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‘SrtzolsPage Texts ‘What does he think? 1 fao1-0223 JOUTBOX lo1:s0-41, Tue 2016-02-23, INBOX It's interesting, I've got and David and him and everyone calling 104:$4:05, Tue me to survey the terrain. | guess that's good. | 2016-02-28 INBOX 2:48:15, Wed 8:30, | will arive right about then and will be free until 910 when my | midyear brie 2s. XE ee eee |2016-02-24 INBOX [Hey | know your evening sucks. | need to talk to you tonight about 23:54:20, Wed work, Things went sideways with Andy and Bil’. \n\nAt my desk, calling toseeifheisstillhere. [2016-02-24 INBOX: Sorry, |'m busy. Call back later, 23:57:18, Wed i 2016-02-24 [OUT8OX He's Ijust got off the phone with him, He told me about wrap |23:57:51, Wed |2016-02-24 INBOX I'm talking to him now 123:59:51, Wed _ 2016-02-25 [OUTBOX Yup. Though truthfully, 'm not sure | understand what the problem is oor06:26, Thu |2026-02-25 INBOX |Sorry still on phone. Issue is if Laufman makes himself one of the two 00:18:08, Thu Dod, do I send the two case agents or insert myself. Andy told Bill send the best two. And what "best” means isn't clear to me in this context. }2026-02-28 OUTBOX [Best means best. I's nota trick. a jo0:15:28, Thu | 2016-02-25 OUTBOX if Laufman does that, then that's doj's loss. And I think warrants a call to| joo:15:52, Thu _| his superiors. 2036-02-25 |INBOX Hi Just ieaving. Trisha stil there (or atleast her ears), Saw leavin, 01:00:20, Thu | itoo, though be didn’t see me |2016-02-25 INBOX |We talked about It, but “best” was not in ‘terms of agents (though that's (01:02:07, Thu |what | wrote). I's about what the best outcome i. Do you or Bill Fundamentally believe that 3 and 3 is the RIGHT thing for ‘the case? If the answer is no, then you call 9ack and say we're good !as is. You have never wavered from saying 2 and 2 is best. | don't get :29, Thu th ‘what the hesitation is now. [2036-62-25 [OUTBOX Jone mere thing: she might be our next president. The last thing you 02:52:46, Thu |need us going In there loaded for bear. You think she's going to {remember or care that it was more doj than fol? 2016-0275 INBOX agreed. I called Bill and relayed what we discussed. He agrees. 1 (02:56:28, Thu jemail you and) same. [2016-02-25 [OUTBOX |Cool, You going to call back? Ihave one more thing to say, so Tong as Qu are out of earshot of folks. [Sorry meeting went long with Bill. So | Is covering 10 and my 11 Just cancel ee | a ‘ou-PROD-0000080, Srtzok-Page Texts [2016-03-18 [INBOX Finally leaving. As I think about going away, | remember that we have Joa:38:11, Fri | moved around interviews so that I can be there for them. Those are the things i need to be present for-\n\nThe question remains whether | . need to be here for this, or not need to, but shoul 2016-03-18 [OUTBOX |Drive safely. \n\nThis case is fungible, possibly sooner than later. Your 01:49:16, Fri family is not. You need to go. 2016-03-18 [INBOX Yeah, but you know what bugs me? Ifyou weren't in there, who is 01:52:09, Fri supposed to point out all the doubts and qualifications about the | |reporting all te potential misinterpretations and exaggerations? that | Person needs to be in the room. | understand it could be you, but it could be me or somebody else at that level. They should have the benefit ofthat type of nuance and information, and clearly they don't, ‘or at least they don't enough. They're certainly not getting it out of the |so-clled senior leaders who are siting round that table beside Andy. 2036-03-18 OUTBOX Jim does nuance. I'm not the only one in the room, 02:05:04, Fr _ [2016-03-18 __|INBOX But Jim doesn't get the reporting, does he? Saying hey th 2:16:17, Fri {cut, all the opportunities for error/exaggeration? —_ a 2026-03-18 INBOX ‘Thought of the perfect person D can bounce this off of 32:31:26, Fri 2036-03-18 |OUTBOX Who? 1:31:55, Fri _ _ 2016-0318 INBOX