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FARO ® Scanner Freestyle3D

Quick Start Guide

Equipment Getting Started

1 1 That’s Freestyle3D

1 Start/Stop button and status LED light

2 USB line with USB3.0 plug

3 Infrared cameras

3 4 Infrared projector with class 1 laser

5 LED stroboscope light

4 10 5
2 6 Color camera

Standard Equipment

1 Transport and carry case 6 Calibration plate which may

also be useful when it comes to
placement and measurement 2

2 Quick Start Guide

Connect Freestyle3D to the computer
7 Tablet PC The blue and the red LED will light up. Once the
3 Freestyle3D device is detected by the software, the red LED
light will turn off.
8 Tablet hand-holder Ready to capture
4 USB stick with the SCENE Cap- Blue LED will light up.
ture, SCENE Process and SCENE
Not ready to capture
installation files, Quick Start 9 Optical cleaning kit
Red LED will light up.
Guide and the User Manual
While recording
Blue LED will flash.
USB card reader
5 Red microSD card to save scan 10 Tracking lost
projects, and green microSD Red LED will flash. After tracking resumes, the red
card which provides the cali- LED will be turned off, and the blue LED will flash
bration plate number. again.
SCENE Capture

Starting up Start Software

We recommend using the tablet computer which is
shipped together with Freestyle3D. The SCENE Capture
Home Screen and Project Selector
software is already installed on it. The software starts with the Project Selector window by default. The Project Selector presents all
Before you start capturing, insert the microSD card into the scan projects known to the software at that time.
the tablet computer. Your scan project will be saved to
this microSD card.
1 Toolbar – provides a quick and easy way to access the features with the mouse or, on
tablet computers, by tapping.
Keep in mind that the tablet computer (or your
! own tablet or notebook computer) may be not
as ruggedized as Freestyle3D and may become 2 Project selection bar – contains the dialogs with the project commands.
damaged under certain environmental conditions.
When scanning outdoors or in dirty surroundings,
protect both Freestyle3D and the tablet computer
from liquids and humidity, but also from dust and 3 Available scan projects – open an existing scan project by double-tapping on its preview
dirt which may damage the electronic compo- picture.
nents and the sealings. Temperatures lower than
0°C and higher than +40°C may also influence the
performance of both devices.
4 Project information – If the mouse pointer or, on tablet computers, your finger moves over
one of the available scan projects, more information to this scan project is displayed here.

Tap the SCENE Capture tile to start the software. SCENE

Capture starts with the Home screen by default. Its Pro- ! NOTICE
ject Selector presents all the scan projects known at that Every time Freestyle3D is detected by SCENE Capture, you will be asked whether to calibrate
time. the device. In general, you should perform On site calibration as well as the Device White
Plug the Freestyle3D USB cable into a USB3 port on your Balance. Check the Freestyle3D User Manual for those two features.
computer. The red Status LED will light up. If the speak-
ers of your computer are switched on, you will hear an
acoustic signal as well.
Wait until the SCENE Capture detects Freestyle3D. SCENE
Capture will show a loading message. As soon as Free-
style3D is ready, the red Status LED light will switch off and 2
the blue LED will light up.

SCENE Capture Toolbar

Home Calibrate Start or stop capturing Measure Export Points Help

Closes any Shows the calibration status. Opens the capturing Opens a measurement Shows the User Man-
open scan Tap this button to
Tap the button to open the window. function. Measure dis- export all point ual
projects Calibration dialog. tances between scan (a pdf file).
and opens clouds of a scan
points in a scan. Tap project.
the Project While capturing, the the scan points with the tablet’s
Selector. button looks like this. pen, double-tap to finish meas-
uring. In SCENE Capture, the
measurement is not saved with
the project.

Abort the function with

this button.

Save Device White Balance Process Options

Tap this button to Flash: switches the flash-light Flashlight is
Save the Device White Bal- process Check the two tabs for these
to automatic, on or off. always switched on.
scan pro- ance: is used to ad- the entire scan settings:
The flash-light is a strobe Flashlight is never
ject. In just the color cam- project, a selected Depth Range set the max. scan ! light and can be haz- switched on.
addition to eras in Freestyle3D. cluster, or a scan.
that, SCENE Capture distance, starting from 0.5m. ardous to persons who may Saving location: save to
saves your work auto- Marker Detection: activate be susceptible to epileptic microSD card (default), or tap
matically. this if you want to use the seizures. the button and enter a saving
Abort the function markers of the calibration In case of doubt, switch the location.
with this button. plate for placing the scans or flash-light to OFF. Project Base Name: If re-
for measurements.
quired, delete the default
Follow Camera: when deac- name and enter a new one.
Auto: Flash-light is
tivated, the Point Cloud View This name must not include
switched on if the cam-
does not show the camera spaces or some special char-
era detects that the light is not
movement. acters.
sufficient. As soon as the light
situation gets better, the flash-
light is switched off again.

