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Practical Key Recovering - Bill Servicing Teflon Bushings - Fred

Spurlock Drasche (Steinway and Sons)

Spurlock will feature a key- This will be a hands-on opera-
recovering system which results in tion, including inserting bushings
high-quality recovering of sharps into shanks, reaming teflon
and naturals without the use of ex- bushings to fit center pins and in-
pensive equipment. An ordinary stalling bushings and pins into
drillpress, router and router table hammer shanks and flanges.
are adapted with simple jigs to Soundboards And Bridges - Dave
mill keys and trim key tops. Campbell, George Defebaugh
Preparation Of The Piano For The (Aeolian)
Concert Artist - Wendell Eaton, Theoretical background,
Rick Butler (Dampp-Chaser Elec- materials, engineering practices,
tronics, Inc.) problems and field repairs will be
Eaton and Butler will present a covered. Campbell and Defebaugh
lecture and slides on preparing will present a factory viewpoint of
pianos for the concert artist. the future. Butler Brooks
Rebuilding: It’s The Little Things Special Tools, Applications And
That Count - Wally Brooks Procedures - Chris Robinson
This fast-moving class concen- This presentation is designed to
trates on the little procedures used acquaint both the shop-oriented
in grand rebuilding that are not rebuilder and the outside service
always brought out in individual technician with current labor-
classes. saving and accuracy-improving
Reconditioning The Grand Action tools and the techniques for using
- Bob Russell them to their best advantage.
In this practical step-by-step Tone Regulation and Factory Pro-
demonstration on preparing a cedure - Joe Bisceglie, Bill Russell
grand action for regulation, Russell Garlick (Steinway and Sons)
will use slides and action models This slide presentation and
to demonstrate special procedures demonstration on procedure and
and tools. voicing as done by Steinway in-
cludes the first regulation pro-
Reconditioning The Vertical Action cedure that is rarely seen or done
- Ruye McCall by technicians.
A player piano expert, McCall ‘IYoubleshooting The Vertical Ac-
knows the importance of recondi- tion - Bill Brandom
tioning an action before regulating Brandom will show how to pin-
the piano and the player action. point the exact problem in a ver-
His class will deal with the bread- tical action and tell what to do Shallop Drasche
and-butter approach, as well as the after locating it.
complete restoration treatment.
Upright Dampers and Hammer
See What You Hear - Jon Application - Gary Green
Shallop, Ph.D. (Sohmer)
An audiologist, Shallop will pro- Green will discuss theory and
vide us with a basic understanding practice in utilizing the Pratt-Read
of the human ear, concentrating on action, its design, installation and
sound perception and hearing application in the Sohmer piano,
problems. He will use audio-visual with emphasis on placement, set-
equipment to attempt to let us tings and procedures for damper
“‘see what you hear.” setting and hammer gluing. Defebaugh

Robinson Garlick Bisceglie Brandom Oxford