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Kismet – robot which resembles Bangbang robot – motion are

human expression. controlled by driving each axis or

degree of freedom against a
Pleo – robot dinosaur mechanical limit stop.

Anthropomorphic Robot – can move Base – platform or structure which

much like person’s arm. robot arm is attached.

Strobotac – measure rapid speed. Cycle – automatic work for robot.

Domain theory – electron spin theory Fixed-stop robot – a robot with stop
point control but no trajectory control
DC motor resistance – 0.05 to 0.5
ohms Floor mounted Robot – base is
attached to the floor or bench.
Electrolytic capacitor – 500v
Gripper – grasping hand of robot.
High Frequency resistance welding –
100000 Hz to 5000000 Hz. Gantry robot – minimum of 3gedrees
of freedom and normally not exceeding
Electric motor – widely used actuator 6
and most common actuator
Payload – maximum weight that robot
Prime Mover – driving force of can handle.
Yaw – angular displacement.
Elementary Generator – type of
generator consists of a single coil 0.1% - stray capacitance of a DC
rotated in the magnetic field. motor.

Compensating windings and interpoles Barrater – bolometer which increase

– counter act the effects of armature resistance which dissipated power
reaction. increase.

Salient-Pole rotor – low speed Thermistor – bolometer which

alternators decrease resistance when dissipated
power increase.
Slip – difference in speed between the
rotors which is less than the speed of Air Muscle – simple yet powerful that
the rotating field. provides pull force and resembles
human muscle.
Automated inspection – the used of
anyone of several techniques to Load Action – current flow when no
determined the presence or absence of load condition.
Advantage of aluminum on long
Automation – automatically controlled distance transmission lines – light and
operation. reduces chroma.

Axis – traveled path in space.

Perception – 0 -1 mA 60Hz AC, 1 – 4 Bobbin – aluminum case of the
mA DC woundwire

Surprise - 1 -4 mA 60Hz AC, 4 – 15 Oscilloscope – can show time domain

Phase angle of 45degrees – when Xc/R
Reflex Action - 4 -21 mA 60Hz AC, 15 equals 1
– 80 mA DC
Lead Acid Cell – anode is lead
Muscular Inhibition - 21 -40 mA 60Hz peroxide, cathode is sponge lead
AC, 80 – 160 mA DC
Silver-Zinc – anode is silver oxide,
Respiratory Failure - 40 -100 mA 60Hz cathode is Zinc
AC, 160 -300mA DC
NiCad cell – anode is hydroxide,
Fatal - 100 mA and above 60Hz AC, cathode is cadmium hydroxide
over 300 mA
Silver-Cadmium – anode is silver-
IN368 – orange blue and gray color oxide, cathode is cadmium hydroxide
Generator – produces electricy with
300 ohms – resistance of human body used of magnetic

100 ohms – resistance of human from Battery – produce electricity with use
temple to temple with broken skin of chemical

Induction bridge – measures unknown Selenium – used commonly in solar

inductance cell

Capacitance bridge – measure Flash memory – fastest memory

unknown capacitance
Cable – are braid to prevent
Wheatstone bridge – measures interference
unknown resistance
Oxidation – is the process of
CO2 – extinguisher of electrical destroying the structures of metal in
equipment with fire the form of rust.

GaAs – compound EPROM – must be removed to erase

the memory
Pentode – three grids vacuum tube
ROM – easy to read but hard to store
Welding – combination of two metals
or thermoplastic RAM – easy to read and store

Elbow – connection between forearm Step-down Transformer – when the

and upper arm primary winding is greater than the
secondary winding
SCARA robots – Used in Assembly
Pure Argon – TIG
Carl Zener – Zener Diode Electric Shock – shaking sensation
from contact with electricity
Leo Esaki – Tunnel Diode Polarization – effect of hydrogen
surrounding the anode of a cell which
Heptode – 1 tube, 5 grids increases the intenval resistance of the
Electroactive Polymer – class of plastic
that change shape when stimulated by Hydrometer – provides the mean to
electric current check the specific gravity of electrolyte

