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City of Banning Electric Utility

SCAF Calculation
3rd Quarter (July - September) 2017 Results
Applied to 1st Quarter (January - March) of 2018

Net Electric Electric

Wholesale Transmission Electric Utility Metered Retail Transmission - Other Net Electric Utility
(1) (1) (2)
Month (Expense) (Expense) (Expense) Revenue (3) CRR Revenue (3) Revenue (3) Income/(Loss)
July ($1,244,100) ($376,292) ($1,611,255) $3,150,719 $212,972 $43,255 $175,300
August ($1,245,675) ($355,505) ($1,342,421) $3,198,240 $206,837 $75,328 $536,805
September ($1,182,968) ($384,611) ($1,453,639) $3,064,223 $153,211 $34,335 $230,551
Totals: ($3,672,743) ($1,116,409) ($4,407,314) $9,413,183 $573,020 $152,918 $942,656
Note1: The Net Electric Wholesale Expense data is derived from actual generation costs, wholesale purchases and sales transacted during each given month. The
transmission expense is derived from the actual transmission costs incurred each given month.
Note2: Electric Utility Expense is obtained from the Detail Budget Report "Current Actual" column for each given month. Capacity, Energy-Local and Transmission
expenses are subtracted from the monthly total, since they are accounted for separately. Bond Debt Service expense is applied throughout the year. The State of California
Cap & Trade Allowance Expense is applied evenly throughout the year.
Note3: Electric Metered Retail Revenue and Other Revenue consist of data obtained from the Revenue Report "Current Actual" column for each month. Other Revenue
includes In-Aid of Construction, Investment Interest, Miscellaneous Customer Fees, etc. Transmission-CRR Revenue amounts are obtained from the CAISO invoice and
include revenue from CAISO Congestion Revenue Rights (CRR).

SCAF is not effective this quarter since revenues exceeded expenses.

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