary
Road, Township of Washington, 201-664-7422, the club would read a book in preparation for
the meeting, discuss and do crafts and activi- Israeli tunes. Seating is limited. Tickets: adults $18, students $10, Five and under free.
ties. Advance registration. 4 to 5 p.m. Teaneck
Open House at Powerhouse Studios: There Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, tizmoret for tickets. register or contact Whitney
will be menu samplings, video, photography, 201-837-4171, Blom at for more information.
photo favors and more. Plus a live performance of Yoga Friendship Circle: Bring a towel or mat See Sunday, February 25, Bowling and Pizza
emcees and dancers at 2 p.m. Open house from Friday, February 9 to class. This class, taught by Shirley Veale, Friendship Circle
1 to 3 p.m. 49 East Midland Avenue, Paramus, is for children with special needs and their
Preschool Storytime: Come and listen to
stories and enjoy learning. 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. families. From 11 a.m. $5 per class. The Chabad Wednesday, February 21
Center of Passaic County, 194 Ratzer Road,
Monday, January 29 Children’s Room. Englewood Public Library,
31 Engle St., Englewood. 201-568-2215, www. Wayne. Please register at 973-694-4970 or at
Modern Jewish Baker Speaks: Shannon Sarna,
author of the new Modern Jewish Baker, pays
Playtime in Englewood: Program for babies and homage to those traditions while reinvigorat-
toddlers, infants to 3 years old, includes free play ing them with modern flavors and ideas, one
with toys and a 15-minute circle time with songs Tot Shabbat at Temple Beth Or: Join Rabbi
Noah and Cantor Sarah for song, stories,
Monday, February 12 kosher dough at a time. 7 p.m. Museum of
including Hokey Pokey, Five Little Monkeys and Lego Club in Teaneck: For children 6 and older. Jewish Heritage, 36 Battery Place, Manhattan.
the Wheels on the Bus. Mackay Room. Englewood service and crafts, followed by dinner for
the youngsters. 6 p.m. 56 Ridgewood Road, Following a story, build with Legos based on the 646-437-4202,
Public Library, 31 Engle St., Englewood. 201-568- book’s theme. The club meets once a month. 7
Township of Washington, 201-664-7422, Storytime in Paramus: Join the readers for a
2215, to 8 p.m. Advance registration required. Teaneck special storytime and fun-filled activity or craft in
Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, 201-
Thursday, February 1 Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El invites the
the Children’s Department of Barnes & Nobles.
765 Route 17 South, Paramus. 201-445-4589.
Snow Slime Time: Drop-in class to make snow community to join them for a Shabbat Unplugged
slime. Join in for another fun slime workshop. 3:30 Band Service, honoring our music director Jim
Rensink and featuring members of our congrega-
Thursday, February 15 Chag Purim Special Event: Learn about Purim.
to 4:30 p.m. No registration required. Charles E. True Crime Book Club: Read true stories about
Reid Branch, 239 W. Midland Avenue, Paramus. tion and Clarinetist Benjamin Baron, at 7:30 p.m, Boo Haman. Make a grogger. Wear a costume. Eat
led by Rabbi David S. Widzer and student cantor some of the most notorious crimes and discuss hamantaschen. For children age 4 to fourth grade.
201-444-4911, theories. February’s book is “Killers of the Flower
Julie Staple. Service is preceded by a congrega- Registration begins February 5. Paramus Public
Moon” by David Grann. 7 p.m. Copies of the book
Friday, February 2 tion dinner at 6:30 p.m. Please call for more
are available at the circulation desk. Paramus
Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus. 201-599-
information. Temple Beth El is located at 221
Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El invites the Public Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus,
Schraalenburgh Road, Closter. 201-768-5112.
community to join them for a Shabbat Evening 201-599-1300. Friday, February 23
Service at 7:30 p.m., led by Rabbi David S.
Widzer and student Cantor Julie Staple. 221
Sunday, February 11 Friday, February 16 Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El invites the
Schraalenburgh Road, Closter. 201-768-5112. Origami at Congregation Beth Aaron: There will community to join them for a Kabbalat Shabbat
be a workshop exploring the art of origami. In this Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El invites the Service at 6:30 p.m. Temple Beth El is located at
Tot Shabbat in Wayne: Open to everyone. introductory class, participants will learn some of community to join them for a Kabbalat Shabbat 221 Schraalenburgh Road, Closter. 201-768-5112.
Parents, grandparents, siblings and others. Join the the basic building blocks in the origami repertoire, Service at 6:30 p.m. Temple Beth El is located at
Tot Shabbat at 6:30 p.m. at Temple Beth Tikvah including a box and an action model. The free 221 Schraalenburgh Road, Closter. 201-768-5112. Saturday, February 24
with Rabbi Meeka. Located at 950 Preakness class will be taught by accomplished origami artist Shabbat Music Service at Temple Emeth: Join Sensory Friendly Kidz Cabaret Series: Turtle
Avenue, Wayne. and Beth Aaron member Yaacov Metzger. To reg- Rabbi Steven Sirbu and Cantor Ellen Tilem with Dance Music aims to spark children’s curiosity
Family Shabbat Services at Temple Emeth: Join ister, please send a note to singing and dancing and enjoying Shabbat music and imaginations through interactive, inclusive
in with all members of the family. Services at 7:30 950 Queen Anne Road, Teaneck. performed by the Temple Emeth Band. Service at 8 musical performances that use a wide range of
p.m. 1666 Windsor Road, Teaneck. 201-833-1322, Benefit Concert: Tizmoret! at 6 p.m. at Temple p.m. 1666 Windsor Road, Teaneck. 201-833-1322, instruments, stuffed animals, games and tech- Israel, Ridgewood. Queens College Hillel’s profes- nology. The sensory-friendly performance is
Tu b’Shvat in Jersey City: Celebrate Tu b’Shvat sional Jewish a cappella group will perform in a geared for Pre-K, grades K-5 and also students
(New Year’s Day for Trees) with a seder, music, benefit for the 8th Grade Israel Trip at Academies Saturday, February 17 on the Autism Spectrum. 1 and 3 p.m. bergen-
wine, cheese, nuts, fruit and other snacks. 7 – Shabbat in Jersey City: Congregation B’nai Jacob PAC, 30 North Van Brunt Street, Englewood.
8:30 p.m. celebration at Hamilton House, 255 holds a family service, 10:30 a.m. to noon, fol- 201-227-1030,
Brunswick Street, Jersey City. Rabbi Aaron Katz, lowed by a kiddush, at Hamilton House. Supported
305-607-9062,, bnai- by the Shuster family. 255 Brunswick Street, Sunday, February 25 Jersey City. Rabbi Aaron Katz, 305-607-9062, Purim Carnival at Congregation B’nai Israel:, Annual Purim carnival from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30
Sunday, February 4 p.m. Food, games, prizes and fun. All in costume
Youth Tu b’Shvat Party at Jewish Center of Tuesday, February 20 receive additional game tickets. 53 Palisade
Teaneck: Children 3 to 10 years old are invited Family Tour and Art Workshop Series: Art Avenue, Emerson 201-265-2272, office@bisrael.
to enjoy the event from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. There Explorers invites preschoolers ages 3 and 4 and com,
will be crafts, music and fun. Weiss Auditorium at their families to view the new exhibition, Scenes Bowling and Pizza Friendship Circle: Join in
the Jewish Center of Teaneck, 70 Sterling Place. from the Collection, and to engage in gallery a day of bowling and pizza from 3 to 4:30 p.m.
201-833-0515. activities and art making. From 4 to 5 p.m. . 1109 Garden Palace Lanes, 42 Lakeview Avenue,
Access to The Jewish Museum: Visitors with Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, 212-423-3200, thejew- Clifton. Please register by calling 973-694-4970
learning or developmental disabilities are invited or at
to explore the new exhibition, Scenes from the Family Movie: Join in and watch a family movie
Collection, and create art inspired by the work. on the big screen. Children 9 and younger must be Wednesday, February 28
10:30 for ages 5 to 17; 2 p.m. for 18 and older. accompanied by a caregiver. 2 to 4 p.m. Teaneck Purim Shpiel and Megillah Reading at
Access programs are free of charge and require Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, Teaneck. 201- Congregation B’nai Israel: The annual Purim
advance reservation. Contact 837-4171, Shpiel and Megillah Reading will take place at
or 212-423-3289 to register. 1109 Fifth Avenue, Splash of Red: Learn about the American artist 7 p.m. Refreshments, including hamantaschen,
Manhattan, Horace Pippin and create an original work of art will be served. Please bring a non-perishable
in his style. For youngsters kindergarten through food item for food drive. 53 Palisade Avenue,
Wednesday, February 7 fourth grade. Registration required. 3 to 4 p.m. Emerson 201-265-2272,,
Drop-in Craft Club: Youngsters in kindergarten Paramus Public Library, 116 East Century Road,
to third grade work with felt, glue, pompoms, and See Sunday, February 4, Access to The Jewish Paramus. 201-599-1300,
more to make crafts. 3:45 to 4:45 p.m. Englewood Museum



B’nai mitzvah
Clara Hart, daughter of Karen and Neil Alexis Richmond, daughter of Barbara
Hart of Glen Rock and sister of Isaac, 17, and John Richmond of Norwood, cel-
and Zachary, 16, celebrated becoming a ebrated becoming a bat mitzvah on
bat mitzvah on December 2 at Barnert January 6 at Temple Beth El of Northern
Temple in Franklin Lakes. Valley in Closter.

Girl Scouts S’mores Make Cookie Selling Sweeter

After last year’s 100th anniversary of Girl
Scouts selling cookies, troops in northern
New Jersey are kicking off this season with
the return of Girl Scout S’mores, certified
kosher dairy by the OU and the most
popular flavor to launch in the 101 years
of Girl Scouts selling cookies. Consumers
can fuel transformative leadership expe-
riences and build the next generation of
entrepreneurs in northern New Jersey by
The junior mural depicting the theme of Yaakov, Rachel and Leah.
purchasing Girl Scout S’mores and classic ial and business skills that are imperative
favorites like Thin Mints and Samoas. for leadership and future success. Almost
Power of Unity continued from page 10 having fun, but it was so much more During Girl Scout Cookie season, one million Girl Scouts participate in
digms of kindness, and the sole voices than that.” each G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk- the cookie program each year. All of the
to teach the world about monotheism. But the best part of Shiriyah, Frisch taker, Leader) sets out to sell delicious net revenue raised — 100 percent — stays
Yitzchak and Rivka were models of in- officials said, is the part that parents do cookies while also building entrepreneur- within the community.
ner strength. Jacob, Rachel and Leah not get to see during the finale extrava-
found truth in a complex world, and the ganza. That is “The sight of hundreds of

12 tribes demonstrated for future gen- kids working together, enjoying one an-
erations the power of repentance and other’s company, helping each other, for
redemption that comes from their unity. hours each day and night and all day on
For senior Braeden Badner, the fi- Sunday as they prepare.”
nal night of Shiriyah was “surreal,” he
told Ami. “I always saw the seniors and Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About Our
thought, ‘Hey they look like they’re Children.

Closter Preschool Takes Applications

Registration for Temple Beth El’s Nursery enced teaching staff, and secure envi-
School program is now open. Tuition and ronment has been well known through-
fees remain unchanged for the 2018-2019 out the community for more than 40
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Temple Beth El’s reputation for ex- Temple Beth El is
cellence in early childhood education, a Reform Jewish synagogue located 221
strong student-teacher ratio, experi- Schraalenburgh Road in Closter.
1 hours of skating (during public session)

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Thon on Thursday, February, 1. In addition Temple Beth Tikvah is located at 950 Favors and candy
FREE skating pass for future use
to bakers, Temple Beth Tivkah is looking Preakness Avenue, Wayne. Call Marian, Birthday child receives FREE Ice Vault T shirt
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more than 412,000 likes. Pence’s faith drives
Like us on Facebook. his love of Israel,
SUPER BOWL PARTIES but does it drive
U.S. Mideast policy?
469 S. Washington Ave. • Bergenfield, N.J. roN KAmPeAS
Corner Washington Ave. & New Bridge Rd. WAShiNGtoN — When Mike and Karen Pence moved
201-384-7100 • Fax: 201-384-0303
to Washington earlier this year, they took with them
a framed phrase that had hung over the fireplace in
their Indiana home for years, and then had hung over
the fireplace in the governor’s mansion in that state.
Now it hangs over the mantle at the vice president’s
residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C.
The words, from the Book of Jeremiah, read: “For I
know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you,
and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope, and
a future.”
The “you” is the people of Israel, and Pence, an
evangelical Christian, makes that clear when he
addresses pro-Israel audiences. “They’re words to
which my family has repaired to as generations of
Americans have done so throughout our history, and
the people of Israel through all their storied history
have clung,” Pence said last August at the annual con-
ference of Christians United for Israel.
Pence took that message to Israel this week, on a
trip ostensibly aimed in part at reviving the prospects
for Israeli-Palestinian peace. He is seen as a key Trump
administration figure when it comes to Israel policy
and reportedly helped nudge the president to recog-
nize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
Pence’s first visit to Israel as vice president led some
to ask to what degree his views — and the administra-
tion’s policies — are shaped by the brand of evangelical
Christianity that invests his faith.
Pence, a convert to evangelical Christianity from
Roman Catholicism, has spooked some liberals with
his insistence on rooting his pro-Israel bona fides
in faith as much as realpolitik considerations of the
United States’ national security. Their fear is that a
messianic outlook might run riot over one of the most
delicate dilemmas facing successive U.S. governments,
namely stability in the Middle East.
“Trump has handed Israel policy to Evangelicals,”
the Forward’s Jane Eisner wrote last week in an edito-
rial as Pence headed to Israel. “That’s terrifying.” Like
many liberals, she worries that policy will be driven by
evangelical beliefs that certain conditions — like Jewish
control over the West Bank and sovereignty in Jerusa-
lem — fulfill biblical prophecies.
Republicans and conservatives say that it is reduc-
tive to believe that Pence shapes his views solely
according to the tenets of his faith.
“They always highlight the fact that he’s an evan-
gelical, as if that’s a pejorative when in fact [Pence and
other evangelicals] are motivated first and foremost by
shared values with Israel,” said Matt Brooks, the direc-
tor of the Republican Jewish Coalition, who has known
Pence for years. “And not just by the shared values,
but the important efforts of collectively standing up
to threats of Iran, pushing back on Isis, and on radical
Islam, or whether it’s being a critical democratic foun-
dation in a very dangerous place. There are so many
places where U.S. and Israel’s interests intersect.”
Pence began his speech to the Knesset by outlining
the shared values Brooks described.
“We stand with Israel because your cause is our
cause, your values are our values, and your fight is

