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Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2018

QAnon post #78 Monday Jan. 29, 2018

narrative shift
Time Stamp: 23:09:55 ET

Narrative shift QAnon is signaling the narrative will

shift once the “Nunes Memo” from the
House Intelligence committee is made

The memo is expected to reveal the

coup d’état conspiracy within the DOJ
and FBI that extended to Hillary
Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign

and the DNC. The conspiracy
ultimately reached President Obama in
the White House at the head of the

Once the “Nunes Memo” is read by the

American people, the “Russian
collusion” narrative against President
Trump will collapse, to be replaced by
the realization Hillary and Obama, as
well as their many co-conspirators need
to be investigated and prosecuted.

Nation on alert With the “Nunes Memo” made public,

Firing RR = block Mueller the nation will go on alert – an alert
Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller that will allow President Trump to
Firing RR = Red line. declare a state of emergency that would
allow him to evoke military powers
leading possibly to a declaration of
martial law.

The firing of Rod Rosenstein at the FBI

will block Special Counsel Robert
Mueller from continuing his
investigation of President Trump and
the Trump campaign.

The firing of Rod Rosenstein at the FBI

will set up Mueller to be fired, given
that with Rosenstein gone, Mueller
loses his key protector.

Mueller will be under investigation

himself for his role in various scandals
extending back to President Clinton’s
pardon of fugitive criminal Marc Rich.
As head of the FBI, Mueller protected
Democrats and the Deep State,
covering up various scandals including
the HSBC money-laundering scandal,

the Benghazi 9/11 scandal, the scandal
of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
illegally sending weapons to Libya
(many of which were diverted to Syria
as the Obama administration allowed
ISIS to form).

The firing of Rod Rosenstein will set

up a “Red line” that will demarcate the
top management of the FBI and DOJ –
Obama/Clinton loyalist holdovers –
who need to be removed from their
jobs immediately.

What was the Senate conf vote re: RR? The Senate vote confirming Rod
Rosenstein was taken on April 25,
2017, resulting in YEAs 94, NAYs 6.

This vote shows the degree to which

the Deep State continues to control

There was much to investigate about

Rosenstein that the Senate ignored,
including his participation as one of the
lawyers assembled by Independent
Counsel Ken Starr to investigate the
Clintons’ role in the Whitewater

Why did RR [BEG] Ryan to block the On Jan. 3, 2018, Deputy Attorney
FISA MEMO from Congressional General Rod Rosenstein and FBI
review/further advancement? Director Christopher Wray made an
unannounced visit to House Speaker
Paul Ryan’s office.

The purpose of the meeting was to get

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) from
making public a 4-page memo that
Nunes had written detailing his

concerns over the DOJ and FBI
participation in the Obama/Clinton
coup d’état conspiracy.

Rosenstein was desperately afraid the

memo would expose the role he played
in participating as co-conspirator,
making sure that former FBI Director
Robert Mueller was appointed Special
Counsel after President Trump fired
FBI Director James Comey.

REAL TIME: [7] Congressional QAnon appears to be signaling that at

members + [3] Senators + [2] former the time this post was written, 7
O-senior officials + [4] OUTSIDE Members of the House of
CONTRACTORS [NO/C/TOP/SENS- Representatives, 3 Senators, 2 former
LEVEL CLEARANCE] @SCIF Obama senior officials, and 4 outside
[DC-CAP] contractors (who lacked the top level
sensitive-level clearance required) were
at that moment in Room 237 at the
Capital – the room housing a SCIF.

A SCIF is a Sensitive Compartmented

Information Facility is an area enclosed
with a building that is used to examine
national security information. Access
to a SCIF is restricted to individuals
with appropriate security clearances.

Before entering the SCIF, a person is

typically required to surrender all
recording, photographic, and other
electronic media devices, including
cellphones, iPads, and laptop

Those in a SCIF are allowed to view

highly classified national security
documents, although generally no
notes, copies, or electronic images are

permitted to be taken of the documents

What QAnon appears to be describing

is a light-night visit to the SCIF in the
nation’s Capital to examine the “Nunes
Memo.” The purpose of the secret
meeting was likely focused on
developing a Democratic Party
counter-narrative that could be fed to
the MSM to defuse the damage the
“Nunes Memo” is likely to do to the
Obama/Hillary conspirators.

TOP SEC CLEARANCE IS QAnon suggests the Obama/Hillary

MANDATORY FOR ADMISSION – conspirators continue to exert power in
HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? the Capital, extending to the ability to
gain access to the SCIF for “outside
contractors” lacking the required
national security clearance to be

The outside contractors, unidentified

by QAnon, may have included MSM
contracted to the CIA in Operation
Mockingbird – the covert arrangement
in which the CIA pays supposedly
independent journalists to publish
under their by-lines what amounts to
CIA talking points.

WE SEE YOU. QAnon wants to make the point that

the Obama/Clinton conspirators are
under national security surveillance.

If QAnon is military intelligence

[Army], as we suspect, this suggests
President Trump may be exerting
military powers under a national
security emergency declaration.

The Executive Order that President
Trump signed on Dec. 21, 2017,
declared a state of national emergency
regarding serious human rights abusers
and other (unspecified) “corruption.”

It appears Military Intelligence may

have been given presidential clearance
to access National Security Agency
electronic surveillance regarding the
activities of those suspected of being
involved with the Obama/Clinton

What QAnon wants to make clear is

that the Obama/Hillary conspirators are
being watched 24/7, such that the
Trump administration’s national
security apparatus and the military are
aware of their communications,
including in-person meetings,
telephonic communications, and/or
other electronically communicated
messages, including emails, instant
messages, and text messages.

