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Name: Manisha Singh

Grade: 2 Subjects(s): Mathematics Lesson Title: Understanding Place Value

Date: Allotted Time: 30 Mins

Students have been practicing number sequence and skip – counting, in this lesson students will explore place
value and recognize that 2-digit number are made up of tens and ones. This lesson draws on the big idea that
“Development of computational fluency in addition and subtraction with numbers to 100 requires an
understanding of place value”.

Learning Standard(s): What curricular competences and content does this lesson develop?
Curricular Competencies:

 develop, demonstrate, and apply mathematical understanding through play, inquiry, and problem solving.

 understanding of 10s and 1s

 understanding the relationship between digit places and their value, to 99 (e.g., the digit 4 in 49 has the
value of 40)
 decomposing two-digit numbers into 10s and 1s
Assessment (Teacher observation and anecdotal notes)

Lesson Outcomes Source of Evidence Criteria

What product or action will
What will students learn? What will you look for in this
show what students have
“Students will be able to” evidence (product or action)?
learned? (Title of Product or
What does the successful
Action) Write, Say, Do
product look like?

 Demonstrate an understanding of  Do: Participate in  The students will complete

10s and 1s. listening, viewing, the place value chart.
 Use place value concepts to visualization, action and  The students will respond to
represent, compare and order representation activities. prompts and participate in
whole numbers using physical  Write: Complete the activities in to demonstrate
models, numerals and words, with Place Value Chart as a an understanding of 10s and
ones, tens and hundreds. class. 1s.
 Recognize 10 can mean "10 ones"  The students will participate
or a single entity (1 ten) through use in lesson reflection.
of manipulatives.
 Read and write 3-digit numerals
(e.g., 243 as two hundred forty
three, 24 tens and 3 ones, or 2
hundreds and 43 ones, etc.) and
construct models to represent each.
Prerequisite Concepts and Skill :( for student success)
Ability to create number sequences and skip count up to 100.
Ability to view, listen and respond visually and physically, and social interaction skills.
Materials and Resources with References/Sources:
For Teacher:

 Place Value House video:

 Manipulatives (base ten blocks)
 Place Value Chart
 Place value song video:
For Students:
 HB Pencils and Erasers
Lesson Activities:

Teacher Activities Student Activities Pacing

Introduction (hook/motivation/lesson overview)

 Show the video to the students:- 4 - 5 min  Students may raise hands to
 After the video ask students: respond.
How many digits can go into each room in the
place value house?
How many ones blocks make up a tens block?
What happens when there are more than 9 ones
blocks in the ones room?

Body (lesson flow/ management) 20 min

 Use projector to model representation of a few

2-digit numbers using the blocks and then  Students represent the number
representing it on the place value chart. on the place value chart.
 To practice as a class, invite some volunteers to
model representation. After making each  Students may raise hands to
number, ask the students: respond.

 How many tens blocks did you use? Why?

 How many ones blocks did you use? Why?

 Give each student a Place Value Chart and

some tens and ones blocks. Randomly select a  Students represent numbers
few 2-digit numbers, then ask the students to using the blocks and then
represent each number using their blocks. represent it on the place value
Closure (connections within lesson or between
lessons, sharing successes, summaries) 5 min

 Once the students have finished, discuss the

 Play the place value song to reinforce the
concept.  Students may raise their hands
h7myY to respond.
 Students join in by singing the
place value song.

Differentiated Instruction (DI): (accommodations)

 Move around room to engage each learner.
 Encourage partner work.
 Provide scribing help to students, who may need it.
 Provide bonus questions for extending students.

Organizational/Management Strategies: (anything special to consider?)

 Have an attention getting strategy.
 Remind the students to use their indoor voice.

Possible Aboriginal Connections / First Peoples Principles of Learning and

Reflections: What went well? What revisions can be made to the lesson plan? Anything else that can be