30 Jewish standard JanUarY 26, 2018

Jewish World

our fight,” he said. “We stand with Israel because we Seidemann said. “Jerusalem has been witnessing over the “The United States decided to go through these hollow
believe in right over wrong, in good over evil, and in last 20 years the ascendancy of faith communities that wea- gestures on Jerusalem rather than advancing its own inter-
liberty over tyranny.” ponize religion.” ests and the interests of Israel and the Palestinians by engag-
But he quickly pivoted to depict support of Israel Pence proudly stood with Trump in the White House ing in a sober attempt to resolve the issue,” Seidemann said.
as both biblical (Deuteronomy 30:4, to be exact) and when the president announced the recognition of Jerusalem Pence’s trip, by including only Jewish sites and skipping
rooted in an American strain of Christianity. as Israel’s capital, and he appears to have accelerated the meetings with other faith leaders, was contributing to the
“Down through the generations, the American peo- planned move of the U.S. embassy. Last week, Trump said weaponization, Seidemann said.
ple became fierce advocates of the Jewish people’s that it would take at least three years to move the embassy, Christian faith leaders declined to meet with Pence during
aspiration to return to the land of your forefathers, to but in Israel this week, Pence said that it would be in place his visits to Egypt and Israel; various reports framed their
claim your own new birth of freedom in your beloved before 2019 is out. See faith page 32
homeland,” he said to applause. “The Jewish people
held fast to a promise through all the ages, written so
long ago, that ‘even if you have been banished to the
most distant land under the heavens,’ from there He
would gather and bring you back to the land which
your fathers possessed.”
Pastor John Hagee, the founder of Christians United
for Israel, described a natural trajectory for evangeli-
cal supporters of Israel from biblical belief to the more
practical modern reasons for supporting the state.
“The promises of the Hebrew Bible are the founda-
tion of Christian Zionism, but our motivations for sup-
porting Israel do not end there,” he wrote in an email.
“We see in Israel a democracy that shares Western val-
ues and is a force for stability in the Middle East. While
standing with Israel is a Biblical mandate, it is also a
moral imperative and in the national security interests
of the U.S. I am confident that all three of these consid-
erations inform the Vice President’s approach to the
Middle East and I believe that is perfectly appropriate.”
Since the outset of his political career, Pence has
made it clear that his support for Israel is grounded
first in biblical precepts. “My support for Israel stems
largely from my personal faith,” he told Congressio-
nal Quarterly in 2002, a year after he was first elected
to Congress. “God promises Abraham, ‘those who
bless you, I will bless, and those who curse you, I
will curse.’”
Sarah Posner, a journalist who has tracked evangeli-
cals for years, said that Pence’s faith seemed to be pre-
eminent in his consideration of Israel. “I don’t think he
is thinking about that in terms of shared democracy or
not shared democracy, he’s thinking about it in provi-
dential terms, that these missions are God’s plans for
Israel,” said Posner, a reporting fellow at the Nation
Institute’s Investigative Fund.
It’s hard not to see Pence’s belief as an impetus
driving Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem, said Daniel
Seidemann, an Israeli expert on Jerusalem who advo-
cates for including all the city’s sects and groupings in
considering its permanent status.
“It would be fine for him to have those beliefs, if
he weren’t the vice president and shaping policy,”

Vice President Mike Pence speaks to the Israeli

parliament in Jerusalem on January 22, 2018.
 Ariel Schalit/AFP/Getty Images

Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018 31

RCBC Jewish World



framed his support for

Israel as a matter of Chris-
tian faith.
SUPER BOWL “They didn’t meet with

SPECIAL him because they don’t

view him as an honest

A deal that can’t be beat broker or an unbiased

broker,” she said.
1 Quart of Pickles Still, some conserva-
1/2 Pint Sweet Horseradish Salsa tives charge liberals with
1 Bag of Dirty Potato Chips weaponizing religion,
1 Pint of Pickle Chips or 1/2 Pint of Olives and using Pence’s faith as

a way to discredit other-
wise normative policies.
Please Order in Advance “That vast numbers of
Must be picked up Super Bowl Sunday 2/4/18. Americans are inspired
by the Bible to support
Pre-order your platter
and save Vice President Mike Pence, left, stands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Jewish rights in their

$2 Netanyahu during an official welcome ceremony at the prime minister’s office

in Jerusalem on January 22.  Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images
ancient homeland isn’t
so much a function of
Pickle, Olive or the left-right conflict as it
One coupon per platter.
Must be picked up 2/4/18.
Dipping Platter Faith is an integral part of the
from page 31 nation’s political culture,” wrote Jonathan Tobin, a
Pickle Licious products are available objections as a reaction to policies they feared put reli- former executive editor of Commentary and now the
at Ma’adan and Julio’s Fruit Boutique gious imperatives before meeting the needs of Arabs in editor in chief of “Those turned off by Pence’s
Sun 10-5 · Mon-Wed 10-6 · Thurs 10-7 Gift the region, including the Christian minority. rhetoric need to ask what exactly it is about a desire
Fri 10-1hr before shabbat Cards
Mae Elise Cannon, the director of Churches for Mid- to respect Jewish rights and demand that Palestinians
384 Cedar Lane, Teaneck · 201-833-0100 dle East Peace, an umbrella group that includes most give up their century-old war on Zionism that annoys of the Christian denominations in Israel and the West them so much.”
 JTA Wire Service
PICKLE ON A STICK Bank, said that local Christians were wary of how Pence


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32 Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018
Jewish World

French official warns

Iran is violating
ballistic missiles limits
French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warned
that Iran is not respecting international calls to freeze
its ballistic missile development program.
Le Drian called on the Islamic Republic to halt the
development of all ballistic missiles capable of carry-
ing a nuclear payload.
“We will also have the opportunity of underlining
our firmness on Iran’s compliance with United Nations
Resolution 2231, which limits access to ballistic capac-
ity and which Iran does not respect,” Le Drian said SPRING SCHEDULE 2018 Register at
during a meeting of 28 European foreign ministers in Parshanut HaMikra, Sefer Bereishit Feb. 5, 12, 26,
Brussels. MONDAY Explore the stories of our nation’s mothers & fathers through the lens of Midrash, as well as medieval, & March 5, 12, 19,
10:15 AM - 12:30 PM modern commentaries. Includes chavruta, shiur, & interactive discussion. Apr. 16, 23, 30,
The French foreign minister’s comments came after May 7, 14
Dean Rachel Friedman, Open to women only, Tuition: $260. New students welcome.
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres
Rabbi Hayyim Angel, Open to men and women
warned in mid-December that Iran is defying the U.N.’s
Sefer Divrei HaYamim (the Book of Chronicles):
calls to halt its development of ballistic missiles. Explore the relationship of Shemuel & Melakhim to Divrei HaYamim. How does each sefer
Feb. 5, 12, 26,
In a report issued by Guterres to the U.N. Security
MONDAY shape source material to convey eternal messages?
March 5, 12, 19
1:00 - 2:15 PM Tuition: $135
Council, the U.N. chief detailed the world body’s inves-
tigation of Iran’s illicit weapons transfers to Houthi Ruth: A Woman of Valor in a Sea of Ambiguity Apr. 23, 30, May 7
Tuition: $65
terror groups in Yemen. The Houthis launched Ira-
nian-supplied missiles at Saudi Arabia on July 22 and The Purim Story: A Case Study in Diaspora Jewry Feb. 6, 13
Examine Megillat Esther’s historical setting and the theme of diaspora in Tanakh & beyond.
November 4, 2017.
TUESDAY Rabbi Ezra Frazer, Open to men and women, Tuition $45
Security Council members France, Germany, the
10:30 - 11:45 AM Reliving Purim & Pesach
U.K., and the U.S. sent a letter to Guterres warning that March 13, 20
How did Medieval Jews in Christian Europe see redemption in their own lives?
Iran’s Simorgh Space Launch Vehicle, launched July Dr. Chaviva Levin, Open to men and women, Tuition: $45
27, could be configured as a ballistic missile “capable
Talmud: Masekhet Kiddushin, Perek Aleph Jan. 30, Feb. 6, 13,
of delivering nuclear weapons.” TUESDAY 20, 27, March 6, 13,
Some Talmud experience necessary. New students welcome.
Last September, Israel condemned an Iranian bal- 12:00 - 2:00 PM 20, Apr. 10, 17, 24,
Rabbi Daniel Fridman, Open to women only, Tuition: $295 May 1, 8
listic missile test as a “provocation” amid growing con-
cerns over the Islamic Republic’s behavior. Iran said LEARNING FOR SHAVUOT: ROSH CHODESH SIVAN BOKER IYUN May 15
the new ballistic missile launched in that test success- TUESDAY On God, Humanity and Torah: Between R. Akiva and R. Yishmael
What role does the Torah play in our relationship with God? Consider the differing views of R.
fully achieved a range of 1,200 miles and could carry 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Akiva & R. Yishmael on this cosmic question.
several warheads. JNS.ORG Dr. Elana Stein Hain, Tuition: $25
Rabbi Dr. Yitzhak Berger, Open to men & women
The Hidden Face of God in Megillat Esther
Israel completes $1.17 billion Tuition: $65
Feb 7, 14, 21

defense deal with Italy WEDNESDAY My Beloved is Knocking: The Path to Gan Eden in Shir HaShirim March 7
Tuition: $25
Israel and Italy finalized a $1.17 billion reciprocal pro- 10:15 - 11:30 AM
curement deal Sunday, with the Jewish state delivering Dean Rachel Friedman, Open to men & women, Tuition: $45:
How Can We Come to Know God? From Creation to the Seder March 14
a second advanced reconnaissance jet to the Italian
Air Force. Adoption & Birth in the Passover Story March 21
The deal, originally written in 2012, saw the Israeli
THURSDAY Curious Halakhot of Pesach and Shavuot Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22,
Air Force buy 30 Leonardo M-346 Lavi training jets. Explore halakhot with odd origins and unusual applications, like the definition of matzah & mekhirat chametz. March 8, 15, 22,
In return, Italy acquired two G550 Conformal Air- 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Rabbi Gedalyah Berger, Open to men and women, Tuition: $240 Apr. 12, 26, May 3, 10
borne Early Warning and Control surveillance planes,
THURSDAY Learning on Yom HaShoah: Holocaust & Remembrance April 12
amounting to the equivalent value of the Israeli
11:00 AM - 1:30 PM Rabbi Gedalyah Berger & Rabbi Daniel Fridman, Details TBA.
“The system reflects the deep and fruitful coopera- THURSDAY Parashah & Haftarah Pointers Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22
Thoughts to prepare for Shabbat. March 8, 15, 22,
tion between the Italian and Israeli defense ministries, 12:30 - 1:30 PM Apr. 12, 26, May 3, 10
Rabbi Daniel Fridman, Open to men and women, Tuition: $240
including the understanding on each side of the needs
Yom Ha'Atzmaut Celebration for Women Thurs. April 19, 9am -2pm. Mark your calendars.
and challenges facing the other,” said Dr. Danny Gold,
head of Israel’s Administration for the Development of Lamdeinu at Congregation Beth Aaron 950 Queen Anne Road Teaneck, NJ | Dean, Rachel Friedman | Program Director, Ruth Hartstein
Weapons and Technological Infrastructure.
The reconnaissance planes, developed by the Elta
division of Israel Aerospace Industries, are equipped
with the CAEW system, which provides a full aerial
and maritime awareness to crews. JNS.ORG

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From jail, Holocaust historian indicts Austria

for handling of looted Jewish property
Cnaan Liphshiz

VIENNA — If Stephan Templ’s trial and imprisonment in Austria of expertise. Wiesenthal Center, said about the case: “It looks like
were meant to silence his criticism of the country’s Holocaust The result is a new book that for the first time chron- revenge, like they wanted to get back at him for his criti-
restitution system, then his prosecution clearly was a failure. icles how modern-day Austria gave its seal of approval cism. I’m not a jurist but it looks like an injustice.” Templ
Templ is an Austrian-Jewish historian of the Holocaust who for flawed restitution practices that were overseen by now is facing a civil libel suit by Claire Fritsch, a legal
has written critically about his country since 1995. former Nazis. Those practices, Templ shows, in essence adviser to the restitution authority who served as the
In 2015, he was sent to jail for nearly a year on controversial validated Nazi-era policies that were used to rob Austrian main witness in his criminal court case. She claims she
fraud charges tied to his family’s own claim for compensation. Jews of what little compensation they sought to receive was libeled by his defense team’s attempts to undermine
He spent his time in prison diving even deeper into his area for vast assets that they had been forced to sell to Aryans. her testimony.
“The wrongly imprisoned experience a special kind of In Templ’s English-language book — which is titled
frustration: Your thoughts get into a cycle about where “Austria’s Living Ghost” and is scheduled for publication
you are and who put you there,” Templ, 57, said. His sen- online before International Holocaust Remembrance
tence was decried as a miscarriage of justice by dozens Day on January 27 — he examines the work of Austria’s
WE RCBC of leading Holocaust historians. Arbitration Panel for In Rem Restitution, a body set up
DELIVER Templ was convicted of fraud for not listing an aunt on in 2002 to review the restitution work done immediately
his survivor mother’s restitution claim, which he filled after World War II on properties that were in the state’s
out for her. Neither Templ nor his mother wrote that they possession in 2001.
were the only claimants to the property. Austria has no Until the 1990s, Austria had claimed that it was princi-
law requiring restitution applicants to list other relatives. pally a victim, not a perpetrator, of Nazism. No one has
In previous official correspondence about the claim, been convicted of Nazi war crimes in Austria for more
Templ did list his aunt, which he argues means he had than 35 years, according to the Simon Wiesenthal Cen-
indeed informed the Republic of Austria of her existence. ter. And whereas people with a Nazi past were removed
The 75 historians, including Americans Deborah Lip- from positions of influence in neighboring Germany,
stadt and Michael Berenbaum, suggested in a joint state- in Austria they were allowed to serve as judges, teach-
ment that Templ’s prosecution looked like a vendetta by ers, and even restitution officials. (Walther Kastner, for
the Austrian judiciary, which the Freedom Barometer example, was a former Nazi official who was entrusted
index of 2016 ranked as the least independent in West- with advising on restitution issues in the 1940s.)
ern Europe. Austria even had a former Nazi, Kurt Waldheim, as its
The Anti-Defamation League also protested Templ’s president until 1992 — the year when Austrian officials
sentence, as did the human rights lawyer Robert Amster- began to drop the victim attitude, which now is described
dam and Stuart Eizenstat, a former U.S. deputy secre- as a myth on official Austrian government websites.
tary of the Treasury who helped set up Austria’s restitu- But that myth has had far-reaching implications for
tion system. Austria, said Templ, who led groups around Vienna on
Efraim Zuroff, Eastern Europe director for the Simon tours of stolen Jewish property in 2001. He pointed out


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Mini Hot Dog Pretzels
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FREE French Fries with Any 3 Trays

