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Sunday, January 28, 2018

QAnon post Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

CFR Members
Time Stamp: 00:09:55 ET

/_\ Council on Foreign Relations/_\ QAnon has linked to the list of Council
on Foreign Relations members with a
pyramid symbol at the beginning of
CFR and another pyramid symbol at
the end of CFR.

The CFR is the globalist elite that

QAnon identifies at the heart of the
New World Order conspiracy, with the
idea of conspiracy signaled by the
beginning and ending pyramids
(symbols of a conspiracy that ends at
the top).

The pyramid is also symbolic of the

eye capping the pyramid that can be
seen on the back of a dollar bill – an
emblem most often associated with the

QAnon’s point is that the Obama-
Clinton 16-year conspiracy (two
presidential terms for each of them) is
merely a part of a larger worldwide
conspiracy in which the NWO
globalists and their co-conspirators in
the central bank cabal intend to enslave
the world’s population through lies and
deceits, into a One-World Currency
and One-World Government the
globalists control.

QAnon post #64, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

U.S. Military Tribunals
Time Stamp: 00:09:55 ET

QAnon lists to a U.S. Department of Justice memorandum dated June 27, 2002,
establishes that 18 U.S.C. Section 4001(a) allows the President to detain U.S.
citizens as enemy combatants, and specifically refers to the transfer of Jose
Padilla, aka “Abdullah Al Muhair,” from the Department of Justice to the
Department of Defense. The memo was written by John C. Yoo, Deputy
Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel.

The point is that President Trump under a declaration of national emergency

could declare enemies of the U.S.A. to be enemy combatants, subject to being
tried by a military tribunal, not civilian criminals subject to the jurisdiction of the

QAnon post #65, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018
Trump Campaign Speech
Time Stamp: 00:09:55 ET

This refers to a speech Donald Trump gave during the 2016 election campaign.
The YouTube video is entitled: “This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected.”
In the speech, Trump outlines the Obama/Hillary conspiracy. He calls both Bill
Clinton and Hillary Clinton “criminals.”

Trump attacks the DC establishment, the central bankers, the global special
interests, and the MSM. “Our campaign represents a true existential threat like
they have never seen before” – a campaign to determine if “We the People”
continue to rule the U.S.A. – a MUST-WATCH film. Proves Trump understands
the CFR, Globalist, Central Banker, NWO “struggle for the survival of the nation
and our last chance to save it.”

Q has posted this video twice, emphasizing its importance. Trump refers to
WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, showing he view both as “heroes” exposing the
Clinton crime syndicate & political corruption by publishing the DNC and
Podesta emails.

Exposes conspiracy of Clinton Foundation and Clinton Foundation to “stop at

nothing” to destroy his presidential campaign.

“I knew this day would arrive and it was only a question of when. The only that
can stop this corrupt machine is you. The only force great enough to stop this
corruption is us.”

Prefigures QAnon and the Second American Revolution led by Trump and
millions of Anonymous across the land. #MAGA #TheGreatAwakening.

QAnon post #174873, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018
HANNITY Tweet Account Hacked
Time Stamp: 01:34:31 ET

QAnon post #174929, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

HANNITY Tweet Account Hacked
Time Stamp: 01:33:51 ET

This came from outside of Twitter On Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018, in the early
morning hours, we realized Sean

Hannity’s Twitter account had been

What QAnon is affirming is that this

attack came from outside Twitter and
was not caused by censorship imposed
by Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO
of Twitter.

On Friday, Hannity had delivered

another hard-hitting Fox News
broadcast targeting the DOJ and FBI in
the Obama/Clinton coup d’état and
pushing to make public the “Nunes
Memo” prepared by the House
Intelligence Committee. Clearly, Deep
State operatives wanted to cut Hannity
off Twitter.

This was an attack on Sean Hannity

that signaled to QAnon that Deep State
conspirators were taking steps to
silence PATRIOT journalists.

Submission Complete Hannity’s Twitter account was

removed after he posted twice on
Friday evening, “Form Submission
1649” – the third time that was posted,
the account was removed from Twitter.

By responding “Submission
Complete,” QAnon was signaling
Hannity’s meaning had been
successfully completed.

