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Go against the flow.

Some people follow the pack, others choose their own path.
With SEAT original accessories, you can add more design,
storage and safety features to your Leon, adapting it to your
lifestyle to make it truly your own. If you need a more sporty
drive, new aerodynamic kits boost performance and come with
plenty of options to personalize the look of your Leon. Planning
a weekend on the slopes or the waves? Ski, bike and surf racks
help you on your adventure.

Or if you want to make sure you get where you’re going safely
and in complete comfort and style, choose the latest technology
and accessories to upgrade your experience on the road. Whether
it’s a Leon 5D, Leon SC or Leon ST, SEAT original accessories help
you to make it yours.

50 51

Aerodynamic Kits Personalize

Designed both to emphasize the character of your your experience
SEAT Leon and let you personalize its look, as well
as boost performance on the road, new Aerodynamic SEAT Aerodynamic Kits give you endless possibilities
Kits provide the perfect combination of style to create your own road warrior. Choose front bumper
and substance. lip offset colour and blade side skirt details in Black,
SEAT Aerodynamic Kits provide striking combinations Bismuth, Desire Red and Mystery Blue and mix and
of front bumper lip, rear bumpers, blade side skirts match with body colour to create a unique look for your
and spoilers to give your car a suitably sporty edge. Leon. Only available for Xcellence and Style vehicles.
Designed by SEAT designers to heighten the
performance of the Leon even further, all components
have passed demanding SEAT quality and resistance
tests to enhance the contours of your Leon.

52 53

Front styling kit Spoiler

Add some extra sport appeal to your Leon with Rear Spoiler enhances aerodynamic performance
a dynamic front bumper lip which comes with a and provides a uniquely sporty profile. Fitting tools
decorative cover, grids, pedestrian bar supports, and instructions included.
fitting elements and disruptions. For Style and
Xcellence models, choose from Black, Bismuth, 5F0071606A
Desire Red and Mystery Blue to add an extra dash
of colour to your Leon.
For FR models only available in body color.

FR: 5F0071606G GRU

Xcellence / Style: 5F0071606H GRU


Blade side skirts Rear bumper

Pure performance meets racetrack style with the Sport Rear Bumper. Includes lateral grids, reflectors,
addition of moulded, aerodynamic blade side skirts, fitting elements and instructions.
which fit seamlessly and securely to the side of your
Leon. If you choose the Xcellence and Style models 5F0071609
you also get the option of adding a cool colour detail
in Black, Bismuth, Desire Red or Mystery Blue.

5F0071685 GRU

54 55

Orange Performance Pack Beat your own score

Includes CUPRacer orange 19" alloy wheels with black Add a new level of dynamism to your ride with a Leon
Brembo calliper, blade side skirts with black offset, CUPRA Performance Pack. The pack offers a grade of
orange grid frame, lettering and mirror covers. technological precision that was impressive enough
Optional tyre Michelin Pilot. to earn the CUPRA a new world record on Germany’s
Only available for CUPRA models. notorious Nürburgring Circuit in March 2014.
Roaring ahead to deliver a jaw-dropping 276 bhp hot
5F0071499A RJ8 hatch laps in only 7:58.4s, it was to be the fastest
time ever achieved by a front-drive production car.
Now, you can empower your own Leon with the main
components of the incredible enhancement.
Available in stylish black
or distinct orange, each pack features standard 30/3
alloy wheels, high-tech Brembo brake calipers and
an aerodynamic exterior rocker panel. You can also
choose “Pilot Sport Cup 2” Michelin tyres for extra
handling and traction for the smooth, sporting drive
that’s always on your terms.


Black Performance Pack

Includes CUPRacer black 19" alloy wheels with red
Brembo calliper and blade side skirts with black offset.
Optional tyre Michelin Pilot.
Only available for CUPRA models.

