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Marketing Plan on BestClears.

com: An Online
House Cleaning Service
Marketing Plan on An Online
House Cleaning Service

Course Name: E-Marketing

Course Code: MKT 523

Md. Mahiuddin Sabbir
Department of Marketing
University of Barisal


Date of Submission: February 4, 2018

Department of Marketing
Name of Group: THE DREAMERS
Course Code: MKT 523
Course Name: E-Marketing

SL. NO. Name of Members Roll No.

01. Md. Shahinur Rahman © 16MKT021
02. Samir Das 16MKT020
03. Abdullah-Al-Mamun 16MKT030
04. Md. Liman Bakhtiar 16MKT008
05. Md. Riazul Islam 16MKT016

06. Konica Akter 16MKT010

07. Israt Jahan Mim 16MKT043
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY is an app based residential house cleaning service serving upper-class

families in Bangladesh. Through generous human capital investments, will
exceed customer's expectations. will be addressing the wealthy single-
income households and affluent two-income households. These targeted families are willing
to pay a premium for the service because of the high level of professionalism and
trustworthiness that is offered. This target market will be focused on because of their steady
reliance on cleaning services to keep their homes will work hard to
achieve a large percentage of loyal, repeat customers who regularly use, as
well as being vocal to their friends about the success they have had with
Table of Contents
SL. NO. Contents Page No.
01. Situation Analysis 1
01.1 Market Summary 1
01.2 Market Needs 1
01.3 Market Trends 1-2
01.4 Market Growth 2
01.5 Competition 2
01.6 Service Offering 2-3
02. SWOT Analysis 3-4
03. Objectives 4
03.1 Marketing Objectives 4
03.2 Financial Objectives 4
04. Marketing Strategies 4
04.1 Segmentation 4-5
04.2 Target Customers 5
04.3 Positioning 6
04.4 Product (Service) Benefits 6-7
04.5 Price 7
04.6 Place 7-8
04.7 Promotion 8-10
04.8 Marketing Research 10
05. Financials, Budgets, and Forecasts 10-11
06. Evaluation and Control 11-12
01. SITUATION ANALYSIS is entering its first year of business as a start-up organization. It recognizes

the imperative need for a comprehensive marketing plan to help ensure
profitability. offers an app based comprehensive residential cleaning
service that is both professional and trustworthy.

01.1 Market Summary possess good information about the market and knows a great deal about
the common attributes of its most prized customers. will leverage this
information to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how can better communicate with this group.

01.2Market Needs is going to provide its customers with a professional, residential house

cleaning service, aimed at the upper echelon of the market. This online based company will
develop mobile apps and customers will install this apps in their smart phones. They will get
any house cleaning services by simply going to the apps and clicking on get service will maintain high skilled employees who are well trained and
specialized in cleaning services. Besides, seeks to fulfill the following
benefits that are important to its customers.

 Professionalism: All employees will be well trained to exude professionalism from

all of their actions and conversations.

 Convenience: will provide its services in the manner that is most
convenient to the customer, including arranging for visits when the owner is not

 Trustworthiness: Many people have legitimate concerns regarding cleaning services

in their home and the possibility of theft and breakage. These concerns have been
eliminated or significantly reduced through a comprehensive screening and training
process for employees. Additionally, will carry insurance designed
to cover any loss that the customer may attribute to the company.

01.3 Market Trends

The market trend in house cleaning has the huge potentially to shift from individual service
providers to companies. In Bangladesh many years ago most families had a single
housekeeper who was responsible for the cleaning of their home(s). This individual was often
considered a member of the family. Less and less families these days are serviced by an
individual housekeeper. The trend is moving toward having a cleaning service by the house

servants who are fully paid come into the home weekly. This market shift has fueled the
proliferation of different house cleaning services. There are such kind of companies who are
providing this service in Bangladesh, so there is huge unfulfilled customer needs. This
change in the market has created a receptive environment for a cleaning service provider
whose goal it is to develop long-term relationships with customers by providing online house
cleaning service.

01.4 Market Growth

The market is likely to maintain better than average growth due to the lifestyle of
Bangladeshi working couples who keep them busy at their working place. They don’t have
enough time to clean their house when they want. This folk of working people are increasing
day by day in our country. They have to work longer and longer hours. The effect of the
longer work week is that people have less time to take care of the personal maintenance
responsibilities such as house cleaning. Instead, people will work and longer hours and pay
someone to take care of other, less important or less desirable responsibilities.

01.5 Competition

 Individuals: There are still some individuals who are housekeepers for either one
family or a couple families. These individuals not only clean, but also take care of
errands for the family, and help raise the children. This type of competitor will be a
shrinking market segment in near future.