The reference was to Charles I in Great

Britain who was tried, convicted, and
executed for high treason on Jan. 30,
1649. The point is that the post
signaled a new phase in the Trump

Counter-Attack in which Barack
Obama and Hillary Clinton, plus their
co-conspirators, will be named as
Traitors and pursued in a criminal
process that QAnon has suggested
could involve a military tribunal, if

QAnon post #175139, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

Select news members …
Time Stamp: 02:06:14 ET

Select news members/ journalists are This is in response to the cyberattack
vital to delivering the message (as are on Hannity’s Twitter account.
QAnon is answering an Anonymous
asking if by “1649” Hannity was
signaling he had been arrested and was

QAnon begins his answer by noting

that journalists like Sean Hannity are
extremely important to delivering
Donald Trump’s message of the
Obama/Clinton coup d’état to nullify
Trump’s electoral victory in 2016,
revise the Constitution, and replace the
American Republic with a European
Union style socialist/communist
totalitarian state.

QAnon always insists that this, the

Second American Revolution, can only
be done by millions of Anonymous
red-pilling to undergo the “Great
Awakening” to save the Constitution
and our fundamental freedoms as
Americans. (Think Thomas Paine
anonymously authoring “Common
Sense” in the First American

Imagine if these people were removed. Here QAnon is asking us to imagine

They represent a clear and present how lost we would be if journalists
danger to the enemy. vital to the cause, like Sean Hannity,
Re-read past crumbs re: security. were to be removed (killed) by the
Deep State.

Hannity and other red-pilled journalists

represent a clear and present danger to
the Obama/Clinton traitor co-
conspirators, including those in Deep

State intelligence agencies (CLOWNS
= CIA) and the MSM.

QAnon is cautioning us to take

seriously all previous warnings about
the need for security measures to be
taken to protect journalists vital to the
“Great Awakening” movement,
including Hannity.

Where is JS? JS = John Solomon.

QAnon is alerting us to the concern

that John Solomon has dropped from
the face of the earth, with no articles
appearing in the Hill, no appearances
on Fox News, and no new postings on

The investigative journalism reports

John Solomon and Sarah Carter have
provided have been key in exposing
Deep State conspirators within DOJ
and the FBI. Their reporting on
Congressional investigations and the
“Nunes Memo” have been eye-

QAnon is concerned for John

Solomon’s well-being. We share
QAnon’s concern as we pray for both
Hannity and Solomon’s safety.

The Gateway Pundit has warned that

John Solomon was silenced after
attacking the Washington Post, with his
exposé articles causing a backlash from
the leftist staff on The Hill.

How do we truly protect those QAnon suggests that we are entering a
important to us? new phase of Civil War against the
[19] immediates [no longer with us]. Obama/Clinton traitor “Deep State” co-
Self-suicide if actioned. conspirators and their allies in the
Real life. MSM.

If journalists important to the Great

Awakening are attacked, killed, or
otherwise removed, QAnon suggests
there will be retaliation.

MSM journalists are open to being

exposed as CIA hacks for their willing
participation being paid by the CIA in
the modern-day version of “Operation
Mockingbird” to publish CIA talking-
points under their by-lines.

QAnon reminds us this is “real life” –

serious business, where the
consequences of “playing the game”
can involve making “life or death”
choices for all involved.

This is one of QAnon’s most serious

warnings to date.

QAnon post #175461, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

[19] would cease to exist …
Time Stamp: 02:26:27 ET

[19] would cease to exist immediately In response to an Anonymous asking
upon the harm of select individuals. for clarification, QAnon explains his
previous post means that if journalists
important to the Great Awakening
“ceased to exist,” in retaliation to their
being harmed, we would see journalists
important to the Obama/Clinton coup
d’état and Deep State conspiracy
“cease to exist.”

Think nuclear stand-off QAnon refers to the doctrine of

“Mutual Assured Destruction” that

buttressed U.S.A. nuclear weapons
strategy in the 1950s.

Any nuclear attack on the U.S. would

be met by a massive counter-attack that
would lead to “mutual assured
destruction” – a consequence so dire
that a “nuclear stand-off” resulted.

Clarified? QAnon asks if this makes his point

clear. It does. Very clear.

