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Class profile: 11 year-olds, A1

Teaching unit : Module 6: Fog!

Type of lesson : Skills practice

Sources: Challenges 1 – Students' Book; Workbook; Teacher's Handbook

Aims and objectives : Working on reading, listening and speaking skills while using the Past Simple tense.

Teaching methods : conversation, presentation, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing, speaking

Class management : whole class, individual work, pair work, group work
Teaching aids, materials
and equipment : students’ book, workbook, CD; board, chalk, CD-player

Aims and Class organization procedures and activities Interaction Teaching Possible problems
objectives aids and and solutions


Introduce the Check homework.

topic, elicit ideas SB 10
and vocabulary, Extra: Write on the board: Alton Towers Amusement Park; Millennium Point; T – SS CD min
spark interest Devon. Encourage Ss to say what they remember about each place. SS – T CD player

Exercise 1: Ss look at the photo and think about it. Encourage Ss to give SS – T
reasons for their answer and talk about the picture.
Main part

Revise Exercise 2: After checking the answer to Exercise 1, play the recording again T – SS
vocabulary and and ask: Who says it’s a good idea to get to the campsite and to make a fire – SS – T
target language Alex, Lucy, Rajiv or Tom? (Rajiv does).
in context
Exercise 3: Ss answer the questions working in pairs. Elicit answers. T - SS
Reading and
Exercise 4: Check that Ss understand what Let’s is short for (Let us). Ask Ss to
comprehension T – SS
find and read aloud more examples from the dialogue. SS – T
Extra: Ss look back at the dialogue in Exercise 2. Play the recording for Ss to SB 25
focus on pronunciation, stress and intonation patterns. Ss work in groups of CD min
four, reading the dialogue aloud and changing parts. Some of the groups can T – SS CD player
Practice target act out the dialogue for the class to hear. SS – T
language board
Exercise 5: Tell Ss that they can agree or disagree with their partner’s SS – SS
Practice target suggestions. SS – T
Your Challenge: Exercise 1: Each student writes four sentences about
themselves, their families and friends using the Sentence Builder. After Ss
have written their sentences, they can work in pairs or in small groups taking
turns to read aloud their sentences.

Ending the lesson:


Use target
language Exercise 2: Ss read the presented problems. Elicit from the class two or three T – SS SB 10
more problems. Ss then work individually writing their e-mails. Ask Ss to work SS – SS min
in pairs, read each other’s problems and give suggestions.

Homework: Exercises in the Workbook.