515 Cedar Lane, Teaneck

201-530-5665 • F 201-530-5662
Sun-Thur 12-10pm / Sat. Night 6:15-11pm Stephan Templ stands outside a building in Vienna that he claimed from the Austrian state on October 27, 2014. Cnaan Liphshiz

34 Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018

Jewish World

jailed, my criticism of Austria will be seen as — Templ served time in a medium-security

a vendetta,” Templ said. “And I guess I have facility that allowed some inmates brief day
an agenda — but the numbers and the facts passes — he “suddenly became very aggres-
do not, and they tell a story that is much big- sive” toward a friend who came to visit him.
ger and more important than my own.” “When you see that life goes on while
Queried on these cases, Josef Aicher, you’re stuck there, it releases some anger in
chairman of the Arbitration Panel for In you,” he said.
Rem Restitution, stood by his organization’s On one of his first days in prison, a long-
findings. time prisoner showed him around the place,

Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

“To assess ‘extreme injustice’ the Arbi- he recalled. “When we reached the showers,
tration Panel has developed a complex he told me: These showers aren’t for you
case law,” he wrote, based on “restrictions because they have water coming out” — a
on freedom of contract and discrepancy remark Templ believes was an anti-Semitic
in value: The more the two criteria are reference to Nazi gas chambers. Another
pronounced, the more likely it is that an prisoner harassed him with reference to
extreme injustice exists.” Israel, he said.
He added that the arbitration panel so far But the troubles stopped when Muslim
has issued 138 recommendations for resti- Chechen inmates, who are known for their
tution, with an estimated total value of $59 ruthlessness and mob connections, dis-
million. According to Templ, all these rec- covered he could speak Russian and could
ommendations pertain to only seven assets. therefore help them with German-language
Kurt Waldheim in 1971. Citing independent appraisals, Aicher correspondence, he said. “As soon as the
said that “virtually all real estate that had other inmates saw me hanging out with the
building after building, using a loud- “So in prison, I set out to review for been confiscated by the state was restituted Chechens, suddenly the behavior toward me
speaker to name the families whose myself the claims that the Arbitration in its entirety after the war” as well as 60 changed.”
ancestors bought the assets for a fraction Panel had reviewed before me,” Templ, percent of the properties sold under duress. Asked whether he considers himself a vic-
of their true worth from Jews fleeing for a bespectacled intellectual with a wry Crunching these numbers allowed Templ tim, Templ said: “Judge for yourself. Victim
their lives. sense of humor and a passion for car- to find purpose and calm his nerves in prison, is a word with considerable resonance in
“The lack of de-Nazification is the rea- pentry, said during a rare visit to Vienna. he said. But it wasn’t easy. modern-day Austria. And a little bit of irony,
son Austria now has in government, for (After he was released from prison in On a rare afternoon off from prison too.” JTA Wire Service

the second time already, a party that was 2015, Templ has spent most of his time
founded by an SS officer,” he said of the in his Prague home, in what he terms
far-right Freedom Party, which joined self-exile.)
the coalition last month. The findings, he said, surprised even
Austria’s victim myth also tainted how him.
the Austrian state handled the return of One case deemed fair by the arbitra-
Jews from concentration camps, pros- tion panel involved an apartment build-
ecuted Nazi war criminals, and settled ing in Vienna’s Alserbach Street that had Adjustment to
restitution issues. Concerns about this been owned by the Stianssy family. The Chronic Illness
process led to a 2002 review by the Aryan buyers paid only 38 percent of
Arbitration Panel, as part of a restitu- its real worth in 1939. Of that sum, the Stress Management
tion treaty that Austria signed with the Nazi state stole 80 percent through rac- Anxiety
United States in 2001. ist “emigration taxes” devised to defund
Thanks to the treaty, Austria has paid Jewish sellers. The other 20 percent went
at least $670 million in compensation. to a frozen account and from there to the Life Transitions
But even that may have been the tip of coffers of the Third Reich, his research Relationship Issues
the iceberg in a country that had at least shows. In 1951, Austrian restitution offi-
200,000 Jews before the Holocaust, cials declined to return the “emigration Conflict Resolution
many of them wealthy. taxes” to the Stianssy family, essentially Grief & Loss
Templ’s research shows that out of validating their extraction. Temima Danzig, LCSW Work/Career Issues
nearly 2,000 restitution cases handled Yet in its 2014 review the arbitration
in the 1940s and 1950s, the Arbitration panel said that it “cannot conclude that Psychotherapist Social Challenges
Panel reopened and declared unjust a the settlement reached in 1951 repre- LGBT Issues
total of only nine cases. It intervened in sents an extreme injustice.” In so doing,
another 18 cases that had not been the Templ writes, “the Panel confirms the
subject of a claim, he said. injustice.”
“This seemed to me like an astonish- Leopold Stiassny died in Prague on
ingly low number, considering the preva- Nov. 20, 1939. His wife, Martha Stiassny,
lence of injustice that went on in 1940s was murdered in Auschwitz. Three of
and 1950s restitution,” Templ said. their close relatives were murdered by
Take, for instance, the case of Anna 1945.
Freud, the daughter of the famed Vien- Among the dozens of reviews flagged
nese psychoanalyst. Following her claim by Templ is a 2012 case concerning the
for restitution for a handsome estate that sale of a forest 45 miles southwest of
the Nazis stole from her family in 1938, in Vienna by the Hartenstein family. It
the 1950s she received a sum equivalent too was not found to be “an extreme 121 Cedar Lane, Suite 2B
to $80, Templ’s research shows. How- injustice,” even though by 1957 the fam-
ever, that property was not reviewed in ily received less than half of the land’s Teaneck, NJ 07666
2002, because the estate was privately
owned and therefore not in the purview
value, according to the panel. Templ’s
research suggests that they only got 10
of the Arbitration Panel on state-held
percent of the property’s real value.
“I expect that now that I’ve been 201.357.5796
Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018 35
Jewish World

At this Holocaust museum in Illinois,

you can talk to holograms of the survivors

SKOKIE, ILL. — In an otherwise darkened

theater, viewers gasped when they saw
what appeared to be a 83-year-old man,
sitting down, wearing a light green but-
ton-down shirt and khaki pants.
Aaron Elster of Chicago seemed to be
answering questions about his unbeliev-


able escape from the Sokolov ghetto in
Poland as a 10-year-old. Elster was forced
to hide in a dark, filthy attic for two years
during World War II.
“Why didn’t your sisters run away from
the ghetto with you?” asked Suri John-
son, 11, of Wisconsin. A docent repeated
the question into a microphone.
“It was an impossibilit y,” Elster
responded. “There were hundreds of peo-

ple guarded by Ukrainian soldiers with
rifles.… There was no way they could have A holographic image of Sam Harris is on
run. I crawled behind the people on my display at the Illinois Holocaust Museum
stomach. They didn’t see me.” Aaron Elster is filmed on a set in Los Angeles. COURTESY OF THE USC SHOAH FOUNDATION and Education Center in Skokie, Ill.
The testimony was remarkable. It was
moving. But Elster wasn’t in the room. Maio, who is married Smith said. “But the point to which they
Instead the audience was interacting to Stephen Smith, the say, ‘So tell me about the psychological
with a holographic image of the Holo- executive director of the consequences of slave labor,’ or some-
caust survivor that had been created two USC Shoah Foundation, thing like that, then you have a more
years before. thought that an exhibit nuanced question, for which [the holo-
The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Edu- that allowed people to graphic display] has an answer.”
cation Center, in this suburb about 15 miles casually walk up to Holo- Elster, now 85, is pleased with the final
north of Chicago, is the first to showcase caust survivors and ask product, and he is confident that his tes-
the New Dimensions in Testimony oral his- them questions could cre- timony will resonate with younger gen-
tory project permanently. The project has ate a powerful experience. erations. On its own, the Illinois Holo-
created holographic images from exten- “This kind of visual caust museum, the third largest in the
sive interviews of 15 Holocaust survivors. imagery and interactiv- world and created partly in response to
They are shown on rotation. Seven of the ity will be the norm for an attempt by neo-Nazis to march in this
survivors are from Chicago. the next generation, and heavily Jewish suburb in the late 1970s,
The images are produced by the Uni- that’s what we’re prepar- welcomes 60,000 students and educa-
versity of Southern California’s Institute ing for,” Smith said. tors annually.
for Creative Technologies, along with the The project took a toll on “As survivors, we’re concerned and
USC Shoah Foundation — a nonprofit that Elster, an insurance agency afraid that our pain, our loss, our surviv-
famed director Steven Spielberg founded owner who has lived in ing will be forgotten or homogenized,” he
in 1994 to preserve Holocaust and other Chicago since 1947. He said. “They’ve created something that’s

genocide survivor testimonies. The had to fly to Los Angeles going to live on much after we’re gone.”
museum’s new $5 million center, called two years ago for a gruel- A New York Times documentary about
Take A Stand, opened in October. ing week of interviews, in the project, called “116 Cameras” and
(The images now on display techni- Aaron Elster stands in front of his hologram. which he wore the same making the rounds of film festivals, shows
cally are not true holograms — they are clothes every day and sat the space-age contraption in which they
the product of two-dimensional technol- to audience questions by picking up on still in a chair for hours at a time under film the survivors.
ogy and a ghost-illusion technique — but key words. bright lights and cameras, answering diffi- The Museum of Jewish Heritage in
they still are vivid.) After asking her question, Suri Johnson cult questions — two thousand in all — that Manhattan began piloting the project in
At the Illinois museum, visitors can said that she found the experience very brought up a painful past. July. Its two holograms will be on display
find the holographic displays in a theater “cool,” partly because she had no idea “It was very emotional. I cried initially, for the public through April.
dedicated to the exhibit. Before any con- how it worked. and I don’t take to crying,” Elster said of Additional pilots, open to the public,
versation happens, viewers are shown a “It enables the most lifelike conversa- the first time he saw his testimony played are being tested at the Sarah and Chaim
five-minute introductory video narrated tional opportunity that you can possi- back for him. Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre
by the featured survivor. After the video, bly imagine,” the museum’s CEO, Susan Smith said the project could have been in Toronto and the Holocaust Museum
which tells the survivor’s individual story, Abrams, said. successful even if each survivor were in Houston. The U.S. Holocaust Memo-
the image leans forward and says, “But I The project was envisioned by Heather asked fewer questions. But the compre- rial Museum in Washington, D.C.,
have so much more to tell you. Now I’d Maio, the managing director of Con- hensiveness gave each testimony extra ended its pilot on Labor Day after sev-
like you to ask me questions.” Then it science Display, which specializes in character depth. eral months. The Candles Holocaust
switches to interactive mode. exhibition design and interactive story- “If you were just going to ask the ques- Museum and Education Center in Terre
The hologram of each survivor con- telling. Her company typically creates tion, ‘where were you born?’ or ‘what Haute, Indiana, also has piloted the
ceivably can answer thousands of ques- realistic combat scenes, complete with camps were you in,’ or ‘what did you feel project and plans to install a permanent
tions. Much like Apple’s Siri technology, visuals and dialogue, for military person- like when you were liberated,’ we could display that will open this fall.
the voice-recognition system responds nel to drill with. do that quite easily in 200 questions,”  JTA WIRE SERVICE


Jewish World

Americans seem more likely than Europeans

to take a stand against anti-Semitism
Ron Kampeas 51 percent of respondents in Europe said
that wearing Jewish symbols in public
WASHINGTON — It’s better here. made them feel unsafe. In North Amer-
That was the message of a panel of ica, the figure was 22 percent.
experts considering the rise of the The panelists at the event, which was
extreme right and of anti-Semitism in the held at the National Press Club, noted
United States and Europe. that there has been an intensification of
That was the good news at the forum anti-Semitic rhetoric in the United States.
last week sponsored by Georgetown Uni- Beirich said she did not anticipate the
versity’s Center for Jewish Civilization. virulence of the anti-Jewish rhetoric at
No one, however, could quite pin down last year’s “Unite the Right” march in
why Americans were more resistant to Charlottesville, Virginia.
anti-Semitism than Europeans. “The organizations here in the States
“It’s far from perfect,” said Ira For- are becoming much more Hitleresque,”
man, who until January was the State she said. These organizations used to
Department’s international anti-Sem- focus more on preserving vestiges From left, Ira Forman, Michael Whine, Heidi Beirich, and Rabbi David Saperstein
itism monitor. “We do it now better of white privilege. “They’re becom- participate in a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., on January 22 about the rise
than we did 50 years ago, there’s no ing much more focused about ethnic of the far right and anti-Semitism.  Ron Kampeas

guarantee we will continue to do it, and cleansing and the Jews, they’re chant-
frankly, we do it better with anti-Semi- ing ‘Jews will not replace us.’ That is not Forman noted the violence of the Golden Rabbi David Saperstein, the former
tism than with anti-Muslim rhetoric and something commonly heard at previ- Dawn, a Greek fascist group, which has tar- ambassador-at-large for international reli-
with racism.” ous events.’” geted mostly Roma. “It has a street mili- gious freedom under the Obama administra-
Forman cited American communities Beirich added that social media and tia,” he said. “Jews haven’t got hit,” despite tion and the director emeritus of the Reform
that rallied spontaneously to counter the internet made it easier to dissemi- Golden Dawn’s anti-Semitic rhetoric. “The movement’s Religious Action Center, moder-
anti-Semitism in their midst, notably the nate hate. Extremists may be based in Roma have.” ated the panel. JTA Wire Service

citizens of Whitefish, Montana, who a Europe, but their messages are getting
year ago demonstrated before a planned through to Americans. “We now have
neo-Nazi march targeting the town’s tiny certain websites that have 750,000 views
Jewish community, and Oklahoma civic a month among Americans,” she said.
leaders who called on a state lawmaker The panelists agreed that social media
to apologize for using the phrase “jew giants like Facebook and Google had
down” in 2013 become more receptive to keeping hate
In those cases and in many others, off their networks, in part because of
he said, the drive to counter anti-Jewish laws in some European countries that
rhetoric came in communities with few hold them accountable for incitement.
Jews and seemed driven by non-Jews “Both France and Germany have prom-
who were repelled by the rhetoric. ised to prosecute Facebook and Google if
Heidi Beirich, the director of the Intel- they don’t act,” Whine said.
ligence Project at the Southern Poverty Beirich noted that expressions of anti-
Law Center, added to that list the nation- Semitism had spiked during Donald
wide drive among Muslims last year to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and
raise funds to pay for vandalized Jew- since he was elected.
ish cemeteries. Forman, a Democrat who helmed
Michael Whine, the government and the National Jewish Democratic Council
international affairs director for the Brit- for decades, cautioned against making
ish Jewish community’s Community anti-Semitism a partisan issue. He noted
Security Trust, said leaders on his con- Trump’s equivocation after the Charlot-
tinent were doing the necessary work tesville march, which included a deadly
in speaking out against bias crimes, but attack by an alleged white suprema-
he agreed with Forman that the mes- cist on counterprotesters. But he also
sage was not trickling down to the aver- stressed that calls on Trump to speak out
age European. more forcefully came from both sides of
“There are a lot of European states the aisle.
where civil society is not at all devel- “I don’t want to make it about ideol-
oped,” he said. This was in part because ogy, I don’t want to make it about parti-
in countries that emerged from autoc- sanship — that’s a very, very bad path to
racy just in recent decades, suspicions go down,” he said in response to a ques-
of government lingered, and they ham- tion about Trump’s role in the increase
pered efforts to join civilians and author- of biased rhetoric.
ities in countering hate crime. It is critical, panelists said, not to treat
“Often, civil society is reluctant to deal anti-Jewish bias in isolation. Whereas
with the government,” Whine said. Jews in Europe faced an intensification
On Friday, the World Zionist Orga- of anti-Semitic rhetoric and hate speech,
nization released a survey compar- other minorities in Europe, including
ing perceptions of anti-Semitism in the Muslims, Roma, and the LGBTQ commu-
United States and Europe showing that nities, all were facing spikes in violence,

