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Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

often hero toyshop happened noble

painted longed climbed thought once

cheer grand seek other pointed

The Clown
聽 There was ________ a clown called Funny, who lived in a

with hundreds of __________ toys. Some were very __________

toys who

wouldn't even look at the little clown with his ________ face and

hat. Some toys were not so grand and the clown would ________ talk

them. Funny ________ to be a hero. He wanted to do something


so that all the toys in the toyshop would _________ him and cry out
that he

was a __________. He __________ his little corner on the toyshelf

was dull.

Nothing ever __________ there. That night, Funny the clown


down from his shelf. He made up his mind to __________

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

vain roses boast indeed shawl

excited seemed upon match show

annoyed dame wonderful sunshade disliked

Poor Mary
Once __________ a time, there lived a __________ called Mary.

was very rich ________ and had fine dresses and ____________

She was __________ and proud, and always loved to __________ off

fine clothes and to ________ about them. Everyone in the village


her very much.

One day, Mary was most ____________ because she had a

new red

__________, new red shoes to ___________, a wonderful bonnet

with red
__________ and a magnificant ___________ round the brim.

nobody in the village ____________ to take notice and this


Mary very much.

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

saved to plants weed hoped

garden growing hers because another

principal bunch best-kept bought promised

Jean's Rose Garden

Jean has a nice little ____________ at school. She was very
proud of

it because she had three rose ___________. She had ___________

up her

money and __________ them herself ____________ she loved


Jean _________ to be able to have a fine __________ of roses

for her

classroom and ____________ to take home for her mother.

The _____________ of the school called all the "garderners"

her one day and _____________ a prize for the _______________

Jean did hope _______ would be the best. Everyday she went to

it and water her plants which were __________ very well.

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

pull biggest suddenly once seen

together whistle turn sister puff

strange birthday great squeezed rope

Magical Engine
Nigel received a big red train for his ___________. It was the

toy engine he had ever _________. So big that Nigel and his

Kimberly could easily get into the back of it and sit there __________.
Nigel had a _____________ tied round the red funnel and he
used to

__________ Kimberly around the house in the engine. Then he would


his __________ at riding and Kimberly would pull. It was _________


One day, a very __________ thing happened. While the children


in the garden and had ____________ themselves into the engine


___________ they heard a sound in the distance like the loud


of an engine. At _________ their own engine gave a start as though it

too had "heard" the signal. Then it began to __________ away down

garden path!

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the given words.

wooden back pop that disappointed

never other hurting string before

pulled cork misuse proudly over

Yuli's Pop Gun

The day __________ Yuli bought his pop-gun was a dreadful
one for

all the toys in his room. All the toys had _______________ heard of a
shot __________ and none of them knew what a pop-gun was.

Yuli brought his gun __________ into his room. Then he stood
up his

___________ soldiers in a row and put the __________ into the end
of his

pop-gun. The cork was tied to the end of the gun by a _________.

Yuli __________ the trigger of the gun, the cork flew out with a loud

__________ and hit one of the wooden soldiers. The soldier fell

at once. Then Yuli put the cork __________ into the gun and shot at

next soldier one by one.

When mother saw Yuli __________ his toys, she was


She told him not to ________ the pop-gun and not to shoot at his

toys again.