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General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Notes about device access in the classroom: Class to have access to at least an iPad per team. Access to computer lab will be necessary in lesson 5.
LESSON other
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Analysis of impact of  Informal Introduction iPads- iPads will be

Students to
changes to effort, understand how assessment  Class are changed and start a quick warm up game- used, if possible one
space and time on to work as a team quick game of ball tag. One person is “IT’ and the rest between 3, students
performance and of the class is trying not to be tagged. One person will need to
in small sided
quality of outcome understand how to
games will have a ball and whenever someone has the ball
(ACPMP103) film others
 Students to they cannot be tagged, it is up to the team to pass to
Skills and strategies to identify the basic people close to being tagged (promotes teamwork) Coaches Eye- This app
improve team rules of volleyball needs to be pre-
performance, such as: Body loaded on all iPads.
 Students to  Teacher to bring class in and explain next activity.
 motivation Students will need to
perform the basic
 team-work  Students are to get into groups of three and start be able to use and
 leadership
techniques of annotate with this app.
doing a serving drill. There will be feeder/feedback
(ACPMP106) skills used in
giver, a server and a retriever. The server will serve
volleyball- will be Volleyballs
the ball three times while being recorded by the
used later in the
feeder (using an iPad with coaches eye- teacher to
briefly explain how to use app). The feeder will
quickly give feedback and then the three will rotate Gym
 Students start to anti clockwise.
learn how to use
 Teacher to call class in and explain next activity
Coach’s Eye
 In their groups of three they are to play king of the
filming other
court- first to 5 points winners rotate up the court,
students serving
losers rotate down
 Teacher to bring class in and recap the class. Teacher
to emphasise the use of Coaches eye and how it can
be an important tool to improve performance
 Teacher to review rules of volleyball and briefly go
over some tactics and strategies that can be used.

 Teacher to address class and explain aims of lesson
 Teacher to show class the teams
 Teacher to open a Padlet and start a brainstorm with Padlet
Management of Informal
class for all the roles that need to be filled for the
participation and rules Assessment Weebly
SEPEP season. Teacher to pick 5 roles for each team
during physical https://www.weebly.c
activities (ACPMP107) that need to be filled om/editor/main.php
 Students to be Body
Effects of emotional iPad- one per team
allocated roles  Students to delegate roles for each of their teams-
responses on
relationships, such as: and teams for teacher to move around class and handle any Computer lab
 extreme their SEPEP problems or issues
5 emotions season  Teacher to provide link to Weebly site which will Various apps installed
impacting on  Students to be have all the various information the class on iPad:
situations or familiar with  Coach’s Eye
need(uniform, roles, fixtures, umpiring).
relationships  iMovie
certain apps being  Teacher to explain all the different apps students can
 the
used for their  Dartfish
consequences use on their computer or iPad
specific role  Coachnote
of not  Students to familiarise themselves with various apps
recognising  Students to work  Canva
emotions of together as a Conclusion  Smiling Mind
others team to delegate  Teacher to conclude class by asking each of the  Instagram
(ACPPS094) and assign roles teams the roles they have assigned, uniform/theme  Twitter
 Students to they have chosen  Perfect Video
decide on key  Teacher will specify that next week will be round one
of the season and that all teams need to come
dates and events prepared and be familiar with their roles for the next
within the season lesson.

 Teacher to bring class together and explain that this
Evaluation, selection From weeks 6-10 is week 1 of the season
and implementation of teacher is to
 Team with bye is to take the class for a warm up-
responses to changing assess students’
conditions based on performance as possibly using the app Sworkit
the outcome of an individual and
previous as a team.
performances  Students to work  Students to separate into their teams and start the
(ACPMP101) together as a Teacher to assess competition
team to ensure students ability to  Team with the bye will have access to the iPads to
Biomechanical the lesson runs give and receive begin their projects (Coaching, Media, Stats)
concepts: smoothly feedback  Teacher to move around gym and ensure everything
 acceleration
 absorption of
 Students is running smoothly
force by the understand what
body bye teams role is Gym
6 (ACPMP103)
 Teacher to review lesson with class and ask
questions Balls
Skills and strategies to  What worked well?
improve team  What didn’t? Net
performance, such as:  What will we do differently next time?
 motivation iPads
 Teacher to inform class of the team who will have
 team-work
the bye next lesson
 leadership iPad apps group has
(ACPMP106) chosen to use

Management of
participation and rules
during physical
activities (ACPMP107)