Besides, the following two parties can be our competitors but in Bangladesh these
parties are not available as we see.

 Franchises or Chains: These are larger companies that have expanded into different
regional markets. These service providers are best described as utilitarian. They get
the job done but are not stellar in any way.
 Independent Cleaning Companies: These companies are similar to and vary greatly in quality.

01.6 Service Offering will provide apps based residential house cleaning service for the upper
end of the market. will have target customers including the affluent that
have a spouse who does not work, and is not inclined to do housework. To many a maid
house cleaner is a symbol of wealth, and this idea symbolizes this group of customers. The
two-income households whose opportunity costs are too great to spend time cleaning the
house. offers house cleaning to these targeted customers. House cleaning ranges
from cleaning of standard rooms such as kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, as well as more
unusual jobs like small disasters from children and pets.

Keys to Success

The keys to success are:

 Professionalism.
 Trustworthiness.
 Quality work.
 Well-chosen and trained employees.

02.0 SWOT Analysis

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the
company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing


 Maintaining high content apps and website.

 Maintaining high skilled employees.
 Holding proper online logistics and service providing channel
 An enthusiastic company with a strong, infectious leader.
 A well designed training program to share and capture intellectual capital for the
 Dedicated employees.
 Easy to place order by customers.
 Strong online media coverage.


 Labor-intensive industry.
 Inherent time lag when building goodwill and trust.
 The difficulty of establishing brand equity as a start-up company.


 Increasing the usage of smart phones

 Increasing more access of internet
 Raising income and working folk people
 Getting popularity of apps based business
 A large percentage of the market that is unaware of
 Shifts in consumer consumption habits that are moving toward increased utilization of
cleaning services.
 A business model that is easily scalable.
 Changing lifestyle.


 Network buffering.
 Difficulty in establishing trustworthiness.
 Employee turnover.
 The entrance of a serious competitor.


The objectives are classified into marketing objectives and financial objectives. These are
mentioned below-

03.1 Marketing Objectives

 To promote ourselves, ensure strong presence in 70% of all possible media by this
 Increase repeat customers by 7% each quarter.
 Decrease customer acquisition costs by 8% per year.
 Develop brand equity so that Mother's is commonly known as the premier house
cleaning service.
 Increase internet traffic by 6% each quarter.
 Occupy strong position in each of the online platform.
 Ensure installation of our app in 100000 smartphones by this year.

03.2 Financial Objectives

 A double digit growth rate for the next three years.

 Reduce overhead costs by 5% per year.
 Profitability within year one.

04.0 MARKETING STRATEGIES's target market is chosen because these customers appreciate a

professional, reliable, trustworthy, and immaculate house cleaning service, and are more than
willing to pay for this. While Cleanly, has several different cleaning
services, is the only one that targets the affluent exclusively. The wealthy
are consistent customers. Whether they have a house cleaning service does not depend on the
finances each month. These groups always have the money for our services, just as they
always need/desire a clean house.

04.1 Segmentation

Geographic, demographic, or psychographic statistics are often used for the B2C markets. In
addition, attitude toward technology (pessimistic vs. optimistic) and the primary motivation

for using technology (career, family, entertainment) are often better segmentation variables.
The motivation also indicates the types of products that the Internet users are seeking online.
The segmentation variables of are mentioned below-

a) Geographic

 Divisional City
b) Demographic


 Yearly income of people ranges from 1,00,000tk to 1,50,000tk.

 Yearly income of people ranges from 1,50,000tk to 2,50,000tk.
 Income above 2,50,000tk per year.

 Job holders who don’t have enough time to clean their house and use smart phone.
 Busy working couple use personal computer or smart phone.
c) Behavioral

Usage Rate
 Heavy internet users
 Moderate internet users
 Light internet users

User Status
 Internet users
 Internet nonusers
04.2 Target Customers

 Upper socio and economic groups: The first is the affluent where only one spouse
works. Although the other spouse is at home and has time to clean, he/she chooses not
to. They have no desire to clean the house. To them that is not enjoyable and they
have the money to pay someone to do that kind of work. This market has annual
incomes over 1,50,00tk and above and live in expensive houses.
 Two income family: Over the last couple of decades, the number of two-income
households have increased, to a point where in parts of the country they exceed one
income families. These families don't have the time to clean, can afford a cleaning
service, and choose to hire a service because the opportunity costs are too high to
waste time cleaning their house.
 Additionally, there are potential customers that has labeled as
assorted "well-off" households. These are families that have the money for our
services that do not fit neatly into the two previous categories.

