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Activity 1

Laboratory Safety and Familiarization of Apparatus and Instruments in Physics Laboratory

Name: Raphael Adolfo CYS: MEB31 Grade:

Instructor: Engr. Jennifer B. Igat Date Submitted: 8-25-2016

A. Safety Rules and Regulations Inside the Physics Laboratory

1. What are the advantages of knowing the safety rules and regulations inside the Physics Laboratory?

We should follow the rules to have a disciplined society. If one does not follow rules and do whatever he/she wishes to do
then there will be a chaos all around. For example inside the laboratory if you are using a Bunsen burner and you are not
wearing any protective gear like your lab gown, hair net, or safety goggles you can burn your hair if it is not properly tied.
Any loose clothing catches fire easily so if you know the laboratory guidelines you will be equipped with knowledge and
you will be safe because you already know what and what not to do inside the laboratory.

These laboratory guidelines are made to safeguard the health and physical safety of all the laboratory users, to keep
damage to a minimum in the case of accidents, and to avoid environmental pollution. Laboratory users must be aware of
these and follow the rules mandated in the Laboratory Regulations. So we can all be safe while performing the
experiments that are given by the instructor and so that we can perform the experiment well and at the same time
minimizing the accidents. In a laboratory the student must work in such a way that no damage is caused to anyone, nor is
anyone put at risk or harmed. We can do that if we will follow and study all the regulations inside the physics laboratory.

2. Is our laboratory room safe? Why or why not?

Yes our laboratory room is safe because we have adequate safety tools/equipment’s that can help the students in case
there is a problem inside the laboratory. There is exhaust fans and fume hoods available in case there is a spillage of
chemicals or there is a smoke inside the room. There are also large size amber bottles for the storage of used chemicals
in our experiments so that we will not throw the chemicals down the drain and contaminate the water. There is also a
sprinkler system, fire blanket, and fire extinguishers inside the laboratory so in case of a fire inside the room we are ready
to extinguish the fire safely. We also have trained laboratory personnel’s that understand how laboratory facilities operate.
They are well trained to teach the students on how to handle the chemicals safely they give us chemical safety
instructions before using any chemical. And how to properly use the equipment’s with care before using it the personnel
informed us about its operation and its safety implications
3. How will you ensure safety while performing experiments?

Always remember before starting an experiment you should work under the guidance of someone who has the experience
of working in a lab. This person by virtue of prior experience would know the rights and the wrongs in a lab and can guide
you safely on the use of lab equipment. Make sure you read the bottle labels carefully and only use what you are
supposed to use during an experiment. You should not try out anything on your own. Do not eat or drink anything in a
laboratory. If you are not careful you could end up in trouble in case you happen to ingest anything that causes you harm.
One must also know how to use the lab equipments properly and should ask the right way of usage, in case they do not
know. Safety in the lab is everyone's responsibility. It requires the proper safety attire, knowledge of the chemicals and
equipments you are working with, and the proper lab procedures and techniques that is instructed to you by your
instructor. If you will follow all the rules inside the laboratory you will be safe in performing the experiments that you
needed to do.

B. Familiarization of Apparatus and Materials

Draw and give the uses and functions of the different apparatus and materials presented by your instructor

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