5F0071499A KT2

56 57
Polo shirt inspired by the SEAT Motorsports team wear.
Agile Accessories
Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane.
The SEAT Motorsports Collection is perfect for an Sizes: S - XXL.
active and athletic lifestyle. It comes with sporty Colour: Atom Grey, CUPRA Grey,
clothing and accessories that have been designed Cup Racer Orange.
to offer maximum fl exibility Ref: 6H1084230X GCF
and functionality. Every offering is the
perfect addition for someone who needs everyday MEN’S T-SHIRT
add-ons that can keep up with all they do. The SEAT T-shirt inspired by the SEAT Motorsport team wear.
Motorsports Collection undoubtedly adds a little bit.
Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane.
Sizes: S - XXL.
Colour: Atom Grey, CUPRA Grey,
Softshell jacket, inspired by the SEAT Motorsport Ref: 6H1084200X GCF
team wear, windproof and breathable, waterproof
zipper, pulse warmer. KIDS T-SHIRT
Kids’ t-shirt inspired by the SEAT Motorsport team wear.
Material: 100% polyester.
Sizes: S - XXL. Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane.
Colour: Atom grey, CUPRA Grey, Sizes: 4 to 10 years.
Cup Racer orange. Colour: Atom Grey, CUPRA Grey,
Ref: 6H1084002X GAF Cup Racer Orange.
Ref: 6H1084220X GBF

Baseball cap with SEAT Sport logo.

Material: 100% polyester.

Size: One size, adjustable.
Colour: Atom grey, CUPRA Grey,
Cup Racer orange.
Ref: 6H1084300 GDFCup Racer Orange.
Kids Car Ref: 6H1084220X GBF

SEAT Kid’s Car for children from 12 months, KEY RING

with padded seat. Keyring with CUPRA radiator grill pattern.

Material: PE (plastic).
Dimensions: 720×300×270 mm.
Colour: Red.
Ref: 6H1087500 GAD

58 59

Lines decorative Footrest & sport pedals lhd Key covers

Two strips in transparent matt foil that run across Enhance the sporty nature of the car interior. Aluminium The decorative key cover perfectly protects the electrical device and gives it a very unique look and feel.
the SEAT Leon from the hood to the roof providing covers with a sportdesign and anti-slip black rubber to SEAT key cover: 000087013AF / FR key cover: 000087013AE /
an extra sporty look. Not valid for cars with sunroof. improve grip and sporty driving. Leon key cover: 000087013T / CUPRA key cover: 000087013AJ
Rubber fittings adapted to the pedal. Sport pedals not
5D: 5F0072525 / SC: 5F0072525C valid for vehicles with automatic gearbox. Not available
for right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles.

Footrest: 5F0071750 / Sport pedals: 5F0064200


Hatchdoor moulding
Designed to give the right touch of style for the
rear of the vehicle, the silver moulding will make
it shine with stance.


60 61

Roof bicycle rack Tow bar bicycle rack

Aerodynamic frame for transporting a bicycle. With Foldable metal bicycle rack that attaches to tow bar.
anti-theft locking device.Used together with roof bars. Used for transporting 2 bicycles at the rear of the vehicle.
Includes rear pilot lights, 13-pin connector system and
6L0071128A mounting instructions.

3rd Bicycle kit extension: 000071128C

62 63

Surf rack
Includes 4 plastic supports that adapt to the shape
of the surfboard. For transporting 1 or 2 surfboards.
Used together with roof bars.



Roof box
Protect your luggage from weather conditions. With
an aerodynamic shape. Assembly is simple thanks
to its fast anchorage. Opening on both sides. Used
together with roof bars.

400l. 000071200R
420l. 000071200S
450l. 000071180A

64 65

Ski rack
In aluminum with rubber supports.For 4/6 skis or 2/4
snowboards. Used together with roof bars.

000071129J / 000071129K


Tow bar
Removable trailer hitch with security system. A colour
indicator system makes for easy placement of the hook.

5D, SC: 5F0803881D

ST: 5F9803881D

Electrical installation for cars without preinstallation.

5D, SC: 5F0055204E / ST: 5F0055204G

Electrical installation for cars with preinstallation.

5D, SC: 5F0055204D / ST: 5F0055204F

66 67

Illuminated side sills Side sills foil Stainless steel side sills
Decorative side sills that when entering the car illuminate Black adhesive sheet that includes the model name, adapted Stainless steel sill that is fitted over the entrance area
Leon. Does not require electrical installation. to the shape of the sill guard to protect passengers entrance of the front doors. Includes black painted decorative
Illuminates for 30 seconds when opening the car doors. areas. Includes instructions and assembly components. line and the logo of the car. It protects the entrance area
Turned off when doors closed. 3-doors version. Suitable against scratches.
for both LHD and RHD. 5D: 5F0071310 / SC: 5F0071310A
5D: 5F0071691C / SC: 5F0071691A
5D: 5F0071691 / SC: 5F0071691B

68 69

decorative carbon
Set of two decorative covers attached
to the original dashboard around
the dashboard clocks. Carbon
look finish. Not suitable for RHD.



decorative alu-brushed
Set of two decorative covers attached to the
original dashboard around the dashboard clocks.
Aluminium look finish. Not suitable for RHD.