04.3 Positioning will position themselves as a

professional, trustworthy, residential house
cleaning service. will
leverage their competitive edge of human
capital investments to achieve the desired

Training Program: begins with a rigorous training program for new
employees. At the outset, employees with be trained on how to clean. Granted everyone has
some idea on how to clean, but they will be shown a methodical way producing a cleaner
home more efficiently. Employees will then be training employees to work effectively on
teams. While there are some households that prefer individual cleaners instead of a team, generally works in teams as they are more efficient. Working efficiently on
a team takes training, and through this team training, our employees is able to make
significant gains in efficiency.

Professionalism: Employees are given the tools necessary to impress the most affluent
clients. Professionalism is a skill that is used throughout the service call, from the way the
employee greets and interacts with the client, to the way they clean, to the way they act when
they break that priceless vase. will train the employees to know what the expectations of the clients are.
They will be provided the tools needed to exceed these expectations.

Positioning Statement: We want our customers to provide outstanding house cleaning

experience by highly skilled employees with online service better than the individual house

04.4 Product (Service) Benefits

There are many benefits of using auto-generated legal documents:

i. Convenient – will allow their target audiences to provide them
best online service with legal procedures for their office or home. The services are
accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, some customers may live
outside of urban areas, far from legal representative offices, which makes it difficult
to receive legal services in a timely and feasible manner.
ii. Easy – Using an Internet browser, customers select the appropriate the house cleaning
service options and an easy-to-understand questionnaire regarding their legal service
transaction. Next, the service will be automatically generated based on the customer's
input. Customers then preview and edit their service online until they are satisfied

with the document of getting service. Finally, customers will pay service fee and save
or print the legal document to get the house cleaning service.
iii. Affordable - will provide outstanding service by using high skilled
employees to clean their house that will reduce their house servant costs by which
customers can save up to 25%. In addition, the fees will be charged per-square feet,
and not per-hour. Thus, the customer will know exactly what the total price will be.
iv. Private - The information customers provide to will be held in
absolute privacy. The company will never sell a customer's name or personal
information to any third party. The Privacy Policy will be listed on the website,
detailing the way is going to store and using customers' personal
v. Secure - The customer's data and online transactions will be protected with the latest
encryption and security devices.

04.5 Price

There has been considerable attention paid to the issue of price sensitivity in the online
environment. Specifically it has been argued that in the online environment it is easy to make
price comparisons across retailers. Hence price sensitivity should be higher in online
environments and in turn this should reduce the price dispersion across retailers selling
comparable goods. We will focus the discussion around online pricing techniques,
particularly those that are substantially new.

Dynamic Pricing

In the offline world, will set dynamic pricing where house owner’s service
charge will be continuously modified to match demand. The abundance of data online
expands the scope of dynamic pricing techniques. Product sales can be continuously
monitored and if sales are below expectations, then prices can be adjusted accordingly.

4.6 Place will have 9 service offering branches including two in Dhaka City and one
for other respective divisions. is developing various service centers
designed around specific customer target markets:

Small Business Center

Online Customer Support Center
Human Resource Center
Financial Center

Online place strategies

Remote Hosting will maintain

and run shopping sections on
their web site by renting space
on the other e-retailers websites.
This approach provides
convenience to the consumers
and allows them to perform the
transaction at the portal itself
thereby eliminating the need to create an account and login in again at the retailer. The fee
structure for this hosting can vary from a flat fixed fee to a variable fee per transaction. Some
implementation decisions include choice of portal and the type of compensation scheme.
Metrics include customer acquisition, quality of customers acquired and revenue generated.


An affiliate program is a form of pay-for-performance advertising, on the web, and rewards

the affiliates (self-selected advertisers) for actual transactions that take place at the target site. has the option of developing their own in-house affiliate program or
joining one or more of the large affiliate networks. It will use an in- house approach or join
one of the networks, which network to choose, the commission scheme, the program to

04.7 Promotion
BestCleaner.Com will use banner advertisements that are the equivalent of advertisements on
the web. Our banner advertisement usually appears at the top of a web page as a rectangular
box of text with some graphics. The
banner will link to a target web page,
which may be the homepage of the
advertiser or a page developed by the
advertiser that is more directly
relevant to the message or is an
elaboration of the message. Our
banner advertisement will appear in renowned websites like, Facebook,,, The banner ads, when appearing on a search engine
site, can be keyed to appear when certain terms are used in the search query, which is a form
of context marketing.

Sponsored Links
We will pay content providers or search engine sites like to host sponsored links.
This is a link that can be traversed by an
online shopper from that search engine to our
web page. This is analogous to buying an ad
or listing in the yellow pages. The fast and
foremost aim of our sponsored links at search
engines can be very effective at driving traffic.
Further, the user is already searching for
specific information and the link promises to
provide relevant information. In this manner,
sponsored links are contextually very relevant
and this contributes to their effectiveness. Moreover, most web-users are well educated in the
use of web-links and find it natural to follow them to new sites.