QAnon post #175503, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

Time Stamp: 02:29:48 ET

Note the last drops on the other board. These involved the CFR, the one on
military tribunals, and the post on
Trump’s campaign speech.

Think logically. QAnon is admonishing us to put the

pieces together (follow the crumbs)
because much of the narrative has
already been presented.

Refer to past crumbs. Again, QAnon has already explained
YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU what is happening. We have been
KNOW. given various pieces of information
that will only be clear as events
develop (future predicts past).

Do you expect HRC, GS, Hussein etc When Hillary Rodham Clinton, George
to stand in a PUBLIC courtroom w/ Soros, and Barack Obama are brought
potential crooked judges and tainted to trial, it may be before a military
“liberal” juries? tribunal.

QAnon reminds us that public trials

can end in acquittals rigged by liberal
(hard-left socialist/communist) judges
and juries. Skilled defendants can
make a mockery of public civil trials,
gaining sympathy when they truly
deserve condemnation.

How do you defuse a bomb? QAnon suggests the real point is not
Knowledge of which wires/strings to simply to prosecute and convict
cut? Hillary, Soros, Obama and their co-
conspirators, but to address the
systemic issues that allowed them to
plan globalist NWO treason.

Cutting the wires (and puppet master

strings) that are behind Hillary, Soros,
Obama and their co-conspirators is the
real mission of the Great Awakening.

While pitchforks and a lynch mob

might be satisfying for those hating
what Hillary, Obama, and Soros have
done to the United States, we must not
forget they are puppets of their global
masters – the central bankers, the
global internationalists, the New World

Order crowd, including the Council on
Foreign Relations.

These are the wires and strings we need

to cut.

If we do our job decoding QAnon and

spreading #TheGreatAwakening, we
can live to see the day when President
Trump asks the American people if we
really need the Federal Reserve.

Should we pull out of the United

Nations and the International Monetary
Fund? Why would we ever tolerate
international law imposed on us by The
Hague? The answers to these
questions and many more are clear:
“Yes, we should.” #AmericaFirst

QAnon post #175603, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

May is neutralized.
Time Stamp: 02:48:10 ET

May is neutralized. At Davos, President Trump held his
first meeting with British Prime
Minister Theresa May.

“May is neutralized” means Trump
shared with May information that must
have shocked her.

MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning. The Secret Intelligence Service,

commonly known as MI6, is the
foreign intelligence operation of Great

Trump got two agreements from May.

First, Great Britain would drop their

threat to arrest Julian Assange over
“skipping bail.” Sweden has dropped
the rape charges. President Trump sent
U.S. attorneys into U.S. District Court
in Roger Stone’s case to argue Assange
had a right to publish even stolen
classified material as a journalist under
the Supreme Court Decisions New York
Times v. Sullivan and New York Times
v. U.S. (Pentagon Papers case).

On Friday, Jan. 26, Assange’s

attorneys argued in Westminster
Magistrates’ Court that the withdrawal
of the European Arrest Warrant against
Assange meant the British bail arrest
warrant could no longer apply.
England Chief Magistrate Emma
Arbuthnot said she would make her
decision on the arrest warrant on Feb.

Trump demanded May turn over to

U.S. authorities the records of
electronic surveillance conducted on
U.S. citizens, and specifically on the
Trump campaign, by GCHQ,
Government Communications

Headquarters in British intelligence –
conducted at the request (and handed
over) to Obama and Clinton during and
after the presidential election in
November 2016.

Great Britain spying on Americans

involved spying on us as “foreigners.”
This gave GCHQ very few restrictions.
Handing over the electronic
surveillance to the Obama/Clinton
traitors allowed the Obama/Clinton
traitors to circumvent restrictions they
were facing spying on Trump, even
using the Fusion GPS dossier
fraudulently to obtain FISA court
approval. The Fusion GPS dossier was
a by-product of British intelligence in
that its author, Christopher Steele,
previously ran the Russian desk for

Queens/monarchs seeking shelter. QAnon suggests Trump let PM May

Patience know his administration was preparing
These people are stupid. to make know to the world U.S.
intelligence on Queen Elizabeth’ Royal
Family sexual indiscretions.