Jewish Standard JANUARY 26, 2018 37

Remembering Dr. Arnold Gold

W Frisch, and
e all want a doctor who is very smart — scary both their own humanity and the humanity of their patients.
smart — and absolutely up-to-date on the latest To remember that each patient is a human being, and there-
science, diagnostics, and medications. Good,
in the objective sense.
fore each patient is a world, entire and complete, and also a
bridge to other people, other worlds. Jewish law

We also all want a doctor who is kind, warm, open, decent, The students are taught that they will learn awesome
and non-judgmental. Good, in the subjective sense. skills and techniques, but that they must never mistake n mid-November 1967, I was features edi-
Today, we mourn the death of Dr. Arnold Gold of Engle- themselves for gods. Like their patients, they are human tor of a weekly newspaper, the Jewish Press.
wood, who was good in both those senses, and who under- beings. When they remember that, they, their patients, The United Nations Security Council was
stood the importance of both. and the world not only will begin to be cured, they, their debating Resolution 242 (the post-Six-Day
Dr. Gold, a pediatric neurologist (and just think of the tough- patients and the world will be ennobled by the effort. War resolution designed to achieve “a just and
ness and dedication and stomach and love such a career Dr. Gold also was a founding member of much of what we lasting peace in the Middle East”), and I was asked
choice demands) was an extremely well respected physician. now take for granted in the local community in northern New to write an analysis of the prospects for peace pre-
With his wife, Dr. Sandra Gold, another absolute power- Jersey. He and Sandra were in at the founding of just about sented by the resolution. My analysis concluded
house, he was the founder of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, everything, Sandra in her big hat and flowing scarves, Arnold that peace never would be achieved between
which spearheaded what the Golds call humanistic medicine. at her side, smiling. And unlike the other community found- Israelis and Palestinians because one key issue
Together, they developed the White Coat ceremony, which ers, who often hid their goodness under gruffness — and at would remain insolvable: the status of Jerusalem.
now is practiced in medical schools throughout the country. times hid it extremely well — Dr. Gold let it shine. That conclusion
In that ceremony, brand new medical students are given not Next week, we’ll write a proper obituary. But we wanted to was true then, and it
only their white coats, a physical reminder of the role they are write about him as soon as we heard about his death. remains true today.
undertaking, but they also are given a charge, to remember We will miss him. — JOANNE PALMER Usually, however,
the Jerusalem issue is
shoved off to the side

Can I get dessert? when the media and

politicians focus on the

Middle East. The likely
o there we are, dining at the Garden State Plaza some reason is that they
time ago with Arnold and Sandra, when the manager adhere to the belief Shammai
approaches our table. that if all other issues Engelmayer
“There is a report of a shooter in the mall and we are resolved, a solu-
are waiting for further instructions from the police.” tion to Jerusalem will
Suddenly there are police responding everywhere and the present itself.
shades on the restaurant’s windows are closed. The issue is front and center at the moment,
We all look at each other like there is some kind of protocol however, because of a cynical political decision in
for this event. early December on the part of President Trump.
Arnold to the rescue. That decision has sparked a myriad of reactions,
“Can we at least get dessert?” he says to the manager. “If this everything from a controversial request of stu-
has to be my last meal, what better way to go then to be with dents at Frisch High School, to a disruptive Knes-
my dear friends.” set meeting earlier this week during a speech by
Arnold could even make a highly stressed manager crack Vice President Mike Pence.
a smile. Dr. Arnold Gold and Jamie Janoff share one of their There are halachic issues embedded here, but
That was Arnold’s power. The world was a better place many meals together. before discussing them, I need to clarify three
when you were in his company. You looked into his eyes points.
and you would see his beautiful smile. He might even have and no doubt these talks helped shape me into the person First, Jerusalem is, was, and always will be the
grabbed your hand — and you felt at peace. I am today. eternal capital of the Jewish people, and thus the
Sandra often reminded me of how much Arnold loved me Arnold was a giant. We all know that. A gentle giant. He capital of the Jewish state. That was true even
and how much he valued the work we do on these very pages. received countless awards, but he would be the first to tell when the United States did not formally recognize
He would just call me out of the blue and ask how I was doing. you that kind of stuff was part of the package. What was Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. If anything, President
I would remind him that he was the one in great demand and most important to him was to see the faces of the children he
that he had better things to do then to check on me. “At this helped live a better life and to know that doctors were a bit
moment, there is nothing more important than to know how kinder because of his initiatives for humanism in medicine. Shammai Engelmayer is rabbi of Temple Israel
you’re doing,” he would say. But nothing was more important to him than to know that Community Center | Congregation Heichal
I never forgot that. he had Sandra by his side. “Jamie, she’s my greatest blessing,” Yisrael in Cliffside Park and Temple Beth El of
There was always a lesson I learned from our con­versations, he would tell me. — JAMIE JANOFF North Bergen.

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Rutgers student exemplifies

Trump’s December pronouncement ceding portions of East Jerusalem courage and charisma

brought the world’s powers to their to the Palestinians for their capital)
feet in protest of that truth. His deci- would be worth the price, too, if the e should all be very proud Young activists like Miriam Waghalter are
sion also completely derailed any peace offered is a true peace. Any and grateful to Miriam living proof that standing up for your rights
prospect for a peace process going agreement would have to battle ter- Waghalter. and dignity, that not becoming invisible is
forward. Almost certainly, his deci- rorism with vigor, it would have to Here’s why. the best way for Jewish students to defend
sion will cause the various terrorist include all the states now opposed Miriam is a student at Rutgers University, themselves.
entities in the region to rev up their to Israel, and it must provide ways to home to Dr. Michael Chikindas, a professor There are other young leaders worth
efforts to take Jewish lives (especially put peace into practice through such of microbiology who recently and belatedly knowing about. Isabelle DeBrabanter and
of young Jews, the Palestinian terror- means as trade and tourism. was demoted for his anti-Semitic social media Justin Feldman both were participants in
ist’s favorite target). Much of this seems unlikely for postings. It also is home to an adjunct pro- the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Government
Second, what happened at Frisch — now. Nevertheless, Jewish law looks fessor of international law, Dr. Mazen Adi, a Advocacy Internship Program last summer.
teachers instructing students to write warily at actions taken that could Syrian who had been a spokesman for Bashar While Justin wrote many editorials relating
letters to the White House supporting endanger even so tenuous a peace Assad when he accused Israeli officials of traf- to anti-Semitism both at home and on cam-
Trump’s action, without their parents’ process — including actions regard- ficking children’s organs. It also is pus, Isabelle led the charge
knowledge or consent — is indefensi- ing the status of Jerusalem. home to Professor Jasbir Puar, to present an anti-BDS reso-
ble on a number of grounds. No school Entering into this consideration are whose latest book accuses the lution from the center at
has a right to impose political views on two sins often discussed in this space: Israeli Defense Forces of strategi- her hometown, Caldwell; it
its students, which is why a number of pikuach nefesh (threat to life) and cally maiming Palestinians. passed there this fall. I lis-
parents who oppose Trump on moral sh’fichut damim (causing the need- Miriam, a 19-year-old sopho- tened to Isabelle’s testimony
and ethical grounds loudly objected to less spilling of blood). Pikuach nefesh more, was not intimidated as before the governing body as
what had been done. is considered to be pre-eminent in swastikas appeared on campus. she said that knowing that
The parents had every right to religious Judaism. Almost nothing Instead, she stood up to those peo- her own town is on her side
object. Consider the terrible sub- — not even Shabbat or the laws of ple who were targeting the Jewish in voicing public opposition
liminal message that was sent to kashrut — takes precedence when life student body — a targeting that we Michael to BDS and to the anti-Israel
the Frisch teenagers in that request. is threatened. Sh’fichut damim runs a have seen happen time and again Cohen and anti-Semitic rhetoric
They were told (albeit obliquely) to close second. on college campuses across the leveled against her and her
ignore as irrelevant Trump’s behav- Putting people’s lives in danger country. This brave young woman, peers on college campuses,
ior toward women, his repeated violates pikuach nefesh. Almost cer- along with a small group of her peers whom allows her to feel proud and empowered to
lapses into blatant racism, his often tainly, violence will erupt and blood she recruited, started a petition to have Chi- do even more.
disgraceful tweets denigrating those almost certainly will be spilled on kindas suspended pending an investigation. To help empower the younger generation,
who disagree with him (including his both sides because of the Jerusalem She looked reporters in the eye and spoke we must support and educate them. My col-
chief of staff and several cabinet sec- pronouncement. This is sh’fichut directly to the camera, asking what the leagues tell me about the reactions on uni-
retaries), and his role as dispenser-in- damim. Thus, both sins are hala- response would be from anyone in New Jer- versity campuses that have hosted the Simon
chief of fake news and false facts. The chic factors that must be taken into sey if such vitriol were spewed against their Wiesenthal exhibit, “Book, People, Land
students also were told that the only account. own communities. — the 3,500 Year Connection Between the
issue that ever matters is Israel. No Even if halacha would seem not to Miriam’s name should be known to us all, Jewish People and the Land of Israel.” The
matter how wrong a politician is on support trading land for peace, how- because she has sent a message to Jewish stu- exhibit ignites a sense of pride in our his-
everything else, if he or she supports ever, sometimes the law needs to dents, telling them not to be cowed in the tory and values and in all of the incredible
Israel, he or she must be supported. be set aside in order to protect the face of the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rheto- feats accomplished in our ancestral home-
Third, halacha is not monolithic, national interest. The consequences ric on their campuses. land in the modern day State of Israel. I hear
and it is not closed to interpretation. of an action always must be consid- Just last year Hillel asked me to be the key- how such demonstrations of Jewish activism
Different people may see a particular ered. (See Rabbi Yochanan’s state- note speaker at the Yom Hashoah program at and pride in those very locations where our
law in contrasting ways. What fol- ment about the destruction of the a major university. As is my custom, I arrived next generation is facing daily harassment is
lows is my view of the laws relating Temple in BT Gittin 55b-56a.) early to speak to both students and the direc- exactly what is needed to encourage students
to the peace process. Not everyone A s Samson Raphael Hirsch tor, so I could garner a better feel for the local on campus to stand strong.
will agree with me. I accept that, but explained in his commentary to Jewish student atmosphere. At this particular If we are to build such leadership, if we are
I would hope they would stop and several verses in Leviticus 18, if the institution I was told that the campus, as far as to ask young Jews on campus to be proud of
consider the points I make before people of Israel act in ways that are they knew, had between 800 and 900 Jewish their heritage in public, we must embolden
dismissing them. neither moral nor ethical, “the land students, yet only 400 to 500 of them would them not only by recognizing the intimida-
I begin by discussing one law that will vomit out that society.” admit that they were Jewish in any meaning- tion they face but also by being there to push
is not open to interpretation: We “The land is meant to be the bearer ful way. And half of those students were com- back alongside them.
are commanded to settle the Land of a national life that is exemplary in fortable being seen publicly as active in Jewish So the next time we hear of another chal-
of Israel — all of it, not just a piece of moral purity…,” Hirsch explained. student life. lenge or attack on our nation’s campuses,
it, meaning every inch of it, from the “Hence, a population that is socially From colleges with historically signifi- remember Miriam Waghalter, and encourage
Mediterranean to the Jordan. and morally corrupt has no future on cant Jewish student populations — within our kids to emulate her example. It will make
There is biblical evidence, however, this land.” the CUNY system, that includes Brooklyn, them — and us — proud.
to suggest that giving up land is not so We, as a people, are supposed to and Queens colleges, as well as others both
great a sin, or may not be a sin at all, adhere to Jewish law. As we will read within and beyond that system — we see far Michael Cohen of Englewood is the eastern
if the price is right. Solomon gave 20 on Shabbat next week, our task is to too many Jewish students unprepared for the regional director of the Simon Wiesenthal
cities in the Galilee to Hiram, king of be God’s “kingdom of priests and ferocity of such attacks, too often preferring Center. He represents his city’s Second Ward
Tyre, yet neither the biblical text nor holy nation,” the advocates through to hide in the shadows when faced with the on Englewood’s City Council, and he belongs
the Sages of Blessed Memory offered how we live our lives of God’s moral likes of Students for Justice for Palestine. to Congregation Ahavath Torah there.
any comment, much less condem- and ethical code, God’s blueprint for
nation. This probably is because of how all people should live their lives.
what Solomon received in return: the Ignoring the ramifications of The opinions expressed in this section are those of the authors, not necessarily those of the
building materials for God’s House pikuach nefesh and sh’fichut damim newspaper’s editors, publishers, or other staffers. We welcome letters to the editor. Send
and his own. (See 1 Kings 9:11.) is immoral and unethical. We should them to
Trading land for peace (including teach that to our children.