7324 The numbers in addition to signaling

Rm. 237 of the Capital, may refer to
federal law, 5 U.S.C. Section 7324.

This section of the U.S. Code restricts

the political activities of government
employees on duty. This section
codifies the Hatch Act Reform
Amendments of 1993.

This is relevant in that now dismissed

Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew
McCabe whose wife was funded a

minimum of $400,000 by then Virginia
Gov. Terry McAuliffe – a longtime
Clinton insider – to use in her
unsuccessful run for the Virginia

The Democratic Party was funding

McCabe’s wife for her electoral run at
the same time Andrew McCabe was
overseeing the FBI investigation into
Secretary Clinton’s private email

QAnon post #79 Monday Jan. 29, 2018
American Flag
Time Stamp: 23:37:16 ET

USA Flag Note: The file for the flag (noted in the
top left corner) is Freedom.png.

The U.S.A. Flag is a universal symbol

for patriots. By posting the flag the
day before President Trump delivered
his first State of the Union speech,
QAnon identifies the importance of

President Trump to our Constitution
and our freedoms.

This post reminded many Anonymous

of an earlier post, #144, on Nov. 12,
2017 – a previous time when QAnon
posted the U.S.A. flag. That post
discussed many themes developing
right now, including the importance of
the NSA and Admiral Rogers to the
Trump counter-attack, the CIA and
control of the MSM through Operation
Mockingbird, and the need to create a

QAnon post #80 Monday, Jan. 29, 2018
QAnon Translation of Comey Tweet to McCabe
Time Stamp: 23:47:54 ET

JC Tweet Translation: In this post, QAnon inserts in brackets

with bold text what FBI James Comey
was really saying in a tweet to FBI
Andrew McCabe after he was
dismissed unexpectedly from his job.

The way QAnon interprets Comey’s

tweet is that Comey was delivering a
threat, warning Comey he and his
family could be harmed if McCabe
starts talking to prosecutors, giving up
co-conspirators in the Obama/Clinton
Deep State coup d’état.

QAnon once again suggests the risk

McCabe will talk, assisting the shift in
the narrative away from Trump and the
now-dying “Russian Collusion”
narrative will trigger the release of
“sleeper cells.” This suggests the Deep
State controls terrorists or would-be
terrorists in the United States who are

ready to create false flag terrorist
attacks upon activation by their
government handlers.

This post signals the Obama/Clinton

co-conspirators are in panic that their
planned coup d’état has failed. Now
that Trump has weathered their storm,
the Trump counterattack is ready to
launch a Trump storm that will seek
and achieve justice.

This post affirms QAnon’s assurances

that military intelligence, most likely
working now with the NSA, sees and
hears all. It reinforces QAnon’s
conclusion that in the end patriots will
win so that the Constitution and the
Republic can be saved.

Put together the words in brackets and

you will read how QAnon interprets
the “hidden message” Comey delivered
to McCabe (and others like McCabe
who are about to be summarily
dismissed from the FBI and DOJ).
DO NOT TALK – Trump supporters
are SHEEP – you can get COVER if
you shut your mouth and rely upon the
FBI to protect you. But, if you start
talking, WE OWN YOU & YOUR
FAMILY. Remember 187 – we can
kill you. But your case should be a
the FBI and DOJ, reminding them to
shut up and not panic. If all else fails,
CELLS to change the news cycle,
deflecting public attention to the extent

many of us in the FBI and DOJ are
guilty of treason.

QAnon post #81 Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018

Time Stamp: 00:22:36 ET

APACHE This post at 22 minutes after midnight

on Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018, was a
puzzle. Apache triggered many
Anonymous to research both Apache
and Geronimo. Many different
meanings were posited, but none
appeared definitive.

The mystery was solved when

WikiLeaks tweeted a photograph of an
Apache helicopter that same day,
Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2018, at 4:02 pm ET.

The tweet noted: “The Army shares its

vision of ‘freedom.’” Recall that the
posting of the American Flag above in
#79 above was labeled

The U.S. Army caption said, “The

sound of an Apache = the sound of

The first meaning is that QAnon and
Assange are coordinating, reinforcing
the idea that President Trump wants
Assange free. Soon we will learn
Assange is in Switzerland and, I
continue to believe, QAnon is signaling
President Trump will bring Assange to
the U.S.A.

The Assange posting of the Apache

linked back to a WikiLeaks exposé
entitled “Collateral Murder,” posted on
April 5, 2010.

“Collateral Murder” released a U.S.

classified video that WikiLeaks
described as an “indiscriminate slaying
of over a dozen people in the Iraqi
suburb of New Baghdad, including two
Reuters news staff.”

Many questioned how QAnon and

Assange could be coordinating when
the WikiLeaks post was critical of the
U.S. military.

The Iraqi incident, however, happened

during the Obama administration,
meaning the reference was not directly
critical of President Trump.

Furthermore, those following

WikiLeaks know Assange has been
critical of drone assaults and this
“Collateral Murder” was one of many.

The point QAnon and Assange appear

to be making is that the Trump
counterattack has begun with the
dismissal of McCabe from the FBI.

From this time forward, expect
President Trump will use the military
increasingly (including military
tribunals) as the Obama/Hillary
conspirators are brought to justice for