Pat\n\nvou gotta give me credit if we go with him. \n\nAnd delay 11:37:54, Fr briefing him on until | can get back and do it. Late next week or later. | [2016-03-18 [OUTBOX We talked about him last night, not for this, but how great he is. He's in 31:38:49, Fri | private practice though, right? Suppose you could still bring him back. [And ves, hold. oe [20%6-03-18 [INBOX ‘Yes, he's at Skadden in Chicago. | haven't talked to him for a year or 21:57:54, Fri two. Don't forget that Dag Comey appointed him as special counsel in ‘the Plame matter, and that he was there for Comey's investiture. 2016-03-18 INBOX I ‘could work with in \u263a\n\nAnd damn we'd get sh*t DONE 33, Fr _ [2016-03-18 [OUTBOX TTknow. Like | said, we discussed boss and him yesterday. 9, Fri [2016-03-18 /INBOX ‘And it frustrates me, because Bill at his 7:15, brings up the whole z matter in front of his DADs. One who is acting for Dina. Whe y immediately goes to John and tell him how Bill is stressed because all the stuffs going on about a special prosecutor. Bill needs to learn to |not taik to everybody about this when he's upset about it. And | |guarantee that agent, while discreet, is certainly going to tell at least a few other * + ‘people. \U0001621\U0001f621\U0001621\U00011621\0001/621\U0 | i 30 Dou-pROD-000c072 Srtzok-Pace Texts }2016-03-18 | INBOX, I'm sending to the 8:30 with Jones so that I can meet with John. 12:08:06, Fe : \2016-03-18 }OUTBOX [Did he go so far as to talk about why we started talking special |12:46:19, Fri |prosecutor?! ote-o3s [INBOX on think so. omy office talking toon 27:24, pots-c3-i8 — [ouTsox TA ie32.08, ea | : - 2016-03-18 INBOX K. I'm waiting on \u0001f612 nes32345, Fe ois-o3-18 ”|SUTEOx If doors dosed, probably okay to knack Wha secretary got. 2143353, _ . | |2016-03-18 INBOX Ok. You sure? And if she is, I'l! just hang 24:14:36, Fri — _ po1e0si8 [OUTBOX Se leaves at 530. us asked lim behind dosed doors with Taha now, 22:16:19, Fri __ |so1'm waiting, \uooo2f612 2016-03-18 INBOX Is it going to be weird if | show up, given Trishas email to you last night? 1:18:08, Fri [2016-03-18 [INBOX |And let me know when you go in, I'll wait 10 then walk up pt8.27, - _ |2016-03-18 |OUTBOX Yes, but remember, you're here to back brief on touhy. 21:18:35, Fri - . 2016-03-18 INBOX. [Totally got it 121:19:02, Fri pore-os-18 —JouTaox Tagan now: puss. a 2016-03-18 |OUTBOX |Come soon piste a poie-os-18 | Naox Ose out 21:22:38, Fe |2016-03-18 |INBOX |Hit me before you go, obviously. And J*sus how embarrassing | can't 21:33:31, Fri |believe how out of breath | \uy0001f628 [2016-03-18 INBOX | mean that was weird.... pewden " 2016-03-18 _|INBOX |Hey, do you know if you're dose? 21:56:57, Fri | 2016-03-18 |OUTBOX ‘Walking to my ofc now 2016-03-18 |OUTBOX ~TYou didn't need to runt pus7:59, |2016-03-18 INBOX | You said come soon!\n\nl was mortified! |OUTBOX It wasn't that bad. 2016-03-18 |OUTBOX |Soon, now now! Or immediately! iso.tgfei_! - — 2016-08-18 INBOX Tia Tat responsive : uso, ee 31 ‘Dou-PROD-000c073 Strozk-Page Texts Date UTC 2016-05-12 13:28:09, Thu 12016-05-12 16:07:24, Thu 12016-05-12 16:10:02, Thu 2016-05-12 16:15:35, Thu 2016-05-12 20:57:57, Thu !2016-05-12 12:03:50, Thu '2016-05-12 21:05:48, Thu 2016-05-12 21:08:34, Thu 2016-05-12 22:28:44, Thu /2016-05-12 22:46:24, Thu 2016-05-12 22:48:06, Thu 2016-05-12 22:49:41, Thu 2016-05-12 23:39:39, Thu 2016-05-12 23:50:01, Thu 2016-05-12 23:53:23, Thu [2016-05-12 23:54:25, Thu 2016-05-12 23:59:27, Thu 2016-05-13, 00:00:36, Fri 2016-05-13, loo:01:2, Fri 2016-05-13 00:24:35, Eri Type of Message ‘OUTBOX OUTBOX INBOX Tinsox |insox ‘OUTBOX INBOX JouTsox OUTBOX INBOX ‘ouTBOX INBOX INBOX | ‘OUTBOX INBOX ‘INBOX INBOX ‘OUTBOX ‘OUTBOX “OUTBOX Think I need an eras, Body - Want me to come straight there? Hey need to go meet with NCOS on the uco stu, Updates for you Wil be in my office just above you, | think) - sending