Stable scanning requires objects and en-

Commonly used terms Workspace
! WARNING vironments with enough color structure.
Avoid having only plain-colored surfaces in Folder Scans: Contains all scans.
Frame Eye injuries caused by laser beams. Al- the device field of view. Objects must not Folder Scan-x: Contains the scan and, subor-
The set of three photos, taken at the same though Freestyle3D is classified as a laser move while they are captured. dinated, its scan path.
time with the infrared projector and the class 1 device, it could be dangerous In front of the scan name, an icon symbolizes
infrared cameras, is called a frame. if the laser beams are pointed towards Move the device slowly and cons- which processing step was already done.
a person’s eyes. Be careful when scan- tantly. Avoid jerky movements. Fast
Features ning people or animals. Do not aim at and jerky movements may lead to Double-tap a scan. The 3D View will be
The software detects useful elements like for your eyes or somebody else’s eyes from inaccurate data and tracking may shown.
example corners in the color picture. Those a “close-up” distance at anytime. be lost. Avoid capturing longer
elements are called features. sequences. Try to move the device in circles Repeat the steps 1 and 2 as often as requi-
or loops. Try to finish capturing at the starting red. It could be favorable to capture a view
Tracking ! NOTICE place. more than one time because it would im-
Following the features from frame to frame Static discharge - Do not touch the me- prove the point density and the coverage of
is called tracking. With tracking, it is possible tal rings around the glass covers on the If tracking is lost (by too fast mo- the whole object or scene.
to reconstruct the movement of Freestyle3D lower side of Freestyle3D. Always hold vement or few recognized featu-
in space, and thereby putting all 3D points Freestyle3D by its handle. Do not grab res), you may resume it. Try to move Close the scan project.
of the individual frames in a common 3D the device by one of its arms. Freesty- Freestyle3D so that the Video View You will be asked to save the scan
context. le3D is a high-precision measuring de- and the view in the small window match. project.
vice. Even the slightest bending of the Then, a green and red cross-shaped icon
Scan appears in the live video picture. Try to move
housing will result in inaccuracies.
A set of frames resulting from one capturing Freestyle3D so that the red and green crosses Close SCENE Capture.
sequence is called a scan. in the live video picture match. Tracking
should then resume automatically.
What’s next?
Scan Ambient light conditions
In scenes with too bright illumination (close The next step would be processing the scans,
to lights or outdoors), the Freestyle3D will and maybe further steps like placement and
1. Start capturing by pressing the produce no 3D data or it may only show with color adjustments. For this, release the microSD
button on top of Freestyle3D, or by a limited distance range. If the number of card from the tablet computer and plug it
tapping the button. After one or two features gets critical, try to move the device into a workstation with SCENE Process instal-
seconds, a split window will show up field of vision to areas with more structures. led. As soon as you open SCENE Process, you
with the Point Cloud View on the left and the will be asked if you wish to open the scan
Video View on the right as well as a progress 2. Finish your scan by pressing the button on project. All those steps are described in the
dialog. A message box is shown superimpo- the top of Freestyle3D again, or by tapping or Freestyle3D User Manual.
sed in the middle of the window. On the left clicking the button.
side, the flashlight button is shown. Tap it to
switch the flashlight to on or off. On the right SCENE Capture will now need some
side, the 3D camera button is shown. Tap it seconds to prepare your captured
to toggle between 3D Point Cloud View on data. Freestyle3D uses the build
the left and the 2D Video View on the right in sensors to level the scan auto-
(default), or only 3D Point Cloud View, or matically. Once the capturing of a scan is
only 2D Video View. The software will create completed, the scan project will be saved
a scan project called Freestyle and save the and you will get the following structure in the
scan data to the microSD card. project’s workspace:

Make sure that the object of interest is within

the specified maximum range and that it is
not closer than the minimum range of
the sensor.
Quick Overview

Buttons and displays Options Capture Buttons

Opens the a dialog with two tabs FAQ
This overview shows the buttons and displays which offers several settings you Start scanning button.
offered by SCENE Capture. SCENE Process should check before or while captur- An object does not appear in my scan, or is
offers more buttons and functions which are ing. You can change the Follow Cam- hardly visible.
not explained in this Quick Start Guide. You era and Flash settings while capturing.
will find those in the Freestyle3D User Manual. Stop scanning button. Problem
Not enough distance to the object (< 0.5 m).
Manual Solution
Opens the User Manual as a PDF file. Need larger distance. Freestyle3D cannot
Close the PDF by swiping from the top
Buttons to the bottom of the pdf document.
Displays while scanning capture close-up objects.

