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Chapter 1


Background of the Study

The researchers observe that the preparation to the school. The effect of limited
manpower and limited facilities to the behaviour of the Grade 8 students the learning
dedicates the process of facilities to the grade 8 students.

The school is obliged to maintain their laboratories free from damage. It is for this
reason that research took the challenge to conduct this study to find out the effect of
limited manpower and facilities of grade 8 students.
Statement of the Problem
The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of limited manpower and
facilities to the behaviour of grade 8 students of CNHS.

Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:

1. What are the effects of having limited manpower to the behaviour of grade 8

2. Is there a significant difference between the responses of grade 8 students?

When analyse into morning and afternoon session

Scope and Delimitation

This study was limited only to the Grade 8 Students SY. 2017-2018. it focuses
on the effects of limited manpower and Limited facilities to the behaviour of grade 8

Significance of the Study

This study will benefit the following people:

Grade 8 CNHS student – for the CNHS student to develop more their skills and being
aware of the importance in the school facilities and to improve their behaviour of the

Teachers – to find ways how to preserve school facilities and to be used for the future
and will be able to make useful the next generation.
Chapter 2
Review of Literature and Conceptual Framework

Review of Related Literature

The importance of limited manpower and facilities in Calinan National High School is to
avoid damage and accident during class hours.

Kockett (2018) organizing the classroom to provide and atmosphere conductive in

learning suggested that the classroom should be made cheerful, attractive and usable
place. It really attracts to the students that they have a comfortable facilities that can
help on their studies.
Blinky (2014) pointed meet the concept of learning by during base adequacy of tools
and equipment will relate to the total years round working experienced of an individual
to organized and systematic instruction of the new school today.
Cale (2017) said that the sports infrastructure development program where in the
purpose of which is to provide the citizenry which low cost adequate facilities where
they could engage in sports, physical fitness and recreation activities. This program
promotes much in the acquisition of adequate low-cost equipment in sports.

Definition of Terms

School Facilities- refers to the facilities needed by the students namely classroom size,
room ventilation, laboratory facilities and library facilities.

Classroom size- refers to the area of classroom use by the students.

Room ventilation- refers to the sufficient numbers of windows and ventilator.

Laboratory facilities- refers to the laboratory equipment in Calinan National High School
Grade 8 students- students enrol in the CNHS, S: Y 2017-2018

Behaviour - refers to the students’ performance in terms of moral, activities and

performance activities in laboratory.

There is no significant different between the responses of Grade 8 students.
When analysed into morning and afternoon session.

Conceptual Framework

Independent Variable Dependent Variable

School Facilities Grade 8 students

Limited Manpower

Figure.1 Paradigm of the study

The paradigm of the study is consisting of the following: the Independent Variable are
limited facilities and limited manpower, while the dependent variable is the behaviour of
the Grade 8 students in CNHS and the moderator variable who and Grade 8 CNHS