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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VIII (Eastern Visayas)
Division of Leyte
Alangalang Leyte


July 19, 2017

I. OBJECTIVE: Uses principles of effective speech delivery in different situations. (EN11/12OC-IIcj-24)

- Establish familiarization and practice of the different strategies in organizing an
impromptu speech

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: Types of Speech according to delivery: Impromptu Speech
B. References: Oral Communication in Context, Published in 2016 by C & E Publishing, Inc.
C. Materials: Laptop, LCD Projector

III. Procedure

Review – The teacher will facilitate the review that was tackled last meeting which is memorized

Motivation – Catch my Breath or “Dugtungan”

The teacher will give a phrase and the students will add another phrase to create a story.
Example, the teacher will say.. “This morning..” then right after, the teacher will point or select a
student to add something on the phrase, until the story will end. After the activity, the teacher
will ask the following questions.
a. How is the experience creating stories in just a span of time?
b. How did you manage to add a phrase in an instant?
c. How fast can you think in forming ideas?

1. Activity
Divide and group the students into five. While in their group;
1. Think of one thing that makes you happy. Write it on a 1/4 sheet of paper.
2. Fold the paper and submit it to your teacher. Your teacher will collect all the folded pieces
of paper and place them in a box.
3. Your teacher will call a volunteer to pick a piece of paper. He/she will then be given one
minute to say something about the word or phrase on that paper.
4. Everyone in class will be given the opportunity to speak in front.

2. Analysis
Process Questions
After activity, ask each group members the following questions.
1. How do you find the activity?
2. Did the speaker spoke with confidence?
3. What do you think we need to do in order for us to deliver such kind of speech effectively?
4. What various strategies did the speaker employ to deliver his/her message?
5. How can we say that a message or a speech has been delivered effectively?

3. Abstraction

Impromptu speeches are delivered with little or no time for preparation. In most instances,
you are called to speak at the spur of the moment because you are expected to be knowledgeable
about the subject.

In order to deliver impromptu speeches effectively, organization of ideas are also to be made
even for a no time for preparation kind of speech.

4. Application
Divide and group the students into five. While in their group;
1. Prepare a list of Philippine destinations.

Batanes, Baguio City, Manila, Boracay, Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Mayon Volcano, Mt. Pinatubo,
Underground River, Pagsanjan Falls, El Nido, Palawan

2. Clarify that students have 10 minutes to prepare the strategy they will use, but
they will only be able to know the destination immediately before they speak.
3. Prepare two signal cards for the time. On the first one, write “30 seconds left”
and on the second one, write “Time’s up.” Time each speech and raise the
appropriate card accordingly to notify the student of the remaining time.
4. The teacher will choose two speakers per group.
5. While for the other group, they will be assigned to critique the impromptu speech presentations of
the other group using the following sheet and rubric.

V. Generalization

The teacher will facilitate the recap or generalization of the strategies of organization of ideas in
speech delivery specifically in impromptu speech.

V. Evaluation
Instruction. The teacher will flash 60 different topics for a limited amount of time. The students will
choose a number that corresponds to a certain topic which they will present and will be given for 2
minutes only. They will be graded according to the following rubric.

Organization – 50 points
. Speech has a clear beginning, middle and end
. Point you are speaking to and/or the point you wish to make clear
. You close clearly, summarizing your point if necessary

Content – 20 points
. Your details show a sensitivity to or awareness of your audience
Delivery – 30 points
.You demonstrate proficiency with: Vocal variety, vocal projection and volume, speaking
rate, limited verbal clutters and fillers, pronunciation, articulation, eye contact, posture, gestures and
movement, appropriate grammar
V. Assignment:

Familiarize and practice the additional strategies in impromptu speaking that was introduced by a
distinguished Toastmaster Craig Harrison if in some cases, you may find yourself unaware of or
uninterested in the topic. This is to be used on our practical test next meeting.


No. of learners with mastery level:__________

No. of learners which needs remediation/reinforcement:__________

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