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IMC Topic
Personal Selling

Vlog Title
Circ-uit, sis. (Werk it, sis.)*
*Sir, is it okay if this is only a working title? This is the most creative I could come
up with at the moment. 😅

1. To determine how the coaches at 360 Fitness Club Fort employ personal selling
in attracting potential gym members.
2. To determine how the coaches at 360 Fitness Club Fort personalize the circuit
workout on a person-to-person basis. (Like how does a coach decide what
workout to make the customer try and how does it vary in terms of gender,
age, fitness level, etc.?)
3. To determine if 360 Fitness Club Fort’s method of personal selling translates to
gym membership sales.
4. To determine if existing gym members enjoy the personalized circuit and if it
influences or affects their decision to continue membership.
5. To determine if this utilization of personal selling contributes to perceived value
and in turn, membership loyalty and longevity.

What is the project all about?

360 Fitness Club is a mid-cost fitness center that makes use of a personalized circuit
workout as their selling point to attract prospective gym members. Using the tagline
“Fitness Fit for You,” 360 Fitness boasts of giving customers a customized workout,
nutrition, and an overall wellness plan that gets results. This means members of the club
get a custom, tailor-fit workout and nutrition plan coming from the gym coach assigned to
them. This plan varies depending on—but not limited to—the age, gender, and initial
fitness level of the member.

Personal selling, as per The Economic Times, is defined as a type of selling “in which one
person who is the salesman tries to convince the customer in buying a product. It is a
promotional method by which the salesperson uses his or her skills and abilities in an
attempt to make a sale.” Going by this definition, the 360 Fitness coach is the salesman
and he is making a sale by presenting his expertise and knowledge on exercise and the
circuit that 360 Fitness offers.

For a mid-cost fitness center like 360 Fitness Club, loyal customers are very important,
even more so than newly signed-up members. Thankfully, 360 Fitness Club Fort can say
that they have a favorable mix of new and old members. One of the other aims of this
project is to find out if the circuit workout (personal selling product) is an effective scheme
to gain customer retention and loyalty.
The tone of the vlog would be informal yet informative and friendly—informal in a sense
that any casual viewer would understand while giving off the right information just in case
someone who isn’t too knowledgeable (or at all) about the topic would take the time to
watch the project.

Content Overview
The vlog would follow me as I navigate through a typical day in the gym and it would be
divided in 3 parts.

Part I: Introduction
 What and where is 360 Fitness Club?
 What is circuit training?

Part II: Interviews

 Interview with 360 Fitness Club coaches
o Senior coach
o Junior coaches
 Interview with 360 Fitness Club members
o New members (less than 1 year of membership)
o Old members (more than 1 year of membership)
o Members who frequently do the circuit workout
 Interview with 360 Fitness Club marketing representative
 Interview with 360 Fitness Club sales representative
 (In order to not bore out the audience, the videos of interviews would only feature
key answers.)

Part III: Conclusions

 Answering the listed objectives
 BONUS: Bloopers and videos of me working out #OnBrand

Company: This vlog would be extremely relevant for 360 Fitness Club as it would serve
as a mini-study, of some sort, to find out whether the activities rolled out by the gym are
actually effective and gaining any form of returns. This would also help 360 Fitness Club
in terms of publicity as this vlog is not sponsored nor has it costed them any amount of
money. The vlog would be an honest, organic vlog that may reach a new array of
prospective gym members.

Industry: The results that may arise from this vlog may serve as an opportunity for mid-
cost fitness centers or low-cost centers, even, to tweak and maybe launch activities
similar to 360 Fitness Club’s circuit training in order to retain or increase customer loyalty.

Student: Aside from fulfilling a course requirement, this vlog would function as an
opportunity to gain new skills, specifically video editing—a skill that I haven’t exactly
touched up on at all. Or ever.

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