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A. Write 5 sentences using factual conditional – absolute, scientific result

1. The day gets darker, if sun eclipse occurs
2. If we eat spices, the copcaisin bus our tongues
3. If we burn bricket, it produces carbon monoxide
4. The TB virus spread through droplets if the TB patient coughs
5. The cells inside our body becomes necrotic if they don’t get sufficient perfusion
B. Write 5 sentences using factual conditional – probable result for the future
1. If I study hard, I will get good warks
2. If I have a million, I will buy a news martphone
3. If my body is slim, I will be healthies than now
4. I can build a house if I save money for years
5. If I meet Jefri Nichol, I will ask for his sign
C. Write 5 sentences using factual conditional – change in conditions unless
D. Listening practice : fill in the gap and answer the question
1. WOMAN :
a. They moved just after the baby was born
b. He saw that the woman was moving
c. The movie was really good
d. He shares the woman’s opinion
2. MAN :
a. She has over three classes
b. She’s glad to talk about the classes
c. She’s like him to tell her about the classes
d. She’s also happy that the classes are finished


The Town Of Clarkson

Clarkson is a large town. It has more than fifty thousand people living there. It sits next to
a large river, the Clark River. Every day, people take the ferry from North Clarkson to South
Clarkson to go to work.
Most people live in North Clarskon. There are many trees and she streets are very broad.
When the sun shines and the children run and play in the safe streets, North Clarkson is a
wonderful place to live.
South Clarkson has a lot of shops and factories. People don’t live there, but they come in
the morning to work. There is also a big stadium where the Clarkson Tigers play. On Sundays,
many people go to watch their favorite team.
At the weekend, the people from Clarkson enjoy walking along the bank of the Clark
River. They also sail small boats on the water and if there is a little wind, they fly kites in the
large park
Every year, Clarkson grows in size because a lot of people come to live there. The
government builds more houses and the streets get busier. Maybe in the future, if the town
continues to grow, it will become a city!

A. Find out the new vocabularies.

1. What is there near Clarkson ?
a. Mountains
b. Sea
c. River
2. What is there in North Clarkson ?
a. Wide streets
b. Factories
c. Offices
3. Where is the stadium ?
a. Outside the town
b. Near the river
c. South Clarkson
4. What do people in Clarkson do at the weekend ?
a. Go for walks
b. Have barbecues
c. Swim in the river
5. Which statement is true ?
a. Clarkson is a city
b. Clarkson is bad place to river
c. Clarkson is a popular town

Answer :

1. C
2. A
3. C
4. A
5. B
1. Man :
Woman :
a. She needs to check into the hospital
b. She think the man should visit her
c. She doesn’t want to go the hospital
d. She shares the man’s opinion
2. Man :
Woman :
a. The man should repeat himself
b. The prize was quite new
c. She was also surprised
d. The new surface was praised
3. Woman :
Man :
a. The woman has a nice pet
b. He agrees with the woman
c. A bit of luck would be nice
d. He should put the drink on ice.