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Hithadhoo/ Addu PHYSICS

7. A pendulum has a mass of 700g and a length of 50 cm. It is pulled
Topic: Work, Energy and Power Worksheet 9 out at an angle of 300 from the vertical.
1 (a) Find the gravitational potential energy stored in the pendulum.
(b) The pendulum is released .Find the maximum speed of the
1. A lawnmower handle is at an angle of 430 to the horizontal. A
Topic: Superposition of waves Worksheet pendulum bob as it passes the vertical position. Assume there
gardener pushes along the handle with 2a force of 150N.How much
is no air resistance.
work is done by the gardener in pushing the lawnmower a distance
of 25m?
8. Newton’s cradle has five steel balls suspended in a frame. When
2. An aeroplane of mass 1400kg climbs from an altitude of 1800m to
the end one is raised and released, it strikes the rest with a sharp
3500m.Calculate its change in gravitational potential energy.
click.The energy is transferred through the balls, and the ball at the
3. An aeroplane is travelling with a speed of 45m/s. Calculate its
opposite end then moves away to about the same height as the
kinetic energy.
first one was dropped from,as shown.The process repeats in
4. A child of mass 22 kg sits on a swing and is pulled back, raising
reverse and goes until the motion gradually dies away.
her through height of 1.2m.Calculate her speed as she swings
through the lowest point.
5. A car of mass 1200kg is travelling at a speed of 25m/s.
(a) What braking force must be applied to stop it in a distance of
120m? Calculate your answer using kinetic energy and work
done by the braking force.
(b) Now calculate your answer using equations of motion and
Newton’s second law.
(c) Which method seems most straightforward? (a) The balls each have a mass of 0.080kg.If the first ball is raised
6. A skydiver of mass 70 kg, jumps from a stationary balloon and through a height of 1.5cm, Calculte its speed just before it
reaches a speed of 45 m s–1 after falling a distance of 150 m. strikes the other balls
(a) Calculate the skydiver’s (b) Explain as fully as possible why the motion dies away.
(i) loss of gravitational potential energy,
(ii) gain in kinetic energy.
9. A pulley system is used to lift a 100kg mass to a height of
1.5m.The operator applies a force of 200N and pulls the rope a
(b) The difference between the loss of gravitational potential energy
total distance of 8m.
and the gain in kinetic energy is equal to the work done against
air resistance. Use this fact to calculate
(a) The gain in GPE of the load(useful energy output)
(b) The work done by the operator (energy input)
(i) the work done against air resistance,
(c) The efficiency of the system
(ii) the average force due to air resistance acting on the

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