Switch to SCENE Capture by swiping Problem

Home from the left to the right of the pdf Initialization Large distance (> 3m, depending on light
If a scan project is open: Closes document. Move scanner slowly until the sign situation)
scan project and opens Project disappears.
Selector. Solution
Take several scans of a scenery or an object,
Movement but in different distances.
Save Scanner is moved too fast.
SCENE Capture saves automatically. Problem
Tap this button to save the scan pro- Object has cavities like holes, slots, etc.
ject whenever you feel the need to. Video blurry Solution
Less features, video image gets Larger distance in combination with scan-
blurry. ning the object from different perspectives
Calibration status may improve the result.
Grey: No device detected.
Red: Device is not calibrated. Contrast Problems Problem
Yellow: Device needs re-calibration. Problems with contrast in the video. Highly absorbing surfaces.
Green: Device is calibrated. Solution
Use developer spray (as used for crack
Light Problems detection).
Device White Balance Problems with too much / not
Is used to adjust the color cameras enough light in the video. Problem
in Freestyle3D. Shiny surfaces.
Process Tracking is lost Use anti-glare spray.
Tap this button to process
the entire scan project, a selected
cluster, or a scan.
Too much light, especially when scanning
Low storage space outdoors.
Export Points Finish the scan as intended. You do
Tap this button to export all point Solution
not need to stop capturing immedi-
clouds of a scan project. Avoid scanning in glaring sunlight.

Measure Problem
Measure distances between scan Not enough light.
No 3D data
points. In SCENE Capture, measure- - insufficient 2D or 3D structure, Solution
ments will not be saved with the capturing could not be initialized. Use light sources which produce bright,
- Invalid device calibration diffused light.
General information

SCENE Software Online Tutorials

SCENE is specifically designed for all FARO laser scanners. Find more information and helpful tips on the use of the
The software processes and manages scanned data both Freestyle3D and SCENE in the Internet at:
efficiently and easily by using the automatic object recog-
nition and scan registration.

SCENE is an extremely user-friendly software that allows

scans to be automatically combined. The resulting point
cloud can be viewed in three dimensions. All the scans are
available in color and as high-contrast intensity images.

FARO 3D App Center

SCENE Capture and SCENE Process
▪▪ Automated target-less scan registration In the 3D App Center you will find software dedicated to
the FARO 3D Documentation world. The shop is devided
▪▪ SCENE WebShare Cloud integration
into two main categories: Stand-alone apps and plug-in
▪▪ Super-crisp visualisation apps:
▪▪ Easy processing of large scan projects
▪▪ Plug-Ins for extended functionality
▪▪ Homogenisation of point clouds

SCENE Capture provides everything you need to record we recommend you install SCENE Pro-
your scans. It is designed to run on a tablet computer and is cess on a workstation or on a notebook
pre-installed on the tablet computer included in the Free- PC with sufficient performance. SCENE WebShare Cloud
style3D kit. The scan data is stored on a microSD card which
Software Options With SCENE WebShare Cloud, FARO offers a compre-
makes it easy to transfer the data to another computer.
hensive service to provide users with simple access to 3D
Freestyle3D and the SCENE software are documentation. Neither technical training nor specialist
SCENE Process provides everything you need to process skills in 3D laser scanning are necessary to work with the
compatible with the most common
and finalize your entire scan project. Record your scans CAD software applications and can intuitive user interface.
with the tablet computer and SCENE Capture, transfer the be used to export scan data to over 50
data and continue working with SCENE Process. Because common software solutions. Digital data, such as 3D documentation, often has to be
processing 3D data is a heavy operation for a computer, available to many different project partners. Previously,
users having their own internet server, could use SCENE
WebShare to present their laser scan projects to clients
and project partners. Now FARO goes considerably
further, offering the SCENE WebShare Cloud solution, a
hosting service with various packages at different prices.
FARO Webinars
▪▪ Easy data sharing and collaboration
Hear from industry experts on emerging trends in
▪▪ Minimal set up and maintenance effort
3D documentation, advancements in 3D metrology
and portable CMMs and best practices without ▪▪ Best possible security level
ever leaving the office. If you are unable to attend ▪▪ Persistent measurements & annotations
any of our live webinars, they are all recorded and ▪▪ Hosting service offered by FARO
uploaded as podcasts here and are searchable by ▪▪ Support for mobile devices
broadcast date. Check it out on our demo server at:
You are in good hands Notes

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