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Revision No: 00 Date:

Operation / Activity: Manual Handling Last Review by: Date:

Personnel / Property at Risk Erectors, Welders, Platers, Labourers Prep by: Date:

Site to be applied App’d by: Date:

Element Hazard Uncontrolled Control Measures Residual Risk

Risk Value Value
Manual Handling L S R L S R

Strains 3 2 6 Mechanical handling shall be carried out wherever 3 1 3

Torn Ligaments
The Project Manager/Superintendent and the Supervisors
Lower Back Damage shall plan tasks to minimise the amount of manual
handling. All operatives shall be made aware of the
serious risks associated with manual handling during Tool-
Box-Talks, risk assessments and training.
If a manual handling operation cannot be avoided, a full
risk assessment shall be carried out, and based on the
assessment, the risk of injury shall be reduced to as low
as possible.
In considering the most appropriate controls, an integrated
approach to the manual handling operation will optimise
the health, safety and productivity associated with the
task. The load, the working environment, and the
individual capability of each person shall be assessed to
ensure the level of risk is reduced.
Training in good handling techniques shall be provided.

Loads handled manually shall not exceed 20kg.

Carrying distances shall be kept as short as possible.

Severity (S): 1-minor 1st aid, 2-Minor hospital referral, 3-RIDDOR (over 3 day), 4-Major injury, 5-fatality
Likelihood (L): 0 - Very Remote, 1 - Remote, 2 - Occasional, 3- Probable, 4 – Frequent
Hazard Rating S x L (0-3 = Low, work can 4-7 = Medium, Work needs additional controls, 8 or more = High, Work shall not commence)
NG / 0430 /RA