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3: Holey Moley Names: Mary Kay, Jillian Mikutsky, Keara Sax

Phosphates in the Bay Project Class: Date:

Peer Outreach Evaluation Rubric

Review your partner group’s outreach program proposal, then answer the following and give
to them digitally so they can post it on their website. You may download a digital copy from

1. Will the project address a real need related to reducing nutrient pollution in the Bay? If
so, how? Yes, however it would be best to actually mention the nutrient pollution, not
just say that you are solving the bay’s “problems”.

2. Does the project involve members of the community beyond the students in the group?
If so, who? How many people? It would involve 25 other people total. This includes 15
volunteers and 10 new people informed of the issue. These people would most likely
be already interested in the bay.

3. Is the project feasible in the given amount of time? Yes it is, the goal is not too big for a
starting goal.

4. How could the group scale up the project to make its scope bigger? How could they
scale down if they run short on time? The group could scale it up by contacting
nonprofit agencies in order to raise more money and have a wider scope to reach
people. The project could be scaled down by not recruiting any new volunteers and
just spreading the news via website and social media.

5. How will the group evaluate the success of the project? Is this method appropriate for
the goals of the project? How? The success is evaluated by sending out surveys to see
how many people the project has reached and by keeping track of all donations. This
is appropriate for the project because the main goal is to spread awareness, so the
more people who know about the bay’s problems, the better.

6. Review the Outreach and Presentation Rubric.

a. What format should the group use to present their work, so that others
understand the impact the group had? Graphs to show how their
influence/scope has increased over time.

b. Where is the group likely to lose points? How can they improve this? They may
lose points by not directly mentioning that the problem being solved is nutrient
pollution and how to fix it. This is solved by just adding amore information to
the proposal with some of their research on other parts of the website.