Outbound e-mail
We will use personalized e-mails for Internet-based direct marketing. Under this method we
will keep a strong database of prospects and customers and send email messages to targeted
customers. We will use experimental designs to pre-test messages on samples and predict
response rates that can be expected from the rest of the database. In Email campaigns we rely
on “opt-in” or “permission marketing” to be sure that respondents do not receive unsolicited
messages. Apart from text, we will send emails including video, audio, and web pages to the

Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing is a technique that uses a company’s best customers to promote the product.
Similarly, in viral marketing, our customer becomes a host by adopting our services and then
spreads the word to others thereby infecting them. We will provide gifts if our customers
send emails regarding our services.

E-Coupons are delivered as part of an e-mail or web ad placement program. E-coupons are
just like normal coupons except that they come from the web and are printed out by the
consumer. If a person visits our BestCleaners.Com and takes our services within 10 days, he
will get a e-coupon. When he or she will take our service for second time, he will get 10%

Social Media
We will social media advertisement for
promoting our products. We will use
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for our
promotion. Most of business people are
available on LinkedIn, so we will give

special focus on them. We will Facebook page where people can comment, like and share
their feelings about our services.

04.8 Marketing Research

During the initial stages of the marketing plan construction, we undertake several focus
groups and online survey in order to determine the market preferences for residential house
cleaning. Topics that were explored were how price sensitive consumers are, what services
they valued the most, how many different cleaning services they have used in the last few
years, how often they employ a service, how did they find out about their past services,
perception about online platform, how they think about app based marketing etc. The
participants for the focus groups were made up of people from the three different targeted
groups. Overall, the focus groups and online survey provide Best’s with a lot of insightful
information that would have been difficult or impossible to obtain using other methods. And
we are continuing this types of research activity to find out the changing needs of customers,
to identify new online way to reach customers, to develop our current apps and to add new
feature of our apps and online platforms to make it easy for the customer to have our services.


This section will offer a financial overview of as it relates to the marketing
activities. will address sales forecasts, expense forecasts, and how they
link to the marketing strategy

Sales Forecast

The sales forecast is based on the assumption that increased demand will occur at a steady
pace. This is based on the assumption that a large part of the new clients after month two will
be from word-of-mouth referrals. All this will happen steadily and incrementally. This
forecast is on the conservative side, it is possible that because is superior to
competing services that things really take off, however, it would not be prudent to take that
aggressive of a forecast. It is always better to error on the side of caution.

Table: 01: Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecast 2018(000) 2019(000) 2020(000)

Wealthy one-income families 4000 7600 9500
Affluent two-income families 6200 9400 13300
Total Sales 10200 17000 22800

Sales Forecast
Wealthy one-income families Affluent two-income families

2018 (000) 2019(000) 2020(000)

Expense Forecast

The marketing expenses will be budgeted so that they are increased during the first quarter in
order to generate visibility for The expenses will then lower and remain
steady until the second half of the last quarter when they will be increased in preparation for
increased usage of cleaning service for the winter holidays.

Marketing Expense Budget

Table: 02: Marketing Expense Budget

Marketing Expense Budget 2018(000) 2019(000) 2020(000)

Printed material 1600 2000 2200
Economic incentives (for referrals) 4300 5500 7500
Online network and logistics 7000 8000 9000
Others 500 700 1200
Total Sales and Marketing Expenses 13400 16200 19900

06.0 EVALUATION AND CONTROL will be distributed at major cities in Bangladesh beginning of May, 2018.
Our goal is to gain 1 lac service receiver by the end of 2018 and increase web traffic by 6% in
each quarter.

Sales Analysis
Monitor the total receivers and sales activity to improve profitability. Identify most profitable
and less profitable customers. Categorize most profitable region and less profitable region.
Depending on the sale analysis, improve marketing strategy and sales forecasting.

Market Share Analysis
We will analysis marketing share of each specific region. We will strategy depending on the
sales results in each region. Sales strategies would be more comprehensive in stronger areas.
This analysis will show a percentage of customers who visit our website and receive services

Distribution Analysis
Sales and order process will be recorded. Representation of this record will be shown as a
graph. All the sales through distribution will numbers of orders and sales in specific
locations. Distribution costs will be included in this analysis.

Customer Analysis
Identifying customer who are they, what they need and want. Customers will be segmented
depending on their value. Monitor life time value, improve customer satisfaction and increase