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The Me Report 
Rachel G 
Mr. Vickery 
September 18, 2017 
Rachel 1

Table of Contents 
Executive Summary  2 
About Me  2 
My Word Processing Skills 2 
Google Docs Vs. OpenOffice  3 
Cloud Computing  3 
Description of sample documents  4 
Conclusion  4 
Appendix 1 - Business letter example  5 
Appendix 2 - Table example 6 
Appendix 3 - Tabs example 7 
Rachel 2

Executive Summary 
In my report, you will be seeing all my work from this Word Processing unit. It’ showing all the 
tables, lists and paragraphs that I created. You will be learning about me and the things I enjoy 
doing. You will also be seeing all the things I have learned to do. For an example, creating my 
semester one timetable, or writing a letter to my parents. So I hope you enjoy my projects. 
About Me 
Hi, my name Rachel. I’m still 13 years old because of the day of my birthday. I was 
born in Brampton and moved to Orangeville when I was 7 years old. I don’t play any 
sports, but I do like volleyball (even though I’m not the best at it). I have two older 
siblings an older brother, and an older sister. My older brother actually went to ODSS 
for all four years of High school. During the summer I went to Canada’s Wonderland 
with some of my friends. I went on Leviathan and Behemoth, and it was definitely scary 
and I almost started crying. I also went to Montreal, and Jamaica to see where my 
parents are from, which was awesome, but super hot. Some of the hobbies I have are 
drawing and sketching, using my phone, and reading. Some things that I would like to 
start doing, is cooking, and improving my art skills. That brings me here, the first day of 
grade 9, I got lost a couple of times but so far I am enjoying it. That’s all about me. 
My Word Processing Skills 
• What word processors can you use, and what skills do you have? Include 
examples where appropriate. 
You can use Google Docs and OpenOffice, and I’m sure there are more but google documents 
are better, because they are easier to access and easier to use for projects, assignments, 
slideshows and it is more protected than other word processors.  
• How can you use these skills in your other classes? Give 2 specific examples. 
I can use these skills when in my other classes if my teacher asks me to make a presentation 
on a specific topic, I can use the skills I learned in this class to create an effective presentation. 
Or if I have to place information into a category, I can create a table and organize them into 
rows, columns, and cells. 
• What can you do with a word processor to be faster or more efficient? Give 2 specific 
You can type up an assignment or a letter and it would be way faster and easier. Also you can 
change fonts, size and colour of your text and you can make it look nicer and more appealing. 
You can also use templates to suit the even or assignment that you’re working on. 
Rachel 3

Google Docs Vs. OpenOffice 

They are both good programs to use, and they both have pros and cons. Google docs 
is convenient and simple because you can access it from any device anywhere you are 
(as long as you have internet connection). OpenOffice is also a good program but you 
have to download it onto your computer and let’s say if you wrote a paragraph on 
another device using OpenOffice, and if you are using another device you won’t be 
able to access the same document. But in my personal opinion, I prefer using google 
Cloud Computing 
Is cloud computing the way of the future? In my opinion, yes and no. Cloud
computing was a great idea, having your documents, files and all your information
stored in one place. But it also has cons because someone could easily get a hold of
your information. Even though it is easier there are a lot of risks to it. If you only use
cloud computing then you would need to have a device to access your information. An
example could be if you're going out somewhere, and you suddenly remember that you
have to check your bank account, but you're not in an area with internet access and you
don't have data on your phone, or you forget your phone at home, you would not be
able to check your bank account or any information that you have saved onto the cloud.
Yes, cloud computing is easy and convenient, but I've had experiences where I wasn't
able to access my information.
Like at school when the internet was down, and we had a project we needed to
finish and hand in. But we couldn't because the internet wasn't working and we couldn't
access the cloud. So even though it makes it easier, you still need internet and a
device. Also it might not be 100% safe and secure. Someone could easily get your
password and the rest of your information. Cloud computing is organized and it does
make holding your information easier, but it might not work with everyone's lifestyle and
lot's of people prefer to have hard copies of their information and work. For an example,
some people like handwriting essays instead of typing them, and some people like
paper billing instead of online banking, or even as simple as going to the store, verses
shopping online. So back to the original question. Is cloud computing the way of the
future? It all depends on the person and lifestyle they have. Personally for me, cloud
computing is convenient and easier, but it does have it's cons. So I think cloud
computing is good for now, but in the future it might not be as easy and convenient,
because as time goes on we get busier and things will get harder, and even though
cloud computing is nice. In my opinion it's not the way of the future.
Rachel 4

Description of Sample Documents 
Appendix 1 was about my business letter to my parents asking them to put an in ground pool 
in our backyard. In my letter I stated facts about how it would be free, convenient and easier 
for us. 
Appendix 2 was my time table for semester one and it shows how I learned how to create a 
table using open office and to organize my information. 
Appendix 3 is showing the list I created using tabs to place them in the right positions. What I 
did was make a list of names, age and favourite candy\. 
Thank you for looking at me Me Report. You have seen all the work that I created throughout 
this unit. I have learned many Word Processing skills and have learned how to use the 
documents and programs better. Thank you for reading this. 
Rachel 5

Appendix 1 - Business letter example 
Rachel Gallimore
563 Jupiter Lane

March 8, 1999

Mother and Father

827 Sandalwood Dr
Toronto, ON LA2B98L 
Dear Mother and Father

Hello, It’s me Rachel. I’ve decided that this would be a good time to ask for a favour. I
would LOVE to have a huge in ground pool in our backyard. This would be great because it
means we would have the pool all to ourselves, we wouldn’t have to worry about it being too
busy or having other people there. Not only that but if you ever decide to have a party we could
easily use our own pool instead of having to go out somewhere.

I also think this is good because it’s in the comfort of our own home, if you want to go
swimming you don’t have to drive all the way to the beach or to the nearest recreation centre.
You can simply put on a bathing suit and go to your own pool. Even though pool might take a
lot of maintenance, it is definitely worth it. You don’t have to worry about the times, you can go
as early as you want and as late as you want, and it’s all in the privacy of your own home. You
can throw pool parties and have BBQ’s and invite your family over for fun events

Overall, having your own pool could literally be life changing. You can just chill at home
in your pool and just relax without being bothered by anyone. Thank you for reading my letter
and I really hope that this convinced you and that y will by a beautiful inground pool. I’ll see you

Rachel 6

Appendix 2 - Table example 

Period Time Day 1 Day 2

Block Course Room Block Course Room

Home 8:55 - 9:00 A Home Double A Home Double
Room Room Gym Room Gym
1 9:00-10:15 A Physical Double A Physical Double
Education Gym Education Gym
10:15-10:25 Travel Time Travel Time
2 10:25-11:40 B BTT10 603 B BTT10 603
11:40-12:25 Lunch Lunch
3 12:25-1:40 C Math 122 C French 111
Travel Time Travel Time
4 1:40-3:05 D French 111 D Math 122
Appendix 3 - Tabs example 
Rachel 7

​Name ​Age ​Favourite Candy

Naomi 16 Hersheys
Althea 14 Aero
Salimah 16 Jelly Beans
Christina 17 KitKat
Gracy 14 Gummy Worms