When the crumbs are dropped about

pedophilia and sex trafficking, the
allegations will not be limited to the
United States, but may well include the
United Kingdom and the European

QAnon post #66, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

Time to Play, Dopey.
Time Stamp: 11:23:54 ET

Time to play, Dopey. Over the weekend, international news
reports confirmed that Prince Alwaleed
Talal had been released from
confinement in

In a Tweet posted on Dec. 11, 2015,

Donald Trump referred to Alwaleed as

Trump posted: “Dopey Prince

@Alwaleed_Talal wants to control
our U.S. politicians with daddy’s
money. Can’t do it when I get elected.

It appears Trump was right in that the

Saudis confiscated million dollars of
Alwaleed’s estimated $17 billion-dollar

Black Forest Black Forest is a reference to Edward

Snowden, often referred to as “Snow
White.” The fable of Snow White and
the Seven Dwarves is situated in the
Black Forest.

Dopey is also one of the CIA seven,

huge, super-secret, global intelligence
computer databases, with the seven
computers named after the Seven
Dwarves and the CIA Directorate of
Operations code-named “Snow White.”

QAnon post 178973, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018
Twitter % owned?
Time Stamp: 11:48:33 ET

Twitter % owned Prince Alwaleed Talal owns a large

percentage of TWITTER stock.

QAnon has been critical of Twitter for

censorship. FCC Chair Ajit Pai, just
before voting to revoke Soros-
supported “net neutrality” scam, gave a
speech in DC in which he signaled out
Twitter as a leading abuser of
censorship practices that invoke a
double standard in screening out
conservative and libertarian users in
favor of left-leaning views.

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas
have just released a series of videos
showing how Twitter censors
conservatives and libertarians, shows
Twitter ready to hand over to DOJ
Trump’s private direct messages.
President Trump uses Twitter to
communicate directly with the U.S.
public. In Nov. 2017, a #NeverTrump
Twitter employee deactivated Trump’s
Twitter account for 11 minutes.

Twitter has engaged in “shadow-

boxing” against Trump and in posting
Trump tweets so as to reduce their
visibility, with anti-Trump tweets
stacked and displayed in more visible
and favorable positions.

If President Trump lost Twitter, his

ability to communicate with the public
directly would be hampered.

Other ownership stakes in the US? In addition to Twitter, Alwaleed has

holdings in Citigroup, Apple, 21st
Century Fox, and is part owner of New
York City’s Plaza Hotel.

What happens if seized? If his property is seized in the United

Who controls? States, Alwaleed could be reduced
Who controls the controllers? from billionaire status quickly.

Alwaleed would be well advised to

consider his detainment in Saudi
Arabia was a plan proposed by
President Trump during his first
foreign trip, in May 2017.

EO 12/21 The Executive Order signed by
President Trump on Dec. 21, 2017,
gives the Treasury the right to
confiscate the U.S. assets of those
involved in serious human rights abuse
and corruption. Alwaleed had better
watch out.

New puppet master. Alwaleed has a new puppet master

now, namely, President Trump.

Direction. Not Deal. President Trump is now in a position to

Hostage. No choice. tell Alwaleed what to do – including
selling his Twitter stock to a investor
favorable to Trump.

Alwaleed is hostage to DJT under the

12/21 Executive Order. He should not
expect to be making any more deals
without first checking with his new
boss in the White House.

Think others. Alwaleed is just the first. It’s what the

It’s what you don’t know. others like Alwaleed don’t known (and
never image could happen to them) that
is their real problem.

DJT counter-attack begins now.

QAnon post 67, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

“Catch and Release”
Time Stamp: 12:09:31 ET

“Catch & Release” These two exact phrases appeared in a
“Safety & Security” Tweet posted by President Trump only
a few hours earlier.

On Saturday, Jan. 27, at 6:55 am ET,

President Trump tweeted the
following: “Thank you to Brandon
Judd of the National Border Patrol
Council for his strong statement on
@foxandfriends that we very badly
NEED THE WALL. Must also end
loophole of “catch & release” and
clean up the legal and other
procedures at the border NOW for
Safety & Security reasons.”