a UC To 1-00 s01 have abit more flexibility i IF coming through [With what? ‘Sitting in CES with them overnight writing the PSEU form so it's ready tomorrow morning for Dana and George to sign. Dana is ready. Good. F-ing finally Holy cow are you still talking?! “Just finished. Will call. On the way out Eric asked (he suggested no) _if we needed the meeting tomorrow afternoon Did you ask Andy if he still wanted to meet tomorrow? | did not. | had left when Eric caught me. I told Eric | deferred to ‘Andy about whether or not we needed to meet. We did not talk about what we planned to tell the D on Mon Spoke tol] and relayed Andy's message. Told him Andy was relaying to Carlin, Richard said he'd wait to hear from on high. Carlin and George are definitely going to have to message down Can I send that to Andy. ‘And just got a mtg cancel for mtg tomorrow afternoon with Andy Remind me I story ‘Yup. And Eric cancelling cve mtg too. ‘Tried IM tonight but didn't reach him. will try in am. ‘Hey forgot to ask if you mentioned the whole special counsel thing ‘to andy? 35 0u-PROD-0000127 Straok-Page Texts [2016-10-28 INBOX OF course. Let me know when. Iii be driving in By 7.\n\nStill 02:46:34, Fri {conference calling, 1:15 in. 2016-10-28 [OUTBOX |Conference call with whom? This ate? 03:21:49, Fri —_ - 2016-10-28 INBOX \George David EB fon Wn\nves. \nintany feelings. 03:13:23, Fr \uaoo14612_ 2016-10-28 | OUTBOX [Any plan to tell the case agents? You know, since so much of this 07:50:42, Fri_| has hinged on the credibility of "the team." \U0001f621 (2016-10-28 INBOX Never rind Conf call now 34:11:26, Fri | _ 2016-10-28 [OUTBOX Frankly didn't want to, I don't need to be privy when | had no role 14:31:36, Fri lin the decision. [2016-10-28 [OUTBOX I cancelled lunch with Trisha. "min no mood. 14:47:09, Fr __ 2016-10-28 [OUTBOX [still on with devlin. Mike's phone Is ON FIRE. 17:19:06, Fr 7 2016-10-28 [INBOX it's on news 17:19:38, Fri _ 2016-10-28 INBOX You may wanna tell Devin he should turn on CNN, there's news 17:28:58, Fri oing on ;( 2036-10-28 INBOX [sorry i) 17:30:13, Fri 2026-10-28 OUTBOX He knows. He just got handed a note. 17:30:17, Fr —— sa 2016-10-28 INBOX "|fia. He asking about it now? 37:33:54, Fr _ a [2016-10-28 [OUTBOX Yeah. it was pretty funny. Coming now. {37:34:44 Fri [2026-10-28 INBOX News picked up Weiner source 19:24:48, Fri_ j2026-10-28 [OUTBOX |Christ. It's there led on freaking MARKETPLACE. [2016-10-28 OUTBOX Rybicki just called to check in. He very clearly 100% believes that 122:27:32, Fri__|~ ‘Andy should be recused because of the “perception.” 2016-10-28 INBOX ‘God. \uoo01F625 22:30:57, Fri 2016-10-28 [OUTBOX Our statement affected the stock market, \UOOOI‘621 (OUTBOX Don’t understand your email, Fit's@ matter similar to those we've [been talking about lately, why no recusal before? Something _ different? 2016-10-29 [INBOX | assume McAuliffe picked up. But that doesn't make sense. lon:21:48, sat \\n\nHe said he was interviewing, maybe he's headed into private _ sector? - 2016-10-28 |INBOX Talking to [02:05:35, Sat j2016-10-29 __|INBOX [Can talk if you want. Not that that would make any sense, 02:06:47, sat a9 ‘Dou-PROD-0000305 Strozk-Page Texts Date utc 2016-04-10 02:09:14, sun 2016-04-10 J02:09:52, Sun 2016-04-10 05:52:15, Sun 2016-08-10 105:52:00, Sun 2016-04-10 11:33:08, Sun !2016-04-11 13:56:15, Mon 12016-04-11 15:52:27, Mon 2016-04-11 22:19:37, Mon 2016-04-11 22:19:40, Mon 2016-04-11 22:20:43, Mon 2016-04-11 23:00:05, Mon Type of Message INBOX “INBOX ‘OUTBOX oursox Tinsox ‘OUTBOX INBOX INBOX INBOX ‘OUTBOX ‘OUTBOX Body Because you know where | was on Thursday or Friday night - when | was complaining about everyone expecting me to deliver the hard ‘message while they vacillated in discussing with their counterparts. ‘About how my sense of justness and character was at odds with ‘waiting until Sat to say something. \n\nAnd