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Hello reader! This is MSG: The RPG! Basically a Homebrewed Mech RPG I have been
putting spare time into and testing and running to try makin a system that will allow people to
play gundam themed tabletop RPGs(made this before i heard of Mekton Z). Currently, it has
stats and weapons for Mobile Suits, characters, and basic weapons. This system is based off of
2 systems i have most experience with, which are Only War, and Anima, which both use a D100
system. More is explained below in the rest of the Doc.

`Player Name_________________________________

Character Name_____________________________

Age:_______ XP:________

Rank:____________ Level:________

Stats Base Bonus












Mobile Suit(Designation)______________________________________________________






Reactor Power Produced

Total Power__________

Total Power Drain_____


Weapon Damag Attributes
Mobile Suit(Designation)_​Ms-06 Zaku II​_______________________________________





Reactor Power Produced

Zaku II Reactor 15

Total Power____​15​______

Total Power Drain_____

Knuckle Shield Shield: 10/small: roll Piloting to block attack1

Weapon Damage Rang Attributes

ZMP-50 2d6 4 Rapid Fire

Heat Axe 4d6 M Power drain- 5

Weapon Damage Range Attributes
ZMP-50 Machine Gun 2D6 4 Rapid Fire

MMP-80 SMG 3D6 3 Rapid Fire,

Zaku Bazooka 2d10 6 Anti-ship, Explosive, Missile

ASR-78 Anti-Ship Rifle 2D20 10 Anti-Ship, Armor Piercing, Clip(3)

Vulcan Gun 1d3 M Reaction Shot

MIP Zaku BEam 2d10 10 Overheats, Beam Weapon,

Sniper Holding

Panzerfaust 2d20 3 Single Shot, Explosive, missile

Beam Spray Gun 3d6 5 Spray Gun, close range, Beam

Gm 100mm MG 2d6 5 Rapid Fire

GM 90mm Bullpup 3d6 4 Rapid Fire

Ball Gun 2d6 4 Inaccurate

Dom Giant Bazooka 3d10+6 6 Explosive, missile

Beam Bazooka 4d10+6 6 Beam, Explosive

Gelgoog Beam Rifle 3d6+6 7

Beam shotas 2d6 M Rapid Strikes, Beam


Beam Saber 2d6+6 M Beam Weapon/D:15

Heat Kunai 1d10 M/1 Heat Blade, Thrown, Rapid strikes

Heat Greataxe 2d10+3 M Heat Blade, Anti-ship Blade

Heat Saber 2d6 M Heat Blade, Rapid Strike

Heat Hawk 2d6+3 M Heat Blade

Heat Sword 3d6 M Heat Blade


Rapid Fire- you roll to fire 2 times when the weapon is fired and roll to hit 2 locations when
weapon is used

Rapid Strikes- can hit target twice with one action

Anti-Ship- deals 10 damage unaffected by armor, but when fired against mobile suits, takes a
-60 penalty to aiming

Anti-Ship Blade- deals 10 damage unaffected by armor

Explosive- Instantly cripples any body part of a mobile suit the weapon hits

Reaction Shot- roll a hard Shot when missile weaponry is fired at you to shoot down incoming

Overheats- roll d6 every time it is fired or counted as firing. Should you roll a 1 or 2, the weapon
overheats and cannot be fired for 1d3 rounds to cool down

Beam Weapon- ignores half of armor and rolls 1d6 on hitting an enemy limb. On a 5 or 6 the
part is severed off or destroyed, shooters choice

Heat Blade- mitigates 1 armor when attacking.

Holding- Roll next round to hold the continuous fire on the enemy, dealing base damage plus
1d6 per turn held

SingleShot- A weapon which cannot be reloaded, and has One shot for the Mission it is used in.

Spray Gun- deals 1d6 more damage for every 1 range closer from max accurate Range

Close Range- Gets +20 to shooting when firing from within 2 hexes range

Missile- weapon shots can be shot down using Reaction Shots

Inaccurate- gets a -30 to shooting rolls

Armor Piercing- Halves the armor of the enemy when counting damage
Character Creation

Create a name, age and backstory for your character. As for your stats, roll 10 d100s and reroll all rolls
less then 30, except for the lowest roll, even if it is under 30, do not reroll that one, instead add 5 points to
its value. Assign these 10 rolls on whatever stats you'd like

Combat Rules
Skirmishes or combat will be resolved using a d100 system, based off rolling
for the action, while adding your skill in it to the base roll. For example,

Bill in his old Zaku II is engaging a federation GM in combat, and fires his bazooka
at the GM. He rolls a 75 off his d100, and adds his shooting skill to this, which is 70. His
total roll is 145. The GM pilot rolls evasion, rolling a 50, but adding his piloting skill of 30,
as well as his mobile suits mobility, which is 30 in this case to his roll, totaling up to 110.
The Rocket hits; However, the GM uses it shield to absorb the hit, which is destroyed by
the rockets impact, which has the Explosive Trait, that instantly destroys any part it hits.