Coincidence? There are no coincidences. This same

phrasing was meant to communicate
QAnon is working directly with
President Trump.

Have you learned to read the message? QAnon telegraphs the message that
Donald Trump and QAnon are working
together by time stamps of similar

Most likely QAnon accompanied

President Trump to Davos [Remember
QAnon post #59 of DJT Mont Blanc
pen in White House on top of WH
stationary turned upside down – posted

before Trump left for Davos]. Image
labeled RTM.png – previous DECODE
suggests DJT signed release on “Nunes
Memo” before leaving WH for Davos.

QAnon post 69, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

Chatter exploding
Time Stamp: 12:34:38 ET

Chatter exploding. All over the Internet, chatter about

QAnon posts is exploding.

Change of narrative will be required. The Obama/Clinton traitors and their

[-4][-5] Deep State co-conspirators in panic
now, are going to need a new narrative
to prevent DJT from successfully
launching a counter-attack against the
failed DOJ/FBI engineered coup d’état
via Mueller’s Special Prosecutor

[-4][-5] shows MSM #NeverTrump

continuing disdain for DJT, the 45th

Public to awaken [mass-start] The American public are waking up to
Sleeping pill reject the Trump Train & DJT’s Second
OP Mockingbird Failure American Revolution.

The #GreatAwakening is happening

through the diligence of thousands of
Anonymous growing by leaps and

The CIA’s revived Operation

Mockingbird paying journalists to
reprint CIA talking-points sent out to
hack journalists on the CIA payroll has

Fake>Real If “fake news” was once more

Blind>20/20 powerful than “real news,” the
American public are waking up –
demanding that “fake news” be
transformed into “real news.”

If the “blind” were once greater in

number than those with clear vision,
the “blind” are gaining sight, as the
Great Awakening is red-pilling them
into 20/20 clear and sharp vision.

KILL_CHAIN A “kill chain” is a sequence of military

orders aimed at acquiring a target,
giving command orders to focus an
attack, with the result of unleashing
deadly force that eliminates the threat.

The Trump counter-attack aims to be


Where we go one, we go ALL QAnon expresses the importance of all

Anonymous working as one with
QAnon and selective journalists to

communicate the message of the DJT
counter-attack now beginning.

QAnon post 179595, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

Time Stamp: 12:43:56 ET

CFR? QAnon is responding to an Anonymous

who posted that Julian Assange (JA)
tweeted earlier Saturday about a CFR
event at which former Vice President
Joseph Biden had spoken.

What a coincidence. There are no coincidences.

This and QAnon’s earlier post on

Saturday about the CFR (above, post
#63) show QAnon is working with

Previous DECODES have suggested

Assange was extracted from London on
Jan. 5-6, with subsequent release of

information on Ecuador issuing
Assange a diplomatic passport with
immunity to travel advanced as
“necessary disinformation” needed to
cover (explain to the public) the fact of
the extraction.

If QAnon accompanied DJT to Davos,

chances are QAnon had a meeting with
Assange in Switzerland.

Previous DECODES have suggested

DJT is in the process of bringing
Assange to the United States.

QAnon post 70, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

Time Stamp: 13:09:33 ET

@Snowden QAnon changes the subject to discuss

Edward Snowden

The clock is ticking. QAnon has posted these two lines
How’s Russia. before in reference to Snowden.

QAnon is signaling that soon Snowden

will leave Russia. Most likely in an
agreement with Russia achieved by

QAnon is signaling DJT will bring

both Assange and Snowden to the
United States and that neither will face
criminal charges.

Both will be considered to be White

Hat whistleblowers.

[Mr. Contractor] Yes, Snowden worked as a contractor

both for he CIA and the NSA.

Freedom of the Press. This references the Freedom of the

John Perry Barlow. Press Foundation set up by John Perry Barlow.

SecureDrop [Whistleblowers]? Freedom of the Press Foundation set up

SecureDrop>Clowns in America “Secure Drop” in newspapers across
the country so whistleblowers would
have a safe place to drop classified
information they wished to get to the

The CIA compromised SecureDrop,

with the CIA murdering Barlow and
other SecureDrop developers to steal
the source code and create a “back-
door” CIA access to SecureDrop,
allowing the CIA to see everything
dropped by whistleblowers in the
Freedom of the Press facility.