Remembering menschlichkeit

his week, my family will commemorate the 10th with news that can be disruptive and frustrating, we need set a long-lasting example. By empowering college-aged
yarhrzeit of my father, Albert R. Fingerman z”l. to rise to the challenge to remain on task, maintain our counselors with responsibilities, camps help these young
His was a life well-lived. He was a World War values, and do our part to build a better world. adults refine their leadership and communication skills.
II veteran, an accomplished and admired attor- Through our example, we model the world for which By using FJC’s Making Mensches Periodic Table, camps
ney, a volunteer communal leader, and a loving husband, we aspire. across North America are incorporating much-needed
father, and grandfather. He worked hard, but he also Those of us involved in the Jewish and secular educa- values into daily life at camp.
enjoyed life immensely, and he did so with a boundless tional enterprise continue to create new and innovative It is up to each of us to model menschlichkeit in order
energy, a cheerful countenance, a calm demeanor, and ways to help inculcate these values of menschlichkeit in to truly make a difference in our rapidly changing world.
contagious enthusiasm. He had a natural curiosity about young people. Ultimately these are life skills they will need Among many things, my father was a prolific letter
life and learned from every experience. He to succeed in this ever-changing world. writer. As I reflect back, I find it incredible that he made
tried new things and persevered to overcome In my day-to-day life — in meetings and time every day — years before email, Facebook, or What’s
challenges. He exhibited humility at his own gatherings at work and in my community — App — to take “typewriter in hand” and send news,
achievements and pride at all of ours. everyone seems to be focused on this very encouragement, and love. Whether I was away at sum-
He taught us everything by his actions, not challenge. We all are searching for opportu- mer camp, in college, and even at business school, I had
through his words. Through the daily exam- nities to provide for our young people that the joy of a letter from Dad seemingly every day.
ple he set, he taught us about fulfilling famil- will build their sense of curiosity and discov- In December, I was given a wonderful tool to help make
ial, social, and professional responsibilities. ery, of community and confidence. We seek each day in 2018 count. A Jewish desk calendar called “A
He taught us to be involved in the commu- to aid the development of their self-esteem, Kindness a Day” — a project of the Teaneck-based non-
nity, to have empathy, and to give back. He empathy, authentic caring relationships, and profit Areyvut, whose mission is to infuse the lives of Jew-
served on boards, commissions, and groups Jeremy J. a sense of purpose and meaning. According ish children and teens with the values of chesed (kind-
throughout his life. He didn’t tell us to volun- Fingerman to research conducted by KnowledgeWorks, ness), tzedakah (charity), and tikkun olam (social action)
teer; he just quietly did his service in a col- the competencies required for the future of — highlights a Jewish text for every day a the year. It’s a
laborative, cooperative way. learning readiness and of workforce readi- text that inspires a recommended gesture of kindness for
He greeted and treated everyone with respect, empa- ness will be these very same skills. that day.
thy, dignity, and always with a smile, as he made his way More and more, everyone agrees on the need for devel- These daily lessons remind me of the way my dad lived
through the courthouse, the JCC, or the streets of down- oping mensches. his life. And they remind me of the difference each of us,
town Cincinnati. Jewish camps are uniquely positioned as a trusted vehi- behaving like mensches, can make.
In a word, he was a mensch. And we are living in a time cle for making mensches. My work at Foundation for Jew-
where we need many more like him. ish Camp inspires me because we are helping camps bring Jeremy J. Fingerman is the CEO of the Foundation for Jewish
As we navigate our ways through these very turbulent even more intentionality, meaning, and relevance to each Camp. He lives in Englewood with his family; he is vice
times, we each need to be positive role models for the experience. By creating welcoming, inclusive, and diverse president of Congregation Ahavath Torah there. Write to
world we want. Even as we are confronted each morning communities — not by words but by actions — these camps him at

Frum kids belong in day schools

t was quite distressing reading the article about frum toward the parents, not the yeshivas. alone and depressed as I figured I must be the only frum
families having to make the decision to send their chil- I write this response under my real name. I am not hid- person in Bergen County without a rich relative.
dren to the local Teaneck public schools (“Frum times ing under the cloak of a pseudonym, although it would It was frustrating and often demeaning to sit in front
in Teaneck High,” January 12). It was distressing on so have been much easier to do so. This response requires of smug scholarship heads having to explain that I really
many levels it is hard to know where exactly to begin. credibility to be effective and the topic is important didn’t have money or access to money. One of my chil-
Let me emphasize at the outset three crucial points. enough so I believe it is worth the price of sacrificing my
First, as will be established below, I am privacy.
uniquely qualified to weigh in on this topic. I have been on both sides of the pro-
Second, this is a judgment-free response. verbial tracks. When financial times were
In no way should anything in this article abundant, I sat on the board of a local It was frustrating and
be construed as passing judgment on deci-
sions families need to make regarding what
yeshiva day school and often was tapped
for significant donations to scholarship
often demeaning to sit
has become an all-too-common phenom- funds and other needed projects. I don’t in front of smug
enon in both Teaneck and other Orthodox
communities. This is an extremely difficult
recall ever saying no when asked to give,
and I gave with great joy, as I was aware of
scholarship heads
and often gut-wrenching decision — as it those who were struggling. I was extremely having to explain that
should be — and I envy no one who has had
to make such a decision, or who currently is
thankful for my financial success
Unfortunately, the financial tide took
I really didn’t have
struggling with this decision. Last, I am not a 180-degree turn, and then I became the money or access
weighing in on decisions made to send frum
children to public schools because of special education
recipient of massive scholarship funds
(I have five children) as opposed to the donor of these
to money.
needs that are not, or cannot, be addressed adequately funds. I was no longer the guy in the back of limo but
by the yeshiva system. That is a stand-alone topic that rather the guy behind the wheel, lugging suitcases just to dren was not allowed to return for his senior year of high
also must be addressed, but this response today is geared put some money in my pocket. I remember, with some school because I owed the yeshiva $5,000 from the pre-
lingering bitterness, the scholarship interrogation, mak- vious year and had no means of coming up with the past
Michael Rappaport, who now lives in Highland Park, lived ing me feel as if I was trying to game the system, all the due balance; nor did I have additional funds for his cur-
in Teaneck for nearly 30 years. An attorney by profession, while my house was in foreclosure and my cars were rent year. So he was forced to get his GED (as I was not
he now is a general entrepreneur, motivational speaker, being repossessed. Didn’t I have some rich relative who going to send him to public school) and took his SATs
and mediator. can pay for the kids’ tuition, they wondered. I felt so SEE DAY SCHOOLS PAGE 43



What I want to offer God

ew York Times op-ed writer favored school integration; by 1996, that
Charles Blow tweeted fairly number had increased to 35 percent. In the
recently that if it weren’t so early 70s, 86 percent of whites opposed
awful, you’d have to laugh at busing; by 1996, two-thirds opposed it. At
racism: the notion that we think less of the same time, the majority of black Amer-
people based on skin color is ridiculous. icans favored busing in nearly every year,
Except that its effects are all too real, and only 39 percent opposed it in 1996.
and pernicious. Even in 2018. Even after The biggest discrepancy between blacks
America has had its first black president. and whites can be seen in the way they
Remember that there were discussions view employment opportunities. Accord-
about whether we were living in a post- ing to Gallup polls from 1978 to 2011 that
racial world, because Barack Obama had asked respondents whether blacks have
been elected? Those discussions seem as good a chance as whites in a commu-
laughable now. I recently had nity to get any job for which
a conversation with a Cana- they are qualified, about 25
dian, who shook his head to 30 percent of whites felt
and told me, “We just don’t blacks didn’t have the same
understand you Americans chances; 50 to 65 percent
and racism. It doesn’t make of blacks felt they did not.
any sense.” These statistics show that
Last week, Rabbi Daniel bending the moral arc of
Fridman shared the talk he the universe toward justice
gave for Martin Luther King hasn’t been easy, and more
Jr. Day with the readers of the Tikvah work still needs to be done.
Jewish Standard (“Bending Wiener The literature that black
toward justice,” January 19). and white authors are writ-
His congregation, the Jewish ing today tells the same tale.
Center of Teaneck, hosted civil rights activ- In last week’s Book Review section of the
ist Ms. Theodora Lacey, who was intro- New York Times, author Jonathan Miles
duced by Teaneck’s mayor, Mohammed reviews Sam Graham-Felsen’s debut novel,
Hameeduddin. Rabbi Fridman said that “Green.” The book begins with 12-year-old
after the tumultuous week we had had, David Alexander Greenfield, nicknamed
“[T]oday let it be said that I am not only an Green, introducing himself as the “white
Orthodox rabbi and a Jew and an Ameri- boy” at Martin Luther King Middle, a Bos-
can, but on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, ton public school. He’s one of two white
I am a Haitian and an African as well.” He boys there, thanks to Green’s progressive
cited Dr. King, who famously wrote in his parents, but the other can pass for Puerto
Letter from Birmingham Jail, “I am cogni- Rican. Green is the only blond-haired,
zant of the interrelatedness of all commu- blue-eyed student, and the book interro-
nities and states and cannot sit idly by in gates race, imperfectly as the reviewer sug-
Atlanta and not be concerned about what gests, but nevertheless in a way that leaves A collage from the projects done at the Idea School’s MLK Jr. program for
happens in Birmingham. Injustice any- the reader with an understanding of how prospective students.
where is a threat to justice everywhere.” “the force,” as the main character comes
In light of Reverend King’s extraordinary to describe it, works. • Gaza handed over an entire population from My presence, and let Me not hear the
legacy, it might be surprising to remem- In one scene, Green and Marlon, his trying to escape and delivered them back music of your harps. But let Justice well up
ber that the passage of the Civil Rights Act black best friend, decide they will shovel to their country of origin (1:6) like water, Righteousness, like an unfailing
of 1964 wasn’t without its skeptics. Cor- their neighbors’ yards, but Green under- • Tyre engaged in the same behavior as stream.” (Amos 5:15-24)
nell University’s Roper Center for Public takes knocking on people’s doors alone, the Gazans, but also ignored the covenant Wow. God here eschews — condemns,
Research shows statistics on contempo- since when Marlon accompanies him, they of brotherhood (1:9) actually — ritual practice in favor of the
d rary public opinion of the act. They show tend to get turned down more. Unequal • Edom pursued his brother with the natural welling of justice and righteous-
t that about one third of Americans opposed
the bill in the months leading up to its pas-
employment opportunities, indeed.
On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Idea
sword and repressed all pity (1:11)
• Ammon ripped open the pregnant
ness. How natural is that welling, though?
Rabbi Koslowe shared the interpretation of
g sage; a month after it was passed, a little School hosted a program for prospective women of Gilead in order to expand its the 19th-century rabbi and biblical exegete,
s more than 50 percent supported it.
Americans now generally have a favor-
students. We first examined the text of
King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, paying
own borders (1:13)
We can see that God abhors excessive
the Malbim, on the famous verse. The Mal-
bim remarks that humans inherently seek
able view of the act, though progress in particular attention to the allusion from cruelty and despises when people repress justice; it is part of our nature and an essen-
e race relations has been slow. A poll from
the National Opinion Research Center,
Amos 5:24: “Let justice well up as waters,
and righteousness, like a mighty stream.”
their tendency towards mercy and behave
in pitiless and ruthless ways. It seems that
tial ingredient of each society. It therefore
can be compared to a well of water, which
s 1972-1996, also from the Cornell University Rabbi Tavi Koslowe, the Idea School’s God wants us to treat our fellow human springs naturally from its internal source to
. site, tells that story: As debate over school
integration through busing raged in the
Judaic studies principal, pointed out that
the book of Amos begins with God’s stating
beings, well, like human beings.
As if that lesson isn’t clear from these
impact its surroundings profoundly.
Righteousness, in contrast, isn’t
1970s to the 1990s, the number of those that He is able to tolerate three sins, but opening verses of Amos, as we get closer ingrained in us, but is something we
in favor of integration slowly increased. not a fourth. As He chastises the different to the one that King quotes in his speech, have to nurture and develop through our
In 1972, 19 percent of white Americans nations who have sinned, He details what God states, through the prophet: experiences and encounters with God.
those fourth sins are: “I hate and detest your festivals, I will The source of righteousness is external,
Tikvah Wiener is head of school of the Idea • Damascus crushed the Jewish people not delight over [the sacrifices] . . . . If and that’s why it’s compared to a stream,
School, a coed Orthodox high school opening of Gilead with metal threshing tools [par- you offer up burnt offerings — or your which gathers in mountains and other
in Bergen County in September 2018. Learn ticularly barbaric physical punishment] meal offerings — I will not accept them natural areas.
more at (Amos 1:3) . . . . Spare Me the sound of your hymns SEE OFFER PAGE 44



Teaching our children to fish

read the article about Orthodox parents sending whatever success they may have achieved to the day- First, articles of this nature dealing with a highly sensi-
their children to public schools, “Frum Times in school movement. tive subject should be balanced. Unfortunately, this one
Teaneck High” ( January 12), on the Friday night it 3. Day schools are far from perfect; there are serious was not. It was certainly very important that the parents
first appeared. To be frank, I didn’t like it, so I reread problems with their financial structure and the burden quoted had an opportunity to speak publically about this
it after Shabbat, hoping that I would feel dif- that places on families, as well as with certain issue, and I commend the Standard for giving them a plat-
ferently. Unfortunately, it did not improve educational areas. form to do so. But other voices, perhaps of day school par-
with age. 4. Although there are many different types ents but certainly those of yeshiva educators who are highly
Before I explain, let me first, in the inter- of day schools, they are not able to meet the qualified to speak and most likely have other perspectives,
est of transparency, lay out some relevant needs of all members of the community. also should have been heard. Discussing only one side was
personal biography, biases, and beliefs. 5. Deciding what type of education to pro- not only unfair to the side being ignored but also left read-
1. I am the proud product of the modern vide for your children is a primary parental ers with a skewed understanding of the issue’s complexity.
Orthodox day school system, from kinder- obligation, and it should be based on what is Moreover, the entire tone of the article was unbalanced;
garten through my graduation from Yeshiva best for the particular child, not what is best “public schools good, day schools not so much.” We were
College 17 years later. My four children like- for the community. And since parents know told that public schools have more academic support and a
wise are products of that system, from nurs- Joseph C. their children better than others do, no par- higher caliber of education, allow students to have a finer
ery school through their post-high school Kaplan ent should be criticized or judged by others appreciation of what it means to be a Jew in the real world,
gap year in Israel. My two oldest grandchil- or by the community for the educational have more professional teachers and a better standard of
dren have begun their day school studies in choices they make. what they’re doing, are fairer in the manner in which they
Toronto, and their younger sister soon will follow them. 6. It should go without saying that no child ever should treat all children and parents, have better support and tac-
2. The current vibrant modern Orthodox commu- be ostracized by others in the community based upon tics for dealing with kids who have issues, take more respon-
nity and its laity, highly literate in both Jewish and where they go to school. sibility in their dealings with parents, have more respect-
secular fields, in large part owe their existence and With that said, I turn to my reaction to the article. ful students and less bullying, accommodate students’

