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A Project Report On

‘Comparison between Big Bazar & D-Mart’

‘Submitted for partial fulfillment of requirement for the 5th Semester of



Bachelor of Management Studies



Session 2015-16

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Department of Management

At the outset, I would first like to thank the University of the Mumbai
for giving me an opportunity to do such an innovative project in the
fifth semester.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to my

project guide “Prof who introduced me to the project “Comparison
Between Big Bazar & D-Mart’. It has indeed been a great experience
working under her during the course of project. I would like to express
my gratitude for her unconditional support, Invaluable advice and
guidance provided throughout this project.

I am highly obliged to our college Principal Ray for giving me an

opportunity to conduct a detailed study and analysis of the topic
relevant to my project.

My Thanks are also to my parents and all my friends and all well
wishers who have helped me at various levels. Last but not the least I
would like to thank all those who directly or indirectly helped me in
giving the final touches to the project. I once again thank all of them
whole heartedly.



This is to certify that Navaid akbar khan of Reena Mehta College of

Commerce and management Studies has successfully completed the
project work titled Project Report on ‘Survey on Big Bazar &D-Mart’
in partial fulfillmen of requirement for the completion BMS as
prescribed by the University of Mumbai.

This project is the record of authentic work carried out by her during
the academic year 2015-2016. She worked under my guidance.

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Date: External Examine


I, Mr Navaid akbar khan, hereby declare that this project report is the
record of authentic work carried out by me during the academic year

And have completed the project on Project Report on ‘Survey on Big

Bazar &D-Mart’

This information Submitted is true and original to the best of my



Name:Navaid akbar khan


Sr.No Topic Page No.

Executive Summary
History of Big Bazar
History of D-mart

1. Research Objective

2. Intoduction to big bazaar store

2.1 Presence
2.2 Product offering
2.3 Innovation
2.4 Customer requirement under big bazar
2.5 Customer requirement under
conformance of big bazar
2.6 Technical aspects

3. Introduction topic Dmart store

3.1 Culture
3.2 Vison
3.3 Presence
3.4 Product offering

4. Customer buying decision process

4.1 Social factor
4.2 Phychological factor
4.3 Personal factor

5. Customer decision making process

6. Organization structure zonal

7. Questionaries
7.1 Analyzation and interpretation

8. Conclusion

9. Recommendation

10. Bibliography

We have chosen the topic, “A Study on the effective promotional strategy

influencing customer for the product of Biz bazaar and D-mart”.
As a departmental store is an extensive store. It can never shut down as it is
consumed by the world population on a very regular bases and it is necessity
of an
human being.

Consumer or the customers are valuable assets for any store as they are the

ultimate estimation of any product or service. Since, they are the ultimate
end users

of any product or service, those, the success of any store depend upon the

satisfaction of the consumer, if not they will switch to other store.


An Overview-
As customer’s tastes and preferences are changing, the market
scenario is also changing from time to time. Today’s market
scenario is very different from that of the market scenario before 1990.
There have been many factors responsible for the changing market scenario.
It is the changing tastes and preference of customer which has bought in
change in the market. Income level of the people has changed; life
styles and social class of people have completely changed now than
that of olden days. There has been a s h i f t i n t h e m a r k e t d e m a n d
i n t o d a y ’s w or l d . Te c h n o l o g y i s o n e o f t h e m a j or f a c t or s
which are responsible for this paradigm shift in the market. New
generation people are no more dependent on hat market and far off
departmental stores. Today we can see a newer in market with the opening
up of many departmental stores, hyper market, shopper’s stop, malls,
branded retail outlets and specialty stores. In today’s world
shopping is not anymore tiresome work rather it’s a pleasant outing
phenomenon now. My study is based on a survey done on customers of a
hypermarket named big bazaar &Dmart. It is a type of market where
various kinds of products are available under one r o of .

M y s t u d y i s o n d e t er m i n i n g t h e c u s t o m e r ’s b u y i n g b e h a v i o r
in big
b a z a a r a n d Dmart and the satisfaction level of customers from these retail
stores. Big Bazaar is part of Future Group, which also owns the Big
Bazaar was launched in September, 2001 with the opening of its
four stores in Calcutta, Indore, Bangalore and Hyderabadi n 2 2 d a y s .
W i t h i n a s p a n o f t e n y e a r s , there are now 152 Big Bazaar stores in
cities and towns across India. Big Bazaar was started
group CEO and Managing Director of Pantaloon Retail. Though Big
was launched purely as a fashion format including apparel, cosmetics,
accessory and general merchandise, over the years Big Bazaar has
included a wide range of products and service offerings under their
retail chain.

