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Verbs in Arabic Language devided to 3 types:

for a female person ( she ‫ كتبت‬for a male person ( he wrote ) or katabat ‫كتب‬1- Fe"al Madei means ( Past Verb ) as kataba
for a female means ( he/she played ). ‫ لعبت‬for a male or laebat ‫لعب‬wrote ) and as laeba

for a female ‫ تكتب‬for a male person ( he writes ) ortaktub ‫يكتب‬2- Fe'al Muddare' or Hadder means ( Present Verb ) as yaktub
for a female person means ( he/she plays ). ‫ تلعب‬for a male person or tala'b ‫يلعب‬person ( she writes ) and as yala'b

for a female means write and ‫ أكتبي‬for a male person and oktubei ‫أكتب‬3- Fe"al Ammr ( Command Verb ) as oktub
means ( play ).‫العبي‬/ illabei ‫العب‬as illabb