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1. A couple was blessed with a child,there was a healthy argument between the parents regarding the
resemblance of the child to either of them. Grand mother intervened and said the child will definitely
resemble the parents and also will exhibit some variations.

A) What values are depicted by the parents?

b) How did Messelson and Stahl prove that DNA is semiconservative?

Values- love and affection or parental bonding.

b) textual answer

2. Rita was an orphan by birth. One day she was seen crying by her friend Sita. When Sita enquired Rita
told that a couple had claimed her to be their daughter. Though it is a happy news for her, Rita felt that
she didnt belong to them. So Sita requested the orphanage authority, for a DNA testing to be conducted
to investigate the validity of the couples claim.

a. List the values displayed in this situation?

Empathy helping tendency

b. Describe the technique of DNA finger printing.

3. A child born to a couple was claimed by another man in the hospital. What is the methodology used
to solve the paternity disputes. Explain.

DNA fingerprinting

Values: problem solving, critical thinking, decision making

4. A man with blood group A and his wife Group B have a son with blood group O.Father claims that it
is not his son.

a.Explain the genetics of blood grouping

b. What moral counseling can you impart through your explanation?

Trust, critical thinking

5. Thalassemic patients need frequent administration of specific factors.

a) Describe the genetics of different types of β Thalassemia

textual answer.
b) As a fellow human being how can you help such patients?

Provide blood , love, empathy.

6. After complete utilization of lactose from the medium Lac operon is switched off. Explain how?

How does the working of this system reflect conservation of energy and resources?

Ans: textual answer.

Switched on only when needed. So judicious use of the system. Critical thinking, aware of the

7. a) Who are the rediscoverers of Mendel’s work?

b) What positive attributes were demonstrated by this?

Ans: scientists name

Appreciation of fellow beings, empathy