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EDTO Workshop

Module N° 1 – Course Introduction


• Part I – Presentation of ICAO course instructors

• Part II – Course goals, concept and structure

• Part III – Administrative information

ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 2

Part I – Presentation of
ICAO Course Instructors

ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 3

ICAO Course Instructors

• Eric Fortunato
• Mike Mock
• Marcelo Ureña
• Miguel Marin

ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 4

EDTO Course Introduction

Part II – Course goals,

concept and structure

ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 5

Course Goals

• The goals of the ICAO EDTO course are to:

provide participants with knowledge and skills to

implement EDTO in National regulations based on
ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs)
contained in Annex 6 Part I.

develop participants’ knowledge to oversee the key

components of an EDTO, in compliance with ICAO

ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 6

Course Structure

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3

Course introduction Basic concepts Approval

Module 4 Module 5 Module 6

Aircraft Certification Maintenance Flight Operations
Considerations Considerations Considerations

Module 7 Module 8 Module 9

Implementing Continued Summary
EDTO Regulations Surveillance

Module 10

ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 7

Course Dynamics

• Much material in a short period of time

• Modules have a compilation of information
from three main sources:
– Airbus
– Boeing
• Most modules will be presented by two or
more facilitators
• Questions are preferred at the end of each

ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 8

Tentative Course Schedule

• 09:00 Activities begin

• 10:30 Coffee/Tea break
• 11:00 Activities continue
• 12:30 Lunch
• 14:00 Activities continue
• 15:30 Course adjourns

ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 9


Punctuality Participation Phones No smoking

Evacuation Feedback forms Certificates

ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 10

Evaluation Procedures

1. Overall course evaluation

 You will be asked to complete a course evaluation form
the last day of the course to provide ICAO feedback on all
course activities, the instructors and ways and means to
improve the training
2. Evaluation of participants’ performance
 A final evaluation test of thirty questions will be
administered on the last day of the course. One hour and
a half will be allotted for the evaluation
 Minimum pass mark: 80%
ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 11
More information

Oficina Regional SAM:

• Eric Fortunato

• Mike Mock
• Marcelo Ureña
• Miguel Marin

ICAO EDTO Course - Introduction 12

Questions ?

Module 1
EDTO Course Introduction

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