After hitting a target, a roll is made to determine the hit location, going off
the table included in the ​Damage and Health ​section of the Manual. Once a hit
location has Been rolled, the damage is resolved. Damage is usually a roll of the
weapons damage die pool, such as a 3d6+3,adding modifiers from traits, like AP,
which reduces enemy armor value, then subtracting the targets armor value. The
attack then, if it does deal damage, subtracts from the enemy mobile suits’
Endurance, which is the equivalent to HP. dealing 20% of an enemy Mobile Suit’s
Endurance in one hit destroys the Limb it hit, while shots to the reactor or cockpit
of a Mobile Suit totalling over 5 damage Cause the Reactor to explode, or for the
cockpit, kill the pilot, leaving the MS available for salvaging. Shields help increase
the survival rate however, as they add a buff to piloting rolls to defend
It is possible to make enemies surrender, however, to succeed, they must have at least half their
endurance depleted, or under special circumstances determind by your DM, and you must make
3 successful charisma checks, against their willpower, and they will be rolling to succeed 3
checks against you to continue fighting. During a turn of trying to convince enemies to
surrender, said pilot will be focussed on persuading said enemy.

Damage and Health

Mobile suits are built in the shape of a human, thus can take damage to their
individual limbs and body. The standard Hit table for a regular MS is below.

Body Parts Hit roll

Head 1-10

Chest 11-40

Left Arm 41-55

Right Arm 56-70

Left Leg 71-80

Right Leg 81-90

Special 91-100

Health is listed as Endurance on a MS, and is used in conjunction with Armor to

protect the suit from damage. Armor is a damage cancelling stat on every MS,
reducing incoming damage by the amount of armor the MS has, so 10 damage on a
5 armor MS is actually 5 damage dealt. Hitting limbs for more than 20% of a
mech’s total Endurance will destroy the limb.

Critical Hits & Failures

Due to the system being based off dice roll totals, critical hits are when you
succeed a roll by over 100 points, meaning in the case of a shot fired, you can pick
the targeted spot on an enemy suit to hit, or when you’re dodging, you’re able to
make a free counterattack. an automatic success on other rolls. Crit failures are
automatic catastrophic failures of an attempt, which occur by rolling a 5 or under
in an attempt at something, or in a fight, allowing a counterattack. Rolling a 90 or
higher allows you to roll again and add the n ew roll as well.

Mobile Suits
Every MS(Mobile Suit) is a model built with a purpose or general design
concept in mind, leading to each model type having unique statistics and strengths,
as well as holdable weaponry. Each mobile suit has 5 main stats:

Armor:​ The ability of a mobile suit’s body to absorb incoming attacks without
taking Damage. The armor value reduces damage dealt by the armor value plus any
traits the increase or lower armor.

Endurance:​ The endurance of a Mobile Suit is its ability to take damage before
being destroyed or crippled. Endurance is essentially health, and also affects how
easy it is to remove limbs or body parts from a Mobile suit

Actions:​ Actions are the amount of things a Mobile suit can do in the time of a
turn, with more actions meaning more can be done. Certain skills can increase or
decrease the number of actions

Agility:​ The Agility of a mobile suit is its ability to move around, which affects its
movement range, and it’s dodging ability. The 10 place of the Agility is the amount
of cm a Mobile suit can move with 1 action, while the Agility score is added to
dodge rolls

Strength:​ Strength is the ability of a mobile suit’s internal motors and joints, and
thus its ability to grab, punch, or overpower other mobile suits.
Reactor:​ The Reactor of a mobile suit affects its performance by determining if it
can use beam weapons, or what strength beam weaponry it can use. 20 Reactor
energy is required at least to use beam guns, but more reactor power means more
powerful beam guns.

Psycommu Weapons/Bits and Funnels

Bits and Funnels are remote controlled weapons used by Newtypes and controlled
with their minds. These weapons will appear on the field as individual Units, and
will make their rolls using Willpower of the Newtype using them.

