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WVABE Comprehensive Lesson Plan Rubric

Instructor: Lesson Topic:

Rater: Date:

Directions: Use this checklist to analyze written lesson plans and/or to observe a lesson in a classroom. Indicate for each Lesson Component if the plan
Met Expectation (Y) or Did Not Meet Expectation (N) or if the item was Not Applicable (N/A) because it was not observable by the rater.

Lesson Met Did Not Meet Met?

Expectation Notes
Expectation Expectation Y/N or N/A

Meaningful Topic was relevant to adult Topic was missing or not

Topic was relevant for adults.
Topic learners. relevant.

Standards were stated

Stated Next Gen and/or Standards were missing or
(including reference number)
Standards Common Core standards not addressed adequately
and matched objectives and
were addressed. in the activities.

Selected DOK levels matched DOK levels were not

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) activities. indicated or misidentified.
Depth of was correctly identified and
Knowledge lesson involved at least one
Lesson Basics

At least one DOK level 3 or 4 Only DOK level 1 or 2

DOK Level 3 or 4 activity. activity was included in the activities were included in
lesson. the lesson.

An essential question that Stated question was

Question was missing or
was meaningful and relevant meaningful and relevant for
not relevant.
Essential to adult learners framed the adults.
Question central idea of the lesson and
was adequately addressed by Lesson activities addressed Lesson activities did not
the lesson activities. aspects of the question. address the given question.

The objectives were designed Objectives addressed the Objectives were missing,
to answer the essential essential question and not relevant, or did not
question and clearly stated matched what was taught and match what was taught or
what students would be able assessed. assessed.
to do at the end of the lesson Objectives were missing or
Objectives included active
(versus what the teacher did not define what
verbs that defined what
would do or what the students students would be able to
students would be able do.
should know). do.
Lesson Met Did Not Meet Met?
Expectation Notes
Expectation Expectation Y/N or N/A

Required A variety of audio/visual Necessary resources were Some necessary items

Materials/ materials were identified and identified in the plan and their were not identified or their
Equipment/ were used to support the use specified in the activities. use was not specified.
Technology/ lesson allowing students to Resources were identified
Community acquire information/skills via a There was no variety in the
that addressed more than
Resources variety of modalities. type of resources identified.
one type of modality.

Appropriate pre-requisite Appropriate pre-requisite

Pre-requisite skills were skills were identified. skills were not identified.
identified that matched the
lesson content and the skills
Lesson Basics

Connections Students had the pre- Students were unable to

of students in the group. requisite skills needed to perform activities due to
perform the activities lack of pre-requisite skills.
Necessary vocabulary was Necessary vocabulary was
identified for each part of the not identified for some parts
Required vocabulary was
Required lesson of the lesson.
identified and taught for each
Vocabulary The Activity Plan indicated There was no indication of
part of the lesson.
how the vocabulary was how the vocabulary was
introduced and taught. introduced and taught.
A variety of techniques/
methods were identified that More than one instructional Only one or no instructional
were appropriate to the method was identified and methods were identified
learning objectives and used in the lesson. and used in the lesson.
allowed students to acquire
information/skills via a variety
of contexts. The chosen Methods matched the Methods were inappropriate
techniques were appropriate purpose of each activity. for the activities.
for the learning activities.
Lesson Met Did Not Meet Met?
Expectation Notes
Expectation Expectation Y/N or N/A

Lesson started with a warm- Provided an activity which Activity was missing or did
up activity that helped activated prior knowledge by not review previous
students review any previous reviewing previous learning. learning.
instruction and make
Make Activity was missing or did
connections to what they Made connections to previous
Connections not connect students to
already knew or believed experiences.
about the new topic. their own experiences.

Essential question was not

Introduced essential question.
The essential question and
the content of the lesson were
Introduction to Gave clear explanations of
introduced. A clear Objectives were not
Content/ objective and purpose of
explanation of the objectives explained adequately.
Explanation activities.
and their relationship to the
Lesson Activity Plan

essential question was given.

Discussed context and Rationale for the lesson
rationale for the lesson. was not addressed.

The lesson content was

Communicated the lesson
conveyed using only one
content using a variety of
modality or was not
Concepts were communicated multi-sensory methods.
conveyed adequately.
Presentation/ in multi-sensory ways. Direct
Model the explicit instruction was Demonstrated and explained No modeling occurred or
Learning provided. The instructor steps while students the steps were not
Process clearly described steps while observed. adequately explained.
modeling the tasks. Modeled strategies by
No modeling done or it was
doing—correctly, clearly, and
not done adequately.
concisely using “think aloud.”
Introduced structured
activities that allowed Activities were not
students to practice skills structured to offer
Scaffolded/ The instructor broke skills
clustered into increasingly increasingly difficult tasks.
Guided down into learnable parts and
larger chunks.
Concrete provided constructive
Provided guidance and Feedback was not
Practice feedback.
constructive feedback while constructive or not offered
students were working on the while students were
activities. engaged in practicing skills.
Lesson Met Did Not Meet Met?
Expectation Notes
Expectation Expectation Y/N or N/A

No grouping strategies
Effectively organized students
were employed that
into differentiated groups
effectively allowed for
and/or created an interactive
differentiation and/or
Communicative/ interaction.
New skills were practiced Students were not given the
Collaborative Set up tasks that required
allowing student interaction opportunity to interact and
Concrete participants to communicate
and cooperation. operate in pairs or small
Practice and collaborate.
The instructor did not
Monitored students' use of
effectively monitor groups
skills during activities.
during activities.
Lesson Activity Plan

Provided the opportunity to

work independently (either No individual work was
Independent within the class or as a class assigned.
New skills were practiced by
Concrete assignment).
individuals that could transfer
Practice/ The application tasks Tasks were absent or
to a real world setting.
Application approximated the demands of purely skill-based without
tasks adult students would connections to real world
need to perform in real-life. applications.
Designed assessments that No assessment activity was
Assessment activities provided the opportunity to provided or it did not
measured student application demonstrate mastery of the measure was practiced and
of objectives taught in the skills taught in the lesson. taught.
lesson and the instructor
Provided immediate, positive, Instructor gave no feedback
provided feedback following
and corrective feedback or did not provide effective
regarding the assessment. feedback.
Class reviewed lesson
objectives and revisited the
Wrap-up/ Provided the opportunity for The instructor summarized
essential question. Students
Concluding students to recap what was the lesson or no wrap-up
(rather than the instructor)
Activity taught and learned. occurred.
were encouraged to reflect on
and summarize the lesson.
After delivering the lesson, the Reflected on the success of Did not reflect on the

instructor commented on the lesson. success of the lesson.

Instructor success of lesson and any
Reflection changes to be made when
using the lesson again in Noted changes to be Did not identify any future
other contexts. addressed in future lessons. modifications.
Note: There is a total of 36 possible items. Raters who do not observe an item, Total Yes Percent
/ %
should not count it into the total rated when determining the percent. of Total Rated Yes