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1 At 12:00 hours Jake starts to walk from his house at 6 kms an hour.

At 13:30 hours,
Paul follows him from Jake’s house on his bicycle at 8 kms per hour. When will Jake be
3 kms behind Paul?
(a) 19:30hrs (b) 18:30hrs (c) 20:30hrs (d) 19:00hrs

2 Find the value of 1(1!)+2(2!)+3(3!)+..........+2013(2013!) =

(a) 2014! (b) 2014!-1 (c) 2015! (d) 2016!

3 Raju can do a piece of work in 10 days, Vicky in 12 days and Tinku in 15 days. They all
start the work together, but Raju leaves after 2 days and Vicky leaves 3 days before the
work is completed. In how many days is the work completed?
(a) 7 (b) 5 (c) 9 (d) 6

4 Which of the following represents the largest 4 digit number which can be added to
7249 in order to make the derived number divisible by each of the following numbers:
12,14,21,33 and 54?
(a) 8316 (b) 8727 (c) 9123 (d) 9383

5 A owes B Rs. 50. He agrees to pay B over a number of consecutive days starting on a
Monday, paying single note of Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 on each day. In how many different
ways can A repay B. (Two ways are said to be different if on at least one day, a note of a
different denomination is given.)
(a) 6 (b) 8 (c) 7 (d) 5

6 A workman starts his work on Monday, works for 8 days and takes every 9th day as his
holiday. His 12th holiday will fall on?
(a) Monday (b) Wednesday (c) Thursday (d) Tuesday

7 What is the next three numbers for the given series? 11234783131
(a) 145 (b) 178 (c) 176 (d) 191

8 A circle has 29 points arranged in a clockwise manner numbered from 0 to 28. A bug
moves clockwise around the circle according to the following rule. If it is at a point i on
the circle, it moves clockwise in 1 second by ( 1 + r) places, where r is the reminder
( possibly 0 ) when i is divided by 11. Thus if it is at position 5, it moves clockwise in
one second by ( 1 + 5 ) places to point 11. Similarly if it is at position 28 it moves ( 1 +
6 ) or 7 places to point 6 in one second. If it starts at point 23, at what point will it be
after 2012 seconds?
(a) 1 (b) 7 (c) 15 (d) 20

9 Two circles with equal radii and centers P and Q are drawn such that they have two
points of intersection A and B. A triangle is drawn by joining the two centres of the
circles and any one of the point of intersections A or B. Find the measure of angle PAQ
or PBQ (in degrees).
a) 30 b) 60 c) 90 d) 120
10 In an office, at various times during the day the boss gives the secretary a letter to type,
each time putting the letter on the top of the pile in the secretary’s inbox. When there is
time, the secretary takes the top letter off the pile and type’s it. If there are five letter in
all, and the boss delivers in the order of 1 2 3 4 5, which of the following could NOT be
the order in which secretary types them.
(a) 2 4 3 5 1 (b) 4 5 2 3 1 (c) 3 2 4 1 5 (d) 1 2 3 4 5

11 Roy is playing a game with ‘n’ similar coins. He was in need of arranging all the coins
on a plane in such a way that at least one coin must be in contact with all other coins.
Find the maximum number of coins that he can arrange.
(a) 5 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) None of these

12 Find the area of the triangle whose vertices are (0,0), (7,0), (7,8)
(a)49/2 (b)56 (c) 28 (d) Cannot be

13 Two tangents are drawn from a point outside the circle at a distance of 8cm from the
centre of the circle whose radius is 2cm. Find the length of the tangent.
(a) sqrt(68) cm (b)8 cm (c) sqrt(60) (d) None of these

14 A Circular tent is cylinder to a height of 3 metres and conical above it. If its diameter is
105m and the slant height of the conical portion is 53m, calculate the length of the
canvas 5m wide to make the required tent.
(a) 1947 mts (b) 2050 mts (c) 1847 mts (d) 1528 mts

15 Find the f-1 (x) such that f(x) = 5x + 9 for all real numbers.
(a) (b) (c) 9x - 5 (d) Inverse does
not exist
16 Find g(3) given that g(x)=a+b and g(2)=-3
(a) -27/2 (b) -9 (c) -27/4 (d) -27/5

17 f :{24,27,30,....} such that f(x)= 3x + 21 Determine the function f ?

(a) f is 1 - 1 (b) f is ONTO (c) f is INTO (d) f is bijective

18 A circle circumscribes three unit circles that touch each other. What is the area of the
larger circle?
(a) 15.6 (b) 14.9 (c) 12.4 (d) 17.3

19 f(x)=3x-7 find f(f(f(7)))

(a) 243 (b) 123 (c) 98 (d) 105

20 All rearrangements of the word “WAITING” were arranged as in a dictionary. What is

the 32nd word?
(a) AINIGWT (b) AIIGNTW (c) AIGNITW (d) None of these
21 One guy went to fruit stall to buy oranges. He found that price of one orange is reduced
by rupees 3 and so he bought 30 instead of 20.How much money he had?
(a) 160 (b) 150 (c) 180 (d) 170

22 A student selects 3 digits from number 1 to 9 such that they are in strictly increasing
order. How many selections have the property that the three digits form an arithmetic
(a) 7 (b) 12 (c) 16 (d) 14

23 A Farmer has a rose garden. Every day he either plucks 7 or 6 or 24 or 23 roses. The
rose plants are intelligent and when the farmer plucks these numbers of roses, the next
day 37 or 36 or 9 or 18 new roses bloom in the garden respectively. On Monday, he
counts 189 roses in the garden. He plucks the roses as per his plan on consecutive days
and the new roses bloom as per the intelligence of the plants mentioned above. After
some days which of the following can be the number of roses in the garden?
(a) 4 (b) 37 (c) 7 (d) 30


In the above diagram, the area of the triangle is 49cm2. Find the area of the circle.
(a) 144 (b) 154 (c) 288 (d) Cannot be

25 There are 6 people from different countries namely Germany, Italy, Britain, Spain,
Poland and France. They are sitting around a table. Polish sits next to British. German
sits next to Italian, or British or both. Italian does not sit next to the Frenchman. Spanish
sits immediately after British. Who sits on the either side of the German?
(a) British and (b) Polish and (c) British and (d) Italian and
Italian British French French

26 3 doors A,B,C in a room, each door is labeled as “way to freedom”, “way to death” and
“Door B is false”. atleast one of the door is true and atleast one of the door is false.
Which door is always true?
(a) B (b) C (c) A (d) Cannot be
27 A wall has to be painted with 7 stripes. The painter has 3 colors (red, blue, yellow) but
each one is enough only for 4 stripes. In how many ways can he paint the wall using
only two colours?
(a) 420 (b) 210 (c) 350 (d) 300

28 In how many ways can 11 different beads be strung into a necklace?

(a) 101 (b) 111 (c) 10!/2 (d) 1

29 How many triangles can be formed from 8 points if 3 of them are collinear?
(a) 55 (b) 56 (c) 335 (d) 8

30 Seven different objects, must be divided among 3 persons. In how many ways this can
be done if atleast one of them gets exactly one object?
(a) 1218 (b) 2484 (c) 729 (d) None of these