Dashboard decorative red

Set of two decorative covers attached to the original
dashboard around the dashboard clocks. Red colour.
Not suitable for RHD.


70 71
INTERIOR Spherical Tornado
Sport aluminium
Spherical aluminium Red gear knob
gear knob
gear knob Original SEAT 5/6-speed gear knob in
Original SEAT 5/6-speed gear knob in aluminium and leather finish.
Original SEAT 5/6-speed gear knob in aluminium and chrome with a sporty Personalised with Tornado Red
aluminium and leather finish. Not valid finish. Not valid for vehicles with inserts. Not valid for vehicles with
for vehicles with automatic gearbox. automatic gearbox. automatic gearbox.

5-Speed: 5F0064230 5-Speed: 5F0064230D 5-Speed: 5F0064230B

6-Speed: 5F0064230A 6-Speed: 5F0064230E 6-Speed: 5F0064230C

72 73

GPS Anima+ GPS Ultra Navlet 7i Full Hd Tablet + GPS Nextbase 101 Elite
It is the ideal GPS for bike lovers (MTB and cycling), will be able to fully enjoy your free At TwoNav we have a range of high-quality GPS devices for hiking, cycling, mountain 7” tablet Full HD, android 4.4, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth® 4.0 INTEL atom Z3735G quad core processor, In-car video camera that can be easily rotated to record the
time. A modern design, it has 12 hours of battery life, maximum precision and biking, trail running and aerial sports, all featuring the finest navigation software on the 1 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, 7" ips Full HD display panel 1920×1200 PX LiPo battery 2800 mAh, 5V, 2 inside of the vehicle, if required. 3G sensor for sudden
compatibility with ANT + sensors which makes it an indispensable browser for athletes. market and the most complete maps. Choose the right GPS to guide the athlete inside amp charge, 12V charger, 2.3 m rear camera 5 mp HD, front camera 2 mp all Europe TeleAtlas maps braking. In this case, the recording is not deleted until the
Complete your GPS with holder with magnetic suction cup. It is sold separateley. you. Enjoy new adventures with TwoNav’s GPS products. and 3D standard navigation software bracket carriers included in the pack: user chooses to do so.
- Suction cup bracket for use on windscreen gps mode
000051818CH 000051818CG - Portable stand for use on table (multimedia) 000054731A
000051991K - Headrest bracket (rear seats multimedia).



TomTom® Start 42 M series TomTom® GO 620 Europe Parrot® MiniKit Neo 2 HD

Always drive with the latest map. Arrive at your 45 countries (Lifetime maps) This MINIKIT Neo 2 HD edition is compatible with HD Voice*, the next
destination early with maps for life FREE. During the generation of voice quality for telephone systems. Make and receive
life-cycle of your product you can download 4 or more The new TomTom® GO has a totally renewed design calls while you are driving, without touching your mobile phone.
complete updates per year to your navigator. You will that enables improved driving control. You will be
receive all the updates for the road network, able to make the right decisions, as you will know Black Parrot®: 000051473AE041
addresses and points of interest. 4.3" touch screen, exactly what is going on around you. Experience a Blue Parrot®: 000051473AENBP
simple GPS navigation just by touching the screen. new world of navigation. Interactive TomTom® traffic Green Parrot®: 000051473AES6A
map for life; 3D Maps Red Parrot®: 000051473AES3H

74 75

Seat Peke G3 Plus

Suitable for mass groups II, III
(15 kg - 36 kg). Installed with the
car seat belt. Height adjustable
backrest. The cover is removable
and washable.