Example Bit Stats

Large battle resolution
Major battles will be fought through the rolls of d100s by the DM and the
player, each rolling against a base of 50, modified by various modifiers, such as
“Ace Pilots”, “Titan Training”, etc. The DM rolls against the player’s arrayed
forces, while the highest ranking player involved in the battle rolls for his forces.
The rolls shall decide the momentum of the battle, as each side will roll against its
own DC, and the higher the success, the damage dealt by each fleet and damage
sustained, as well as whether actions the commander undertakes in the battle, from
boarding enemy ships to collateral damage occur.

MS Customization
Lv. 1 Ace Custom Add 2 extra armor or +10 agility to your mobile
Lv. 2 Hardened Veteran You continue fixing up your MS to your
personal specifications, adding +1 action to your
MS, or a subarm on the back that can fire
another weapon simultaneously to your others.
Lv. 3 Increased thrusters
Lv. 4


Lv. 1 Minor Awakening Gain heightened Extra-spatial awareness, and

the ability to sense extreme emotions from
others. Add +10 to willpower
Lv. 2 Fully Awakened Gain the ability to use psycommu systems,
Newtype detect strong emotions from people, and sense
danger, adding +10 to your piloting rolls when
dodging enemy attacks
Lv. 3
Lv. 4

Lv. 1 Mobile Suit Mastery Add +10 to Piloting Rolls in a MS

Lv. 2 Precision Shots You learned to engage enemies with the utmost
precision wherever you can, choose location on
hitting an enemy whenever you roll 75 above
their roll
Lv. 3 Personal Tuning You can tune some minor parts of the MS to
your personal preference, increasing your
control over the machine you are piloting. At
the start of a session, choose to add +5 to melee,
shooting or piloting, and can change this buff
between sessions.
Lv. 4


Lv. 1 Parry Reduces roll advantage needed to counterattack

from 100 to 50
Lv. 2 Custom weapon Add 2d6 to your melee weapons damage or a +4
Lv. 3 CQC Master Allows you to call hit location on any successful
melee hit, but you must make another roll to hit
the cockpit
Lv. 4
Heavy Weapons Specialist

Lv. 1 Overwhelming Fire Allows you to fire 2 shots in 1 action once per
Lv. 2 Stabilizing The use of advanced computers and upgraded
equipment joints allows your MS to fire at longer more
accurate ranges. Add +5 range to any ranged
weapon you use, and add +10 to shooting from
Heavy Weapons
Lv. 3 Massive Barrage Once per session, you can fire all of your
weapons at a single target within your longest
ranged weapons range, with no accuracy penalty
Lv. 4


Lv. 1 Charismatic Captain

Lv. 2 Charming
Lv. 3
Lv. 4
Ground Combat Information

Weapon information

ZMP-50 Machine Gun 2D6 12 Rapid Fire

120mm Gatling 4D5 15 Rapid Fire


MMP-80 SMG 3D6 12 Rapid Fire,

Zaku Bazooka 2d10 12 Anti-ship, Explosive, Missile

175mm Magella 2d12 30 Indirect fire, AP,


Vulcan Gun 1d3 3 Reaction Shot

MIP Zaku BEam 2d20 25 Overheats, Beam Weapon,

Sniper Holding

Panzerfaust 2d20 8 Single Shot, Explosive, missile

Beam Spray Gun 3d6 12 Spray Gun, close range, Beam

Gm 100mm MG 2d6 12 Rapid Fire

GM 90mm Bullpup 3d6 12 Rapid Fire

Ball Gun 2d6 8 Inaccurate

Dom Giant Bazooka 3d10+6 12 Explosive, missile

Beam Bazooka 4d10+6 14 Beam, Explosive

Gelgoog Beam Rifle 3d6+6 12

Beam shotas 2d6 M Rapid Strikes, Beam


Beam Saber 2d6+6 M Beam Weapon/D:15

Heat Kunai 1d10 M/T Heat Blade, Thrown, Rapid strikes

Heat Greataxe 2d10+3 M Heat Blade, Anti-ship Blade

Heat Saber 2d6 M Heat Blade, Rapid Strike

Heat Hawk 2d6+3 M Heat Blade

Heat Sword 3d6 M Heat Blade

Levelling up

Charisma mechanism figured out/nerfed

MAKE charisma nerfed by method of, pilot focusing on persuading enemy, must persuade one on one
with the person being tried to persuaded against, but before charisma can occur