Islam’s Jewish dilemma revisited

n his important book, “Anti-Judaism: then unearthed by the Middle East Media
The Western Tradition,” the scholar Research Institute. What these sermons
David Nirenberg makes the persua- have in common is that they all were deliv-
sive case that Islam has faced similar ered on Friday, December 8, 2017 — the
theological challenges to Christianity in same week that President Donald Trump
assessing its relationship to Judaism. recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. All
On the one hand, Nirenberg argues, of them drew on similar images, themes,
Islam regards the Jews as enemies of and quotations. All of them used language
Muhammad’s prophecy; on the other, and sentiments that would be regarded by
Islam realizes only too well that without any rational calculation as unambiguously
the existence of the Jews and threatening toward Jews.
their practices to begin with, The worst example was
there would have been no the sermon delivered at the
subsequent prophetic tradi- Islamic Center of Jersey City
tion and faith to follow. by Sheikh Aymen Elkasaby,
“How to appropriate the who told those gathered
prophetic claims of Jewish for prayers that the Al-Aqsa
communities without ‘Judaiz- mosque in Jerusalem was
ing’ Islam?” Nirenberg writes, “under the feet of the apes
summarizing the core of the and pigs”—a commonly Sheikh Raed Saleh Al-Rousan delivers an anti-Semitic sermon in Houston on
Muslim dilemma. “How to Ben Cohen expressed derogatory term December 8, 2017. MIDDLE EAST MEDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE

contain or exclude them for Jews, that is based upon

without severing Islam from a sura (chapter) in the Quran quoted a popular hadith (saying) of the trees will speak: ‘Oh Muslim, this is a Jew
its Abrahamic foundations?” that claims that in his anger toward the Prophet Muhammad concerning the Jews. behind me.’”
I’ve mused a great deal on this passage Jews, God “made some as apes and swine.” “The Muslims will kill the Jews,” he In the aftermath of all three sermons, I
in recent weeks, as I’ve reported on three “So long as the Al-Aqsa mosque remains recited, “and the Jews will hide behind the want to stress, I came across some reas-
separate occasions about anti-Semitic a humiliated prisoner under the oppres- stones and the trees, and the stones and suring signs that in America, we deal with
sermons of varying ferocity at three dif- sion of the Jews, this nation will never the trees will say: Oh Muslim, oh servant these issues with an honesty that is absent
ferent mosques in the United States, all prevail…Allah, wreak vengeance upon of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me, in much of Europe and certainly the Mid-
posted on social media platforms and the plundering oppressors!” the sheikh come and kill him, except for the Gharqad dle East. In the New Jersey case, Senator
continued. “Count them one by one, and tree, which is one of their trees.” Cory Booker quickly issued a thundering
Ben Cohen writes a weekly column kill them down to the very last one. Do not A version of that hadith also turned denunciation of Elkasaby’s anti-Semitism,
on Jewish affairs and Middle Eastern leave a single one on the face of the Earth.” up in the sermon about alleged Ameri- at the same time telling his friend, Islamic
politics. His work has been published in On the same day, in Houston, Sheikh can and Israeli iniquities given by Imam Center President Ahmed Shedeed, to
Commentary, the New York Post, Haaretz, Raed Saleh Al-Rousan asserted that Judg- Abdullah Khadra of Raleigh, N.C. “At the “publicly and unconditionally denounce
the Wall Street Journal, and many other ment Day “will not start until Muslims fight End of Time,” as Khadra rendered it, “we Imam Elkasaby’s hateful rhetoric, which
publications. the Jews…in Palestine.” Al-Rousan then will fight those Jews until the rocks and the was delivered at your house of worship



particular needs more sensitively, react faster to aggressive their classmates were for the sophisticated and high-level reasons exist and sometimes the need to send some chil-
situations, and have better extracurricular activities. education they were exposed to, both in their gap years dren to public schools overrides the difficulty, and often
Really? I’m sure some of that is true, but all of it?? as well as in college and graduate school programs. While the impossibility, of those students learning Torah on a
Really? Day schools come in second to public schools many factors went into this, the excellent foundation laid high level. And I therefore do not, God forbid, judge par-
in all of these categories? Really? When I practiced as in their day school years was an important element in ents who make that decision. But at the very least, sacrific-
a litigator, one aspect of my preparation of prospective their success. Thus, the article presented an at best incom- ing an intensive and meaningful Torah education should
witnesses was to advise them to neither gild the lily nor plete picture of what actually takes place in day schools. be a significant factor in the decision-making calculus. If
close their eyes to problems with their testimony. Since And you needn’t take only my word for it. Read a it was, no serious mention of it was made in the article.
every case has weaknesses, I would explain, overstate- masterful essay by Erica Brown, who attended a “fancy And finally, I believe that all members of our modern
ments and refusing to confront problems damage cred- prep school” until she was 16, called “The Case for Day Orthodox community, whether or not they personally use
ibility. Had I been asked, I would have given this same Schools,” which recently appeared in the Jewish Week and the day school system, need to express hakarat hatov, their
advice to the parents quoted in the article. the Times of Israel. It makes the case for the excellence of gratitude, for all that these schools have done in making
My sense of day schools is quite different from the one day schools much better than I. our community the success it has become.
presented in the article, based on decades of personal But perhaps the most critical substantive problem was So I say to the parents quoted in the article, I appreciate
experience, both as a student and as a parent, in dealing the article’s almost complete silence regarding the main your explanations about why you send your children to
with yeshiva teachers and administrators (I never missed raison d’etre of day schools — teaching Torah and Torah public schools. But don’t belittle the day schools by impli-
a single parent-child conference) and being exposed to the values to help our children develop into knowledgeable cation after implication that they are second rate as com-
schools’ curriculum and modes of education. That experi- adults committed to our tradition and community. Public pared to the public schools. True hakarat hatov as well as
ence taught me that our day schools are overflowing with schools, no matter what their virtues, cannot do this, and a commitment to emet — to truth — demand better.
many superb educators and provide a simply first-rate if their students want this knowledge they must go else-
education in many areas. It also taught me about the care where to obtain it. While that’s not impossible, it’s very Joseph C. Kaplan, a regular columnist, is a long-time
they give and sensitivity they show to both their students difficult to learn Torah rigorously while attending public resident of Teaneck. His work also has appeared in various
and parent bodies. And I was not a macher or big donor school. As Ms. Brown wrote, the best case for day schools publications including Sh’ma magazine, the New York
by any standard. is “the life it delivers long after graduation.” Jewish Week, the Baltimore Jewish Times, and, as letters to
I also know how well prepared my children and many of Again, let me be clear. I understand that legitimate the editor, the New York Times.

Day schools into something dangerous — which brings me to

FROM PAGE 40 the second reason for my distress.
and did just fine. The high school refused to In halacha ( Jewish law) there are concepts
before your congregants.” In the is, as Nirenberg says in his book, release his transcripts to the college to which he called “b’da’avad” and “l’chatchila.” B’da’avad
case of Al-Rousan, the Islamic a strong message in the Quran applied, but ultimately, after the college presi- is doing something in a lesser desirable fash-
Society of Greater Houston con- and in other key Muslim texts that dent read his personal statement, the college ion, while l’chatchila is doing something in the
demned him for making “inflam- “Islam, like Christianity, staked its accepted him, understanding the situation as preferred way. So while someone absolutely
matory remarks about our Jewish claims in the name of Jewish truth, a whole. could fulfill a religious requirement b’da’avad,
community in a deeply disturb- but guaranteed those claims with I can write a book on my experiences, but we strive to the best of our abilities to fulfill that
ing tone.” In the case of Khadra Jewish falsity.” Hence the temp- hopefully with this brief anecdotal evidence same requirement l’chatchila.
in Raleigh, an email exchange tation for Muslim preachers to I’ve established my credibility to weigh in on That is all well and good. The problem
I had with him revealed some address contemporary issues like this difficult topic. results when one begins to believe that the
awareness on his part of the neg- Jerusalem through the filter of I wrote at the outset that I was distressed b’da’avad is actually the l’chatchila. This is
ative impact of his remark, and a Jewish deceit and Jewish disobedi- reading the article. I was distressed for two what I gleaned from many of the comments
desire to meet with local Jews to ence — ”they believed, then disbe- main reasons. Although I suspected it was the from those parents who chose to ditch the
mend fences and restate the non- lieved, therefore a seal was set on case just by reading the headline, my suspicion yeshiva in favor of public school for financial
discriminatory principles of inter- their hearts so they do not under- was confirmed — and then some. This article reasons. I am in no position, nor do I have any
faith dialogue. stand,” the Quran says — that per- was written “b’simcha” ( joyfully) and with a right, to judge the ultimate decision frum par-
In each of these cases, I spoke meated the depiction of the Jews “gotcha” attitude toward the yeshiva system as ents make to send their child to public school.
to Muslim leaders who expressed in the early world of Islam. a whole. I am the first to acknowledge that the Sometimes there truly might be no choice. I
some degree of remorse or con- Nobody can pretend that yeshiva system has its share of problems. What strongly caution any parent who has made
demnation, and did not deny — as these anti-Jewish texts, beliefs, system doesn’t? Are there problems with the that decision, however, or currently is con-
often would be the case in Europe and traditions do not exist. But modern Orthodox system? Of course. Are there sidering making that decision, to understand
— that such rhetoric is judged in the experience of Jews with the problems with the charedi (yeshivish) system? that this is a b’da’avad, not a l’chatchila.
the American context as an actual Catholic Church during the last Of course. The chassidish system? Of course. I think one of the great survival skills we, the
threat to the Jews living here, and half-century — in which fun- There is a massive divide within the Orthodox Jewish people, have is our ability to make lem-
therefore a potential threat to damental doctrines about the communities between the haves and the have- onade out of lemons. From time immemorial
most precious norms and conven- demonic nature of the Jews dat- nots. As such, there is a growing bitterness and we have had the ability to make the best out of
tions of the nation at large. ing to the time of St. Paul have resentment towards that singular institution bad situations and even to back into a certain
That this recognition exists been dispensed with — suggests — the yeshiva — that highlights this difference, mindset that tells us that whatever is happen-
strikes me as a decent enough that there is very little in this more than anything else, with the crushing ing really is what we would have wanted any-
foundation for a more transpar- world that is immovable. Cer- yeshiva tuition needs. Of course, house size, way. It’s a great coping mechanism, but if it is
ent dialogue between Judaism tainly, those of us who believe type of cars, vacations, etc. often demonstrate not sprinkled with a dose of reality could be
and Islam in America. As a coun- that Jewish-Muslim coexistence these differences as well, but none of those are dangerous.
try with no official religion, whose can be achieved only on the anywhere as meaningful as yeshiva education. I respectfully suggest to these wonderful
citizens nonetheless embrace basis of mutual respect, as well There is no doubt this is a serious problem parents who have had to make the decision of
different faiths in vast numbers, as mutual commitment to civic, within the Orthodox communities and has left a foregoing yeshiva education in favor of pub-
America is the ideal location for secular government and society, lot of genuine and committed families rightfully lic schools that they should not for a second
such a conversation. And it needs should aim for nothing less. jaded. When these feelings turn into an anti- believe that this really is the best thing for their
to begin by recognizing that there JNS.ORG yeshiva attitude, however, it has then morphed SEE DAY SCHOOLS PAGE 44



Perpetuating the stigma school administration orchestrated a stu- who have been beneficiaries of the protec- the North Koreans veered away from the
While Ms. Frolich seemed to take a very dent letter-writing campaign to President tion of the American Bill of Rights for the NPT framework and started to ramp up
negative view of the article “Frum Times in Trump in response to his decision to move past 240 years, we do not have a responsi- their clandestine development activities.
Teaneck High” (Letters, “How dare you?,” the American Embassy to Jerusalem. (See bility, in the spirit of Jewish law, to insure Meanwhile, there is a well-established
January 19, responding to “Frum times in this week’s paper, page 12). As most read- that our communal institutions, be they nuclear industry in the South. Twenty-four
Teaneck High,” January 12), it was also an ers of the Standard know full well, I have synagogues or particularly our schools, power reactors there produce one third of
unrealistic one, and as a self-described been a longtime advocate of American rec- build a fence around this sacred principal the country’s electricity. Nuclear medicine
educator, she should know better. ognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and of American life, so that even the appear- is in widespread use at public and univer-
She should know that not every Jewish the relocating of our embassy to Jerusa- ance of stepping over the line is protected. sity hospitals. The only thing the South
child fits the mold of a Jewish day school lem. I personally wrote a public statement Rabbi Neal I. Borovitz lacks is a nuclear weapons program.
student. She also should know that the Jew- applauding this action last month. Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Avodat Shalom Russia, China, India, and Pakistan have
ish day school system obviously has flaws However, I am also a passionate advo- River Edge nukes. Is it so far fetched to imagine a
that make it impossible for some children cate for church/state separation. I believe united nuclear Korea? It is possible that
to flourish as well as impossible for some that religious institutions should refrain Imagine a unified the games being played in Korea next
parents to afford. The Jewish day school from overt political activity. Moreover, I nuclear Korea month are all about reconciliation of a
system may work for most frum children, am deeply concerned that when a school I was gratified to find an article about Dr. people united for the past 4,000 years, and
but not all, and we should applaud the par- administration “suggests” that students Tom Grunfeld, an expert on East Asian divided only for the past 73 years. A mere
ents interviewed in the article for doing take a political action, going to the extent studies who has spent time in North Korea speck in time. The Koreans want to send a
what was best for their children. of disseminating a draft of a letter, that the (“Know your enemy,” January 19). Hear- signal to China, Japan, and the rest of the
Ms. Frolich should apologize to these students’ ability to exercise their free will ing a firsthand account of conditions there world. When you see a Kia or Hyundai on
children for perpetuating the stigma is severely limited. contributes to a better understanding of the road here, think about Korea on a par
placed upon them for simply not fitting The Haaretz article mentioned that the people and culture north of the 38th with France and England. When Korea uni-
the mold. the students were encouraged, but not parallel and south of the Yalu River. fies, Japan will go nuclear in response.
Beatrice Baum required, to write letters to President Dr. Grunfeld’s account of the North This genie is not new. America uncorked
Bergenfield Trump. The unstated implication is that Korean nuclear program jibes with my the bottle 73 years ago. And we won’t be
the school did not overstep the boundar- experience. I did business with South able to bully the genie back into the bot-
Frisch oversteps ies of church/state separation. For me, the Koreans in the nuclear field for many tle. The only rational way out is talking,
its boundaries issue is not merely a question of whether years, as well as the IAEA in Vienna. The with a renewed focus on global nuclear
I write today to express my shock at the the Frisch School’s action was within the latter was doing a credible regulatory job nonproliferation.
actions of the Frisch School as described in letter of the law, but rather to raise the up to the time that President George Bush Eric Weis
a January 17 article in Haaretz, wherein the question of whether as American Jews Jr. destabilized nonproliferation. In 1992, Wayne