NOBODY IS SAFE QAnon reminds us this is war.

The Obama/Clinton treason and Deep

State/MSM conspiracy will stop at no
limits to succeed, not even murder.

Recall above, QAnon’s concerns about

protecting key important journalists
committed to the Great Awakening.

QAnon posts 180137 and 180225, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

Time Stamp: 13:21:01 ET (first)
Time Stamp: 13:27:24 ET (second)

Both these posts reference an Anonymous who posted #180046 in relation to the
Freedom Foundation:

James Dolan, former Marine and co-creator of the whistleblower submission system
SecureDrop alongside Aaron Swartz and Wired editor Kevin Poulsen, has died. The
Freedom of the Press Foundation, which took over SecureDrop, reports that Dolan,
age 36, took his own life.

SPOOKY The CIA (“Spooks” as in spies)

committed the murders, disguised to
look like unsuspicious deaths and/or

Happy Hunting Anonymous QAnon is encouraging Anonymous
Set the TRUTH FREE posters to research the CIA’s
involvement with the Freedom of the
Press Foundation mysterious series of

In subsequent posts on Sat., Jan. 27, QAnon returns to the theme of the Freedom of
the Press Foundation deaths, commenting in post 181169 that “Heart attacks can be
deadly,” and observing in post 181282, “Mourn. Murder. Heart Attack.
Coincidence.” Does anyone have any doubt “playing this game” can be dangerous?
Think: QAnon’s reminders to be aware of security, safety.

QAnon post 180445, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

HK allowed his passport to clear customs
Time Stamp: 13:41:44 ET

Note: This post is a response to an Anonymous who wrote, “Edward Snowden
would not have been able to get out of Hong Kong if Clowns (CIA) wanted
him caught. Spook all along.” Alleges Snowden was always CIA, on a CIA
mission when he compromised NSA by stealing data.

HK allowed his passport to clear Note: This is a question.

AMERICA AND DEPARTMENT OF QAnon is asking whether Hong Kong
DEFENSE PUTTING A NATIONAL allowed Snowden’s passport to clear
SECURITY HOLD WW? because Hong Kong customs was
working with the CIA in the United
States, putting a National Security hold

How does he clear customs? On the premise there is no coincidence,
How does he end up in Russia? Snowden cleared customs in Hong
Coincidence? Kong and ended up in Russia because
that is where the CIA wanted him to
end up.

Who was the 1st agency he worked for? Again, the CIA was the first agency
Who taught him the game? Snowden worked for.
Who assigned him w/ foreign ops?
Why is this relevant? The CIA taught Snowden the game and
introduced him to foreign operations.

This is relevant because it would

explain the CIA put Snowden in the
NSA where Snowden stole NSA
highly-classified PRISM data.

This is all relevant because we have to

figure out if Snowden is a White Hat or
a Black Hat.

Future unlocks the past. But if President Trump brings

Watch the news. Snowden back to the United States
Spider web. with immunity from prosecution,
Stop taking the sleeping pill. QAnon is suggesting we will have to
re-evaluate the version of the past that
the CIA and MSM has sold to the
American public, painting Snowden as
a traitor.

Future news will be essential once

again to unlock the secrets of the past.

Spider web refers to the low-cost,

commonly-available “web crawler”
software Snowden used to “scrape data
out of the NSA systems” while he went
about his job.

QAnon alerts us once again to “quit
taking the sleeping pill” so we can
wake up to the lies we have been feed
by the CIA and the MSM.

QAnon post 180606, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

HK allowed his passport to clear customs
Time Stamp: 13:52:39 ET

QAnon follows up the previous post by adding more commentary to it.

Who controls HW? Whenever QAnon asks this double
Who really controls HW? question, who we might think controls
Hollywood might not be who really
controls Hollywood.

There is increasing evidence the CIA

controls Hollywood.

Why are movies made to glorify past Clearly, movies are propaganda and
“true” events? when controlled by the CIA, a movie
What is a PSYOP? might well be a PSYOP [Psychological
Operation] designed to reframe reality
according to the way the Deep State
wants reality interpreted.

