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A Detailed Lesson Plan for Grade I

In English I

I. Lesson Objectives

Identify action words

Values: Cooperation

II. Subject Matter

Topic : Identifying Action Words

Reference : Third Edition English This Way

Materials : Pictures, Flash Cards, and Visual Aids

Strategies:Cooperative Learning,Pictures and Action clues and


III. Procedure:

A. Preliminary Activities

Teacher’s Activity Pupils’ Activity

1. Action Song
2. Drill:Flash the words with ing
form of the verb.
reading Yes, teacher!
3. Review
Do you still remember our last
lesson? Demonstrative
What is it all about? Pronoun
Very good!
What are Demonstrative Pronouns? This.
Very good! These.
4. Motivation: That.
Teacher asks the pupils about Those.
their favorite cartoon character.
Do you have a favorite cartoon
Who is your favorite cartoon
Character? Yes, teacher
I also have here my favorite
cartoon character. Sponge Bob,
Do you want to meet them? teacher
5. Unlocking of Difficulties
I will read to you a story, but Yes, teacher
before reading, let’s give meaning
to the following words.
Excitement-a feeling of eager
Vigorously- strong
Energetic- capacity for being
Wonderful- extremely good.
B. Developmental Activities

1. Presentation:The teacher
reads the story while pupils
listen.”The outer space
adventure of Phineas and

2. Discussion

Let’s go back to the story.

Do you understand the Yes, teacher

Who are the characters of Phineas and Ferb, Teacher

the story?
Very good!
Where did they go? To the moon, teacher
Very good!
What did they do in the They play, teacher
Very good!

After that, what are the

activities they do all over
the moon?

Yes, Kurt? They sing, teacher

Very good!

What else?

Very good! They dance, teacher

And lastly? They run, teacher

Very good!

What are the activities they Jumping

do? Singing

What have you noticed on The pictures show actions.

the pictures?

Very good!

What do you mean by those Action words, teacher!

Very good!
What do you call the words Verbs, teacher!
that show action?

What do we mean by verbs? Verbs are words that show

Very good!

Who can give me an

example of a verb?

Yes, Gian?
Eating, teacher!
Very good!

What else?

Yes, Danah?
Walking, teacher!
Very good!


Yes, Vincent?
Talking, teacher!
Very good!

Did you now understand

Verbs? Yes, Teacher!

Are there any questions

about verbs? None, Teacher!

3. Application

We are going to play Word

hunting. I will group you
into five (5). All you have to
do is to search for the words
inside the word hunt as I
give you clues for every
word that you are going to
look for.

Is that clear?
Yes, Teacher!
Let’s start!

1. What did you do when

you are very sad? Cry
2. What did you do when
you see something
funny? Laugh
3. What did you do when
you are in a hurry? Run
4. What did you do when
you see a book? Read
5. What did you do when
you are hungry? Eat

4. Generalization
Let us see if you really
understand the lesson.
Verbs are words that show
What are verbs? action.

Very good!

What do we call to the Verbs, Teacher!

words that show action?

Very good!

IV. Evaluation

Identify the verb of the following pictures.

V. Assignment

Construct five (5) sentence using

common verbs.

Prepared by

Teacher Evelyn A. Montilde