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United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

IFMR MUN | 27 January 2018

The United Nations Security Council at IFMR MUN, held on 27/01/18 began with the agenda
of discussing the rights of self-determination of Rohingya Muslims . What began as a generic
discussion with facts being elicited went on to give out important trivia of facts that were
usually not available to the public. Delegates represented various countries that were
integral to the topic of discussion. Countries from as important as the USA, South Africa to
trivial ones to the subject of discussion like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, France and Iran were
part of the delegation. The 10-member strong UNSC discussed the agenda in depth with
poise and analysis that would be unseen in other discussions.

The Council began with the Executive Board explaining the members the ground rules of the
council. The discussion started with the delegate of UK setting up the premise of the
discussion by explaining the Agenda that is “Right to Self-Determination With respect To
Rohingya Muslims.” The delegates of South Africa and UK, not being directly involved with
the crisis, called for a consensus on the issue and the pressing need to act. The intensity of
the “need” was further explained by delegates of Afghanistan, Bhutan and Saudi Arabia.
The Delegate of French Republic called for aid to the nations involved in the crisis. The
Pakistan delegate raised a question about China’s aid in this crisis being an Asian super-
power. Also he stated that “Islamophobia” could be the reason for this ongoing issue and
needs to be addressed. UK, being actively involved in helping the refugees, brought a
suggestion of joint venture with French republic in resolving the issue. The delegate of Iran
raised a suggestion whether the French republic is welcome for political joint venture for
assisting this crisis, for which the latter agreed. The delegate of Iran also suggested in setting
up United Nations confidence restoration operation in Myanmar in this cause. The Sri-
Lankan delegate stated about providing citizenship for these refugees if they marry a Sri
Lankan local. The delegate Bangladesh considers free flow of emergency aid as one of the
measures in this concern.

The council proceeded on to other prominent issues pertaining to the issue at hand and was
directed to a path where the delegates could get something conclusive. The discussion was
then on various fronts, with the delegate of Iran touching the issue of children being
tortured and murdered by the forces. The after-effects of the crisis across the countries were
also discussed in lengths that warrant a mention here. The day ended with the delegates
trying to move to a point where more debate and discussions on the issue on the second day
would bring them to a consensus on the issue.
Anu Amruth