Should we trust Oliver Stone’s movie

“SNOWDEN” that made him a
reluctant hero?

Or is “THE POST” more reliable – a

movie that glorifies a hard-left
newspaper now owned by Jeff Bezos?

It might turn out Oliver Stone would be

the better (more awake) choice.
Consider the impact Oliver Stone made
with his “JFK” film.

Conspiracy PUSH/LABEL [awake]? The Deep State conspiracy could easily

have pushed the label “traitor” on
Snowden to continue hiding from the
American public the extent of NSA
(and CIA) illegal surveillance of the
U.S. population.

If Snowden is right, the NSA (and

CIA) have competing systems capable
of recording virtually every electronic
communication in the U.S.A., whether
by cellphone and voice

communications, or by Internet and
electronic communications (emails,
instant messages, and text messages).

Increasingly, the NSA (and CIA) have

the ability to record and archive
everything said in the U.S.A., intruding
into offices and homes through
cameras in laptop computers, and
devices placed in homes to answer
questions, monitor the temperature,
and/or provide security.

We may not know if Snowden got red-

pilled at the NSA, which would make
him a whistleblower, one set up by the
CIA – at least not until we find out if
he is welcomed back into the country,
or sought for arrest on charges of
violating the espionage acts.

QAnon post 71, Saturday Jan. 27, 2018

HK allowed his passport to clear customs
Time Stamp: 16:01:40 ET

Why would D’s have MW conduct the Maxine Waters, one of the more
follow up to the SOTU? outlandish and hard-left of the
Congressional Black Caucus, is
scheduled to give a follow-up analysis
of President Trump’s State of the Union
address on Tuesday, to be broadcast on
BET television.

This is despite the fact that Maxine
Waters has announced she plans to
boycott the SOTU address by not

What is MW used for? QAnon has repeatedly warned that the

Re-read past drops. Democratic Party is at risk of losing
African-American votes, should
African-Americans realize how little the
Democrats have done to improve their
economic, social, or political position in

Mouthpiece/controlled. The Democrats plan to use Maxine

Waters to make outlandish statements,
Carefully crafted “out there” statements including false statements about the
w/falsified/fake/Mueller drops will be Mueller investigation.
made that nobody else would dare
say/suggest. She is a controlled mouthpiece, a pawn,
that can be expected to fan the fires of
Pawn African-American discontent, blaming
all woes suffered by blacks in America
on Donald Trump.

What do they expect is coming? QAnon is urging Anonymous

What must be said to provide a counter- researchers to anticipate what
narrative. Democrats are really worried about –
What might be said to discredit factual namely disclosures likely to come from
proofs coming? the release of the “Nunes Memo,” from
making public more of the instant
messages exchanged between lovebirds
Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and the
publication of DOJ Inspector General
Horowitz’s final report.

An effective counter-narrative must

expose Maxine Waters as a fraud, a
calculating politician who has managed
to live high – buying a $4.5 million-

dollar house on a $175,000
Congressional salary.

The Democrats have to be exposed as

exploiting black American for votes so
Democratic Party politicians (and
especially African-American
Democratic Party politicians) can get
rich by staying in office.

The Democrats can be expected to

advance the narrative in the MSM that
President Trump is guilty of obstruction
of justice because he fired FBI Director
Comey. This is recognition that the
“Russia collusion” narrative has failed –
despite more than a year of the Deep
State and MSM pushing this.

The accusations of obstruction of justice

are a non-starter. President Trump had
the authority to fire Comey, and Special
Counselor Mueller’s investigation

How do you keep people BLIND? It’s an old saying: “You keep people
What must you FEED them? blind by putting them in the dark and
feeding them excrement.”






SHOULD THAT FAIL EXPECT A If the Democrats fail in their
MAJOR FF TO FORCE A SHIFT. propaganda disinformation effort,
expect a major false flag terrorist attack
staged by the Deep State to change the
narrative of the news cycle from SOTU
positive to terrorism-fear negative.

Predictable. QAnon has stressed these themes

We SEE ALL. repeatedly.
Wizards & [War]locks. Military Intelligence (working with the
These people are really DUMB NSA) sees and hears all – even HRC’s
missing emails and the Strzok/Page
missing text messages.