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I, Ma. Reina Gail T. Lizaso, of Cabugao Integrated School, commit to deliver and agree to be rated on the attainment of following targets in accordance with the
indicated Success Indicators for the period, December 2017.

Principal I
Success Indicator Accomplishments Remarks

 OFFICE  Documented 100% of the pictures of  Organized 201 Files of the Teaching and  100% of task accomplished
Transactions/ school principals observation in Non-Teaching Staffs of the Cabugao
Organizing Files elementary level Integrated School and ELLN Files.
 Paper works
 Bimasanca Senior  Wrote down 100% of the Minutes of  Wrote down 3 of 3 Minutes of the  100% of task accomplished
Citizen Christmas the meeting assigned meeting. with 1 or 2 revisions on 1 of 3
Party Minutes of the meeting
 Recorded 3 of 3 received memoranda  100% of task accomplished
 Edited and revised 100% of the school
from DepEd Division office
memoranda assigned and other paper
works  Documented 8 of 8 School Principals  100% of task accomplished
 Perform other tasks observation in elementary pupils

 Assisted in 1 of 1 event of Bimasanca  100% of task accomplished

Senior Citizens

 Edited/revised 3 of 3 school  100% of task accomplished


 Edited/revised 3 of 3 School On-the-  100% of task accomplished

Spot Evaluation from Grades I-XI
Prepared and submitted Approved: Comments and Recommendation:

MA. REINA GAIL T. LIZASO ____________________________

Name and Signature of IRENE T. TORZAR
Employee Principal I

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