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Romeo and Juliet Project


50 points total

Category 10 8 5 3 1
Use of Class Time All class time Student used Student used Student did Student did
was used most of the 50% of class not do much little or no
properly and class time time properly work during work during
efficiently. properly and and class. allotted class
efficiently. efficiently. time.
Spelling/grammar/etc. There are NO Only 2-4 5-10 errors 10 or more 10 or more
(Conventions) errors in errors exist. exist. errors exist. error exist
conventions. and project
cannot be
Creativity Project Project Project Project Project is
exhibits a exhibits exhibits some exhibits very neither
great amount creativity. creativity. little creative or
of creativity creativity. original.
and hard
Following Instructions All Most Some Very few No or almost
instructions instructions instructions instructions none of the
were were were were instructions
followed and followed. followed. followed. were
all aspects of followed.
the project
were done
Project Completeness Project is Project is Project is Project is Project is not
complete. mostly 50% done. partially completed.
completed. completed.