Forearm – elbow to wrist 20 years – shelf life of lithium organic

cell of lithium inorganic cell
Enamel Insulated Wire – magnet wire
Floating Charge – sometimes referred
Horse shoe magnet – measuring circuit to as trickle charge

Ring Magnet – computer memory Floating Charge – accomplished by

low current
Translation – movement – parallel
Fast charge – used when a battery must
2/3 heat – positive electrode be recharge in the shortest possible
Zero Temperature Coefficient – term
describe a material whose resistant High efficiency – is achieved when the
remain constant with change in resistance of the load is high with
temperature respect to the resistance of the source

Domain Theory – electron spin in one 0.1A – a fatal shock can occur
direction than in the other
30V – sufficient voltage which cauding
Voltage Divider – bleeder current is current to be fatal
usually 10% rule of thumb
Coulomb’s Law – law of electric
Braid – weaving of metal of cloth charges or the law of electrostatic
material attraction.

Corona – the discharge of electricity Shielding – metallic covering used to

from a conductor with a high potential prevent magnetic or electromagnetic
field from affecting an object
Flux – material that removes oxides
from surfaces to be joined by welding Band Reject – block narrow band
allow above of below
Thermal Inertia – the capacity of a
soldering iron to maintain satisfactory Colpitts – oscillator using tapped
soldering temperature while giving up capacitor
heat to the material being soldered
Hartley – oscillator using tapped
Self Healing – Oil will tend to reseal inductor
the hole caused by arcing
Armstrong – oscillator using tickler In RS flip flop, R = 0, S = 0 output is
coil for feedback the same

Frequency Stability – is measure of the In RS flip flop, R = 1, S = 1 output is

degree to which a constant frequency the absurd
output is approached
Zero moment point – used by Honda,
Amplitude stability – of transistor used in balancing
oscillator indicates the amount by
which actual amplitude varies from the In EXX00, the first two or first three
desired output number is the tensile strength
expressed in thousand of pounds per
Split capacitors – features of colpitts squared inch
E7018 – Hydrogen….
Leading Edge – left side of the pulse
E6010 – supply came from DCSP
Trailing edge – right side of the pulse
EXX1X – in all dirextion
Windage Loss – no load loss
EXX2X – horizontal and flat
1/64 – lamination thickness of the core
EXX3X – Flat
An increase in frequency of magnetron
– achievable power output is decrease Carbon arc welding – aldest and first in
arc welding
Klystron – high power
MIG – GMAW, inactive component,
Vidicon – high sensitivity Metal inert Gas

Frequency Synthesizer – uses divider MAG – metal active Gas

Tone control – graphic equalizer Gantry Robot – rectilinear

JFET biased beyond pinch off in power 5 Intervals – Squeeze Interval

amplifiers Weld Interval
Hold Interval
Zener Voltage – Avalanche voltage Release Interval
Standby Interval
TTL – least propagation delay
Heat sub interval – when there is
Diode detector – found in RF radio current produced in weld interval
Cool sub interval – when there is no
JFET in different triode – JFET needs current produced in weld interval
more voltage
IMPATT – diode found inradio
Comparator – checks for input level transmitter
Amplidyne – DC motor amplifier, gain
is 10,000

Soldering – below 450 degrees Celsius

Magnetic Audio – parallel

Advantage of Submerged Arc Welding

– soft beads, deep penetration, high

Lower left of ohmmeter – function

Lower center of ohmmeter – range

MIG – ac cannot be used

Saw – either AC or DC

Salient pole – slower speed alternator

Contact – produces DC to alternator

Initial charge – low long charge

Forge welding – oldest welding

Solid State Welding – below at melting


Resistance spot welding – one spot

Resistance Projection welding – metal

Kuka spot – 6 degrees of freedom

1mil – thickness of magnetic tape

Reversed bias PN junction –

independent from frequency

Manganin – shunts are usually made of

Fidelity – faithful reproduction of

signal in an amplifier