Offer “Being a Jew with a black father, living in Crown Day schools
Heights is a strange experience,” he wrote. “There
The Malbim adds that the waters of a stream is always a strong undercurrent of racism. You’ll be children’s continued growth as Orthodox Jews. I respectfully
don’t provide a source for other bodies of water moving along just fine and then the ‘S-bomb’ will suggest that while clearly so many Orthodox Jewish values are
but are focused internally, showing that the come along and just ruin your day, or at the very indeed learned from the home, the home needs to be a rein-
stream, as a metaphor linked with righteousness, least your hour and minute. It’s never nice when it’s forcing environment for these values. The home is not a detox
is about developing your own personal relation- said. No one ever says ‘I had a man do my taxes. He’s unit for the secular values their child is exposed to for at least
ship with God and embarking on a personal jour- shvartze.’ Nor do they say ‘my son is playing with the eight hours a day, five days a week, week in and week out.
ney with the Divine. In this interpretation, the Mal- boys next door, they’re shvartze.’ It’s always ‘a shvar- Will there be exceptions to the rule? Of course there will be.
bim says, the desired and true purpose of a festival tze stole my bike;’ or ‘if the shvartzes [take] welfare Nevertheless, parents need to understand that there is no educa-
pilgrimage is not the offerings, the sacrifices, but why shouldn’t we.’” tional equivalent to, nor substitute for, a yeshiva environment. I
the development of justice and righteousness. When Rabbi Koslowe, Ms. Nancy Edelman, the don’t care if it’s a left-wing, centrist, or right-wing yeshiva. While
It’s not hard to see, even without the Malbim’s Idea School’s head of humanities, and I reflected certainly there may be merit in being exposed to other cultures
interpretation, the reason that Amos spoke to with the students at the end of the program, we and beliefs, there is a time and a place. Elementary school and/or
Reverend King, and it’s easy to extrapolate as asked them what had resonated so deeply with high school is not — l’chatchila — that time or place.
well the book’s implications for today’s world. In them about Faulding’s story that they had all used The 11th mishna in the second perek (chapter) of Bava Metzia —
fact, we asked the students during our MLK pro- it in their projects. They told us that the act of buy- as well as other places within the Talmud — is remarkably instruc-
gram to continue Dr. King’s work, and we had ing conditioner was such a simple one, something tive about the importance of yeshiva education as it tells us that
them do so, first by providing different sources they did all the time. They couldn’t get over the fact there are certain situations where someone’s rebbi (main teacher
for them to research about racism in America that it had turned so dangerous for someone simply of Torah) actually takes precedence over his own father.
today. Though we had about six sources the stu- because he was black. The value of a Torah environment and education can not
dents could examine, most gravitated to a JTA Rabbi Koslowe remarked that the image of justice be stressed enough. It is the duty of yeshiva administrators
article written about a Jew of color, Ben Fauld- welling up like water and righteousness like a stream and the powers that be within the yeshivas to do everything
ing, who goes by the Twitter and Instagram name was a powerful one, making him wonder what it humanly and financially possible — with tremendous sensitiv-
@TheHipsterRebbe. would be like to live in a world where we’re literally ity — to ensure that parents are not placed in a position where
Faulding was wearing noise-canceling head- stepping in kindness, awash in it, unable to move they must make these difficult decisions. Parents, on the other
phones in a convenience store as he shopped for without giving it and receiving it. hand, need to bite their collective tongues, grit their collec-
conditioner and didn’t hear a cashier address him. I wonder, too. It’s time to end the nonsense that tive teeth, and hold their collective noses at what often is a
Next thing he knew, two policemen were point- is racism, to link hands with Dr. King and continue demeaning scholarship process. The pain to the ego will be
ing their guns at him. He stayed calm, knowing his work, to continue to honor civil rights activists well worth it.
that one wrong move might get him killed, and such as Ms. Theodora Lacey, and to understand that Parents need to know, at least in their hearts, that all avenues
he shouted for the officers to remove his head- it’s not just the job of political and communal lead- have been exhausted before they forego a yeshiva education
phones. Though this incident obviously was the ers such as Mayor Hameeduddin and Rabbi Fridman in favor of public schools. At the very least, parents need to
most potentially deadly form of racism Faulding to speak and act out against racism. It’s the duty of recognize that while they might have no other choice, this is
encountered, according to the article, he also each and every one of us toward our fellow human a b’da’avad, and such recognition should be conveyed to their
blogged in 2014 about living in Crown Heights: beings — and it is our offering to God. children as often as possible.


Jewish World

Foreign or domestic? The bigger terror threat

ADL and Trump administration reports differ markedly in findings
RON KAMPEAS Domestic terrorists often are
right-wing lone wolves who oper-
WASHINGTON — Two reports on ter- ate outside the structures of a
rorism, 10 pages each and released terrorist organization. Tracking
within a day of each other, reach them requires community-based
markedly different conclusions. policing, conveying to parties who
Over a decade, the Anti-Defamation might know a potential attacker —
League reports, domestic right-wing family, friends, colleagues — what
extremists carried out 71 percent of the warning signs may be.
extremist-related murders. Over 15 International terrorists often
years, according to the Department answer to groups based overseas,
of Homeland Security, foreign-born requiring coordination with the
culprits committed 73 percent of ter- array of bodies that deal with for-
rorism-related offenses. eign policy and national security.
What’s behind the startlingly dif- Law enforcement is mind-
ferent conclusions in the reports ful of the differing prosecution
released this week? There’s an apples strategies in pursuing domestic
and oranges factor of course — start- as opposed to international ter-
ing with the differing time spans — but rorists. Last week, Thomas Brzo-
the Trump administration also is try- zowski, the Justice Department’s
ing to shape the conversation on ter- counsel for domestic terrorism,
rorism to comport with its national outlined for the Huffington Post
security and immigration objectives. the difference in strategies in each
A protester in Chicago holds a sign commemorating Heather Heyer, who was killed during case. A tweet supporting a State
Apples and oranges the Charlottesville protests in July. SCOTT OLSON/GETTY IMAGES Department-designated foreign
The ADL report, “Murder and terrorist group can count as mate-
Extremism in the United States in 2017,” covers a decade’s Also, the ADL is counting victims, while Homeland Secu- rial support and trigger a prosecution. Backing a U.S.-
worth of extremist violence, from 2007 to 2017, and says rity is counting convicted perpetrators. Those are two dif- based extremist organization on social media likely falls
that of the 387 deaths in that period, 71 percent came in ferent groups. under First Amendment free speech protections.
attacks carried out by right-wing extremists. Homeland Most salient, however, is the terminology: The ADL
Security’s report, “Protecting the Nation From Foreign report refers to “extremist-related killings.” Homeland Since Trump:
Terrorist Entry Into the United States,” encompasses the Security refers to “international terrorism-related charges.” The Trump administration perceives the most immediate
period from 2001 to 2016 and counts 549 people convicted Why is the Trump administration making this about threat to Americans as being from abroad.
of “international terrorism-related charges” in U.S. federal international terrorists and not including domestic The Homeland Security report fulfills a requirement in
courts between September 11, 2001, and December 31, terrorists? an executive order issued by Trump on March 6. It was the
2016. Of those, 402 were foreign-born. There are two answers to this question, with a key second order by Trump seeking to ban travelers from Mus-
Including the first six years after the 9/11 attacks would divider: The election of President Donald Trump. lim-majority countries and was issued to withstand the
presumably weight the count toward the foreign-born, as court challenges that felled his original order, on January
the Bush administration intensified efforts to track down Before Trump: 27. Deep in the March 6 order are instructions to Home-
bad actors connected to al-Qaida, the terrorist group Law enforcement long has resisted lumping together land Security essentially to back up with data, after the
behind the attacks. (We don’t know for sure because domestic and international terrorism because of the differ- fact, the rationale for barring travelers from six Muslim-
Homeland Security does not break down its numbers into ent tools each phenomenon requires, so confining a report majority countries.
incidents or nationalities.) to “international terrorists” would not be unprecedented. The instructions suggest a preordained conclusion that
foreign nationals are the principal terrorist threat. The
report, according to the order, omits any mention of a need
to identify U.S.-born terrorists (although the report ulti-
mately included these). It requires “information regarding
the number of foreign nationals in the United States who
have been charged with terrorism-related offenses while in
the United States; convicted of terrorism-related offenses
while in the United States; or removed from the United
States based on terrorism-related activity, affiliation with or
provision of material support to a terrorism-related organi-
zation, or any other national-security-related reasons.”
The order also appears to favor identifying not only
actions but a motive identified among some on the right
with the Muslim world: honor killings. It seeks “information
regarding the number and types of acts of gender-based
violence against women, including so-called ‘honor kill-
ings,’ in the United States by foreign nationals.” Research-
ers see “honor killings” as a cultural rather than a religious
phenomenon, and have identified non-Muslim cultures
where it is practiced. In any case, the final report noted
that there is no data breaking down gender-based violence
This chart from the Anti-Defamation League report shows that 71 percent of extremist-related deaths from according to whether perpetrators are foreign born or not.
2007 to 2017 were committed by far rightists. ADL SEE TERRORIST THREAT PAGE 56


Jewish World

This Russian Jewish liberal just became

the opposition’s best hope of hurting Putin
CNAAN LIPHSHIZ Chechnya and even traveled to that pre-

dominantly Muslim area of Russia to nego-
he fact that Russia’s main oppo- tiate a truce in the 1990s — offering him-
sition leader has been barred self to rebels as a hostage in exchange for
from the presidential race there the release of others. “And he’s not char-
may be bad for democracy. But ismatic; he has none of the energies that
it’s a boon for Grigory Yavlinsky, a Jew- Navalny has going for him.”
ish liberal politician who now is emerg- Like Nemtsov, Yavlinsky has been a con-


ing as the main challenger against Vladi- sistent opponent of Russia’s 2014 annexa-
mir Putin. tion of Crimea. That’s a position that has
Yavlinsky is an economist and former earned him death threats from nationalists
deputy prime minister whose mother, who revile him as a traitor. It also makes
Vera Naumovna, was Jewish. Last week, it hard for a nationalist like Navalny to
he took the 100,000 signatures he and his endorse Yavlinsky.
team had collected — those signatures are Navalny has shown no intention of back-
necessary for candidates to amass in order ing Yavlinsky. In fact, the disqualified oppo-
to enter the presidential race in March — sition leader is calling for a protest boycott
and he submitted them to the central elec- of the election — a move that is unlikely to
tions board shake Putin’s absolute
That makes him the only widely rec- hold on power but has
ognized opposition figure in the race, a very real potential of
because last month challenger Alexei crippling the Yavlin-
Navalny was disqualified over his 2014 sky bid. Above, Russian politician Grigory
fraud conviction — a conviction that the The boycott call is Yavlinsky at a ceremony for slain
top human rights court in Europe said dividing the opposi- opposition leader Boris Nemtsov


was trumped up by the Russian judiciary tion, according to at the Saharovsky Center in Mos-
under Putin. Andrey Kalikh, a Rus- cow on March 3, 2015. Left, Boris
Of course, that doesn’t mean that Yav- sian p o l itic al an d Nemtsov, shown in 2014, was anoth-
linsky, a co-founder of the Yabloko party, human rights activist er Jewish opposition leader. He was
actually has a shot at becoming president. and journalist. killed near the Kremlin in 2015 after
Elections are widely considered to be “On one side of the saying he would run against Vladi-
rigged in Russia, a country that was ranked barricades, there’s mir Putin in 2018.
more restrictive than Iran and Yemen in the forces who unite
the Freedom House “Freedom in the a r o u n d N av a l n y ’s At one election rally — Yavlinsky ran
World 2017” index. call” for a boycott, he wrote in an op-ed Bronfman said. for president in 1996 and 2000, and
But Navalny’s elimination does mean published last week on the website Open That may explain why Yavlinsky is attempted to run in 2012 but was rejected
that Yavlinsky, 65, whose best electoral Democracy. On the other side, “there’s among many Jewish politicians in Russia over alleged irregularities in his list of
result was 7.4 percent of the vote in the the ruling party as well as the liberal party — figures like Yevgeny Roizman, Nemtsov, 100,000 signatures — a heckler asked him:
1996 presidential elections, now has a Yabloko and Ksenia Sobchak,” an indepen- and Sobchak — who speak openly of their “How does a Jew dare to even think about
chance of rallying the fractious opposition dent candidate and television presenter Jewish roots. becoming the president of Russia?”
behind him. And that may allow Yavlinsky who also has Jewish roots. “I never concealed the fact that my A reference to persistent anti-Semitic
at least to put a dent in Putin’s near-certain Sobchak is among the dozens of people mother is a Jew,” Yavlinsky said in an inter- sentiments centered on the outsized role
victory, according to Roman Bronfman, who have announced their intention to view 2001. “How can anyone renounce of Jews in the communist revolution and
a prominent Russia analyst from Israel run for president but have yet to submit their mother?” regimes that followed. It prompted a
who, like Yavlinsky, grew up in what today the required 100,000 signatures. They Openness is a trademark of Yavlinsky, response from Yavlinsky that he said was
is Ukraine. have until January 31 to do so. who unusually for a Russian politician intended as an attempt at humor.
“If Navalny endorses Yavlinsky, he may All of the registered candidates chal- speaks candidly about his childhood and “‘Jews have done so much harm in
well reach an important achievement lenging Putin in the elections — including other aspects of his life. Russia that it is they who are obliged to
in the elections because opposition to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who has inveighed He is unapologetic about the fact that take an active role in correcting the con-
Putin is strong, albeit suppressed,” Bron- frequently against Jews — have said they both of his sons live in the United Kingdom sequences,’” Yavlinsky recalled telling
fman said. have Jewish roots. — a fact that opponents sometimes cite as a the heckler in the 2001 interview. “Of
Navalny reached such an achievement If Yavlinsky’s participation in the vote is sign that he lacks patriotism. course, it was a joke, and the audience
in the 2013 Moscow mayoral elections, approved, he will become the third regis- In a 2016 interview, Yavlinsky said that laughed and the atmosphere immediately
finishing second to the ruling party’s can- tered candidate in the March election after his sons left for security reasons after became lighter.”
didate with 27 percent of the vote. It may the Communist Party’s Pavel Grudinin — the older one was abducted in 1994. The Despite this exchange, Yavlinsky insists
well have been the reason he was marked an unlikely choice for many Russians with abductors cut off part of the son’s finger that Russian society is not anti-Semitic
for political elimination. bitter memories of communism — and and mailed it to Yavlinsky with a note read- and that his popularity among some vot-
Boris Nemtsov, another Jewish opposi- Zhirinovsky, an ultranationalist provoca- ing “Unless you leave politics we’ll cut off ers proves it.
tion leader who used to be deputy prime teur who is equally unlikely to appeal to your son’s head.” But they released the “After the destruction of the Bolshe-
minister, was killed near the Kremlin in freedom-seeking voters fed up with Putin. captive, who had the severed part of his vik system, it becomes clear that anti-
2015 after saying he would run against Which is part of the reason that Bron- finger reattached. Semitism in Russia was mainly of a state
Putin in 2018. fman believes that Yavlinsky’s origins Yavlinsky also likes to talk about boxing, nature” and not part of society, he said
But without Navalny, Yavlinsky is not won’t hurt him electorally. a sport he excelled in as a youth, when he in a 1999 interview with CNN. And to the
likely to attract many votes, according “Although he’s of Ukrainian descent, was a junior champion of Ukraine in 1968. degree that it does exist, “the creation of
to Bronfman. although he’s of Jewish origins, so are Still, Yavlinsky’s Jewish origins have a new strong democratic state will stop
“He’s too liberal,” Bronfman said of many others, on the opposition and on been used against him in the course of his anti-Semitism.”
Yavlinsky, who opposed Russia’s war in Putin’s side, so it’s not really a factor,” long political career.  JTA WIRE SERVICE