The c u r r e n t f or m a t s i n c l u d e B i g B a z a a r, F o o d B a z a a r, a n d
E l e c t r o ni c B
B a z a a r a n d F ur n i t u r e Bazaar. The inspiration behind this entire retail
format was from Saravana Stores, a localstore inT. Nagar, ChennaiThe
stores are
customized to provide the feel of mandis and melas .while offering
m o d e r n r e t a i l f e a t u r e s l i k e Q u a l i t y, C h o i c e a n d C o n v e n i e n c e .
A s t h e m o d e r n I n d i a n family's favorite retail store, Big Bazaar is
known as the "IndianWalmart".Avenue Super Marts Ltd (ASL) owns
operates hypermarkets and supermarkets bythe store name D-Mart.D-
seeks to provide a one-stop shopping experience for the entire family,
allt h e i r d a i l y h o u s e h o l d n e e d s . A w i d e s e l e c t i o n o f h o m e u t i l i
ty pr
o d u c t s i s o ff e r e d , including foods, toiletries, beauty products,
garments, kitchenware, bed and bath linen, home appliances and much
Since D-Mart first opened its doors in the Mumbai region in 2000,
it has
grown into at r u s t e d a n d w e l l -
established shopping destination in Maharashtra, Gujarat, An
Pradesh and Karnataka. D-Mart is now looking forward to growing
Stores across India.
This market field survey will help in knowing the
p r e s e n t c u s t o m e r s t a s t e s a n d preferences. It will help me in
The customer’s future needs, wants & demands.

Big Bazaar was launched in September, 2001 with the opening of its first
Stores in Calcutta, Indore, Bangalore and Hyderabad in 22 days. Within a
span of
ten years, there are now 161 Big Bazaar stores in . By September 2012
BAZAAR will have two more stores in North east namely SILCHAR and
JORHAT in Assam.
Big Bazaar was started by KishoreBiyani, the Group CEO and Managing
of Pantaloon Retail India. Though Big Bazaar was launched purely as a
Format including apparel, cosmetics, accessory and general merchandise,
over the
years Big Bazaar has included a wide range of products and service
offerings under
their retail chain. The current format includes Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar,
Bazaar and Furniture Bazaar. The inspiration behind this entire retail format
From Saravana Stores, a local store in T. Nagar, Chennai.
As we are now in the era of booming retailing lot of organization are
entering into the retail market. In India Future Group Pantaloon company is
one of the greatest retailing companies with its retail format called Big
Bazaar. In my summer Inplant project I’m doing live project, on a “A
analysis oncustomer of Big-Bazaar at Hubli”. ( to improve customer walk-in
at big bazaar) And also to know what are the factors which customers think
before visiting Big Bazaar.

Need for the study-

Big Bazaar has newly established its Hubli store on last 29 th July 2007. The
Big Bazaar has done analyzing of projects to know the consumer
expectation, consumer satisfaction level and now the Big Bazaar has gained
good grip on the Hubli market, but still want to increase the walk-in in Big
Bazaar. So the main need for the study is to know how to increase the walk-
in Big Bazaar.

Situated at Koparkhairane since the last seven years.

Avenue Super marts Ltd.

Avenue Super marts Ltd (ASL) owns and operates hypermarkets and

supermarkets by the store name D-Mart.

D-Mart hoardings can be found on the lamp-posts on major roads in Navi

Mumbaiarea. D-MART usually advertises in major newspapers giving
information about
their latest offers, Promotion and sales offers were present for most of the
The product mix is good & lot of variety is available. The assortments for
apparels are done as per the price and size.

The D-Mart offer price and the Max. Retail Price both were visible on the
card, During the festival season, the festival items are kept in the main area.
A wide variety of festival and decorative items for Ganpati and Navratri
are kept along the main passage. The inspiration behind this entire retail
was from a local store in UK.

As a part of our study of programme, we are given capstone project work to

develop our analytical faculties as professional students. In relation to the

aforementioned objective the project undertaken by us covers marketing


of National. The study converges on two major giants in global market:

 Big Bazaar*
 D-Mart*

Why has this industry/topic been selected?

Ones a customer gets inside the store he will find all kinds of products
That may be Food item, Cosmetic, Electronic, Garments, and Furniture etc
Because of these features it has a very good reputation in that area and
customers who are residing far away and in other areas they also visit the
This department is responsible for the product arrangement at the store with
respect to their nature.
This department is responsible for the maintenance of the systems of the


To scan customer buying behavior.

To know the promotional strategy of Big Bazaar.

To know the relation between promotional strategy and buying decision.

To comprehend the determinants of customer satisfaction