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Segmentation-Segmentation Strategy
2. Characteristic Value Conversion
3. Seasons
4. Order Allocation Run
5. VAS- Value Added Services
6. Main Characteristics value(Color,Size1.Size2 updation in MARA
7. Brand
8. Fibre Code-Fashion attributes
2. Merchandising Category
3. Article Hierarchy
4. Image Handling (limited features)
5. Enabled for Vendor Portals Integration
6. Single/ Generic Articles incl. Variants
7. Structured Article (Sets, Prepacks, and Displays)
8. Characteristics Handling like Size and Color
9. Full Products & Empties
10. Reference Article Handling
11. Retail BOMs
12. Article views: Basic Data, Purchasing, Listing, POS, Sales, Logistics Store / DC
13. FMS specific views included like Basic Data: Fashion, Logistics: DC Fashion
14. Mass Data Handling (limited features)
15. Purchase Info Record Mass Import
16. Defaulting / Validation
17. Segmentation of inventory for Wholesale Businesses
18. Seasonality
19. Supports Article Data uploads based on MS Excel including data validation and
easy to understand messages and color visualization for successful/ fail entries
20. Mass change capability of the Article Master
21. Mass approvals of change requests allowing the approver to focus on the key
information and reducing clutter
22. Supports both structured and unstructured data