The Frazzled Housewife Crossword

TB Tonya and the

magical airplane

irplanes are miraculous standing up and screaming, “Hey lady,
objects. stop coughing everywhere. You are
They fly. How do they do going to kill all of us with your germs!!!!!”
that? And with all of those Please tell me that some of you feel this
people who aren’t weighed before- way too! It cannot just be me. My kids
hand…. And when there were laughing at me, but
is turbulence, what is hap- that is par for the course,
pening exactly if you are in and husband #1 was look-
the sky? Invisible potholes? ing at me with that “What
Things you just don’t want would you like me to do?”
to think about when you face. I would like you to
are flying. I still remember get up and switch your
when my grandparents were seat even though Tuber-
invited to a wedding in Paris culosis Tonya’s germs
and the hosts of the wed- already were being recy-
ding flew them on the Con- Banji cled through the air of the
cord, which was an extra Ganchrow entire plane, because even
fast airplane. How did those though airplanes are awe-
aircraft work? Apparently some, they still haven’t
not too well, because I don’t think there figured out a way to open the windows
are Concords anymore. I wonder what to get fresh air without sucking people
became of those planes. through those said open windows. Or
In any event, as wonderful as airplane how to make a bigger bathroom — appar-
travel is, if you are a germ freak, planes ently either I have gotten bigger since my
are not for you. At all. Especially during last time on a plane or the bathrooms
Across 4. Many a San Fran worker
flu season. Or any season, for that mat- have gotten smaller. How is a woman
1. It’s the truth 5. Drake (not the Jewish man)
ter. If you turn on the news, you hear 5. What many often do in Eilat 6. Vikings family
how this year’s flu season is the deadliest 10. Treif meats 7. “East of Eden” director Kazan
it has been in over a decade. Thank you 14. Like Haman 8. Zuckerman from “90210”
for letting me know. What am I supposed 15. Pooh’s author 9. ___ off
to do? I got the flu shot, I wash my hands In any event, as 16. It won’t fly on Shabbat?
17. A brother-in-law of Jared
10. It doesn’t exist in Judaism, essentially
11. Bad Bashar
as often as humanly possible without
receiving a diagnosis of obsessive-com-
wonderful as 18. Pass over
19. Ayelet (Zurer) played her in “Man of
12. Leaves high and dry
13. Barbecue sides
pulsive disorder and I do my best not airplane travel is, Steel” 21. Handy to have
to touch any door handles with my bare
hands. I even have a few prescriptions
if you are a 20. “Moana” song for Tu b’Shvat?
23. Recurring theme for Berlin
22. Joke response, nowadays
23. 1-Down, e.g.

of Tamiflu in the house from a few years germ freak, 26. Brian of music, who is a big 35-Across
24. Blood, in a series
25. Chan. that might air Billy Wilder films
ago when we went on a cruise during flu
season and I was being a crazy mother.
planes are not 27. Help palindrome
28. “Sleeping Beauty” (or “Maleficent”)
29. Honey or flower
30. Former Giant star Umenyiora
(Some things never change — now, I just for you. At all. song for Tu b’Shvat?
33. Its value is 40
31. “ shall be blocked from you for

Especially during
three years, ___ be eaten” (Lev. 19:23)
am crazier.).
34. “Kacha-kacha” 32. “Charlotte’s Web” initials
But then came winter vacation. We
decided to go visit my in-laws in Boynton flu season. Or 35. Letters by those who dislike Israel
36. “Frozen” song for Tu b’Shvat?
36. Michele of ABC’s short lived “The
Beach (yes, you read correctly, I went to
visit my in-laws) and in order to get there,
any season, for 40. Kiryat Moshe to Rehavia dir.
42. “Rabbi, is there a blessing for the
37. Casspi’s team, on the scoreboard
38. One emanating from the face of
we had to go on a plane. The place where that matter. ___?’ (“Fiddler” line)
43. Caesar known for his strength and
39. “...who practices witchcraft, ___ who
colds, coughs, and lord knows what else humor interprets omens...” (Deut. 18:10)
come to breed. So you do what you can. of my size supposed to maneuver a toi- 46. “Enchanted” song for Tu b’Shvat? 40. Creator of many gods and monsters
I had my Purell, and aside from wearing let seat cover and turning around to sit 51. Cherubs, on the scoreboard 41. It’s very important in 40-Down’s work
a face mask, that was it. down without having to grease the walls 52. Huge Ming 43. Like a diffident maidel
53. Band created and managed by Lou 44. Particle studied by Bohr
We get on the plane, three of us in of the lavatory with butter??????
Pearlman 45. Mo. that sees a lot of 61-Across, in
one row and husband #1 on the aisle Stuck on a plane with TB Tonya, and 54. “The Little Mermaid” song for Judaism
across from us. The two seats next to several Sneezing Sams (again, not their Tu b’Shvat? 47. Norse war-god
him were empty. And then came Tuber- real names) I just tried not to breathe. 59. Opening for a shekel 48. Sect with a schism in 2006
culosis Tonya (not her real name). She That doesn’t work. Husband #1 finally 60. “Bambi”, e.g. 49. Greeting from a definitively non-Jew-
61. It proved Elijah to be legit ish character
was coughing on her hand. DOESN’T moved to the row in front of TB Tonya,
65. A sukkah is symbolic of one 50. Worthwhile
SHE WATCH THE NEWS?? You are so hopefully, no damage was done. 66. “___ Day’s Night” 51. Disobeys the Tenth Commandment
supposed to cough into your armpit, Wait, how long is the incubation 67. Del Boca Vista condo, e.g. 55. Bluesy James
because if you cough on your hand and period for colds, coughs, and lord knows 68. Creator of Genesis 56. Green and Gabor
your hand touches the seat and then what else? 69. Guns N’ ___, band that rocked Tel 57. What Caleb didn’t do, even in his old
Aviv in 2017 age
someone else touches the seat, they To be continued……..
70. Einstein locales 58. Baseball team with a previous owner
will then get sick. No wonder so many who had positive words about Hitler
people suffer from anxiety. Does every- Banji Ganchrow just watched son #1’s Down 62. “Barefoot” Garten
one think the way I do? Vikings get demolished by the Eagles. 1. Creation in Genesis 63. 1-Down, once
Then Tuberculosis Tonya just started Football season is officially over for 2. What Aaron might have called his big 64. Some Asimov characters; Abbr.
coughing everywhere. Sons #1 and #3 the Ganchrows. How many weeks until The solution to last week’s puzzle
3. Judge for 40 years
had to physically hold me back from pitchers and catchers? Let’s Go Mets!! is on page 54.


Arts & Culture
‘The Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm’

or the record, it is A17606.
That literally is “The Num-
ber on Great-Grandpa’s Arm,”
the title and subject of the mov-
ing documentary short that airs on HBO
on January 27, International Holocaust
Remembrance Day.
It is a simple conversation between a
90-year-old camp survivor, Srulek Feld-
man, and his adoring 10-year-old great-
grandson, Elliott, about experiences
Srulek had before and during the war. It
is heartwarming, intelligent, and told in
a way that evokes the suffering without
frightening its intended family audience.
Feldman was born in Sosnowiec,
Poland, in what appears to be a financially
comfortable, Shabbos-observant family.
His father was a milliner who had his own
store, and life was good — until it wasn’t.
He was 14 years old when he and a group
of friends were grabbed up and (although
it’s not entirely clear) sent to a series of
work camps. He never saw his family again. Srulek Feldman, 90, engages in intimate conversation with his grandson, Elliott, 10.
Eventually he ended up in Auschwitz. After
a forced march alongside fleeing German fish market. youngster is a real find, smart, inquisitive, fish store. “If you’re hungry he will feed
troops on a Jewish Trail of Tears, he was The film has a number of really glorious and as much as a 10-year-old can be, a real [you] whether you’ve got money or not.”
liberated by Russian soldiers. elements. First, there is the obvious love history buff. What is particularly unique, though, is
He returned to Sosnowiec after the that young Elliott has for Jack (and vice Another important and fortunate take- the film’s back story. It started with Sheila
war, but knew no one there; all friends versa, of course), which is especially note- away is how willingly Jack responds to Nevins, 78, a long-time HBO executive and
and acquaintances were gone. He ended worthy in a time when older people often Elliott’s questions. Many survivors bur- president of HBO documentaries and fam-
up in a German DP camp, where he met are disrespected. ied memories and were forever changed ily programming since 2004. In that time,
his wife; the two ultimately emigrated to A second is the fascinating way the story by them. Not Jack. He remembers all. He the shows and films she has worked on
the United States, and Feldman, who now is told. It’s not a lecture, but Jack answer- “knows what it means to be hungry,” says have earned her a record 32 individual
called himself Jack, started a successful ing Elliott’s intelligent questions. The an African American man in Feldman’s Primetime Emmy Awards, 42 Peabodys,

The Tribe at the Grammys: 2018 edition

NATE BLOOM PINK, 38 (aka Alecia Moore) is nominated for best BOB DYLAN, 76, is nominated for best traditional
solo pop performance (“What About Us”). Pink’s pop vocal album (“Triplicate”) and the late LEON-
The Grammy awards will be presented on Sunday, mother is Jewish, and for the first time I know of ARD COHEN is nominated for best rock perfor-
January 28, at 4:30 p.m. James Corden will host. 2018 she referred to herself this past year as “a Jewish mance (“You Want it Darker”). Cohen also is nomi-
is the 100th anniversary of LEONARD BERNSTEIN’S woman” (following the marches and murder in Char- nated for best American Roots performance (“Steer
birth, and Andrew Lloyd-Webber will turn 70 this lottesville last summer). Your Way”).
year. Patti Lupone will honor Lloyd-Webber’s music MICHAEL SHUMAN, 32, is the bass player and some- Its fitting that Cohen and Dylan are paired, for one
by singing “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” from “Evita.” time keyboardist and drummer for the band Queens of last time, at the Grammys. They were contemporaries
Then 2017 Tony winner BEN PLATT, 24 (“Dear the Stone Age. The band’s “Villains” is nominated for who had the air of biblical prophets, and of course
Evan Hansen”) will join Lupone onstage and they best rock album. Known as “Mickey Shoes,” Shuman they often were called poets who also were song-
will honor Bernstein by singing a song from “West grew up in the Los Angeles area, where he went to He- writers. Cohen began as a poet, and judging by their
Side Story” together. brew school. He had a small part as a bar mitzvah boy respective work on the printed page, he probably
The vast majority of Grammys are not given on in “The Wedding Singer,” a hit ADAM SANDLER film. deserved that title more than Dylan. Nonetheless,
TV. Here are the verified Jewish nominees for the “Queens” was founded in 1996 and Schuman joined in Cohen was very gracious when Dylan won the Nobel
awards I believe will be presented on TV. 2007. He replaced Alan Johannes, who left when his Prize for literature shortly before Cohen died in 2016.
JACK ANTONOFF, 33, co-wrote and co-produced wife, NATASHA SHNEIDER, another “Queens” member, Cohen didn’t became big public famous until his
“Melodrama,” an album by singer Lorde that is nomi- became ill with terminal cancer; she died in 2008, at 1984 song “Hallelujah” became a huge hit following
nated for album of the year. Antonoff is a rock star in 52. Shneider, her brother, and her parents (who were the 2004 release of Jeff Buckley’s version. But Dylan
his own right, and he also was known as the boyfriend Soviet-era musical stars) were allowed to leave the heard Cohen sing the tune in Paris in 1988, and the
of actress and writer LENA DUNHAM, 31 (“Girls”). Sadly, Soviet Union in 1976. An amazingly multitalented musi- next day he told Cohen that he loved it. Reports say
the couple recently broke up after being together for cian, Natasha Shneider remains one of the few women they met up every few years and that they truly ad-
five years. It appears to be an amicable split. in a major hard rock band. mired each other’s work and weren’t hesitant to tell
BENJAMIN LEVIN, 29 (aka Benny Blanco), pro- The band the National is nominated for best alter- each other that.
duced “Issues,” a song of the year nominee. A top native music album for “Sleep Well Beast.” The five- Finally, GREG KURSTIN, 48, is nominated for an
producer and songwriter, Levin already has won member group includes twin brothers BRYCE and award he won in 2017: Producer of the Year, non-
three Grammys. AARON DESSNER, 41. classical. Last year he won mostly for his work


Arts & Culture

and 26 Oscars. friends. That didn’t seem like sufficient

She happened to be at the Museum of reason for the ceremony, so Nevins and
Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan — “I her husband, Sidney Koch, took the boy
was introducing something,” she says — and to U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washing-
went into the museum’s deserted library ton, D.C. David apparently was so moved
beforehand to prepare when she saw a by what he saw that he wanted to buy a
copy of a book on display. It was called Magen David to wear. While father and son
“The Number on My Grandfather’s Arm.” headed off to the gift shop, Sheila contin-
“I read it, borrowed it, and thought this ued to tour the exhibits, and came upon a
would make a good film,” she said. “I real- film of Gerda Weissman Klein talking about
ized that the book was old, so today, it her six years as a victim of Nazi cruelty.
would have to be a great-grandfather, and That led to “One Survivor Remembers,” a
I also realized that there were not going to film that won both best short Oscar and a
be many survivors who fit that category.” Primetime Emmy.
Still, she went to the cocktail party, It started her on the road to recover-
made her remarks, and went on a hunt for ing her Jewish identity that culminated
women between the ages of 35 and 50 who with her visits to the Museum of the Jew-
might have a grandfather who survived the ish Heritage. “I get tearful there,” she said.
war and a son between 9 and 12. “There’s something about looking at the
Unbelievably, the first woman she Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island [from
approached, Stacy Saiontz, fit the bill the museum] that reminds you how hard
perfectly. Though the filmmakers inter- it is for so many, and about all those who
viewed others, it was Stacy’s son Elliott didn’t survive.
who was selected. “So for many reasons, I became very Artist Jeff Scher
Told the project seems bashert, she says, Jewish. I feel very proud and I feel com- painted over
“I was going to say that, but I was afraid I mitted to telling these stories.” photos of Jewish
couldn’t pronounce it right.” She solicited filmmaker Amy