Kidfix XP Seat Peke G1 Peke G0 Plus Seat Fair G0/1 S

The KIDFIX XP offers safety iSOFiX Duo Plus Suitable for mass group 0+ (up to 13 kg). iSOFiX
reassurance for parents and Installed with the car seatbelt or iSOFiX
comfort for the older child. Suitable Suitable for mass group I (9 kg - 18 kg). with the specific platform. Integrated Suitable for mass groups 0, 0+, I (up to 18 kg).
for mass groups II, III Installed with car seatbelt or iSOFiX carry handle and removable canopy. Installed with specific iSOFiX platform.
(15 kg - 36 kg). This high back anchorages and Top Tether belt. The cover is removable andwashable. The cover is removable and washable.
booster seat's innovative XP-PAD The cover is removable and washable.
gives advanced frontal protection. 000019907 000019230J
Its deep softly padded side wings 000019909
offer cocooning safety for growing
heads and neck from 4 to 12 years.


Top Tether Peke G0 Plus iSOFiX

safety belt RWF platform
CHILD SAFETY Counteracts forward rotation in case It is connected to the vehiclechassis,
of front impact. ensuring maximumstability and protection.
Seat Peke G3 Kidfix The seat disconnects with one click, while
3R0019900 the base remains installed in the car.
Suitable for mass groups II, III (15 kg - 36 kg).
Installed either with the car seat belt or iSOFiX plus 000019230C
car seat belt. Height adjustable backrest. The cover
is removable and washable.


76 77

Emergency equipment Auxiliary batteries Alloy wheel cover

Set of two emergency triangles, reflective vest, first-aid An independent energy unit that allows you to charge tablets or mobile phones and can be used Protect your spare tires with the SEAT alloy
kit and other essential equipment for first-aid care. as a flashlight. It works with cars, motorcycles, sailboats and motorboats and provides protection wheel cover and make them last longer.
against short-circuits, over-charging and discharging. There are two different batteries available Not valid for 19" wheels.
First aid kit: 6L0093000 to choose from. One allows you to jump-start both petrol and diesel engines with a maximum size
Emergency triangle: 000093600 / 000093600C of 2000cc. With the other it is possible to jump-start petrol engines of up to 5000cc and diesel 000071770C
Safety Reflective Vest: 000093056 engines with a maximum size of 3000cc.

Until 2.0 engines: 000051763BF

Until 3.0 diesel and 5.0 petrol engines: 000051763F


Autosock Turisport
195/65R15: 000091303D 195/65R15: 000091303D
205/55R16: 000091375AB 205/55R16: 000091303E
225/45R17: 000091375S 225/45R17: 000091375S
225/40R18: 000091375S 225/40R18: 000091375S

78 79

Cargo management system Spherical cup holder organizer Cup holder organizer
Organize your space and keep your bags in place. Includes Innovative, leather-bound storage compartment for your mobile, pens, Multifunctional storage device for objects. Mounted on the
two brackets that you can adjust to your needs and fit business and credit cards and more. Comes with special slots to hold central console. Innovative shape holds a lot in a small space.
with Velcro where you want. coins. An attractive accessory that can keep lots of things organised
and easily accessible. Mounted on the front central console. 1SL061129


Protective boot tray Speed control system Tiredness recognition system

Flexible piece of protective rubber that perfectly fits and protects the boot. Speed regulating system designed to help drivers respect speed limits. To avoid tiredness, vehicle sensors analyze driver behaviour and
For more comfort on long drives and when transporting trailers. activate an alarm if drowsiness is detected. If during the next 15
5D, SC: 5F9061205 The speed can be fixed from 30 km/h via the steering wheel. minutes the driver does not stop to rest, it re-activates the alarm.

Foam protective boot tray 5D, SC: 5F0061205G 5F0054690 / 5F0054690A 5F0060884B


Front and rear mudflaps

Protects the car body from materials
projected by the front wheels during driving.