rightfully, you point ‘out stop being so prima donna-ish and just do it. \n\nAnd i do. \n\nAnd then | find out an hour later that in addition to what | was asked to do, JB went to counsel and had the discussion he did, And \'m the one facing the music. From some who | have known for a long time. Nobody else pays the price. Nobody else will have the same straight hard discussion. Yet I'm the only one who violated his sense of integrity to swallow hard and deliver the message ‘Tm not sure if want to be part of this You are a part of this and that's not going to change. But | think you have every right to be angry and frustrated about being left ‘ut ofthe loop on your investigation, especially when you're going to be left holding the bag. And I think you're entitled to say something to Baker about that, though on this one | would probably discuss with Bil frst, ''m sore fil Bie big case, big big problems. But God knows ___you're still the right guy to do it.H1133 Gmailed you two drafts of what I'm thinking of sending Bill, would ‘appreciate your thoughts. Second (more recent) is updated so you can skip the first. _ 'Andy just called to make sure | had heard everything. Call when you're free Bill wants to talk to me at 1215. RR tcc tt it, wino spoke with everyone this morning, Will fil you in tonight or tomorrow. \n\nalso, he was under the impression Andy wanted the meeting and a prebrief with F81 only just before. | think JJ may have screwed up that scheduling, Can you check? Obviously want to confirm with him before going to We talked for 45 minutes. ‘Wow. Can you talk now? Sent email to andy re pre-brief. Will let you know what he says. Will wait to reach out tof re cal-n line until hear from him, 10 ‘bo s-PROD-2000102 Date UTC ‘Type of Message [Body — Type 2017-06-08 [Do you want tobe Andrew? Why not with where 20:55:58, sat there are at and you might get assigned INBOX lone?\n\nBut | don't know, Thats a tough call. [sms f2017-06-05, i'm scared of Andrew is at leest @ known quantity? | l21:00:35, sat __OUTBOX don’t know. sms f2017-06-03, Yeah know. ‘hough. Pus you }21:18:22, Sat__|INBOX ___|know 1 better than al ofthe atts. — lems 2017-06-03 Driving if you can tak. fatauct sot INBOX _ sms 2017-06-08 [Truly thet might be your niche - werk the 21:21:80, Sax___INBOX — — _|ams 2017-06-08 lanele |21:216,sex__iNBOx _ Jams 2017-06-03 \Crapl | forgot my eras. \U0002"621\U0001 62 1\Uc0i 23:05:51,sax__|ouTeox - - 2017-06-03, Dude. ies all unclassified 22:06:18, set __|INBOX sens 2017-06-03 [Type on home computer and email to yourself 22:06:37, Set INBOX __|sms 2017-06-03 [Okay. But would help to have what | wrote, But fair enough, l23:06:58,set___ OUTBOX lsms 2017-06-03, [Subj in custody, Btw. First ML arrest of the Trump ere __lineor | Yeah, j__|INsox 1 _ Isms fn037-06-03, - oursox ee - - sms I'm trying to write an email back to —_but don’ tknow what to Jo1:13:36, sun say after, thanks for the heads up. How would you finish that NeOx lemai? a lame 2017-06-08 Maybe just hope this gets resolved soon?! have no idea lo1:15:06,sun__ OUTBOX lame f2017-06-04 fm going to mention Joa:a7:1s, sun |And''m going totellhim as to grow a pair and start ouTBox, lcorrecting people when they say Andy. sens feoi7-0e0s lvep Jor:20:42,Sun__ INBOX. . _ sms 2017-06-08 He just reeds to send message. Amd) needs to standup for:21:22,sun__|INBox __|and get peopie inne. Thats his job, not R's, sms Please, when yeu geta chance, plug with Aaron all the behine the | scenes work did with Andy, Jim, ete, to get this resuit. Andy was NOT going todo it ust based en Mueler's convo with him = he lust didn't uncerstand whet the problem wes. AND | did lot of jworktohhelp them understand that was also not the right loursox aie . — jms 2017-06-08 Thankyou. \UO00:#636 jor:25:42,sun__|outeox sms 2017-06-04 [oF course will \uoaoITe36 lor:26:36,sun__lINBox. sms 2 ou-PROD-2000386