5D, SC and ST front mudflaps: 5F0075111

5D and SC rear mudflaps: 5F0075101B
ST rear mudflaps: 5F0075101C
X-PERIENCE front mudflaps: 5F9075111
X-PERIENCE rear mudflaps 5F9075101

80 81

Sun shades Reversible boot mat Serie® mats Rubber mats

Protect from sunrays and maintain visibility Tray adapted to the upper floor of the boot with a side in carpet finish A four-piece mat set (2 front and 2 rear). Soft texture, smooth design. A four-piece mat set (2 front and 2 rear). Made from impermeable
without placing your road safety in danger. and the other in foam. Perfectly fits the boot and protects it from dirt Complete with the original SEAT mounting system. rubber. Complete with the original SEAT mounting system.
Also, they are useful for regulating the interior and liquids that might spill.
temperature in summer. You can drive with 5D, ST: 5F0863011 LOE 5D, ST: 5F0061500 041
the windows open up to 120 km/h. 5F0061210B SC: 5F0863011A LOE SC: 5F0061500A 041

5D: Side sun shades: 5F0064365A

Rear sun shade: 5F0064365
SC: Side sun shades: 5F0064365C
Rear sun shade: 5F0064365B


Cargo area separation grille Car covers Velpic mats

Separation grille for luggage compartment. The exterior of the car is protected with a choice A four-piece mat set (2 front and 2 rear). Made with soft fabric.
Separates the passenger compartment from the of smart polyester car covers in red, black and grey, Complete with the original SEAT mounting system.
luggage compartment so that any pets transported while a floor matt fi xing system adds security for
are protected. Can be removed whenever required round the clock peace of mind. 5D, ST: 5F0061675 041
without necessity of tools. SC: 5F0061675A 041
Black car cover: 5F0061701A
5F9061205B Red car cover: 5F0061701

82 83

Inspection &
MILEAGE OF YOUR CAR. You’ll be assured that
your vehicle is in optimal condition, as our
professionals perform all the services included
in the SEAT Maintenance Programme – using
Benefit from warranty conditions A broad range of services
only SEAT Genuine parts. for longer. available 24h/365d.


A SEAT Warranty Extension lets you extend your 2 year manufacturer’s SEAT SERVICE Mobility is SEAT’s roadside assistance service. It’s automatically
warranty for 1, 2 or 3 years under the same great conditions. obtained upon purchasing a new SEAT and lasts for a full 2 years after purchase.
As there are no middlemen, you can continue to benefit from expert care You can extend the service annually for up to 10 years provided you carry out all
by SEAT professionals and enjoy the road for longer. prescribed inspection services at our Authorized SEAT SERVICE Network. Fees for
additional years are added to the Inspection Service price.
The warranty extension is available only for new cars (all models, engines
and versions). A wide range of features are included, from assistance via telephone and on-the-spot
repair to towing, fuel refill, and more. SEAT SERVICE Mobility is available everywhere
in the European Union, as well as most neighbouring countries. For the full list
of services and countries, visit

SEAT takes care of your protection. Enjoy years of peace

You focus on the essentials. of mind.


SEAT offers an insurance product specifically and exclusively designed SEAT Service & Maintenance Contracts include services and maintenance for the
for SEAT cars. first three, four or five years of the life of your vehicle with different mileage options.
They cover most of the services included in the SEAT Maintenance Programme,
By choosing SEAT Insurance, you know you’re getting the best service: a
ensuring reliability and safety for the lifetime of your car. If you choose to finance
convenient payment system, fast repairs with SEAT Genuine Parts carried out
your new car purchase, you can add a SEAT Service & Maintenance Contract and
exclusively in our official SEAT workshops, 24 hour Customer Service all year long.
either pay a fi xed monthly instalment or make a one-time payment.
And of course, we take care of you too. If your car is vandalized or stolen, we’ll drive
you to the destination of your choice. Flexible and economical, our Contracts are available in Basic and Premium
versions to adapt to all budgets and needs.
By subscribing to SEAT Insurance, you’ll benefit from all the expertise and quality
repairs SEAT SERVICE offers. Have your car serviced at any authorised SEAT dealer and forget about
unexpected repair bills!

84 85
SEAT is committed to a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right
to make changes to specifications, colours and prices without notice. The information
in this brochure can therefore be given as guidance only. While SEAT makes every effort
to ensure that specifications are accurate at the time of publication, you should always
check with your authorised SEAT Partner for the latest information. Due to limitations of
the printing process the colours reproduced in this brochure may vary slightly from the
actual paint colour and material. This vehicle and all its parts, as well as the original
spares, were designed according to the Legal Regulations governing the prevention and
minimisation of Environmental Impact, through the use of recycled/recyclable materials,
with measures taken to achieve suitable recycling for the conservation and improvement
of environmental quality.

05/2017. Printed in Spain. Authorized SEAT DEALER